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The tag has been created. Keep? Remove?
Q: How to show that $f(x,y)=x^4+y^4-3xy$ is coercive?

Angelo MarkHow to show that $f(x,y)=x^4+y^4-3xy$ is coercive ? This is my attempt : $$f(x,y)=x^4+y^4-3xy$$ $$f(x,y)=x^4+y^4\left(1-\frac{3xy}{x^4+y^4}\right)$$ As $||(x,y)|| \to \infty $ , $\frac{3xy}{x^4+y^4} \to 0$ So $||(x,y)|| \to \infty $ , $f(x,y)=x^4+y^4-3xy \to \infty$. Is this a valid method ?...

In mathematics, a coercive function is a function that "grows rapidly" at the extremes of the space on which it is defined. Depending on the context different exact definitions of this idea are in use. == Coercive vector fields == A vector field f : Rn → Rn is called coercive if f ( x ) ⋅ x ∥ x ∥ → + ∞ as ...
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Removal of (topology) $\to$ (general-topology) synonym

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A: Tag management 2016

quid Resolved (a first step, anyway). The topology⇒general-topology tag synonym has been removed. Problem: I feel that there are quite a number of questions tagged with both general-topology AND algebraic-topology where the former is not really fitting. My understanding being that General Topolo...

Q: Tag warning for the "topology" tag

arjafiAfter much delay, I have today removed the topology⇒general-topology tag synonym. This means that as of now topology is a perfectly acceptable stand-alone tag. Topology, of course, is also a wide ranging field of study, and I feel that the topology tag by itself often won't adequately narrow down...

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Q: Do we need an "urn" tag for probability questions about extracting balls from urns?

Alex M.I have noticed that there is a dice tag for dice-related probability questions, and a cards one for card-games-related ones. Many probability questions are about extracting balls from urns, under different conditions. There currently exist a polya-urn-model tag, but it is too specific. Shouldn't ...


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