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7:56 AM
The tag was created. The list of new tags says "created Nov 21 at 12:56", so probably it was created by Michael Hardy.
Q: How to fix this stupid mistake while keeping it as simple as it is.

Michael HardyIn this answer I used some symmetry to show that $$ \int_0^1 \frac{dx}{x+ \sqrt{1-x^2}} = \frac \pi 4. $$ Then I thought about whether I could make it simpler by avoiding trigonometric substitutions, like this: $$ y = \sqrt{1-x^2} $$ Therefore $$ y^2+x^2=1 \tag a $$ From the symmetry in line $(\t...

Q: What is the name of this logical fallacy?

Eliezer SteinbockOne of my partners often makes the same argument when we're discussing something. If we're talking about doing A, he'll respond: if you want to do A, then why not do B, C and D too? And if we're not going to do B, C, and D, then we shouldn't be doing A either. Every time he makes this argument ...

8:16 AM
A: Tag management 2016

Martin SleziakThe tag fallacies has been created recently. Currently, there are two questions using this tag. The tag-info is empty. Is this tag going to be useful? Are there things which are not covered by already existing tags paradoxes and fake-proofs? If the tag is kept, what type of questions should it...


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