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10:45 AM
The tag has been created. According to list of new tags it has been created Nov 21 at 10:29.
Q: Infinite sequence of 2-dimensional subspaces

Zelazny I want to show that in $\mathbb{R^4}$ there is an infinite sequence of $2-$dimensional subspaces $W_1, W_2, \dots$ such that for each $i \neq j$ we have $W_i \cap W_j = \{0\}$. How do I go about this? Edit: After some thought I have come up with this. If we write down a 4 by 4 matrix $A = [...

Q: True or false. A subset of a spanning set is a basis.

LA Paragon True or False. Let $S=\{v_1, v_2, ...., v_p\}$ be a subset of a vector space $V$. If $\text{span}(S)=V$ then some subset of $S$ is a basis for $V$. My answer: False. Because if $\text{span}(S)=V$ then ALL subsets of $S$ should form a basis for $V$.

Q: 'cyclically shifted subspace' of prime dimensional vector space

liczmanI've encountered this situation. Let $p$ be a prime number, $V$ a $\mathbb{Q}$-linear space of dimension $p$ and some basis $v_0,\dots, v_{p-1}$, now let $u_0$ be a vector $$ u_0 = v_{i_1} + \cdots + v_{i_k}, $$ where the indexes are different and some are missing (i.e. $k<p$). Now we are going ...

Q: For a system of linear equations Ax=b,can we construct a matrix A and a vector b such that b is not in ColA.

khubbaib Naeemi m trying to make general case but i cannot find such matrix. For a system of linear equations Ax=b, construct a matrix A and a vector b such that b is not in ColA. i m trying to solve it for 2 days but couldnot understand it.

The tag called simply basis has been removed a few times. Even blacklisting was suggested here: Can we delete the [basis] tag?
Should be removed for the same reason? Or is this tag somehow better than ?
5 hours later…
4:13 PM
There is a tag called both on meta.SE and meta.MO so I thought that it might be reasonable also here.
I went ahead an created the tag in the following question. If you think the tag is no good, feel free to let me know or simple remove it.
Q: What steps are being taken for increasing the popularity of site??

THE LONE WOLF.I joined Mathematics SE community approximately 4 months, and I have not missed two things from the day I joined the community. First is attempting an answer for questions and asking my doubts and second is finding someone in my locality/school/tuition who knew about something so called MATHEMAT...

This tag was previously discussed in this chatroom: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/3740/2015/4/10
Apr 10 '15 at 6:43, by Martin Sleziak
Would tags such as or or useful on our meta? Or do we already have a tag sutiable for such questions?
Apr 10 '15 at 13:36, by barto
seems good to me.
Now that I noticed that there is already existing tag, perhaps the newly created one is redundant. So I will simply remove it and use this one instead.

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