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11:34 AM
@MartinSleziak would it be possible to create a tag for JEE problems? Or will the contest math tag suffice?
11:51 AM
Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is an engineering entrance examination conducted for admission to various engineering colleges in India. It is constituted by two different examinations - JEE Main and the JEE Advanced. The Joint Seat Allocation Authority (JoSAA) conducts the joint admission process for a total of 24 Indian Institute of Technology campuses, 32 National Institute of Technology campuses, 18 Indian Institute of Information Technology campuses and 19 other Government Funded Technical Institutes (GFTIs) based on the rank obtained by a student in JEE Mains and JEE Advanced.There are some...
I do not know much about JEE, but it seems to me that it could be considered competitive exam - different from such as IMO.
@sai-kartik If you really think that such tag would be useful, you might propose it on meta, either in a separate question or in the tag management thread.
But I have seen in the past that tags of this type were received badly.
The tag was removed and is in the process of being removed.
A: Tag management 2020

URLProposal: Remove gre-exam, gmat-exam. These are meta tags with very bare-bones tag wikis. Furthermore, there aren’t any other tags for important math exams, i.e. the IMO or USAMO, so why should we make an exception for these two?

You can also check the response in these posts on meta: Tag request: csir-net-exam and Would a qual question tag be useful?.
@MartinSleziak Thanks for the info ! Will check them out!
By the way, what's the minimum length for a tag?
I'd guess one character.
oh that's it?
There is tag , however - it is a synonym of another tag.
You have and with three characters.
2, you mean..
but i get the point, thanks!
12:04 PM
So on our site the shortest existing tag is 1 character or 2 characters - depending on whether you count synonyms or not.
If you're curious, you might check also other sites.
12:15 PM
@MartinSleziak cool!
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1:46 PM
A new tag was created by Shubhrajit Bhattacharya. The same user created tag-excerpt and tag-wiki
Q: Applications of Tits' alternative in algebraic number theory

Shubhrajit BhattacharyaI have recently studying Tits' alternative. The theorem statement goes like the following: Tits' alternative: Let $G$ be any finitely generated linear group over a field. Then one of the following is true, $(1)$ $G$ contains a solvable normal subgroup of finite index, $(2)$ $G$ contains a non-abe...

In mathematics, the Tits alternative, named for Jacques Tits, is an important theorem about the structure of finitely generated linear groups. == Statement == The theorem, proven by Tits, is stated as follows. Let G {\displaystyle G} be a finitely generated linear group over a field. Then two following possibilities occur:either G {\displaystyle G} is virtually solvable (i.e. has a solvable subgroup of finite index) or it contains a nonabelian free group (i.e. it has a subgroup isomorphic to the free group on...
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4:42 PM
Can anyone tell me if I am supposed to post an answer to the Tag management meta thread when I have already proposed a tag synonym on the main site? I am also not sure when to propose a synonym as opposed to propose merging of two tags.
4:55 PM
Jun 21 at 5:02, by Martin Sleziak
Pending tag synonyms: SEDE, list on site - when viewing this list, only the synonyms where users has score >=5 in the master tag are shown.
When I check the list of pending synonyms, I do not see anything form you - so I suppose it was recently, after the last update of SEDE.
@StubbornAtom Basically, it's up to you, but posting on meta increases the visibility. (And chances of approval of the synonym.)
Not many people can vote for (or against) a tag synonym - it requires score at least 5 in that tag. Typically, only very few users notice that the tag synonym is proposed.
Another advantage of posting on meta is that users can post comments there - this is not possible on the page with the synonyms.
So this brings some possibility to have a discussion about the tag synonym.
I suppose that if the tag synonym was proposed on meta and gained sufficient support, it often gets approved by the moderators. (Without waiting for enough users to vote on the synonym.)
As far as I can tell, only 26 synonyms have been approved without any moderator intervention: data.stackexchange.com/math/query/1241631/…
You can see in that query that it often took quite a long time.
5:37 PM
Okay thanks @MartinSleziak. I will keep that in mind.

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