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3:04 AM
@Feeds A new tag was created by Alexander Gruber, including a tag-excerpt.
A: Tag management 2019

GNUSupporter 8964民主女神 地下教會 Partially Resolved: stochastic-programming created. We still need a tag wiki and adding the tag to a few old questions. Proposal: create tag "stochastic-programming" Reason: It's an area of research. There's over a hundred stochastic programming questions.

8 hours later…
11:08 AM
I have added and to Recommended books on JB-algebra. I was thinking about , too - but all five slotes are taken.
Q: Recommended books on JB-algebra

C.DingI want to find a self-contained book on JB-algebras, just like Murphy's book on C*-algebra. Any suggestion?

12:06 PM
@MartinSleziak It seems to me that is not really relevant here, as the author only mention them to give an idea of the type of book they're after.
Thanks for the response. I'll probably leave the further retagging of this question to users who are more familiar with this topic. (Although I have to say that what you wrote seems reasonable.)

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