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About problems with and - comments under this answer:
A: The functional analysis tag

Martin SleziakBased on the number of upvotes on this question it seems that many users agreed with the OP's suggestion. So I have edited the tag-excerpt to add the sentence: "For basic questions about functions use more suitable tags like (functions), (functional-equations) or (elementary-set-theory)." Due to ...

functional-equations has the same problem as functional-analysis, namely, it's a term that has a conventional meaning in advanced mathematics, a meaning that most casual users of this website will not know about. In particular, it's not a good tag for any old question that has an equation with a function in it. — Gerry Myerson yesterday
@GerryMyerson If needed, mention of alternative tags can be added to the functional-equation tag-excerpt. We have a comment template for functional analysis, similar template can be created for functional equations. And we can make suggestions of tag warnings in this thread. — Martin Sleziak yesterday
@GerryMyerson I have added similar sentence to the functional-equations tag-excerpt. If you see possible further improvements, please do edit it. (Of course, this only helps if the users adding tag actually look at the excerpt.) I did nothing about comment templates and tag warnings for (functional-equations). If you think that template or warning (or both) might be useful, either you or me can post in the relevant threads. — Martin Sleziak 1 min ago
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Tag related discussion in another room:

Tag for dimension of vector spaces

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Somewhat related also to tag which was recently created.

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