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12:01 AM
haven't played it in ages
anyway sleepy time
Q: Can I throw away contents of my Steam Inventory?

MargaretI have a number of items in my Steam inventory that are never going to get used; for example, some AirMech 2 "gifts" that are marked as NO LONGER VALID. Is there some way to get rid of them so I don't have them cluttering up my inventory? Obviously I could do a one-sided trade with a friend, bu...

@kalina What are you talking about? You're always up at all hours.
@MBraedley hardly
@kalina Turning a new leaf then? Also, it is Friday night (Saturday morning).
even if I was going to stay up tonight, I wouldn't be chatting in here anyway
12:08 AM
@kalina There's something I was going to say that you would undoubtedly object to, so I'm not going to say it.
feel free to say it
So instead, I'll say goodnight
@kalina I thought you wanted to reduce your star bait posts...
I'd much rather know where I stand than keep wasting my time here
what have I said that is star baiting?
nothing, but what I was thinking would have elicited a star bait response
Last launch before dance class.
12:11 AM
@MBraedley so are you going to tell me?
@kalina I was going to imply that the reason you wouldn't be chatting all night was because of activities that normally take place in a bedroom. And I don't mean sleep.
I'm at home
because otherwise I'd have to tolerate the formula one
@fbueckert Seems a little late to be holding a dance class.
Q: Java Game Layout

user2407444I am designing a Game Interface in Java. It consists of a Message Box in the bottom left corner of the screen, and a Side Bar which is 350px wide and the whole height of the Screen. Inside the side bar I have 5 components of different heights. What is the best layout manager to use so that the c...

@GamingTopicsFromOutside Why isn't this on Game Dev? Also, this seems like a homework question to me.
12:29 AM
Fez makes my head hurt
@PrivatePansy been meaning to get that one
In other news:
Um, remember this video? It's happening again, but in stock...
My ps2 and rez should arrive tomorrow
12:42 AM
Uh. Did you really get the... enhanced edition?
That's need to know and you don't
Changing the subject... Farscape is so bad
@kalina Heretic.
12:44 AM
@kalina Never heard of it.
It's keeping me awake rather than sending me to sleep
@kalina Oh my. <_< Have... fun?
@BenBrocka That looks vaguely obscene
@kalina have fun with that ;)
Figured since it had half the cast of sg1 season 8 to 10 it would be ok
Am on mobile don't know what you're replying to
12:46 AM
@kalina your ps2 and rez purchase
Oh right
I doubt it will be that great
@WorldEngineer ....just...no.
Technology moved on in the last decade
12:47 AM
@kalina I'm gonna pretend that's somehow innocent.
You do what you please
@Ullallulloo that reminds me of Monster Rancher
@kalina What!?
@Ullallulloo WHAT!?!
@MBraedley From DeviantArt. I first saw it here though.
12:56 AM
@Ullallulloo I think that reply is wrong...
@MBraedley Oh.
I've never heard of it.
I'm not Autstrailian.
GTX 650 Ti Boost. The name is obtuse, but if my research is correct this is the best value for money mid range graphics card right now?
@Ullallulloo Neither is @kalina or myself. It's just good sci-fi. There's a reason it won a number of Saturn awards.
Also, I believe it aired on SyFy SciFi alongside (within a day) of the Aussie broadcast.
I know it aired on Space here in Canada alongside, and I'm pretty sure it aired on Sky 1 in the UK alongside.
@PrivatePansy Can you get a 660? The x60s tend to be the best bang/buck out of the nVidia lineup.
If I'm reading the price list correctly, the 660 is around S$80 more expensive than the 650
@MBraedley I don't have cable.
1:04 AM
@PrivatePansy And that's what, 25% more, or closer to 50% more?
@Ullallulloo It's also on Netflix AFAIK
@PrivatePansy Either way, I think it's only about a 10-20% performance boost.
The cheapest 650 Ti Boost is S$240, the cheapest 660 Ti is S$325
What's a 580 (or 590) going for these days? They're pretty much equivalent to a 650, and will probably have better lasting power.
@PrivatePansy ncix.com/products/…
ASUS Matrix GTX580 Platinum From S$585 Last Updated: 13 Nov 2012
This price list is a little outdated
Yeah, I can't even find a 580 on NCIX, so they probably aren't in stock anywhere else.
I know that 660 I linked isn't a titanium edition, but I'm pretty sure that bang/buck can't be beat ATM
Except by maybe an AMD 6000 or 7000
1:18 AM
@BenBrocka this person is seriously good at filling in the gaps
Do I, or do I not, go get a 3rd rum and coke? Also realize that between the Bridge and YouTube, I'm also playing (drunken) KSP.
Q: How to prevent enemy spawns in an articial jungle biome?

jw013An artificial Jungle biome can be created by planting enough jungle grass in one area and letting jungle vegetation grow. Is there a safe way to do this without having enemies spawn? For example if I want a jungle grass farm, will I be safe if I just provide background walls and enclose all the...

@MBraedley Always yes
@Krazer I like this one
1:22 AM
@AshleyNunn Enabler.
@MBraedley yep!
@MBraedley Rum and Coke, really? ... Psh.
@FEichinger dark rum and coke. It makes a difference
One of these days I am actually going to remember to get to the LCBO before it closes so I can have alcohol in the house again
1:27 AM
Youtube hates my G35 headset. Well actually, I think it's flash that hates the headset.
@AshleyNunn :(
Can't you buy beer in corner stores now?
@AshleyNunn There's this thing called "sticky note", you know?
@FEichinger hahaha yeah, yeah yeah
Also, aren't the LCBOs still open right now?
@AshleyNunn I'm just saying. You could just plop one on the door, for instance. Might do wonders.
NSLC close at 10PM (excepting some specific cases)
1:31 AM
There is only one near me open til 10 and there is no way I can get there in a half hour :(
1:42 AM
@AshleyNunn I could go buy a beer and then video myself drinking it whilst wearing a purple wig (which I'd have to make, I've got paper and purple paint) if that'd help.
@WorldEngineer no it would just make me sad
@AshleyNunn sorry
Also my house is cold, the upstairs people turned off the heat
@AshleyNunn Those jerks.
You should probably go beat them up.
1:46 AM
I am under a blanket pile
@AshleyNunn blanket piles are the best piles
well maybe second best, pet piles are sometimes better
I have like 6 blankets on me and a cat
only thing better would be the addition of another human creature
I don't post any of the pokemon fusions because every time I've posted something pokemon-related in here no one gave a shit. Now people post pokemon fusions and get stars.
Everyone sucks.
1:57 AM
@StrixVaria *gives consolation star*
There there
@AshleyNunn If only I were in Ontario. Wait, did I say that?
@MBraedley I heard nothing....
@AshleyNunn e-just-friends-cuddle
Awesome :D
2:02 AM
@GrumpyLazers Who up-voted that?
@AshleyNunn Well, yes, because you read it.
@Wipqozn shush you
@WorldEngineer jawdrop
@WorldEngineer Not sure what I'm looking at. Is that a segway?
2:05 AM
@MBraedley yep
I kinda really want it
I wish animal crossing new leaf was out.
Me too
Quick question: did Sony blow their load with the PS4 announcement, considering how underwhelming the XBox 1 announcement was for core gamers?
2:25 AM
well the ps4 is going to have diablo 3 so its gunna be great.
Not sure if sarcastic...
You'll never know.
You'd think this would work...
@MBraedley that looks neat
That fore-nosecone is probably gonna create massive drag
2:35 AM
@WorldEngineer That isn't the problem
2 hours ago, by MBraedley
Um, remember this video? It's happening again, but in stock...
Q: How can I change which player uses each non-gamepad controller?

Ben BrockaI'm playing SNES games on the Wii U virtual console and I've noticed an annoying quirk: the gamepad can be mapped to player 1 or 2, but the first Wiimote/Classic Controller pro I activate will ALWAYS be treated as player 1. This means that if I want to use the gamepad as player 1, I will need to ...

3:21 AM
@MBraedley Pretty sure this would make for a terrible flight experience'
@AshleyNunn Kerbals regularly withstand G-forces of 15+.
@fbueckert O.o
This is a new thing in .20.
They now have Stupidity and Courage meters!
@fbueckert I dont know why this is making me laugh so much
FYI: They're all freaking out right now, even through they're in a stable orbit.
3:24 AM
...I am starting to think my friend bailed on me for drinks tonight, he said he would be by to pick me up and its been like 20 minutes longer than he said he would be
@AshleyNunn Boo. That would suck.
Yeah, I am kinda disappointed, got out of my pajamas for this and everything :P
Q: how do I change my default country?

user161596I've been using Ubuntu for about 3 months and my computer for some random reason wants to believe that I live in Haiti when in reality I live in the us, this problem has caused me not to be able to play games that don’t have servers in Haiti. would anyone happen to know how to solve my issue?

3:43 AM
I am Ruby!
Or am using it, anyway.
@RavenDreamer well you used to be a red shark so you could be ruby and using it
I've always had an idea for a dracolich character who's so vain he coats his bones in rubies, so he effectively turns into a ruby skeleton
But I digress
@RavenDreamer fascinating :)
And it's all because I got sick and tired of Thripsmen!
Q: Do stuns prolong the effects of untargetable abilities

POROIf a vladimir is affected by veigars event horizon or morgana's soul shackle while he is in his sanguine pool,does it prolong the effect and duration of him being untargetable since he is stunned in the current condition?

Q: Use all units in campaign

Cody BrownSo in the campaign you go along and slowly get new units and buildings and it progresses (for both WOL and HOTS). I am wondering if there is a way to disable this and build any unit or building despite the mission? I would care if say wraiths couldn't be built since they are a campaign only uni...

4:20 AM
I am kicking Dark Souls' ass right now! :3
4:32 AM
1 hour later…
5:41 AM
Q: I lost my fort. How do I find it again?

Andrew LarnedIn this case, it was due to a web-shooting Hill Giant. (N.B., really? Hill giants shoot webs? Okay then, will be prepared next time. [Technically, it was a Hill Giant that looked like a python, but had a shell, so there's that going for it...]) Anyway, I was down to my last dwarf, and he was app...

6:25 AM
Q: What's a "happy birthday"?

NiteCyperIn at least the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (and UMvC3) community, commentators of a match may exclaim this consistently when a certain event occurs. Why?

Q: Who's banned from competitive Injustice?

NiteCyperIn the Fighting Game Community (FGC), stream monsters often joke that the Joker is banned from tournaments. Is this a hoax or unpopular trivium? Is anyone truly banned from competitive Injustice?

Q: How much health do Lieutenants have?

NiteCyperIn Batman: Arkham City, there are big brutes that are fought, and the second biggest of them all are Lieutenants. They are one-armed and either wield a sledgehammer or a scythe. Attacking them counts for normal strikes, but with the speed of a beat-down. How many strikes does it take to take do...

Q: What does it mean to be + or - on block?

NiteCyperIn fighting games (such as Injustice: Gods Among Us), commentators of a match describe moves by how much that they are plus or minus on block. What does it mean?

Q: What's the benefit of MODOK's forehead blazing?

NiteCyperIn at least Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (and UMvC3), when MODOK hits someone with an "Analyze cube", power seems to be drawn to him from the impact and causes his forehead to blaze with a pink fire. It seems to power up certain moves of his. Is Analyze cube the only way to charge up? Which moves does it ...

Q: What are the differences between Marth and Roy?

NiteCyperIn Super Smash Brothers Mêlée (SSBM), there are tens of characters in the roster to play as. Some characters have move-sets that are very similar to each other, but with different effects. These characters are often called "clones" in reference to each other. Marth and Roy are from the Fire Emble...

Q: What's float-cancelling?

NiteCyperIn Super Smash Brothers Mêlée (SSBM), Princess Toadstool (Peach) is a playable character. She has the ability to float as a function of holding a jump button (X or Y). There seems to be an advanced technique involving performing aerial moves while floating, similar to L-cancelling. Please explain.

Q: What are the chances that Peach pulls out something rare?

NiteCyperIn Super Smash Brothers Mêlée (SSBM), Princess Toadstool (Peach) is a playable character. She has the ability to pull out turnips with her down special move, which she can throw as a projectile item. While the most common turnips that she pulls out are simple, happy-faced ones, sometimes she pull...

Q: What are the chances of Mr. Game-and-Watch's Judgment Hammer?

NiteCyperIn Super Smash Brothers Mêlée (SSBM), Mr. Game-and-Watch is a playable character. His side special move is what's known as his Judgment Hammer. Performing this move, in one hand, he holds up a randomly numbered sign that will display a number from 1 to 9 (inclusive), and with the other hand, he s...

NiteCypher seems to be on a bit of a roll.
6:47 AM
Why?12345678901 — NiteCyper 2 mins ago
@badp ... wat
So much seeding... Maybe. I don't even know. I'm a bit drunk
7:05 AM
Q: What's "shine"?

NiteCyperSuper Smash Brothers Mêlée (SSBM) is a popular fighting game of a series (the Super Smash Brothers franchise) with its own community and cult-following. Perhaps as a result of being around for so long (the game was released in 2001 and still thrives), the community has developed a lingo for the g...

Q: How does Jigglypuff's Rest work?

NiteCyperIn Super Smash Brothers Mêlée (SSBM), Jigglypuff from the Pokémon franchise, is a playable character. Her down special move is Rest which causes her to flash then fall asleep. To the uninitiated, this move seems useless. Please explain this move. How many frames is the offensive part active? Part...

Q: Why does team-bot equipment disappear?

NiteCyperIn Lord of the Rings: War in the North, there are three main characters. The game has co-op functionality. If you're not playing with others, the other two characters are played by AI. The game supports drop-in, drop-out co-operation. One bug is that all of the gear that a team-bot had equipped, ...

It seems kinda odd. That is a lot of questions.
MSO says there's a limit of 6 questions/day
So how did he get so many?
MSO must be wrong.
Still that is a ridiculous number for anyone to ask at once. It's kinda flooding, no?
7:16 AM
Goodnight @fluttershy
@AshleyNunn If he keeps going on I'll have to suspend
@GrumpyLazers Why was this downvoted? It's not a bad question. He just asked for a lot of details.
@badp What? Would you do the same if someone was answering that many questions?
@Brant I'm afraid it is because he asked 12 questions in a hour and downvoting all the questions would be pointless as it'd be detected as revenge downvoting
@Brant No. But questions are worth much less than answers.
I'm only skimming his user activity page so maybe I'm missing something, but they don't appear to be bad questions.
7:27 AM
They're probably not, but...
A: Is there a question limit?

badpThere's no hard line here (literally; the 6 questions/day limit is currently disabled on this site), but if you ask 12 questions in a hour in a tag that's otherwise gotten 3 questions in ~47 months... you're likely asking too quickly.

Put yourself in the shoes of one of our answerers for this tag
If you have one question like those today, and another in a few days, and another in a week, you can give each of those the time they deserve and maybe even have some fun in answering
Now you're just presented with 12 questions. That probably means you're going to twelfth-ass the answers to each question because your free time today doesn't magically multiply by 12
I don't think there are a ton of SSBM experts just sitting around saying "Oh, if only I had the time to answer all these questions".
Anyway, as for the specific question that I was talking about, just because somebody asks for certain details doesn't mean a question needs to be broken down into multiple separate questions. (Example)
Anyway, sleepytime.
@Brant I didn't say that.
@Brant I don't think we have a ton of SSBM experts period.
You're right, you didn't. My bad.
Q: Is there a question limit?

WToaIn reference to badp's comments on this: How does Jigglypuff's Rest work? I was wondering if there was a limit on how many question a user can post at any given time? This is assuming that they are all legitimate questions and not random spam.

The asker might be one of our most knowledgeable people on the topic himself.
7:43 AM
Also, it pushes other questions needing answers so they can't be seen.
@BenBrocka I see I missed out on some Adobe hating.... good to know ;)
glad to see it was starred so that I could revisit it later though
Also, @spugsley, why no pictures?
@ktash I think in her last one she mentions she is going to be away for a bit, like a vacation or something
@AshleyNunn Answer flooding also does that tbh
or edit flooding
7:59 AM
@badp yeah, I know, I hate any sort of flooding
@AshleyNunn Ah, yes. I see that now. That would explain it
8:21 AM
Hm, I don't know if it's the free Amazon app of the day for you guys as well, but that version Tetris doesn't completely suck
The controls resonated with me better than anything I've played so far
...although my high score is 80 lines so what do I know :P
1 hour later…
9:29 AM
turns out convert foo.pdf[2] 2.svg is both something that can be done and something that shouldn't be done
Well it works fine until you try and view the result
then things explode loudly but explosions are fun right?
The result is crap too
9:45 AM
@badp Explosions are always good.
besides LaTeX can embed pdfs directly without conversion anyway
yay LaTeX
9:59 AM
New rule: If you have a Minecraft suggestion, you must ask me to fly to your home town to hear it
@badp I thought that was US only?
@PrivatePansy It's expanded to a few countries since.
I think the Italy version launched 3 days ago.
@PrivatePansy You can use a fake US address for most Amazon digital goods and they will give absolutely zero fucks.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Android apps are an exception.
I have a feeling there are several hundred Eurasian videogame fans 'living at' 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue buying games from Amazon daily.
@badp Oh.
10:35 AM
@LessPop_MoreFizz My shipping address is "The Internet, Washington DC"
Nope, just Chuck Testa.
These are amazing.
It's @wipqozn's grandfather!
11:16 AM
@badp game3 is playable (though not hooked up yet)
game3.play(); from the console
I'm rather pleased with it so far
11:33 AM
I found a foam Minecraft pickaxe the other day. Would've bought it had it not been really expensive (for a foam pickaxe)
Those one-way fast-travel stations are pretty rage-inducing if you don't know that they are one-way. Now I have to do the whole section before the boss again, and it was rather long
@PrivatePansy Wait, aren't you in Army training?
Does your army use foam weapons?
No, at least I don't think so
Not for us anyway. The ones that are going to have combat roles may have to train with those, but we're not
@PrivatePansy *Pictures Singaporean Army infantry charge with foam pickaxes*
11:44 AM
@PrivatePansy I'd have expected everyone to have to train with weapons, no matter what they do afterwards
12:01 PM
@fredley what game is that?
@MadScientist That's the case. AFAIK YiJ's only training with a rifle, though.
@MadScientist Been there, done that :(
One way only's show a yellow projection.
12:19 PM
That first constructor boss put a pretty hard wall in my progress. Well, maybe I'll be able to kill it the second time
That boss was never too hard for me. If you have something with shock damage to take off his shields fast, that'd be great.
@LessPop_MoreFizz GRAMPY! NOOOOOO!
@Wipqozn He'll always be in our Python modules
import gram.py
12:48 PM
Q: minecraft is red and blue like a 3D movie and when logging in the mojang is grey

wanting helpthis is so wierd and makes it hard to see and its literally like one of those red and blue 3D movies

yay my ps2 is here
I see NiteCyper did a number on the front page
I thought there was an upper limit to the number of questions you could ask in a period of time?
Q: how to play games using bumblebee + wine 1.5

user1853912I recently moved to ubuntu after seeing "it supports windows games". Since i have a dual graphics card: Intel 4000 and nvidia 630m, i installed bumblebee to make use of the graphics cards efficiently. 'optirun glxspheres' or any program runs perfect. Now, the problem is i need to play "NEED F...

1:11 PM
I just noticed that a rather big, but very good answer got cut out by the person who asked the question. I seem to be unable to roll it back (I'm guessing not enough rep). Can someone else roll that back? or is it unneeded?
I don't know enough about the game in question to make that call
Nor do I, but the answer gave a complete walkthrough for the level, and not just the part where there was a problem. (I just noticed that the question and answer are from 2011...
Huh. I just got an email that seems to be from Steam, querying all usernames who use a CD-key. Is that legit?
> This is an automated message generated by Steam account administration. It is being sent in response to a query made by a Steam user to discover all account names associated with this CD-key.
I'd think not.
There are no links with it, other than steampowered.com, and valvesoftware.com
1:16 PM
Any CD key can only be assosciated with a single account, and they already have that information.
It's not asking me to do anything at all.
That sounds weird
It doesn't ask you to reply?
@TZHX Nope
1:17 PM
> Dear Steam User,

This is an automated message generated by Steam account administration. It is being sent in response to a query made by a Steam user to discover all account names associated with this CD-key.

Steam account name: <my username>

You can use the above account name to log in to Steam. If you can't remember your password, click on the "Retrieve lost account" button on the Steam login screen.

The Steam Support Team
maybe someone trying to retrieve their own account details entered a cd key wrong?
@TZHX Who knows? There's no details at all.
but I don't get it saying "this CD-key" and not saying what key, or for what game.
Yeah, there's nothing in there that details that.
Oh, it's an automated sort of deal for old CD-keys.
If you've forgotten your Steam account username, and you try to activate a CD-key that's already in use, there's a "Retrieve Account" button that sends an email to the owner of the account.
Theoretically, if you own both the CD-key and the email account, you now have your Steam username.
ah, I see.
1:23 PM
Too bad it doesn't tell you WHAT was tried to be activated.
I got this at 5 AM, so it definitely wasn't me.
probably some giveaway/free code you claimed that someone was trying?
maybe somebody got lucky with a CD key generator
Could be either of those.
Eh. Just curiosity. Back to KSP!
Q: I copied a blueprint, but the copies disappeared?

kalinaI created a copying job for my Hobgoblin I blueprint, using one of my Advanced Mobile Laboratories (with the copying speed bonus) - this is set to take the blueprint from the Corporate Hangar "Ammunition and Charges", where the original blueprint lives, and then deliver the output to the same han...

1:29 PM
@MBraedley flagged+vtd
right, I'm now going to play my new game
Cool, youtube now lets you see who's watching your videos on what devices
@BenBrocka "who"?
Well "how many" moreso than "who" specifically
I thought for a moment you'd get "Anonymous boogaloo"
"Anonymous boogaloo has skipped five minutes of your video. What a jerk!"
Poor internet enabled TVs
1:32 PM
"Anonymous cracken has rewinded to the part where you die over and over again."
oh, we can get OS info too
@badp there IS a retention report
but I don't know if there's a way to see which parts were rewound too, mostly just where people drop off
"Anonymous pootis has started typing a comment: «Fuck you fa...»"
Wow, 4 people watched from friggin MeeGo
@BenBrocka Yeah, I've seen that. You can see if people rewind to a part over and over because the percentage goes above 100%
@badp if that's how it works, it's not so explicit about it; there will be odd peaks where retention goes back up but it's not clear as to why
1:35 PM
@BenBrocka They used to explain that.
oh wow, this is awesome
what were they thinking?
@badp it still does that but there's no indication of why it's over 100% or why retention rises after initially falling
@BenBrocka I'm telling you, if you rewind over a part you're counted twice for that part
Basically 8% of my viewers watched the start twice and 5% watched the whole thing again.
Here's the thing though; what if 50% of viewers dropped off completely and 58% watched that part again? How would you know the difference?
It's especially annoying since, except for very short videos, a fairly low % will actually watch the whole thing
My average retention is around 4 minutes
@BenBrocka they probably fast forwarded to the middle of the video to see if things got interesting later on
when you start getting stuck in a puzzle for example I'll sometimes scroll through the thumbnails to see the part where you figure it out and skip there
1:42 PM
But I mean, how the hell do you know what % of "108%" is actually rewatching and is actually first watches? There's no way to tell except obviously the % over 100% isn't first watch
In this case I actually put an annotation skipping from ~0:20 to ~0:30 so that's why it bumps back up there
@BenBrocka You mean to say, how do you know if it's 100% + 8% or (say) 90% + 18%?
...you don't.
more spam detected.
I think you mean moooooooooooooooore spam
@BenBrocka Why's Micheal Moore spamming on our site?
I think someone just had a free steak from that.
1:45 PM
I'm having steak tomorrow!
It will be awesome.
As long as it doesn't spam over here, all is well :P
@fbueckert Steak is gross.
@StrixVaria We are no longer friends.
> fbueckert CRITICAL HAM Strixvaria
> fbueckert BROKE UP WITH Strixvaria
2:08 PM
Oh wow. Out of the lifetime of one of my YouTube videos, only ~5.37% of all views were monetized.
@NightExcessive Did you monetize it at release?
@BenBrocka Yeah.
Huh, that's particularly low
is there an easy way to compare monetized/non monetized playbacks in analytics?
nvm I see
for my monetized videos it's usually closer to 50% monetized playbacks
my overall average is lower but I have several high-view videos that weren't approved for monetizing
Also, woot, 3 million views
2:23 PM
I er
this game is quite fun
ok I'm stopping now, it's getting quite difficult to control the game
Whacha playing?
@kalina What are you playing?
I need somebody else to play the game while I watch I think
2:42 PM
Q: How can I run two Tekkit classic servers at the same time on seperate computers under the same network router?

user49095I'm looking to find out how to run two separate Tekkit Classic servers on two computers to both be accessible online at the same time. For some reason, both computers have the same IP addressed to them. I portforwaded for the server on my computer to try to get a different IP for one server(mis...

@kalina that's the challenge!!
very funny
2:59 PM
okay, but, seriously, that's the challenge.
@kalina I am happy to have been of service.
@LessPop_MoreFizz ;)
I could make a horrible, horrible reference here but I'll skip it.
3:18 PM
Q: How do I use apparel?

kalinaAs part of the recent gift giving in EVE Online, I have a t shirt that I can apparently use on my character; The only problem is, it's not obvious how I use it? Currently this item appears in my hangar and regardless of the amount of clicking I do on the item it never seems to appear on my cha...

Q: How can I increase the number of licensed runs when inventing Tech II items?

kalinaI have recently started out with inventing Tech II variants of the various blueprints I have. I started with something nice and small so started creating Hobgoblin II blueprints. So far I have successfully created two Tech II blueprints and each of these have had a single licensed run on them. ...

3:30 PM
Q: graphic problems with chicken invaders and epsxe

robkidMy windows vista keeps rebooting on the green bar load screen so i got Ubuntu 12.04 and installed it but i had trouble running my games and apps from vista until some guy on line told me to get wine which i did and my apps started loading but when i tried to run dawn of war dark crusade it launch...

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And back to the quick-time events...
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Because it hates you.
Q: Can I transfer enchantments from one item to another?

jeffreylin_I currently have a thaumium pickaxe with Efficiency IV, Unbreaking III, and Repair II. What I would like to transfer these enchantments to a thaumium sword (not crafted yet) and hopefully get the thaumium from the pickaxe back as well. Is this possible? If so, how? I am using the Feed The Beast U...

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@OrigamiRobot It was a bug introduced in a recent patch.
They released another patch to hotfix it in like thirty minutes though.
@AlexM. hello
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