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1:59 AM
Q: Global SE reputation page broken

jjnguyMy global stack exchange reputation page gives me panda errors when I try to access it.

2:41 AM
Q: Why are items carried by water in Minecraft slower than the player carried by water?

user7992Ive been building various monster grinders lately and using water flows to bring the items dropped to a collection point. I've noticed that the items pushed along by the water travel much slower than a player being pushed. Does anyone know why? Is it intentional?

2:57 AM
3:21 AM
4:02 AM
guys... I just had cleverbot flame me into suicide... I put the transcript up here
4:36 AM
@Mechko nooooooooooooo
I was just trolling cleverbot
unfortunately, @Mana, cleverbot trolled me back
Sad way to go.
@Mana it wasn't just Cleverbot's fault. There were a bunch of reasons involved
Did you read the transcript? I'm finalizing an nlp paper for submission as we speak and I'm very impressed by this CleverBot
1 hour later…
6:07 AM
@Mechko aww :(
@Mechko Nice!
@failbadp I added a schedule to the Google Docs
so we can hopefully plan a little bit better
1 hour later…
7:20 AM
Q: Is a SHips Tier level an official term?

AndyShips have a tech level, tech one being normal ships. tech 2 the specialist ships and tech 3 being even more expensive. but looking on the wiki, certain ships have a tier level. for example the hyperion is a tech 1 battleship but is called a tier 3. the same for the battlecruiser myrmodon which...

Q: Where can i see what moderator powers i can unlock when?

AndyI have tried searching if someone asked it before, but I fail to find it. before the update when you clicked your reputation, you went to a page where you could see all the power you could unlock. it had a % on it to show how far you where to a certain power. now clicking your reputation takes ...

7:38 AM
By the way, Team Escape is fun.
@YiJiang No repro on black line
A: What is, exactly, an opinion?

Borror0The term "opinion" is an umbrella that contains two sort of statements: Analysises Preferences I think this is really what Robert Cartaino was touching on in Good Subjective, Bad Subjective. An opinion can be grounded in facts, explaining the how and the why, a thoughtful analysis that weigh ...

Can I flag this for the horribly mangled plural of 'analysis'?
Q: How can you restore health in Sword & Sworcery?

PaulBPlaying through Sword and Sworcery on the iPad - I've reached the point where I'm battling the first trigon. It defeated me - so I was down to 1 star health. How can I regain some health. I've gone through my stash of mushrooms and can't leave the current screen. thanks

8:44 AM
@YiJiang No. Because I just fixed it :)
By the way.
How did this pass QA
9:12 AM
Q: Is it a common bug, that the screen turns blue and textures become missing indoors in Fallout: New Vegas? Is there a solution?

Glen WheelerI have been playing Fallout: New Vegas quite a bit, despite the following bug. It occured after only playing for a couple of hours and even persisted after I cleared the game data and reinstalled from the disc. The bug is as follows. In area which are either indoors or lit by an ambient light ...

Q: Free Screen Recorder for Games?

JFWAre there any free screen recorder for games? Camtasia Studio isn't that well optimised and FRAPs is a bit too expensive.

1 hour later…
10:32 AM
@YiJiang Did you reject your own edit or...
oh, I see, I probably overwrote it or something
@failbadp Yeah you did, my edit was to retag with and
11:07 AM
Q: Should I try to have positive standing with all four major factions ?

astryadThis is a simple question, but I can't find a decent answer. I have recently started to play Eve Online as a Caldari capsuleer, and I am currently doing lvl 3 missions in a Drake. As I didn't pay much attention to faction standings at the beginning, I am now at -2.03 towards the Gallente Federa...

2 hours later…
12:40 PM
Q: With the new content, how long does Legendary Defender of Ascalon take these days?

TeryxI'm a bit of a Guild Wars noob, but I've always been interested in going for the Legendary Defender of Ascalon title. I've started up a character in Pre-Searing, and I've been working my way up to level 10 (using the tips posted on the official Wiki for guidance). With Lieutenant Langmar's ques...

1 hour later…
1:48 PM
Oh, so Atheism bit the dust
@failbadp What took you so long to realize?
@YiJiang I just didn't care about it particularly and nobody happened to mention anything about it while I was around
That makes 2 closed proposals I think?
Three, Gadgets, AI and Atheism
Well, AI was merged rather than closed
I suspect Board and Card Games is going to go the way of the dodo eventually, too.
1:57 PM
@Powerlord I could see it merged into RPG.SE as Tabletop.se
Then we'll merge tabletop and gaming
and gaming and gamedev
and gamedev and stackoverflow
and stackoverflow and skeptics
StackExchange! Answers
@failbadp Yahoo!
OK, that was fail
is that the sniper taunt or something?
@failbadp No, it's a reference to Yahoo Answers.
Except that SE Chat apparently doesn't like bolding things in the middle of words.
@Powerlord Or rather, Markdown doesn't like you bolding bits of words in the middle of individual words
2:06 PM
Conundrums. 3v3 isn't large enough to try my hand at spy, yet large teams is not when I'd try new stuff
@failbadp Yes, well MegaMarkdown also doesn't let you do it
@YiJiang orly? It accepts normal HTML...
@failbadp Spy doesn't work that well in low-player count matches... although it depends on how much attention they're paying.
@failbadp Ya ain't no getting ma hands dirty with teh HTML maaaan!
Also Dead Ringer Spy on 2fort disguised as your own team's snipers during a sniper shootout can be funny.
"How many snipers does their team have?! (because I don't have to wait to respawn. ;D)
2:08 PM
@YiJiang What does Dead Ringer do again?
@failbadp You were speaking to @Powerlord...?
@failbadp When you right-click it, once the animation to pull it out completes (which is like 1 second long), the next enemy shot that hits you causes a fake corpse to drop and cloaks you for... 6.5 seconds I think.
If you're disguised as someone on your own team, said corpse is of the class you were disguised as.
(By default, - switches team color in the disguise kit)
However, you can only pull the Dead Ringer out when your cloak meter is full.
Picking up an ammo box recharges your cloak meter 25% or 40% depending on the ammo box size... this includes while you're cloaked. ;)
The downside is that the decloak sound for the Dead Ringer is much louder, plus you can't just cloak whenever. Also, decloaking early kicks your cloak meter down to a max of 40%.
Before Valve nerfed it to do the 40% max charge when decloaking, the Dead Ringer was the most overpowered item in the game. :D
Oh, someone "killed" me! uncloak, right-click
Oh right, I forgot to mention, the Dead Ringer also reduces damage you take by 90% for the first 6.5 seconds you're cloaked.
Which means headshots and such don't kill you.
Of course, the Dead Ringer is susceptible to all the normal Spy cloak problems: Can be set on fire, milked, jarated, dripping water after you leave the water, etc...
Q: Remove the vertical padding from the <kbd> tag

echobackI think the kbd tag's vertical padding is too large to use them inline with other text. Once your text wraps onto multiple lines, kbd-tagged elements' vertical padding makes them visually overflow onto the lines before and after, making the entire paragraph harder to read. I suggest changing the...

Oh right, one last advantage... for the first 6.5 seconds of the Dead Ringer cloak, touching you doesn't make you appear as the team-colored outline that the other two(/three) cloaking devices do. Enemies still can't move through you though. If you're lucky, they'll think they're just lagging.
If you're unlucky, they'll immediately start attacking the open space, or flame said area, or start monologueing at you like I just did.
@sjohnston: Hey, say something so I stop monologueing!
2:24 PM
@Powerlord Sometimes Writers.SE really makes me appreciate how good Gaming.SE is
The sad part is, I think everything I mentioned in my monologue is in one of my answers on Gaming. If I could see Gaming from here, I'd search for it and link it for @failbadp.
Q: Who is Clive Handforth meant to be in Little Big Planet 2?

jl6Clive Handforth (the guy with a notepad for a head) appears to be a parody of something, but I'm not sure what. Simply the "it's grim up north" stereotypical Yorkshireman?

Unpossible! I FGITWed Grace.
...by one second
@FallenAngelEyes -1, the face is far too visible
2:46 PM
Holy crap, the FIRS industry replacement set really jacks up the complexity of OpenTTD's industry system
Well, I guess I can't complain now that OpenTTD's modelling of the chain of production isn't realistic enough now
Sounds like Windows 8 is expected to be out within a year... and include IE10.
3:10 PM
@fail What are you talking about?
@FallenAngelEyes Click the arrow
Or alternatively, eat the
Speaking of bacon, I've been playing WoW again... but on Alliance, so I don't get the "Everything's Better With Bacon" daily quest any more. :/
You should really expand your horizons on the wide array of pork products available in this wonderful world
3:27 PM
Hey guys it looks like you might be able to register for E3...
@GraceNote I thought that a good blog post on E3 might be a good idea
> Welcome to Attendee Registration. Please note that E3 Expo is a trade-only event and is not open to the general public. Individuals who are not able to document their direct, and current professional affiliation to the interactive entertainment industry are not qualified to attend. If you are from the retail sector, you must be able to provide documentation that verifies that you are responsible for company purchasing.
The whole "current professional affiliation" part disqualifies a lot of us, if not all of us. Try considering getting @Mana's brother, though. ♪
@GraceNote what about media?
Hmmm nvm... Seems pretty strict there too
I'm sure gamespot could get in
Us... not so sure
3:45 PM
I used to know some folks who ran a barely-functional game review site for the sole purpose of E3 eligibility.
But we don't even review anything, we don't even have an informative news section
The uh... blog might get us in, if we start doing reviews there
@YiJiang That's what I was pushing for
eh, if it's not customer-oriented why do you think there'll be customer-interesting stuff?
@Brant does it take much to qualify?
4:00 PM
I remember when a local, previously quite popular tech fair made the switch to "business only please" a few years ago; the event went from "big deal" to "meh, whatever" very fast.
@KronoS Now? I have no idea. This was back in like 2002 though. I think they went, but I don't know for sure.
That's probably the entire point, too.
@YiJiang I hate that part of openttd, everything's too random and iffy there
Q: Wrapper around Stack Exchange properties?

Oskar AustegardYou can hardly ask a question on Stack Overflow these days without someone telling you this belongs on superuser, programmers(!), webapps, stack apps, etc, etc. Has anyone (other than Google) created a wrapper around it all? I don't want to have to be a member of 97 different sites to get my da...

Q: Where do bus passengers want to go in OpenTTD

ZsubI have just started a new game and built four bus stations in a city (2000 pop.). Now one has over 300 passengers waiting and the others have nearly nothing. Is there any way for me to determine where they want to go?

Who'd build an industry in the middle of nowhere kilometers away from its prime material source?
4:03 PM
@Feeds WTF is this?
@failbadp Well, there'd be no game if that was the case :P
@Feeds If these were the WoW forums, I'd say something like "QQ more"
Passengers transport :P
Who'd want to answer that one?
But if these were the WoW forums I wouldn't be here.
@YiJiang I dropped an oneliner explaining what he's doing wrong
but there's much more to it than that if you want to answer the question in the title
4:06 PM
@failbadp Bzzt, wrong. Intercity transport works, just that a) it isn't very profitable, and b) it doesn't work for a small city like that
@YiJiang I guess the problem is I never got a city large enough then. Deleting.
After all I never could care to develop industries and whatever.
Passengers kept me busy (and starved for money) enough
Hmm, I might actually ask my first SE question on Gaming :o But not until I get work done, since I won't allow myself to play SpaceChem until then :P
4:20 PM
Let's see... is my answer to that question clear enough?
Q: Does baneling building attack do splash damage to units?

NickIf you right click on a building, banelings will attack it do much more damage than usual. Does the splash from this attack damage any units who are stood nearby? And, if so, how much? If I set the building attack to autocast, will the banelings attack buildings in preference to units, or still ...

@Oak The even bigger WTF is why the image is called thumbdrive.jpg
> BRAAAANT! That's it, I'm leaving your party as a result of continued infuriation at your lack of concern for proper required tags!
Ahahaha :P
@TimStone why? It is a thumb drive
4:24 PM
@Oak It's a wireless receiver for a mouse, not a thumb drive :P
You can see the regulatory markings on it.
According to the story it's a thumb drive, but honestly if it's a wireless mouse adapter, it's even funnier :)
Indeed :D
@YiJiang link!
5:15 PM
Not entirely sure how that OpenTTD question got +5, to be frank
Today is SO a "not getting work done" day.
Between taking a coworker out to lunch (today is his last day before retirement) and the two hour party scheduled this afternoon (billed as "Team-building exercise" on our time sheets)...
@Powerlord Otherwise know as Friday
Then again, it's always Friday in Iceland.
@Powerlord No, get away from me, arrghh...!
And as Rebecca Chernoff found out, that doesn't stop the fine folks at Meta from closing your topic:
5:29 PM
Q: Eeeeek where is my slow performance‽‽‽

Rebecca ChernoffOver the past couple of days, I have noticed that Stack Overflow is faster than ever. This is severely affecting my thumb twiddling time. When am I supposed to practice my thumb twiddling if I don't have to wait for the pages to load?? Please think of the thumb twiddlers when considering futur...

Wait, someone seriously flagged that post?
Facebook recommended her to me as a friend, grrrrrr
@Powerlord Not me, but I would definitely consider that as offensive. To my ears.
@Powerlord I did as a joke, I didn't mean to press ok but I clicked the wrong button, sorry :(
It was a joke to another in my room
Anyway, I'll never take Facebook's friend suggestions after this
@RonanForman careful with those buttons ...
@YiJiang who is this person?
5:32 PM
@CRoss I click to fast, it's a real problem
@CRoss What? Nobody, you really don't want to know...
I'm going to replace the current game on ad with:
Last second comments?
@CRoss So they have an alert now. Back when chat was in beta, they didn't have that, and I accidentally let a bit of JavaScript run loose flagging the entire rooms message as offensive and starred them
@failbadp More padding in the round badge thingy?
Also, the bold font weight is ugly
yes, we get pinged
@failbadp what's DST and why is there more of it?
5:35 PM
@RonanForman Hath no fear, we equitorians have no need for such primitive time altering devices to keep the sun aligned with our body's internal biological clock
(Presumably you come from the equator, or somewhere near there)
@YiJiang that's not quite it
@failbadp Okay, then what is it?
@YiJiang I live in the UK, I just didn't think it meant that
The point of DST, from what I understand is, "man, the sun rises at 5am and sets at 7pm. No one's awake at 5am. That's pointless! Let's move the clocks back so that we have sun from 6am to 8pm! Now we have an extra hour of sunlight!"
@failbadp Right, so to align the sun's rising and setting with the actual clocks us human are using
5:41 PM
@YiJiang Well, the actual wall clocks, yes. Back in the days, we just woke up at whatever time the sun rised at I think.
Anyway, the bold font is seriously ugly, may I suggest you use something else?
makes Serious Sam impression
FYI, @Powerlord has been temporarily suspended because of the flag on that Rebecca Black video, which apparently someone agreed with. That's pretty uncool.
Now that's just lame
Well, I really shouldn't be listening Katamari Damacy songs before I sleep; they seem to have the same effect as a mild stimulant
5:42 PM
Welcome back @Powerlord. Suspension overruled.
@TimStone Wait, didn't he delete that message himself?
You can't flag a delete message
A: Trouble getting to sleep after gaming session

fail badpRead a book. Sleep will fall upon you naturally as you context switch to a more imaginative, relaxed state of mind. It doesn't have to be anything special; a comic book will do.

@YiJiang No, Feeds deleted it (= it was the flag that removed it)
@YiJiang Ah, I love that game. >_>
Somebody suggested the ECMAScript-262 language specs, that would work. Now, if only I can print it out...
@Powerlord wasn't me this time.
5:46 PM
@TimStone I'm sorry @Powerlord it was an accident, though I do wish to know why someone agreed...
Apparently not all mods are aware of the 30 minute autosuspension thingadongdong.
@failbadp Hmmm?
@GraceNote Eek! Don't blame me! D:
@Brant -1, too much Eeeek.
@Brant -1, not enough es
6:03 PM
:765418 -1 not enough hate
Someone should really rewrite the tag wiki for game-rec. Right now it sounds like it only covers shopping recommendations, when clearly we have a much broader definition.
Q: Where / How can I check if my minecraft key is an alpha-version?

JoschuaI bought a minecraft key from another person, which claimed that it was an alpha-version. How can I check if my key is from the time of the alpha-version?

6:56 PM
@bwarner Let me try
although honestly I'd rather decouple game-recs and game-catalogues
we disallow both, but for slightly different reasons
Q: Relationship between aspiration and career

happy_emiI found a few guides that state that some careers are better suited for specific type of aspiration. For example the Slacker is better suited for the Romance aspiration. My question is: what is the specific effect that aspirations have over career? Do aspirations improve the chance of promotion...

Q: How to stop Assassin's Creed's speech from desynching?

Tobias KienzlerIt is really annyoing since in cutscenes I spend about half the time watching lips moving and gestures finishing to something said half a minute ago :-( This problem seems to occur rather often, but all descriptions I found (e.g. this) mention turning of sound hardware acceleration. However Wind...

Yummy retirement cake.
Tastes like chocolate and frosting, with just a dash of suspension.
see all the @-mentions above about that @Powerlord
Q: What is the difference between Breath of Fire III for the PSX and BoFIII for the PSP (or PSPGo)?

Glen WheelerI am aware that some games (like the early Final Fantasy titles, Disgaea) which are on PSP (more appropriately, PSN) are later versions with a small amount of extra content. Normally it is fairly easy to find this information out with a bit of searching. However I have not been able to find any...

7:09 PM
@Bob I bet this is a PSOne Classics title, which are the original title ported with no changes.
Hmm, apparently not, but it still sounds like a direct port.
Q: What are the reasons for the game suddenly stopping building production - particularly wonders?

Wikis Commit At Area 51This seems to happen particularly with Wonders - suddenly the game will inform me that building has stopped on a particular building without any further explanation. The building is then converted into gold. Why is this happening? How can I tell what has caused it (where do I look) and how can I...

Judging from the Not a Real Question game that takes data from Gaming, we need to go excise . :P
7:34 PM
Q: Are questions about bugs that help players on-topic?

Wikis Commit At Area 51I'd like to ask what bugs there are in a game that help players, but I can easily see this becoming a "list" question (albeit a limited one). For example, I have just seen in Civilization 4 that your trading partners may refuse to trade an item with you (if you ask, "What will make this work?" a...

Q: Jade Dynasty - Increase FPS

ShikiI have a decent PC ( Core i7 950 10gb DDR3 1600mhz Zotac GTX 260^2 AMP2 ) Yet the game runs on ~45FPS on the lowest settings. If I look around, it can go down to 15fps. I'm using the latest NVidia driver and DirectX. Please let me know if there are hacks, or config options to improve it. ...

7:46 PM
Try typing "insert coin" into the chat box.
insert coin
@GeorgeEdison That's been around for a while.
@Macha I see note blocks! Must watch this later.
@GnomeSlice Note blocks and nostalgia :P
7:49 PM
insert coin
Should I even go on how bad that looks on Firefox 3.6?
@Powerlord Don't tell me that's the first time you've done that...
@GnomeSlice Yes, it is.
Not surprisingly, I don't go around typing insert coin into random textboxes.
@Powerlord -.-
@Powerlord What's the matter with you!?
Best comment I've seen all day:
A union member, a tea party member, and a CEO are all sitting around a table with a dozen cookies.

The CEO takes 11 of the cookies. He turns to the tea party member and says, "look out for that union guy. He's trying to take your cookie."
8:21 PM
I have come
insert coin
go north
open mailbox
OK, I don't remember enough of Zork to pretend I'm playing it in the chat window.
Meanwhile, I'm going to go home, since I apparently need to fix some article stuffage
8:45 PM
@Xeo Hi and welcome, although I thought @GraceNote had the monopoly of anime themed avatars
Q: How to solve screen shifted to the left on wolfteam?

WesleiWhen I start Wolfteam (http://wolfteam.softnyx.net/) my screen is shifted to the left, that is, I cant see what is in the left of the screen since it starts showing the middle of the window. I have found some people on the internet with the same problem: http://www.gamerzplanet.net/forums/wolfte...

insert coin
9:04 PM
@failbadp Every single one of them comes from a video game, not an anime!
@GraceNote I said anime themed :)
Q: When is the black ops double exp weekend?

Matt BettinsonMy friend told me it was this weekend (April 1st to 4th). Is this true, if so there goes my weekend plans!

Talk about localized
9:52 PM
Huh, there appears to be a lot of new DLC for NFS that I totally wasn't aware of >_>
@TimStone NFS:?
Hot Pursuit
In other news I have four brass beasts
Q: NO ARMY expansion: is this new strategy? Is it viable?

BuddaLast time I began to play often to plat/diamond/master players... Not too often, but still I saw a lot (especially on 4 players maps, in both ladder and custom games) that Protoss players do VERY early expansion. I would name it "1-pylon" expansion. Idea is following: build 1st pylon and once hav...

For some reason I foolishly assumed they wouldn't try to get more money out of me after I paid for the first DLC (which added new events) :P
9:58 PM
Same map, new lines on it, new money? :P
They were smart and left a lot of space in the upper right corner in which to put new things ;)
I'll have to buy the DLCs later and see what they did.
They each have 10 new events and some new cars (and achievements), so not too bad.
I wonder if I want to start messing with metal
Given it requires 56 dupes to get... one hat, I guess nope
then again I'm not really able to trade with anybody
10:23 PM
Q: How to select strategy on the game?

BuddaUsually, you need to decide your plan for the game based only on few small things: type of the map; the opponent race (Zerg, Protoss, Terram, Random). You need to begin implementing your strategy on the 11-12 of supply. The only option to receive any information about player till that time is...

10:41 PM
Q: Are you a boy? or a girl?

RapidaPokemon Black/White has been applauded for the improved storyline (well, for a Pokemon game). Is there any differences in being a male protagonist versus being a female protagonist? Or is it completely cosmetic in nature?

@failbadp You know you can craft 2 weapons from the same class to make a scrap metal, right?
51 mins ago, by fail badp
I wonder if I want to start messing with metal
11:24 PM
I'll just leave this here...
11:36 PM
Later all, going to Germany for the weekend and won't have internet

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