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6:03 PM
Hmm, I'm still stuck with VS2k8sp1 on my work compy.
I wonder if that'll change once they start rolling the Win7 images out to developer machines.
I've been using 2k10 for like a year now.
Not for anything productive, mind you.
I thought WPF was some kind of revolution. Turns out it's just WinForms++
the Space Chem demo irks me
I can see how you could sacrifice speed to minimize symbols... sorta
but I'm baffled as to the number of cycles
@ArdaXi I have 2k10 at home, but I don't exactly use .NET a lot.
After doing Javascript for a couple months, it's nice to work with a strongly typed language again.
Someone just corrected one of my answers on SO from over two years ago. :O
6:17 PM
vs2010 is pretty great.
Speaking of which, SP1 should be available to the public now.
Oh right, that's the English language version link... I dunno if removing &displaylang=en would fix that or not.
6:28 PM
Can StackExchange's answer window do superscripts?
Apparently it does if you use the HTML <sup> tag.
Can StackExchange's answer window cook me dinner? I don't feel like cooking tonight.
insert bacon
HEY! When I make comments, I don't get stars, but Thomas does? :O
I'm just too baconsome.
6:39 PM
You misspelled bacawesome.
No, I didn't.
I spelt baconsome correctly.
bacawesome: 232 results
baconsome: 4030 results
@ThomasMcDonald That's only because it's correcting baconsome to Bacon some
No, it's not.
6:42 PM
@ThomasMcDonald If you're using Google it is.
It's searching for baconsome as well as other variations of it, including bacon some.
Same for bacawesome/bac awesome.
For example, the first result: "Quote Details: Sir Francis Bacon: Some books are to... - The ..."
@Powerlord See above.
Still, baconsome > bacawesome. Says Google. And me.
6:43 PM
throws bacon at @ThomasMcDonald
eats provided bacon, enjoy your dinner
NOOOO, my secret weakness!
@ThomasMcDonald Everyone defected to BLUDIT
6:46 PM
@Powerlord ±_±
Hey, I play TF2 on REDDIT's Great Lakes and Midwest servers.
I'm allowed to associate Reddit with TF2.
@Powerlord In the same way you can associate Reddit with wtf, programming, Minecraft, trees, circlejerk, f7u12, pics, funny, and a myriad of other subreddits.
@ThomasMcDonald Since I don't visit reddit, I wouldn't associate it with anything else. ;)
Surely there's a bacon reddit.
We all need bacon carrats.
Baccarat <-- Whoops, I still misspelled it
It was a bad joke anyhow, and now I get to snooze... er... participate in a meeting.
6:55 PM
Refined metal is expensive. :(
@ArdaXi Pssh, sure it is.
18 weapons.
7:13 PM
Q: Do all Pokemon B/W Wifi features work with WPA2?

SapphI've learned that original (and Lite) Nintendo DS systems do not support WPA/WPA2 Wifi encryption, but the newer hardware (DSi, 3DS) does. I've also learned that this only applies to newer games, and that older games require WEP, even on newer systems. Finally, I've learned that Pokemon Black ...

7:25 PM
It's a sad day when @GnomeSlice can't design a better community advert than @Mana.
But...@Gnome that's every day.
@Mana Hence my constant state of depression.
@Mana And you call me a jerk.
insert bacon
7:28 PM
@Arda It takes one to know one, eh? EH?
...I saw that starred and was hoping it would do something... :(
I thought it took two to know one.
@GnomeSlice What would?
1 min ago, by GnomeSlice
insert bacon
@Mana You can do anything at GOGCOM.
Yes Mike, I get it, it's a Zombocom reference.
You've told this to me THREE TIMES.
7:31 PM
Zombocom is broken for me :(
Once in the comments, once on Facebook, once here.
@Mana No, just in the comments.
Your nuclear questions answered.
7:48 PM
@Brant lolwut.
@Bob Did anyone answer this yet with the correct "Pokemon B/W do not support WPA/WPA2"?
...did they change the styles at SO, or is my browser not loading them properly?
Q: Why is StackOverflow naked?

BrunoLM It seems just wrong... IMO it is looking awful... Will this be like that for now on? :S

8:04 PM
Q: Old point&click game

KosiuI dont know what is name of game i have played in 1990 or later. I remember i have started male, in a little village. I had to take grapes to an old man with long white beard, he was little crazy. I dont remember anything more. My English is bad because im from Poland. If someone knows the title ...

and now I know!
Bored. Entertain me!
Welcome to the internet Brant.
@Brant In this case, the change was to make unanswered questions less visible.
So what are they going to do now? Make them glow in 2 days time?
Specifically, unanswered questions used to have black text on a red background in the Number of Answers section.
At least I think it was black text... I forget,.
They basically just swapped the background and foreground colors
I think it looks better.
notch just joined chat!
@Ronan Huh?
@RonanForman How do you know?
8:22 PM
the link I posted of penny arcade being drawn, notch just joined
@ArdaXi he tweeted
Ah, I don't follow @cwgabriel
Have I mentioned that I don't like Penny Arcade?
Also, real notch or fake notch?
Real notch
but different chat than the one I was thinking of
@ArdaXi no notch tweeted
8:24 PM
@Powerlord I like Tycho's character on Poker Night.
@RonanForman Yes, he tweeted @cwgabriel.
@cwgabriel watching and chatting!
Hence I didn't see the tweet.
@Mana I was thinking of this chat.
@GnomeSlice i should have specified
@RonanForman What with the whole 'fakenotch' joining Gaming yesterday.
@GnomeSlice i didnt know that
Did the Envelope topic on Meta really get deleted?
8:31 PM
@RonanForman Oh, he's been merged with The Spaminator
Q: Name of old mech arcade game

JDevLI remember going to the arcade/GameWorks in the early 90s for birthday parties. I know in Indianapolis they had this mech game where 10-20 people could play at once. Each person would get into their own pod, and the screen inside would wrap around you close to 180 degrees. You would pilot a mech ...

Bleah, I don't have the rep to undelete topics at Meta.
@Powerlord they mentioned ...
i can never remember markdown
@Powerlord are you naic224 cause he talks about bacon all the time
8:49 PM
@RonanForman No.
9:02 PM
you seen the zangief kid that was
That tag really needs more exposure.
But then again, it's already starting to lose it's impact; it's becoming too mainstream.
are we
tag hipsters. get it!
it needed explaining, it was quite obscure.
Q: Do items left on the ground in the wilderness stay there overnight?

Justin L.I have too many items to carry home; what should I do? Nobody in town is able to help me carry it back. I don't have enough AP and food/water to make the round trip. And nighttime is falling really soon.

@GnomeSlice Making murder less mainstream means editing it out of some questions.
9:11 PM
@Grace :( Why must you hound me so?
Don't make me start singing Lady Gaga songs! >:/
Whoa, psychic.
@Mana No, I already gave you 18 seconds between when I saw you post and when I posted my comment. ♪
So impatient, geez!
@Mana Careful you might scare her off! Grace appearances are both short and rare.
9:13 PM
@SadlyNot They are? You must be new here...
I actually am going to vanish in a minute. But hounding was necessary. ♪
@Powerlord Old enough to know she vanishes about 5 seconds after appearing.
@SadlyNot Oh, that's just because she's a rogue.
She's really still here, you just can't see her.
Technically, super assassin idol.
<witty comment on the latest development in the chat>
9:14 PM
<witty retort.... wait don't have time for this>
<ninja retort to unfinished retort>
So, I was thinking of what to have for dinner. I was thinking a salad with bits.
Actually, I was thinking something without bacon, but I wanted to use the tag.
That is horrible.
Also we need more good tags that aren't game names!
9:18 PM
I was going to pick up a grinder (sandwich) at Mancino's yesterday, only to find out they were closed due to a "change in management."
I suppose no one wants to watch the vid lol.
@Sadly I've already seen it
nerfnow.com/comic/91 <-- I always love this comic. :D
9:19 PM
@Mana What's your last name? Out of curiosity.
My avatar makes me think of that comic all the time.
I think I've been over this with you already ... :S
Mana is his last name. Secret is his first name. ;)
LIES! His last name is Wedge!
9:20 PM
@Mana K.
@Powerlord Is spy crab trolling still respected?
It fits me like a glove, what with my astounding height of...get this...5'10".
@SadlyNot Not really.
And weighing in at 120 lbs.
@Powerlord Thought so.
It doesn't help that you can't crab if you're using Your Eternal Reward.
9:21 PM
@Mana Wtf. You may need to watch that video again, then make that, then it eat. And repeat.
YER is great on defense on Payload maps, btw.
<3 silent backstabs. :D
@Powerlord I'd play TF2 if my laptop could handle it. The performance has been constantly dropping. L4D2 surprised me by improving though.
I actually get 30 fps!
@SadlyNot I'm surprised L4D2 has a better framerate than TF2... L4D2 usually has more going on at once.
@Powerlord I dunno. TF2 seems like a slopfest to me. It's never run properly.
Even COD4 performed better.
For all the games that use the Source engine there's a wide range of performance issues.
@SadlyNot Weird. Now, granted, they've updated TF2 so many times that I wouldn't be surprised if some bugs in the rendering system have snuck in.
Just recently, I noticed they'd made changes to the particle effects system again.
and as a result, the Medic's heal gun beam and flames look different... again.
9:25 PM
@Powerlord I haven't read updates carefully enough to see if they actually work on performance. Lots of bugfixes though so no one is complaining.
@Powerlord I don't think they'll ever finalize TF2
Sup maaaaaaaan.
It's Friday, and your friends pull up in a car.
And you say:
Kicking in the front seat, kicking in the back seat.
Which seat can you take?
9:27 PM
@SadlyNot Sure they will! And then TF3 will come out.
There are four people in the car and five seats.
@Mana I don't get it.
@Powerlord Really? There is no call for it. Unless they pull a MNC and add DotA to it.
@Mana I call shotgun!
Me neither, but these are the questions raised by this truly amazing song:
grabs the shotgun
9:28 PM
Just for that:
@Powerlord Shoot her in the head!
Clock says it's going home time. I should go home.
Is anyone participating in Dream.Build.Play?
After deciding what to do for food. Had I remembered to pull ground beef out of the freezer, I could have made cheeseburgers or something.
9:30 PM
@Powerlord Microwave ain't that bad.
> go home
'home' isn't a direction!
78 new messages! D:
@GnomeSlice I have failed you.
Alas, I cannot raptor-safari harm's way for you.
@SadlyNot Whyyyyy.
@SadlyNot And you're right, it isn't Friday. According to this video, it's actually essay night.
> I am Thursday's child!
9:31 PM
@Mana: I'd go east, south, south, west, west, west, south, press down button, enter elevator, press G button, exit elevator, west, south, west.... wait, this is taking too long. I mean, that's just to leave this building.
Truly intelligent, inspiring words from Rebecca Black.
May her soul burn with the fire of a thousand suns.
Wait, my last three directions were wrong... it's north, west, north from the elevator lobby
@GnomeSlice Why or why not?
My spirit burns like the sun and I shall dry you like a prune.
9:33 PM
@SadlyNot I actually don't even understand what you mean by 'raptor-safari' something.
@GnomeSlice It's to take a game you've never seen before then sink 12 hours into picking every aspect of it apart until you become an expert.
@SadlyNot I see. In that case, shame on you.
Guess who started it. And yes I can coin my own terms, however stupid ._.
Wait a minute, are you that other guy with a new name?
@Gnome is clueless.
9:36 PM
Hmm, I actually have to host my own server to play a decent game of HL2DM
Anyone wanna play?
Whose internet sucks now?
@Mana Was that directed at me?
No it was uh directed @sjohns
@Arda is clueless.
9:37 PM
Whatsa huh? I wasn't paying attention
@Mana continues plans. Writes down: Mana.
@sjohnston .... you know.
@sjohns stares
Pfft. My internet is thoroughly adequate
You want to go?
9:38 PM
Depends. a/s/l?
Oh man. Internet throw down. Here we go.
@Mana OH SHI-
@Mana You're a male male-year-old from Male?
Which I'm not, so I guess this is where you disconnect.
9:39 PM
@GnomeSlice D:
Your chatting partner has disconnected
@Gnome clearly has an effeminate face, as indicated clearly by her gravatar
I don't know how anyone could think she was a guy. Ever.
@Mana You thought I was, didn't you?
@Mana He may have guy-brows but he's definitely workable.
It's like thinking that Arda isn't a blonde mermaid.
9:41 PM
Hey, you guys are learning! You're only starring the messages around mine!
Haha, and then I read @GnomeSlice status "Just when you thought you had me figured out..."
@Mana Ouch, yours all disappeared.
You are one cryptic mofo.
@Gnome I wonder who withdrew them.
9:41 PM
@GnomeSlice I like that in my women.
<cack joke>
@Mana Oh look, they're back.
I don't know what to say anymore.
Tossing props around on my own is boring :(
Have we delved to far?
Amuse me!
9:43 PM
No, only @LessPop delves too far.
I think Gnome straddled the line once too when he posted my Barbra Streisand hit
@SadlyNot :
@Mana I had to, it was such a work of art.
Pro tip. If you go into the archives of that page, you contract spontaneous explosion.
^ Steve Hughes, talking about being offended.
9:46 PM
@GnomeSlice Talk about being offended.
"Who cares if you're offended!? Nothing HAPPENS."
@GnomeSlice Careful now...
@GnomeSlice Have you checked?
"Mummy, he called me an idiot! Don't worry about it, he's a dick!"
He's a comedian. Watch it.
T'was good.
Yeah, I forgot that changing my name would confuse some people.
I used to be 'KinkiTinki' when I played COD4. As a 14 year old girl.
9:49 PM
A: How Many Ways Can I Run Over Those Raptors?

Sadly NotI'll post some kills you haven't mentioned, as well as acts that do not seem to count as special kills. This list gets updated as I find new ways to maim raptors. Pictures will be added if I remember to capture the moment. You can see the points for each kill in the pictures, so they approximate ...

@SadlyNot Wait, so, who were you?
Wonder why it hasn't updated your name on your answers...
Hahaha, I remember when I was a girl. Good times.
@ArdaXi thethinman
...I think.
9:50 PM
@GnomeSlice Probably because it's comm wiki
@GnomeSlice Bug?
@Sadly No, Gnome.
@Mana Should I meta it?
I'm bored. I'm going to try my Markov thingy again.
Lemmeh run a quick Meta SO check
Sure. I won't post, meta doesn't like me.
9:52 PM
You forgot to tag as Unless...no, I can reply to do a better release schedule reeks aww yeah. (actually 6: I'm so late playing Phoenix movie for all the villains of the year: type up 5 facts about 15 French people. looool cake. on the Annie cool? ...Oh. :&lt; Makes walking around the eyes, it artist, you're good business this season! the same universe as Baccano. I should start up in an hour, yeah? "Yeah cool, no problem." Silly TwitterBarPhone, you'll have graduated.
@ArdaXi uh buuuh?
@SadlyNot I'll do you. Do you have Twitter?
@Feeds Hi! How are ya?
@ArdaXi Better question, if I did, would i use it?
9:53 PM
@SadlyNot So long as you have a couple tweets on it, it'll do
Oh wait, I have better things to do. Like push my face into a blender.
@ArdaXi No offense to you, however.
Oh, by the way, the one I linked was Mana.
I'll do another one.
> I'm just installed this TwitterBar thing! It's horrible! both were pretty cool guy, but I'm not quite is pretty awesome Q&A site for the evening...by just as epic as O Charitable Thief, if not in your first year of college "magic exists lol". starting to hear the difference between FLAC and V0 audio files with Chrome to support a good cause: TwitterBar thing! It's cool bro. No need to apologize or anything. stares gods are pleased. of my social acceptability, summed up a count of you.
It's basically a compilation of random strings from my tweets
@Mana Not quite.
well whatever
9:55 PM
Basically, what it does is grab a combination of words from your tweets and makes a text based on them.
the basic idea is you got the tweets and you got the thing and then you gotta thing, y'see?
Based on which words follow which.
> With luck, you'll have to do a better job of describing the only time anyone ever going to death for three monitors at once, aww yeah.
Q: Can't beat GTA San Andreas first mission

KoenI just started playing San Andreas on my PS2 and I keep failing my first real mission "Sweet & Kendl". I have to follow my hoomies on a bike. However I keep falling of the bike and when I'm finally back on my bike, all my homies are long gone and there is no indication (arrow or something l...

@ArdaXi This is more interesting.
How do i put things in a code block?
@SadlyNot 4 spaces in front.
10:00 PM
In front of every line? Oh dear.
Even in chat?
                     #include                <stdlib.h>
                     #include                <string.h>

                    #define w "Hk~HdA=Jk|Jk~LSyL[{M[wMcxNksNss:"
                   #define r"Ht@H|@=HdJHtJHdYHtY:HtFHtF=JDBIl"\
                 #define S"IT@I\\@=HdHHtGH|KILJJDIJDH:H|KID"\
Bonus points if you can figure out what it does without running it.
Hint: it's related to markov.
Also, not my code.
I don't do C++ unfortunately.
Gtg. Good night broseph stalin.
So I'm stuck in Space Chem before the demo is even over
(Level 3-1)
"starting to hear the difference between FLAC and V0 audio files with Chrome to support a good cause: TwitterBar thing! It's cool bro."
That explains that.
10:07 PM
huh, apparently by tacking on fake referrers to your url, you can bypass the NY Times paywall
Chat needs an API.
Out of curiosity, those of you here who use twitter: how many people do you follow?
I'm perplexed by the people who follow hundreds or thousands
About as many as people follow me. 167
10:10 PM
I have something like 30, and that's a lot to keep up with
@sjohns I never read all of it
I have Streamie open constantly. It's rather easy.
only just the latest stuff
I do read all of it.
> Since the dawn of software development, the single biggest threat to reliable information has been end-users. After decades of the existence of computers, why do we still need to inform users that "the Start Date should always be less than the End Date"? Since User.Current.Electrocute() won't be added to the .NET Framework until .NET 4.0, most of us generally have to resort to displaying some kind of UI cues to politely tell the user what they've done wrong.
10:31 PM
@sjohnston It is public info, but 66
Even like that now I have three screenfuls of tweets to catch up with
although most people probably only bother to look at the top three or four tweets
oh man
last thing I needed:
Secure SSL connection now available for PRO members: http://pastebin.com/pro
Pastebin Pro.
(Pastebin Bro?)
Don't paste me, bro!
Yay Nostalgia
10:51 PM
Am I still blocked??
@failbadp Any reason I was just blocked from chat for an hour?
@GnomeSlice He... doesn't like you?
@GnomeSlice Your post was flagged as offensive
@Fabian Which??
Oh... the Steven Hughes quote?
Don't remember, I just saw the flags but did not act on it
I don't even see a removed message in here
10:53 PM
@failbadp Oh dear, I was only joking.
...as a joke, I thought about flagging badp's post. ;)
@GnomeSlice Did I mention flagged messages appear on their own with no context whatsoever?
@failbadp Did @bob not like the word "sh*t" ?
For some value of 'shit' :/
And don't call me Shirley!
@failbadp btw, you are aware that most of us can't see the post you linked to?
10:55 PM
2 mins ago, by Powerlord
...as a joke, I thought about flagging badp's post. ;)
@failbadp That's because you initially copied the text of it... when you changed it to a link, we could no longer see it, and the link 404s.
That said, Gnome should see it. Good enough for me.
@Powerlord So first you complain because you can read it, then you complain because you can't read it?
P.S. Why does the StackExchange 404 page have Star Trek TNG characters wearing rainbow hats?
@Powerlord Lack of bacon.
@failbadp As they say, everything's better with bacon.

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