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12:12 AM
Q: Details about League of Legends netcode

epokheI have been comparing the netcode differences of different games and genres. There are lots of materials online for many games. Here are some examples: Starcraft II, Dota 2, CS, Overwatch, Valorant. I couldn't found any information around League of Legends netcode. Can anyone provide a document a...

1:29 AM
@Wipqozn I love that
1:50 AM
Q: What mining resource will make the most money? Elite Dangerous

MillardI'm core mining in an Asp Scout. Been doing pretty good, made three runs with an average profit of 2,000,000 credits per run, mining one asteroid per run. I've pretty much figured out the mechanics of core mining, but I am trying to figure out which resources I should be searching for. So far ...

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5:05 AM
Q: Teleporting entity through command block teleports entity to command block and stops moving, even with execute as

showerinacanI am using a repeating command block to repeatedly teleport a falling block with a custom tag called "Debris" 0.125 blocks on the negative z axis causes the falling block to teleport to the command block instead and not moving at all: tp @e[type=falling_block,distance=..200,tag=Debris] I decided...

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7:29 AM
[08:20] fredley: It's ok, @bp, the Pope isn't real and can't hurt you
bp, the Pope:
8:20 AM
Q: How to check if a dropper slot is empty

Wicked GrinnI want to make a custom crafing system using droppers and need to check if certain slots are filled with the correct items. I can't find a way to check if certain slots are empty though. As not all recipes need every slot to be filled, this can cause wrong items in the unchecked slots to dissapea...

8:44 AM
Q: What is the Best Approach to Beating Lt. Surge in Pokemon Ash Gray

Gothamite24So, I recently found a rom hack online of Pokemon: FireRed called Pokemon: AshGray. The game is essentially a playable version of the first couple of seasons of the Pokemon anime and has been quite a bit of fun so far. There have been some learning curves, especially with the Gyms, but so far, I ...

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10:22 AM
Q: Passwort habe ich vergessen bitte helfen sie mir

Bastian Richterich habe leider mein Passwort in Roblox bekommen, bitte können sie es ändern. Mein Name ist Peter112112112112. Danke

Q: Can You Get More Than 1 Moon Stone in Pokemon: Ash Gray?

Gothamite24So far, I have only made it to Vermillion City, so the only Moon Stone I have found is the one find in Mt. Moon, before the Clefairy use Metronome on Team Rocket. Can I find more Moon Stones later on?

10:46 AM
Q: Can I Breed Non-Galarian Pokemon?

JutschgeI wanted to breed for a High IV / Good Nature Shiny Farfetch'd (Yes I know, odd choice but I have my reasons), but when the first egg hatched a Galarian one came out, even though I used a normal one. So is it possible to breed non-Galarian forms of Pokemon in Sword and Shield? Or do I have to imp...

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12:23 PM
Q: cant do knockback

DeDroomSo im playing minecraft bedwars and i try evry time to trhow somone of the map but i cant do any knockback can somone pls help me i searched for help but couldnt find anything to help me its realy like i weigh only 1 gram in mc but the other people weigh like 200000000000 tons or somthing ow yeah...

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4:04 PM
Q: Does Daruk's Protection absorb damage?

StruckZeusI'm really bad at deflecting attacks, so I just use Daruk's Protection to deflect them, but I noticed that when I use it to deflect guardian beams, but it didn't kill a STATIONARY guardian! (the rusted ones, not the turrets) Why? Do I need to do some kind of absurd flurry rushing/shield parrying ...

4:35 PM
Loop Hero is weird but fun
It's kind of an incremental but kind of not
@Sterno I've been seeing ads for that for ages now
Comes out tomorrow. I just played the demo a bit
4:50 PM
@Sterno It's probably a really good game, but it looks too complicated for me. I generally don't like games that involve indirect gameplay: not controlling your character directly, but rather controlling an abstraction layer that controls your character
Yeah, that's the incremental part
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7:43 PM
Q: What is the difference between the Thunderblade and the Frostblade?

BloonchipperI recently noticed something similar with the thunderblade and frostblade: they both stop enemies from moving. While the thunderblade stuns, the frostblade freezes. However, is there any other major difference between the 2 weapons that isn't obvious such as damage, stun/freeze time, etc ? I stil...

Q: What am I doing Incorectly?

user268012I am trying to kill all entities except myself, armor stands, and items in a custom dimension named "Console." At the moment, it is killing all entities in all dimensions except me, armor stands, and items. This is the command execute in minecraft:console run kill @e [type=!minecraft:armor_stand,...

::fail_horns:: bad engine start
or at least some pre-liftoff abort mode.
Better it fails before launch rather than right before landing
8:32 PM
Q: How do you get buffs on the hylian shield?

StruckZeusI've seen hylian shields have buffs on it, but how do you get it? I defeated the stalhinox like 20 times! All I got was a normal hylian shield. I eventually gave up, but I probably still have the save file.

2 hours later…
> To put it in layman's terms: the speedrunner can use Ocarina of Time to write code using ACE that will warp them straight to the credits in Paper Mario, but to execute this neat trick, they will have to swap the game cartridges mid-speedrun with split-second timing.
Good ol' Stop 'n' Swop

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