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1:04 AM
Q: Are torchlight 2 and 3 work together?

Preston OdenbrettI am wanting to play this with a friend but he wants Torchlight 3 and I want Torchlight 2- if he does get this from the game pass, can we still play together or is that not even possible? I am assuming the latter, but wanted to check- have not looked into 3. We did try with 2- but for some reason...

1:40 AM
@Ave i recall you liked Puyo Puyo Tetris. well there's a second one coming out
2 hours later…
3:46 AM
Furry Fandom

Proposed Q&A site for members of the Furry Fandom

Currently in definition.

1 hour later…
5:05 AM
virtual atc stuff is fun
I did a live training session today which I didn't expect
My mentor was like "how do you feel about controlling on the network" and I thought that was just a "do you feel comfortable with your current cert" which yeah
but then he said "Ok, sign in to redacted_S_GND"
Q: Do you fall faster alone in Apex Legends?

RapidaSome of my friends think you fall much faster alone in Apex. Is that true or can we stay grouped and obtain the same speed?

so I got to work with some real virtual pilots instead of simulated virtual pilots
And nobody crashed which was good! Someone kinda almost crashed but that was because they were kinda just doing their own thing without talking to me on ground control but a supervisor helped me handle that situation lol
well by "helped" I mean "gave the virtual equivalent of 'for possible pilot deviation, call tower at <number>'"
2 hours later…
7:38 AM
Memor-X, yeah, I saw the news, but didn't realize it got its own steam page already. I'll check, ty
1 hour later…
8:45 AM
Q: Minecraft Skin has wierd patches and pixels on the hands

WilliamD47My Minecraft Skin has these really wierd pixels on the hands. It is attatched and so is a screenshot of the pixels. I am on Java Edition macOS. It happens on 1.8.9 and 1.16.5.

3 hours later…
11:34 AM
Q: Unable to see Half Life 2 deathmatch server on LAN

DimsI am creating HL2 server on one machine but can't see it on the other machine in the LAN. I remember, that in the past I was doing some trick here to work, but don't remember, what namely. How to make it work?

3 hours later…
2:26 PM
Q: Can I play splitscreen on Servers?

LeBiscuitI'm wondering if two people can play on the same console on Minecraft while playing on a server. For example, if I were to go into a server, then connect another controller, would I be able to play with two controllers?

2 hours later…
4:03 PM
Q: How do you farm guardian parts easily?

StruckZeusHow do I get giant ancient cores easily? I really need guardian parts, especially giant ancient cores to upgrade my ancient armor. I followed quite a few tutorials, but they all are either, have the guardians, but don't drop like it was in the tutorial, or there is no guardians. I tried ancient c...

4:27 PM
Q: Texture pack not showing up in Minecraft client

SplurpyI've been trying to use a texture pack. I made one and just tried to change 1 painting and the damage sounds. I'm pretty sure everything is formatted correctly and the image files are the right sizes. I'm not sure how I'd show the files on the forum, but this is how my mcmeta file is formatted: {

4:47 PM
@Wipqozn go to the garage and fix my car
I thought this was an esoteric response to @Wipqozn's usual "what should I get for lunch" question at first
@Ronan i mean, i wouldn't be opposed to him fixing my car over his lunch break either
5:40 PM
Q: nVidia Shadowplay recording not working with 10bpc colordepth

KeyinatorI am using Shadowplay and have an Odyssey G7 (32"). When I put the color-depth to 10 bpc (from 8 bpc) in the nvidia control panel everything works normal except when I activate one of the two recording-features of Shadowplay (Save last seconds or normal recording). If I activate Shadow-Play recor...

5:59 PM
@Yuuki You really don't want me fixing your car.
@Ronan The answer is always sushi
but also today I just had a smoothie
6:53 PM
Q: Can I play Destiny 1 Xbox 360 offline

JAYLN HARRISI go to play Destiny and it says no internet connection. Is there a way to play offline?

7:18 PM
Q: Some of my villagers on Minecraft are not restoking

Soumil30Some of my villagers just will not restock. I first encountered this when one of my farmers got stuck in a cow pen I made. I turns out that since the fence was right next to terrain they just walk into the pen from above. I sold some wheat to him until he was out of stock and even now that he is ...

7:32 PM
I had leftover Thai for lunch and it was excellent
Q: How to get cyber items in candy box 2?

Evan S LucasI was looking through the games code on the save and found something called eqItemHatCyber, eqItemArmorCyber,eqItemGlovesCyber,eqItemBootsCyber. How do I unlock them. I have a feeling that you get the from the developer boss fight but I don't want to mess with that.

8:06 PM
Q: How do I keep Ender men out of my end shop

nerdbegamingI play on a small Minecraft server where I’m working on a shop in the end however the shop is a big glass dome with a high ceiling and I would like to keep the endermen out of the shop. How can I keep endermen from teleporting in? (Btw I know I can use a floor made of transparent blocks but that ...

Anyone watched the Monster Hunter movie yet?
I have not heard good things about it
yea, I'm wondering if people that have actually played it might think differently
8:31 PM
Q: Gifting games once already brought

Natalie WeaverI brought a game for a friend however i didnt do it as a gift. Is there anyway i can still give it without buying it again?

Q: What is the Ancient Shield's durability and how effective is it?

BloonchipperI recently heard something about a shield that is called the Ancient Shield. Problem is, I don't know how much durability it has or how effective it is. I know that it is effective against guardians, but is that it? How does it compare against other shields such as the Hylian Shield? Note: please...

Q: How can i put files in my question on stack exchange?

CiurkitboyNHow can I put files in my question on stack exchange? I want to put a link to a Minecraft world on a question I mad but I cant figure out how to add a file (.zip)

Q: Do not have placed NBT blocks minecraft

peppewarrior1My request is very simple. I am creating a server with friends where we have to survive on a custom world (planet in this case) and I have created many NBT blocks and I wish these blocks cannot be placed (we are in survival). How could I do?

8:41 PM
Any pc people know if I can make my computer's fans turn off completely when they're not needed? It's currently blowing cold air out of it and it's pretty annoying
8:58 PM
@Ronan you can usually adjust fan profiles in the bios or with the motherboard software, if it has some
I tried the bios silent mode but it was still on, even when running the bios
9:54 PM
@Yuuki snorts what's this from?
@Ash Breathedge, it's a weird game.
Q: If two cured villagers breed will the baby villager give discounts?

DabbingsdednowI have an artificial village with about 10 cured villagers. I have a farmer so they now are breeding. Since the newborn villagers parents are both cured villagers will the discounts carry on to the baby villager when it grows up?

10:11 PM
Q: How can i put files in my question on stack exchange?

CiurkitboyNHow can I put files in my question on stack exchange? I want to put a link to a Minecraft world on a question I mad but I cant figure out how to add a file (.zip)

10:27 PM

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