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12:03 AM
Q: PES squad not saving (PS4)

SoccerlyWhen I try to edit a team's game plan in Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2020 on PS4, it just reverts back to the original squad when I actually be the team in a local match. For example, I added a few players to the team Chelsea FC and I saved the data. But when I go to local match and select the tea...

12:45 AM
If anyone was interested in The House in the Cerulean Sea, a book @Ash read and loved recently which is supposed to be really uplifting, it's currently on sale on Kindle and Kobo
1:10 AM
I really need to play bug fables at some point
1:32 AM
@Wipqozn yes everyone needs to read it it is so cozy
@Ash yeah it's definitely on my list for reading soonish
Q: Custom model data not working

NAnodelabarra/summon minecraft:zombie ~ ~ ~ {CanBreakDoors:1,DrownedConversionTime:999999,Glowing:1,LeftHanded:1,Silent:1,HandItems:[{id:iron_sword,Count:1,CustomModelData:123456}],Attributes:[{Name:"generic.movement_speed",Base:0.3F},{Name:"generic.attack_damage",Base:6.0F},{Name:"generic.attack_speed",Base:...

1:52 AM
user image
@Wipqozn I loved it. You will have to let me know what you thought
1 hour later…
3:01 AM
Q: A dark room from Reality_Undead

Reality_UndeadWhat is the best armour in A dark room? I am saying this because I have got steel armour and is it the best?? Please answer guys!! I have tried to get more steel swords and go far from my village, but, no luck.

3:51 AM
Q: How do I make a kill counter in mcpe without Using XP

GachaLelouchHow do I make a kill counter in mcpe without Using XP. The Problem Is If There Are 2 Or More Players In My Server, If I Snipe A Player Across The Map, The Nearest Player From The Player I Sniped Gets The Kill Instead Of Me... What Commands Can I Use?

4:15 AM
What do you mean I can't be the pope
also my 3 crusader king game is ended lol
I mean that save is not game over but it's almost game over
I have been reduced to a county under 2 levels of leige and have no player heir
5:06 AM
Q: Is there a cure for my sexually transmitted disease?

XenoxDuring a feast I got drunk and ended up in bed with one of my friends wives. This resulted in me contracting a venereal disease. I also ended up passing this along to my own wife, and apparently the STD is inheritable. As this disease gives an opinion penalty to many of my values I want to get ri...

5:41 AM
@Lazers2.0 you wouldn't think this was a game until the 2nd paragraph
and even then the second paragraph would be read with the idea it's talking about here and now
3 hours later…
9:18 AM
Q: How to ride and tell dragon where to go?

user4951I can ride dragons. However, the dragon doesn't do anything. It just circle winterhold. I want to tell the dragon to go to some places on the map. None of my keys work. ASDW. None works. Some websites say I can pick a location on the map and the dragon will move there. How exactly I tell dragons ...

3 hours later…
12:20 PM
Attention all Travelers
This is not a drill. Worms are real.
Dune vibes intensifies
is that the Origin Update in No Man's Sky?
yes..... Trailer "leaked" on Microsoft Store page.
(at least... on some regional stores)
Volcanoes too.
i saw a reddit post today from last week where people were speculating about the content of the update and someone mentioned something about world generation in trying to make them more unique
though if i'm dealing with sand worms i'm building my base up high now
@Memor-X oh, so you do play the game. Notice taken.
12:36 PM
@Derpy i got it dirt cheap from GOG
it's enjoyable now but still don't like how it was launched
@Memor-X Look, after 4 years of free updates.... I can forgive them. Keep my available anger and resentment for EA instead :P
Anyway... I have the weird felling that as soon as I apply the patch, I will discover that my lush, zero sentinels paradise planet has turned into an "extreme wormy planet"
@Derpy i intend to start a new game
does mean i'll loose my kick ass ship that took me ages to repair, but i think i'll get another one again and now i know how to make millions quickly it'll be easier to buy some of the materials to repair
@Memor-X think the site is going to update in about 10-15 minutes
Sean is tweeting about the various updates, he just posted something about Crossplay.
After that one, there's only Desolation.
@Derpy if they are adding biomes and a bunch new buildings to explore it'll give me a reason to actually explore the home base planet
@Derpy i think Exocraft was before Desolation where they added more Echocraft including a Walker
oh no, i think your right, it was Crossplay
Exo Mech was BEFORE crossplay.
12:50 PM
this was what i was remembering
he just tweeted about Desolation now....
but crossplay isn't there and the blog has it mentioned
Crossplay was considered just a minor patch, did it even receive a title artwork?
@Derpy i know it was in the GOG version numbers
Also... every sun generated?
Sun? When did we had "sun"?
1:05 PM
@Memor-X notices out.
@Unionhawk RIP
> Abandoned and ancient settlements can be discovered on dead or anomalous planets, increasing the range of planets available for missions and exploration.
.... Just made a base there. Told myself it was the safest place, to build near a boundary fracture.....
> Storms on extreme temperature worlds now sometimes ignite fire on the planet’s surface.
> Blizzards allow you to mine for longer with a cooled Mining Beam; sprint further in toxic storms with assistance from Exosuit gas processing technology; benefit from increased jetpack efficiency in superheated atmospheres; and mine additional substances during times of high radioactivity.
this was in a "fake" leak that kept being posted and deleted on the NMS reddit.
1:54 PM
Q: Fortnite v14.20 Log

eShadowWhat is included in the Fortnite v14.20 update? I'm asking because I'm still updating. Could anyone tell me or answer with a link about the update log?

2:08 PM
@Derpy i'll have to check it out at work in the morning. laptop is laging on the page
2:34 PM
@Derpy Well that sounds awesome. Might have to start playing again
@Memor-X Ooh, that's a good idea
@Wipqozn technically it's not game over but I'd have a much better time just abandoning that one
> wall of flame detected
or I could swap to someone else in that game I guess, it's not ironman
@Unionhawk yeah, the paradox grand strategy games aren't designed with the intention that you'll just play until "Game Over" or 1444 all the time.
A large part of it is just setting your own goals, then restarting when you're bored or achieved a goal.
2:40 PM
Current Plan:
Find a planet with fire walls storm.
Park freighter above the planet.
Get about 20 Travelers on the freighter.
Jump from the freighter and land on the planet.
Start playing Fortnite inside No Man's Sky
Like reforming Rome for example. A lot of folks reform Rome, then immediately start a new game. They achieved their goal.
Q: Does Destruction Skill Increase Destruction Damage?

user4951This seems like no brainer. Fortify smithing, increase smithing skills, that increase improvements. The same goes for fortify alchemy. Basically fortify x, increase x skills, and increase x effectiveness. Now I know that fortify destruction doesn't increase destruction spell damage. Does it incre...



-New planets have been created in most star systems. -Planets can now generate much more varied terrain, including mountains four times larger than anything previously possible. -Terrain generation for existing planets has not been affected, and player bases have not been reset.


-Planetary terrain rendering has been significantly improved. -Planetary colour diversity has been significantly increased. -Planetary lighting diversity has been significantly increased. -Large numbers of new plants, rocks and other objects have been added
^ The patch notes for those who can't access the site right now
2:59 PM
... I see they are now using Google Deep Dream for creature generation....
Q: What happened to my planet?

fasterthanlightI had a solar system on Starchitect. The parent star was a F0 star, and had four planets: two Medium (Earth-sized) rocky planets and two Small (Saturn-sized) gas giants. One terrestrial planet was at 0.03 AU away from the star, while the other terrestrial was 0.1 AU away. The two gas giants orbit...

Q: I bought some studio heaphones. They do not include surround sound. Are they good for First Person Shooters?

Arya.AThis is the link for the headphones:https://www.amazon.com/OneOdio-Adapter-Free-Headphones-Professional-Telescopic/dp/B01N6ZJH96/ref=sr_1_5?crid=LRYJRQP4XC29&dchild=1&keywords=studio+headphones&qid=1600873482&sprefix=studio+heap%2Caps%2C192&sr=8-5

3:48 PM
Holy snap crackle and pop. I reread farseer way back in 2017. I could've sworn i t was just last year.
JEez I don't feel so bad that I want to reread it right after I'm down with fitz and fool reread haha.
Adn I'll actually reread book 3 this time too
Pacing is a bit off with that one, but I've been really itching to reread it.
i just created a separate chat room and have given a new user full access to it. does anyone know what i need to do to invite this specific user to the chat room that i created?
yes that's it - i have the rep pts, but i have never done this before on mathse, the documentation for this is byzantine
lol I'd be shocked if there even was any docs
but you do it via their chat profile page: chat.stackexchange.com/users/479859/codeezer
The "invite this user to" button... just change that dropdown to the room you want, then click it
thx for the help - will a new user have such a profile page accessible via chat.stackexchange
3:54 PM
Is the user I linked above the user you want?
yes, although i can't for the life of me figure out how you knew this
I just checked the permissions on the room
He was the only one with write access
@Wipqozn Hey, if you wanted to feel like you time travelled, the Area 51 raid was one year ago.
lolol I forgot about that
honestly, it makes me feel younger because i swear more than a year has passed since then.
4:04 PM
Same, honestly
I could've sworn it was pre-eternal 2016
4:35 PM
@Wipqozn Time has no meaning anymore
Finally managed to escape in Hades for the first time
@MadScientist tbh took me a second to realize you meant the game not our current reality
but also congrats @MadScientist!
Which weapon were you using?
Fists are a lot of fun. Especially with Zeus.
I mostly used the ranged weapons at first, I found that for me that was bad for actually learning the game
The biggest difference this time was that I was much better at using dash in the final fight
4:41 PM
Do you have all the weapons unlocked?
the weapons yes, not the aspects
yeah I'm still working on the aspects as well
The shield and gun are also both a lot of fun
and Artemis dash is extremely good
My best run before that was with a cluster bomb version of Exagryph
The range upgrade for the fists is also extremely good, makes them much more comfortable to use for me
Oh man. Making habañero jam. Step one: pulse the peppers to chop them up. Side effect: releases a toxic gas into the kitchen that makes it impossible to breathe
I can see this will go well
Touching them makes my skin hurt
If I don't come back, you know what happened
@fredley Do you not have any disposable gloves?
4:54 PM
@fredley gloves?
@fredley that sounds...not great
I hope you survive the jam-making
tbh dying while making jam would be quite the way to go
@fredley So you though 2020 isn't killing you fast enough, so you try a little bit of chemical warfare in your home?
@Wipqozn This is true I suppose
Alas poor Fredley, slayed by the jam-beast
5:13 PM
Wear your mask and some goggles!
Honestly dying by Jam just seems exactly like the kind of thing that would happen to @fredley. Just seems very trolltastic somehow.
or wacky
Like I assume I'm going to go out in my 80s tripping over 1 of the 20 cats I'll probably have
@Wipqozn Ooh?
That seems interesting
6:04 PM
@Wipqozn Ooh
6:16 PM
> Befitting its name, Moonshot is focused on large projects while Secret Door is working on more intimate concepts. Neither studio has yet coalesced around a specific project, but it appears that Dreamhaven is focused initially on multiplayer experiences.
but yeah, basically. Activision sucks and ruined blizzard. SURPRISE!
6:30 PM
Q: the real Y coordinates where the most ancient dabris are found

Bronson Hunterthe best Y coordinates that you will find acient dabris is Y coordinates 13. I was mining with my netherite pickaxe and I placed beds every 10 blocks away from each other and I keep on accidentally finding acient dabris while mining to place beds looking for acient dabris and I even found a group...

6:43 PM
> A couple years down the road: Blizzard acquires Dreamhaven.
> A number of years after that: Former Dreamhaven vets have started a new video game company, free of Blizzard.
> "The company was founded as Activision, Inc. in October 1979 in Sunnyvale, California, by former Atari game developers, upset at how they were treated at Atari."
time is a flat circle
7:00 PM
All of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again.
@Yuuki no...
@fredley The trick to handling hot pepprs is to constantly rub them in your eyes
@fredley Definitely get a pack of disposable gloves if you enjoy cooking, particularly with new recipes and especially if you plan to do so with peppers.
@Wipqozn Man I did that wrong, I rubbed them all over my genitals instead!
I have disposable gloves as well which I sometimes use for cooking. I have the gloves for other reasons though.
7:12 PM
I have woolen gloves, and oven gloves, and cycling gloves
@fredley Didn't realize you cycled. What kind of bike do you ride?
@Wipqozn A Boris bike
You Ukers are weird
Heavy af, but can't get stolen! (or at least if it does, it's not on me)
but also I take it the main intention of that is for commuting through cities?
7:13 PM
@Wipqozn Well, one city in particular.
@fredley Paris?
It's £90/yr for a pass, which covers (covered) all my commuting.
Guess again
new york
7:21 PM
Oh! I bet it's London, Ontario!
Can't believe I put off playing this for so long
strongly recommend
stealth/action shooter
really weighty vehicles, everything feels like a walking war crime
if you step on a civilian you get $50
Also literally the second mission past the tutorial has so far foiled me twice
Maybe time for some of that stealth
7:48 PM
@GnomeSlice Looks good
should add it to my never ending wishlist
55 items fuck
damn it @GnomeSlice
oh no 55 is my number of uinread messages lol
My wishlist has 64 games on it
damn it @GnomeSlice
that's 8 squared
It's also 55% off right now
I don't need anymore games
I know right
Just bought Spelunky 2 lol
I still haven't even beaten you in Devil Daggers
7:52 PM
so between that, crusadger kings 3, and tony hawk I'm set.
or come close again
I already forgot about that haha
I also haven't come close again
I'll play again when you beat me
That's my primary purpose in life now. To always have a higher score than you in Devil Daggers.
I'm sure there's a game from the past I'm still ahead of you in
probably Mark of the Ninja if you played that
Or maybe that was @Mana
I never finished mark of the ninja
Although I think I got far in it
You probably have a higher score than me in SkyDrift
8:14 PM
I wonder if I can find my old video of that
I actually never got the achievement for completing a race 7 days in a row in that
Somewhat surprisingly
8:35 PM
Q: Landing on the moon if I want to fly to earth (Galacticraft)

Lucas8282So my problem here is that I'm not able to go to the earth from any planet. I just end up on the same moon everytime. The modpack is named "Galactic Science" where you start on the moon. What I noticed is that when I go to the earth it's the paracute which opens but when I launch to the moon itse...

8:55 PM
God I feel dumb. I was wondering why I couldn't see a set of (unintentionally) black lines that were getting drawn on top of a black background.
9:24 PM
Memo to myself: don't steal from Charon
@MadScientist lolol yes
I actually survived it, but just barely
Good job
It ended my run, but I got a membership card
I had the reflect call, that was quite useful. A reflect dash would have been very nice
9:50 PM
Q: How do you import/export minecraft texture packs onto Ps4 Bedrock Edition?

Cameran RithSo, I've been trying to add textures to my worlds because it's getting old seeing the same look of cobblestone. I've tried everything I can, downloading .mcpack files, going to ps4 menu and to saved data management, but the files I add to my USB stick dont show up in that stick, I've also tried f...

10:25 PM
@MBraedley I feel bad but I laughed at this
10:40 PM
Q: Why I am not seeing the coral dragon claw on the pedestal after the puzzle in Yngol Barrow?

user4951According to https://elderscrolls.fandom.com/wiki/Yngol_Barrow The area contains a puzzle door that requires the coral dragon claw to open, which can be found either from Birna in Winterhold or within the barrow itself, located on a pedestal past a puzzle room. If one obtains the quest to retrie...

11:06 PM
11:31 PM
Q: What trigger words will give resources in Studio Hoppe games, and during what times?

Ceramicmrno0bGames by Studio Hoppe(Planet Capture, Desert Order, Strategy Combat, etc,) will have seasonal trigger words that when put into the chat will give the player resources. What are some of these trigger phrases? What time frame do they work in?


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