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12:41 AM
TIL there's a special message when the person you're scheming to murder gets murdered out from under you by a 3rd party!
"The coxcomb went and died without any help from me!"
@ash it occurs to me that the uplifting book will be a good thing to read after my Hobb rereads
@RavenDreamer Amazing. I'll need to play again tomorrow. I've played Spelunky 2 the past few days instead.
I'm not very good at it.
Now I need to set up my Tannist to be the Beautiful, Hearty, Quick Prince so I can get that Strengthen Bloodline decision.
Q: How can I get rid of game delay response using TV screen through HDMI?

Artur Rodrigues AguiarAfter I plug my Dell laptop HDMI to my LG 65' TV to use it as my default screen, it is to be expected that the TV does not have an immediate response to the things that happen on my computer, I think it's due to the screen size and refresh rate, but i'm not sure. For example, the tiny delay of t...

@RavenDreamer What does that do again?
Alas that I can't paste from clipboard to automagically upload images
1:34 AM
Q: What is the purpose of Paranoia Poison?

YasskierIn the Bard's Tale IV (Director's cut), you can train your rogue to create and apply Paranoia Poison: Battle Read; Channel 1 Apply paranoia poison to your weapon that lasts for 2 turns. Any enemy struck with a poisoned weapon is terrified for 2 turns. If this channel is interrupted then this adv...

1:59 AM
Q: Minecraft Command Make Mobs add to my Money counter

Jaime Fonseca GonzalezHey guys I’m looking for someone that can help me make a command that gives a certain amount of money when a mob is killed like a creeper kill is 100 dollars and a chicken is 10 dollars

2:24 AM
Epic will give you $10 to get Rocket League for free
2:46 AM
> Qualifying games and add-ons must be a minimum price of $14.99 after any promotions and discounts are applied. Taxes and other fees do not apply toward the minimum purchase requirement.
but it also means I have to spend at least $5 on their store if I want to use it
2:58 AM
yes, it's basically the same coupon they give during their sales. But they cannot be combined, either
3:37 AM
Q: How to change a Minecraft Bedrock Resource Pack, Into a Java Resource Pack

IkeI have been looking at how to convert a Bedrock resource pack into a Java resource pack. All that I can find is how to convert a Java pack, into a bedrock one. What do I need to rename the files? Do I need to change the "manifest.json" I get an error saying that it failed to copy 21:29:07] [Re...

4:17 AM
my favorite sea of thieves thing is players that do not know that proximity audio is a thing
game audio: "do we have any more tnt"
discord: "oh there's someone here"
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5:39 AM
Q: Is it possible to make multiple different ender chest storages with commands or data packs in a Minecraft world?

Riley SampsonI've made some mini games on a realms world and amongst them is something more like an adventure map (non-linear) where you collect items from enemies and such. For this to work, I needed to use ender chests so that players could store items, and get them back later even if they had played anothe...

2 hours later…
7:18 AM
Q: Minecraft: Combine sharpness 10 book with a sword in a anvil

zombie1111If you got a sharpness 10 book or any other "Cheated books" using commands and then you try to combine it with an sword or something else in an anvil the sword will still get sharpness 5. Is there anyway to fix this? The only way i know is you can make an custom system so you drop a enchanted boo...

Q: World of Warcraft Campfire Hack

DakkaronI remember from the early days of WoW (definitly before Burning Crusade) that there was a hack that if you locally replaced the mesh of the campfire you could create arbitrary geometries in your client that would allow you to basically walk over thin air when seen from other clients. Apparently, ...

8:07 AM
Q: Why has Minecraft generated this 1-chunk wide strip of world?

Kara BrightwellI recently installed Dynmap, and viewing the map I noticed this 1-chunk wide strip extending directly south from spawn for about 16000 blocks. It can't have been generated by a player, otherwise it would be much wider than one chunk. I don't have any plugins installed that would have generated th...

2 hours later…
9:47 AM
Q: Can (should) new users be able to answer their own questions?

aphidThe question The Help center states about answering your own question: If you have more than 15 reputation and already know the answer, click the checkbox that says "Answer your own question" New users have 1 reputation, thus cannot immediately answer their own question. However, what happens w...

10:36 AM
Q: What's the deal with Community bumping obsolete questions? Necromancer bot?

SF.I'm looking for new 'hot' Minecraft questions on the main page, and what do I find? Minecraft 1.9 freezes if I click on things too quickly Asked shortly after the 1.9 release in 2016. The problem in question existed for a short while and has been fixed ages ago. The question went through two cos...

11:00 AM
Q: Can I transfer my son's PS4 game from his brother's account to his own?

Sally BoultonWhen we bought the ps4, both boys were playing games bought on the original account. Unfortunately, one of the brothers does not behave very well and the other one is fed up with being reprimanded for his brother's behaviour and, as they play more and more, there is competition for the console. ...

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12:14 PM
Q: what is the best Y coordinates to find iron in minecraft bedrock

Bronson HunterI have tried so many different coordinates in minecraft and I cant seem to find the Y coordinates where iron spawns the most in minecraft and I need a lot more than 7 stacks of iron if I ever want to keep my survival world going as my greatest one because if I dont get more than 10 stacks of iron...

2 hours later…
1:59 PM
That is such a good title.
@ToxicFrog Yeah. I'm excited, and just happy that Allie Brosh is still going
Apparently someone stole her Tumblr account, but she's got control back now!
@MattE.Эллен oh nice!
2:36 PM
Is there any way to see all the discounted games on the EGS in 1 list?
3:03 PM
Has the Horizon Zero Dawn PC release improved substantially since release?
@Nzall there were issues with it on PC?
@Memor-X Mostly performance related AFAIK
Q: What inaccessible areas are now accessible?

SinatrThe patch notes from 22 September 2020 mentioned: The world of Cairn has expanded. Areas previously inaccessible can now be explored. With them come new dangers, and rewards! I've discovered one of such areas in Act 7 (Forgotten Gods expansion), it contains dungeon called Sunward Spire and it w...

3:57 PM
Q: Which old game this modified picture is from?

JKHAI'd like to know which game is this screenshot from. Someone willingly added text upon it. Can you help identify wich game is it?

4:12 PM
Hi everyone........... what am I looking at here?
@Dagelf a chatroom
Oh there I see the description in the top right... :-D Star control all the way.
Screw the hierarchy :-D
@fredley From every solution sprouts at least 2 more problems. ;-)
4:45 PM
@fredley would recommend?
5:09 PM
@fredley I totally forgot this was coming out.:D
Q: How to remove flowers efficiently?

GnoupiI've let flowers take over half of my island in ACNH, and I would like to clear the large space they take. I don't particularly care if they just disappear or get sold. What is the most efficient way to do so with the minium effort?

5:50 PM
Hey callback scammers, your scam doesn't work if you're using a private number.
6:29 PM
Yesterday I learned about Universal Pause Button
I would recommend this tool to anyone who, like me, is often interrupted by important family stuff while playing games but also still wants to play games that inexplicably lack a pause button or have one that only works sometimes
@ToxicFrog the what now?
Is this like that remote from Click with Adam Sandler?
i didnt realize that i get pinged when someone gets kicked from a room im in
thank you bridge for being drama free for the most part. makes it a pleasant experience being here
@Wipqozn it's a background program that listens for a keystroke (Pause by default) and when it gets it suspends (or resumes if already suspended) execution of whatever program has focus
So if (for example) you are playing Remnant from the Ashes (a game which has no in-game pause), or one of the many games that has a pause button but disables it in cutscenes, and then suddenly from downstairs you hear a loud crash followed by the sound of hundreds of marbles rolling across the floor, you can just activate UPB to suspend the game
6:45 PM
@ToxicFrog That is a suspiciously specific hypothetical
It is!
I want to hear the story now
It is worth noting that I have a 6.5yo child who I have recently introduced to marblerun tracks
It remains hypothetical, but only because the time this almost did happen I was in the room and prevented the tracks from falling over and vomiting marbles everywhere.
@ToxicFrog I don't know if she would be interested or not as I don't know how she feels about YT videos on the subject but does she know about Jelle's Marble Runs videos and the Marble Rally?
@ToxicFrog Well, that's something I suppose
I don't think so! I'll look those up
6:48 PM
I love them
Q: playsound in the position of the mob that executes?

NAnodelabarraI would like to run the /playsound in the position of the red creeper but it doesn't seem to let target mobs, is there a way around this? Maybe using the execute subject? execute at @a as @e[type=minecraft:creeper,name=red,distance=..10] run playsound minecraft:entity.creeper.primed hostile @a[di...

Aphrodite's Greater Call is a really good boss killer, never really used that one before
And the bow is a great shotgun, not sure if I'm using it right ;-)
7:15 PM
Q: Where is the heart and last gem in level 5 of Cursed Gem?

user107952In Steam, there is a platforming game called Cursed Gem, where there are ten levels, each of which has 100 gems and a heart. On level 5, I have gotten 99 gems, but I have not found the heart and last gem. I played through the level many times, and I have yet to even see the heart and last gem. If...

Q: What types of equipment work when driving a spidertron?

Jack O'ConnorFor example, personal laser defenses and personal roboports work from the driver's equipment grid, but exoskeletons and belt immunity equipment do not. (Instead they need to be equipped in the spidertron's own equipment grid.) Is there a complete list anywhere of what driver equipment works and w...

7:27 PM
@Dragonrage "3-5 years in a similar community facing role within an organization with millions of users" - this feels like it's asking a lot, pretty much rules out any sort of hiring from within like how they've hired mods etc before unless you're doing this for them AND for someone else
Well, at least that's how it feels, to me
Which is fine, y'all do you however you do you, I've got very little skin left in the game
@Ash you could argue that being a mod for 3-5 years hits that checkbox
I'm sure they'll clarify that in TL, not sure we'll see that
shrug I guess?
Not that I care overmuch, I have 0 plans to apply
I've tried in the past and it didn't go anywhere so I have 0 impetus to try again
I wouldn't consider it for the current SE in any case, CM here doesn't look like an attractive job
Shog's take on that job
....yep, that's about what I expected to hear
Shog's comments did reveal quite a bit more about how dysfunctional some internal parts are
7:42 PM
It's not a job that me-that-is-now would ever want to do. Not for SE, at any rate. Maybe somewhere else, but who knows.
As did some of Jon Ericson's blog posts
@MadScientist Ooof. Like those things coming from users is expected (though not great - but it's the Internet, whatcha gonna do?), but coming internally is not good at all.
@MadScientist iinteresting
8:29 PM
Q: Diablo 3 - How to play a support barb on season 21?

Leonardoim following this guide to make my support barb. But how do I play it? I can't figure this one out! What am I supposed to do while the DPS players do dmg? Spam Furious Charge? should I stay back and keep the shouts up? What should I do to not die (I've been dying very easily)? I can figure that I...

8:45 PM
@Ash Job descriptions are always asking for than what they often get or need. It's silly. I just ignore them, honestly.
@MadScientist Shogs been very eye opening about the internal dynamics of SE since he left. A few other folks have too.
@MadScientist Yes this is exactly who I had in mind.
@Wipqozn they certainly have. I did expect quite a bit of internal problems, but really not to the extent that this revealed
@Ash tbh everything I've heard about SE makes it sound like an absolutely horrible place to work as CM.
I get the impression it used to be good, but not anymore.
@Wipqozn laughs You might, but most people (especially women and POC etc) don't.
And on more positive news, I just beat the final boss in Hades for the third time. It certainly does get a lot easier after a time
@Wipqozn It doesn't sound very positive no
8:49 PM
@Ash I know, which is frustrating. I always tell people to just ignore them. It's actually been theorized as one of the reasons for the gender gap. Men are more likely to apply to jobs anyway, since society pretty much tells them that's okay. Whereas woman well... are taught the opposite.
gender wage gap, that is ^
I'm too lazy to edit in the wage
@MadScientist It does! Especially as you grab more mirror upgrades.
@Wipqozn yeah, I forget the stats but it's something like cis white men apply if they fit 20% of what is stated, the rest of us apply if we fit 80-90%
Heat can make things a lot more difficult though @MadScientist.
@Ash Yup. A lot of it comes from HR nonsense too.
Like I joke about the fact that I use a blanket as a "Cape of Cis-Het White Dudebro" when I apply to jobs, but like...just that level of "I deserve this job because I exist" is just so alien to me
As someone with an insider view, most of the tiem something in a job description makes no fucking sense, it was added by HR.
@Wipqozn the upgrades are extremely helpful, but the final thing that drastically increased my success rate was understanding the game better
8:52 PM
@MadScientist Oh yeah that's the more major part. but just increasing your MAx HP is a huge boon too.
I think you always have to be a bit creative with job descriptions, you can't just take them at their literal meaning
This time I used the spear, which I don't generally like. But the flurry attack is really nice
@MadScientist yeah I'm not a fan of the spear either.
IT's okay. Probably my least favourite weapon.
It was pretty cool in this run, almost worked like the fists
But I never got these upgrades before
And my previous win was with the bow as a shotgun, which is a bit annoying at times, but does really ridiculous damage
I really like the way the story uses the roguelike design. I've never seen that done so well before
9:14 PM
@Ash 20% seems fairly low to me, but I think part of it does just come from the understanding that companies ask for me than they want/need/will get, so apply anyways. I can't make blanket statements though.
I just fell out the world!
I was talking to someone in my cabin, they tried to use the ladder at the same time as me and I just dropped
And then 30 seconds later got chucked back on the boat outside, but it still thought I was in the cabin so the camera was stuck
Plus I think sometimes it's just about getting your foot in the door with an interview. Some companies will just keep resumes of candidates around if a future opening pops up, or even just make positions for excellent candidates that don't fit any current openings.
@Wipqozn People keep saying that but it feels like a thing that's true for Other People (tm)
@Wipqozn See, though, I get that, but that doesn't stop there being this feeling of pressure (real or imagined, sometimes both) to fill the things
Like...a lot of it is the fact that "getting your foot in the door with an interview" is hard enough
9:36 PM
@Ash Yes, it is. We get dozens of resumes for job postings, but we only ever interview a handful of people.
@Ash tbh it might be more common for development roles, which is where most of my experience comes from, since hiring developers is a real pain in the ass and skills from one dev job to another are usually easily transferrable.
It's really hard for me to like...articulate the soft skills of CSR stuff in a way that works
and like...CSR stuff especially is prone to weirdly specific requirements in job ads
@Ash And also sometimes it's the weirdest things that gets someone through. One person we recently we interviewed resume was fairly run of the mill as it were. 1 year out of school, 2 year tech program. But they spent 15 years as a cook and decided to switch to IT, so it caught our attention. We actually hired them and they started in a couple weeks.
@Ash Yeah, I can kind of see how that would be the case. You really want a CSR to come in and be able to spin up really quickly, so you want them to them to have good domain knowledge.
because they're dealing with customers directly, and one bad CSR experience can just make a customer cancel all their service with you.
Yeah, except...the domain stuff is really the least of the CSR experience
I can learn anything you want me to support, it's the soft skills that make the job
10:01 PM
@Ash I think it is helpful to think of this as a wishlist of the employer in any case, even if they state it differently. So you don't need to fill all the checkboxed, but you do need to get an idea whether the description fits your skills. What doesn't help is that many companies seem to have a random text generator or HR creating these requirements
Though I have to admit that I've never applied to a job in a traditional way, so I might be entirely wrong
@MadScientist You know, it just occurred to me that I have no idea what field you work in. I always assumed programming for some reason, but upon reflection I don't know how got that idea.
....I don't think I can really have this conversation in a way that is helpful because my experience and field is...massively different than most of you.
@Wipqozn I studied biochemistry, but I'm working as a software developer now. It's software for scientists though
@Ash I think the ridiculous requirements are far more obvious in the software development space, so you get conditioned to ignore them in any case. It's probably far less obvious in other areas, though I would suspect the basic issue is present everywhere
@Ash Yeah seems like it. The job experience varies massively from field to field, and even region to region.
@MadScientist Makes sense. That fits perfectly with my headcanon of you.
I can attest that "requirements" for developer jobs are incredibly loose. In fact most jobs I've gotten had requirements of languages I'd never used or claimed to know
10:09 PM
Yeah, this is likely one of those things again where I am in such a different arena from most of y'all for job things that I could be on the moon for all it is the same
My application for my current (and actually first real) job was essentially me spending a week or two to create a prototype of a program that I knew my current employer was interested in. And then I just went to the CEO of the very small company and asked for a job. (He had asked me to join a few years before that, so it's not as random as it sounds)
Just apply for places you think would be interesting and the worst that happens is they don't pick you.
I've never taken rejections personally, because odds are they just had a candidate that was closer to 100% match
or, if they are rude with responses, I'll tell myself they had someone lined up and the public position was a formality to avoid a lawsuit or something.
Likely untrue, but feel better and move on to the next one
While I'm extremely bad at networking, I have to admit that the reason I got my job was essentially accidental networking. If you asked around at the university for someone that knows NMR and can program, my name was likely to be at the top of the list. And that is pretty much how I appeard on the radar of my employer
I suppose. It's just hard for me to like...listen to what sounds like platitude about it because I am trying really hard atm to get out of a pretty toxic job thing and it's....not easy.
That's similar to how I got my current job. Somehow, the CEO found out I got things done quickly and emailed me directly
@Ash Don't be discouraged. Everyone feels inadequate when applying for places because companies wish for a perfect fit for their machine but end up with someone that can be trained to work while also offering other benefits
I've been working on a project for almost 2 months now and still feel like I have no idea what the product even does, much less how to implement things
10:18 PM
@Ash There is an advantage to working in very small fields. It can also quickly turn into a disadvantage as you're overly specialized. In the end I was just lucky. I was actually in a somwhat bad position before that job as I never finished my PhD, but spent a lot of time ont that.
@MadScientist Honestly landing jobs is like 80% luck and 20% everything else.
@Wipqozn It was lucky for me, and lucky for my employer. As I'm actually exactly the person with a weird combination of skills you want for that position
@Batophobia I...know that.
Anyway, pretty sure @Ash statements earlier was there polite way of asking us to drop it so we probably should.
The moral of the story is I should play some Crusader Kings III
That sounds more like an unrelated statement but I'll allow it
10:21 PM
@Wipqozn How goes taking over the world?
Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 is free on Epic this week, including all the expansions
I think I already own that one but I should still grab it lol
I mean technically I own it on the original physical but who has a working CD drive these days (not me mine is broken)
@Ash Well I'm am emperor now, so that's a thing. I'm currently trying to take over my southern neighbors lands.
@Wipqozn fancy fancy
I think I stopped during the second one's expansions, so it'll be nice to see what's new
10:24 PM
@Unionhawk I don't even remember the last time I used a PC with a CD drive.
@Batophobia I like the idea of these games in theory so much better than in practice. I'm bad at strategy to have enough money for longevity
Plus I suck at building fun coasters
@Ash tbh it sounds like PLanet Coaster is the perfect game for you
@Wipqozn My current rig has one and tbh it mostly just gets used to watch my MASH dvds
@Ash why build fun coasters when you can build extreme and weird and deadly ones?
It's very very light on the management side of things from what I understand, and is really just all about making cool parks.
10:25 PM
@Wipqozn I own that, I forget why I got mad at it. I think I struggled with the controls or camera or something
@Ash Whomp whomp
@Ash Yea, it's similar to playing the sims. Infinite money cheats or not thanks
I did like building single loop ones and like...cranking teh speed so the cars flew off.
(Most of my RTC memories are destructive or deadly.)
The island of un-grateful guests is my favorite
@Batophobia exactly!
10:26 PM
@Wipqozn my laptop has a blu ray drive which was great in college and when it worked
Mostly the second one I guess
Also planet coaster is the same devs
And elite dangerous
Plus also Planet Coaster suffers the same fate as most PC things I own - I tend to forget they exist and stop playing it
I've realized my head compartmentalizes my devices. Like ereader is for reading and iPod is for music (although I am starting to use my phone more) and computer is for random internet and WoW and Switch is for gaming
Oh I just died
@Wipqozn which game?
@MadScientist Incest and Murder Simulator III
Aka crusader king's
that game was always just too complicated for me
I'm surprised how much I enjoy Hades, I'm not a big fan of roguelikes, though I really like Supergiant in general
10:35 PM
I'm glad it's on game pass
Otherwise I'd definitely not have grabbed it
@Wipqozn so who do you become now?
I have one of the earlier ones from some bundle, but I just coudn't figuire it out quickly enough to get interested
@Ash My eldest son and heir, Magnus. He's got the genius trait.
@MadScientist CK3 is far and away the most accessible paradox grand strategy game
I think there is still a paradox in that sentence ;-)
@Unionhawk lol Some powerful vassal wants a council position. his highest state is 11. Then he's got two 5s and two 0s. You're not going anywhere near my council.
10:39 PM
@Wipqozn hopefully he rules well
I really liked Civilzation back in the days, but I think the grand strategy genre probably isn't for me
@Ash He'll probably wind up killing his brothers
oh he's compassionate
so he'll probably just wind up defeating them in wars
@Wipqozn yeah I always look and it's usually just
Look buddy not everyone can have everything they want
Also a lot of the time I'll have like 6 guys who all want on and it's like look I only have 4 slots good luck
@Wipqozn well that's...better? I think?
@Wipqozn you could just have him do murders anyway and then suffer the critical stress penalities
10:43 PM
@Unionhawk The murder chance is also a little low
I do want to find more "this is you, comma"s though
I know of "this is you, allegedly" and "this is you, but you don't always feel like yourself"
"allegedly" is if you're wearing a mask because your face is disfigured, "but you don't always feel like yourself" is I think if you've got a bunch of negative traits due to stress
I had drunkard and depressed on a character and got that for example
oh hey I can murder another brother!
One who started a faction against me
Neat, get that sweet "they deserve it" bonus
Q: Did I avoid a 1000 bounty as a werewolf?

C26I was doing the Dawnguard quest "Hide and Seek" in Solitude, and I decided I could try killing the vampire as a werewolf. Now, I transformed in the middle of the town square - probably not the best thing to do especially seeing as one of my houses, Proudspire, is just around the corner - but I ap...

11:01 PM
lol this game
@Unionhawk I can blackmail my mother for her secret that I'm illegitimate
cc @TimStone
Uh you better hope that's a 100% chance lol
Though disputed heritage isn't a giant penalty
Maybe -10 opinion across the board I think?
@Unionhawk IT was haha
I think the brother who actually like sme might blackmail me, so I'm going to murder him too
11:22 PM
Q: What is the maximum number of blocks you can reach/hit a player in PvP?

CreativiTimothyI looked up a bunch of websites online, and answers vary from 3-5 (https://hypixel.net/threads/minecraft-maximum-attack-range.180414/). Some say client side is 3 blocks and server side is 6, so it can vary between 3-6 (https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/anyone-know-the-maximum-hit-distance.245846/)...


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