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12:03 AM
@ToxicFrog ah okay
Q: How do I see who's attending a feast?

WipqoznFeasts will often have events which give you choices which will either increase or decrease the opinion of every guest. That's all fine and dandy, but it be great if I could know exactly who's at the feast when I'm presented with these decisions, since there's some folks whose opinion is already ...

3 hours later…
2:58 AM
Q: How to protect a player from firework rocket explosion damage?

itsmeI try to make a pvp server that players are able to attack each other by using a crossbow loaded with firework rocket.The problem is if the player fires his crossbow too close to themself, they will be damaged by the rocket due to explosion damage. I tried to solve this issue by adding the player...

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12:53 PM
Q: Given that fortify destruction only reduce magicka cost, is there a way to hit harder?

user4951I play with legendary difficulty. I am level 280. I used a bow and I think I have some stuff with like improved archery. One hit and an enemy is death. One day I use flame to kill a mere wolf. Turns out the wolf don't die. Takes too long to kill anyone with magic. I guess a natural thing to do is...

1 hour later…
2:19 PM
1 mill on school. I was staring to think I'd never do that via just never ending choking.
2:30 PM
...is that a Tony Hawk reference?
@RavenDreamer I'm not if reference is the right phrase, but yes, I'm talking about tony hawk
I'm trying to get 1 mill on every park in the remake.
School I makes 5, I think. Took me several "almost got it...FUCK DAMN IT I CHOKED!" failures before I got it.
Q: How can I raise only my men-at-arms?

Ilmari KaronenNow that I'm getting closer to forming an empire in my first CK3 campaign, I've noticed that I tend to have more levies than I really need for most wars. Raising them all takes time, keeping them raised costs money, they tend to cause unnecessary attrition and they're not even that good in battl...

Q: Final Fantasy 8 stuck after Lunar Cry cutscene

Bartek MalyszI'm using latest PCSXReARMed as part of RetroArch for 3DS, I have an NTSC bios and NTSC version of the game. I'm on Lunar Cry part, where I'm following Rinoa to the dock, after a short cutscene I should be able to go to the room on my right, put on a space suit and off I go, but after the animati...

Q: I can't get my RLCraft mod to work

YellowScarfSo recently I decided I wanted to try out RLCRaft, so I downloaded Forge Installer for 1.12, and RLCraft for 1.12 on Forge. Everything works, it doesn't crash or anything, but when I start it up, the RLCraft mod just... isn't there. I've tried everything tutorials said, made it 4GigaBytes, extrac...

Failures for which I hold @Unionhawk personally responsible
As do we all.
Unrelatedly, I need to eat, go for a bike ride, then spend the rest of the day playing Crusader Kings.
2:40 PM
Are you playing with the Tony Hawk mod?
3:06 PM
@RavenDreamer lol no. I should be, to be a totally rad guy.
Also 1 mill on mall. Fantastic.
4:16 PM
@RavenDreamer wait what
5:01 PM
Q: (minecraft 1.16.3) How do i set up a command block to teleport me to a certain position if i enter y level 2 anywhere in the world?

Hoot_NathanI've made a practice run for parkour in my world and when i fall i have to /kill or fly back up and it annoying and takes time, so i was wondering if i could use commands to teleport me to a certain position if my y level is 2, i am in 1.16.3. I tried to use the execute commands but i don't think...

5:25 PM
Q: When am I ready for sunglasses?

AshI keep finding a guy in various levels who wants to sell me sunglasses but he keeps telling me I am not ready. When will I be ready? What do they do?

5:51 PM
Okay Downtown 1 mill was most certainly my closet and luckiest one yet. Need ~150k to top it off just a bit of time left, but I messed up and fell off the rough into the middle of the road. I lost all momentum just shy of someone to grind on, but luckily I just barely got enough points to crack 1 mill. As in, 1000 points over.
Wow, that's close
When I fell off the roof I assume I'd lost it, but I didn't. 3 cheers!
Now I'm going to go play my Medieval Incest Murder Simulator.
MIMS. Yes.
I gave away Normandy and then a vassal died and it was part of my realm again.
Worst part of that being the fact that it meant I had a rough transition where I lost a liberty war and now have to wait 15 years before I can up the crown authority.
@RavenDreamer WOMP WOMP
I'm hoping to bump up my crown authority again before death. Also swap to "High Partition".
6:15 PM
Q: How can I make a command that triggers whenever someone eats pork

tl16I need help making a command that triggers whenever someone eats pork. I already have the scoreboard counter for whenever someone eats cooked pork. I just need help making a command to trigger a lightning strike whenever a certain player eats it. (java by the way)

@RavenDreamer @Unionhawk Oh boy perfect timing. I just spent some stress so my child would be Ambitious instead of SAdistic, and right after a powerful vassal who hated me died, and I lost all that stress lolol Awesome.
yesss finally.
I have enough devotion level to declare a holy war for the neighboring kingdom
Pilgrimages are awesome
huh, I just realized that England has been completely wiped off the map lol
DAneclaw and Alba are the main ruling powers there now, although it's pretty divided overall.
6:36 PM
for fuck sakes
why does it default to the smallest kingdom what the hell
That's so stupid
Well it seems one of my vassals has a calim on the entire kingdom anyway? Well okay.
Actually there shouldn't be any default at all. IT's just stupid.
6:50 PM
@Wipqozn default choices in a UI for cases where the decision is important and there is no reasonable default are one of the things I hate. It makes it so easy to overlook them
@MadScientist Yuuuuup.
In this case I don't even understand why it chose the decision it did
the default was a kingdom 1 county, versus a kingdom that was huge.
IT doesn't make any sense why that default was even chosen, let alone why it let me choose a default
oh and also, you can only declare only one "Holy War For Kingdom" in your entire lifetime.
So it's a super important decision, and it defaulted to some shitty choice I didn't even think to double check because..honestly how was the speck of grain evne a kingdom!?!?!
holy wars are important and your advisors should have asked you to clarify before burning the wrong heathens
@MadScientist Exactly
7:14 PM
Anyone playing Hades by the way?
@MadScientist Yeah, it's a lot of fun.
I haven't made it out yet, though I suspect I was close twice
7:54 PM
Q: 'store result score @s' storing a 0 to the scoreboard no matter what

DreamingInsanityI have a an area with lots of armour stands. Under each one is a dispenser with 1 - 54 items in the first slot, which is its sort of 'id'. I need to temporarily save the number of items in each of those dispensers to a scoreboard which I am doing like so: execute as @e[tag=char] at @e[tag=char] s...

as much as i enjoy the orville, the number of comments on the youtube clips disparaging star trek discovery is problematic
8:23 PM
I may have just died at 32
And now my player heir is 4 years old
@Unionhawk tbh my best leader ever started off as 1
You get a LOT of control over how your stats grow
So you can make a pretty rockin' character
8:54 PM
I just bought Spiritfarer, it's exactly the game I was looking for the other week @Yuuki
it's fun but i've been getting some crash errors recently and it's bothering me
Oh I got it on switch
Yeah, I've been having crash errors on Switch.
Oh wow that's bad
I've only played a couple of hours so fingers crossed that don't get any
I am frustrated with Spiritfarer. The zipline stuff is tricky, I can't figure out how to do it consistently
9:00 PM
I haven't got that far
I just like it's got farming elements where I'm not constantly worried I'm doing it wrong and missing out on things
Yeah I really like it except for the zipline
@Ash Bounce is also annoying.
Q: How can I see which bosses I haven't beat with a specific weapon yet?

Mad ScientistYou get some special drops for beating a boss the first time with a particular weapon. Those are kinda useful, so I thought I might want to farm a few more of them. What I can't seem to find is a way to see which bosses I have beat with which weapon already. Is there a way to figure out which wea...

9:19 PM
I want a room like papered with this stuff
1 hour later…
10:48 PM
Q: Minecraft Server Address is not saving

Marilyn LuceroSummarized: Basic issue: Can't join Minecraft server, the Server Address not saving /reading. Extra knowledge: Internet connection most likely not to blame. Account /launcher not to blame. Java not to blame. Server not to blame. Blind guess: Firewall? Long story: First everything I do...


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