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12:45 AM
Man I am really bad at Super Mario Sunshine.
1 hour later…
1:58 AM
My daughter has discovered pokemon and, after declaring that Rufflet is "as cute as a spider-cat" (basically the highest level of cuteness possible), she wants to play one of the games
I think Pokemon Snap is an appropriate choice here
@ToxicFrog Yes, or one of those Let's go eevee / pikachu ones
@Wipqozn Did you actually beat me?
That game is intense, right?
Q: When you make a certain tool it can break certain blocks

S.MoffatI want to know the command that is when I make a wooden pickaxe say in adventure it can only break say stone how do I do that?

@Wipqozn we don't have a switch
She might like the Mystery Dungeon ones, although I remember they had a lot of reading in them which made me kinda bored
2:13 AM
She enjoyed Sproggiwood a great deal but yeah, in my experience mystery dungeon games have a lot more reading than most roguelikes
@ToxicFrog they do, yeah
@Ash I have tried a couple of those on an emulator and they're all so slow to get into
@Elise yep
I want to like them so much but I just don't get there quite
read this read that, talk to this guy, talk to that, wait wait wait, talk some more
this early in the game I don't care about any of that
I just want to actually see what the game is like
2:15 AM
Wot we gonna do tonight, Bridge?
Same thing we do *every* night, Bridge -- try to usurp the kingdom of Alba.
but it's a classic Nintendo move to have a 10 hour tutorial, lol
Yeah I tried Shiren on the PSP and never actually made it into the dungeon before I got bored
The original Shiren on SNES gets off to a less slow start, although it's still not...fast
2:34 AM
@Elise very nice lol
2:46 AM
@Wipqozn wait, you died to falling off the map and still beat me?
3:11 AM
@GnomeSlice yes
I was too focused on the enemies and not the ground kol
Did you know you can like rocket jump
with the shotgun thing
Watching top tier replays of that game is nuts
1 hour later…
4:29 AM
What do you mean that I, now 13, cannot plot the murder of a fellow child to whom I am somehow first in line to inherit
Or host a feast
Or get out of this god damn forever war why did I agree to this nonsense just end this
5:05 AM
Q: Dragon with storm call

DoodlemationsWhenever I use Storm Call, a black and white dragon comes with it every time. It is not hostile words me but it lasts as long as the shout does. It doesn’t show a name and I can’t interact with him. Is this normal? I use all three words if that helps. Looking it up doesn’t mention it at all.

5:27 AM
At least you weren't forced to pay 700 gold in reparations when the king of england surprise abducted you in a war you were winning at 72%?
Put me 500 gold in debt. It'll be nearly 4 years before I'm out of this surprise hole.
2 hours later…
7:33 AM
@ToxicFrog it should run well enough on ryujinx
7:58 AM
Q: How do the animated Avatar Frames on Steam work?

AMJGoing to this page on the Steam store and looking at the Avatar Frames gives the clear impression that certain frames can be animated. However, when I Inspect Element on the Aghanim Frame, it tells me that this is an <img> HTML tag, leading to a .png file. How do they animate? Upon downloading th...

2 hours later…
9:37 AM
Q: I can't change my Minecraft version

Simeon SmithI am trying to change my Minecraft version on my newly installed Minecraft launcher but no versions appear, even when I go into installations > new > version.

1 hour later…
10:53 AM
@Ave what, Pokemon Snap? I'm just going to use retroarch.
I meant let's go
11:46 AM
@GnomeSlice No I didn't
@Unionhawk Crusades?
12:06 PM
Q: Is there a way to download the Steam app's Steam News art?

MaladyWhen you open up the Steam app, Steam gives News about sales that are on, like this one for La-Mulana 2. The images used seem to be variants of the actual page for the store at the time, but not exactly, like the app's image for the September 2020 Deep Silver Publisher Weekend is animated, but th...

12:58 PM
@Unionhawk Discord used to allow emojis to be up to 7mb
Now it's 256kb
1:23 PM
@Wipqozn just some random holy war that as far as I can tell the guy who called me to it isn't helping
2 hours later…
3:49 PM
Q: Are most American video games shooting, driving, and/or sports games?

Janus_AntoninusMy question is asked purely out of curiosity. A friend of mine had said that most American games are shooters and I had said in turn that, maybe, most American games are shooting, driving, or sports games but now her and I are wondering whether even that's true in any sense, so we thought it wort...

4:35 PM
@Unionhawk So the Crusades then.
Q: What’s the quickest way to get diamonds?

Steereeeeered awayI wanted to know, what’s the quickest way to get diamonds? I want to start a survival world, but I want to be able to get diamonds quickly. Please share the quickest ways you found!

@RedRiderX I thought a crusade was just if the pope said so
Otherwise it's just sparkling holy war
@Unionhawk Sure I guess that's needed, but I think the first crusade was prompted by the Byzantines who then immediately didn't want to participate.
In game the crusade is a specific event where the pope calls like "hey we're going to Jerusalem next year get your army ready" vs a holy war that's just another casus belli
4:51 PM
Yeah that makes sense I was mainly dunking on the first crusade being such a disorganized mess.
Yeah this is also a disorganized mess
Since it's mainly me with my inferior army getting its ass kicked repeatedly
No allies in sight
Oof are you suffering from much attrition yet?
Idk I only kind of understand how this works
ooo and now I no longer have an adult ruler with the war profiteer perk
(the stewardship tree kind of rocks, you can unlock a perk to use hooks to extort people for gold)
(INCLUDING your own children with their built in hooks)
("hey, this is your father. Give me a hundred gold.")
King of Denmark 1066 has been a decent primer on how king titles work though even if I did completely mess up some titles
I should have held the dutchy over my capitol county for myself that way I could grant someone else another dutchy and the de jure counties to get below the dutchy title cap
Area anarchist only vaguely understands how to be a king
5:45 PM
Has there been a "Twitch plays $someIdleGame"
Q: Prevent block updates with world edit

DoofusHow do i do world edit operations, without causing block updates? To e.g. create floating sand/water, move rails, slice portals, etc. I know there is AsyncWorldEdit for spigot, but i am on 1.16.3 fabric-server, and i don't see any way to get it there.

6:15 PM
Why is chat search so terrible and useless holy shit
@InvaderSkoodge holy fuck the final chapter is so much more painful when you know what's going to happen. Bees nice little moments with Reval. Uuuggghhh Hobb why do I read you.
Robin Hobb?
6:30 PM
@Wipqozn This is why you never re-read things :P
@ToxicFrog The one and only. She's the best.
@Ash But the pain is just so good
Just like a knife in the chest! Wait, that's not good...
6:48 PM
I was gonna say if that's what's good to you we have a verrrrrry different idea of good
7:17 PM
@Wipqozn Is Robin Hobb really that good of an author? Never read anything by her
Like, I didn't even realize Robin was a she, that's how little I know about her
7:29 PM
Her schtick seems to be well-written misery porn, based on the two books of hers I've read and every single conversation about her I've overheard
Like, she's not a bad writer, but you have to be prepared for a trilogy where all the people you like have a truly awful time and at least one pet dog probably dies
Personally, I can only handle 1-2 books like that a year and they're going to be Baru Cormorant
@ToxicFrog She just writes fantastic characters. But also yes, filled to the brim with misery.
She's far and away my favorite author
7:47 PM
okay, not for me then
SLA is already enough misery porn for me. Poor Kaladin
@ToxicFrog This is why I can't keep reading her
I've dropped pretty much every "misery porn" type author I used to read. If 2020 taught me anything, it's that I need my books to have the hope I struggle to find elsewhere.
@ToxicFrog I forgot that existed. I liked the first one, but I don't know if I could, now, do any more.
Honestly, the closest I can get to "thing with little hope that doesn't resolve neatly" is like InCryptid or October Daye.
Yeah, I have books 2 and 3 sitting on the shelf staring at me
I think if I read them I need to have something fluffy and heartwarming lined up for immediately after
Seth did say, a few years ago, that the books get more hopeful as they go on, but Baru 1 was pretty bleak so I'm not sure how much that's actually saying.
@ToxicFrog I recommend The House In the Cerulean Sea because seriously that's like my new go out "it's a hug, but a book" rec.
I already have that in my recs file from you, I think :)
Maybe I should read Baru 2/3 and then immediately follow up with Cerulean Sea
(for Baru 1 I used The Goblin Emperor)
8:02 PM
Oh, you likely do because it's my new favourite book to yell at people to read
8:18 PM
@GnomeSlice O.o
8:40 PM
@Unionhawk I've not gotten 1 mill+ points on 3 parks. My goal is to get 1 mill on each.
I need to mostly not crash constantly
@Unionhawk Yeah that's the first thing I'd suggest doing
but also crashing constantly is my way. I restart a lot.
9:33 PM
yess another mill
I also got a 726k combo
10:01 PM
Q: how to have a entity follow you cursor Minecraft 1.12.2

anomanousim trying to have a entity follow your mc cursor but it only turns when i look around, i want this to be able to go up when you look up and have a boundry, thing is i have no idea how to do this i have tried and all thats happens is that i get a friend that follow my every movement.

2 hours later…
11:34 PM
I've come to close 1 mill on school 1, but I just keep choking
Q: Is it possible to break bedrock in Java Minecraft 1.16.3

WirepiggieOk so I play on an smp java minecraft server and I am in a troll war, and i was wondering if it was possible to get the item bedrock. Anyone know how to do it?


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