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12:15 AM
if centaurs are half human and half horse, then are horses just 100%aurs?
and would a centaur be short for 1%aur? 🤔
Q: Changing entity inventory items doesn't update immediately

HydraI am in Java 1.14.4 and I'm trying to create a custom crafting system using donkeys. ATM I am adding the ability for the items in the crafting grid to subtract their count whenever an item has been crafted. Here I use Slot 2b as an example. I get the item count of whatever item is in Slot 2b,...

1:00 AM
Q: How do you download FBI for the 3DS?

KidSMG4I have found out that there are many gamers out there modding the 3DS with homebrew software. I want to play most of those games, but I found out that you need the FBI application to do any 3ds homebrew. I found out that I also need a homebrew launcher to do anything. I have downloaded them both ...

1:38 AM
Supposedly I should really play Control
2:08 AM
@InvaderSkoodge I have a limited edition physical copy of that coming some day for PS4 but I'd rather have it on the switch now that I have one
Maybe I'll just sell the disc if I ever get it
@Unionhawk Outer wilds is fabulous
2:41 AM
Q: How to fix League of Legends client only opens after the 2-3 minute mark

Thadeusso I play ranked a lot and my league launcher somehow only opens after the 2-3 minute mark meaning my teammates can remake before I can even get in the game and I always get the 20 min queue for 5 games can anyone please help me

Q: Problem with Ultimate Skyrim

RobCI'm trying to install ultimate skyrim and am having trouble with one of the steps. I've been able to install everything except DynDOLOD Resources. It's keeping me from completing my install. Any suggestions?

3:01 AM
Q: How do multiple crests interact?

user1821961I've started a playthrough on new game + and want to theorycraft and min-max. I was wondering how the interaction of multiple crests work. For example if I put the mystery crest from Marianne (Maurice crest) which seems very similar to Fraldarius crest (Felix's crest) . They both "Sometimes raise...

3:13 AM
@Wipqozn Once it's out of the EGS I'm planning on getting it
I'm not against the EGS itself, I just prefer having everything in one place, and since 95% of my stuff is on Steam...
3:54 AM
Just did a full systems test of my Skylight system
It works perfectly :D
4:12 AM
5:32 AM
still in the process of watching it but possibly getting a Diablo 2 Remastered
reminds me i still haven't went to see if that patch would work on my computer on the copy i have
6:24 AM
Q: How does matchmaking work in MTG Arena?

ErikPresumably the ranked play options match people based on their rank. Even then I know that isn't really true because I've been matched up with people of different ranks judging by the emblems next to their names. This happened more often at lower ranks to me which is particularly interesting cons...

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7:25 AM
Q: Currently creating a datapack for a custom recipe but i dont know how to name my result after the items have been put in

NoApplesToBytZzzSo im using a JSON editor to create my crafting recipe and at the moment i cant seem to figure out how to name my result item??? any help? CODE: { "type": "minecraft:crafting_shaped", "pattern": [ "#W#", "DED", "L L" ], "key": { "#": { "item": "minecraft:lapis_block" ...

7:38 AM
get it? get it? gettttt ittttt???? hmmmmmmmm? HMMMMMM??????
8:35 AM
got it
9:15 AM
meta.stackexchange.com/questions/334900/… FAQ on gender pronouns was deleted
Which is... scary.
1 hour later…
10:25 AM
@Ave The old FAQ was inadequate, so they made an entirely new one
Q: Does the difficulty for the Google dinosaur game infinitely increase or stops at a certain point?

senpai Does the difficulty for Google Chrome's Dinosaur runner game ever cap off? When I tried to get a high score (somewhere around 2000), I noticed that along the way the difficulty slowly but surely went up, not only in the speed of the dinosaur, but also the grouping of cactii, as well as introdu...

1 hour later…
11:31 AM
@Ave lol I got a +6 on that deletion for all the deleted answers
actually, I think +8 and a -2 from elsewhere
11:57 AM
@Unionhawk +27 here...
Spending money
Decent number of bad answers on the clarification post
like, already
12:13 PM
In completely unrelated news, watch as I struggle with this again.
I don't know if that worked give me 20 minutes tho
12:33 PM
Hey chat
Morning @Elva
I got an invitation to a room but when I clicked it it said the room was private :o
You should now have access to that room @Elva.
Coffee: acquired, desk: sitting
Yay! I also poked the you on the discord
12:36 PM
if I die in some private chat room it was probably @Wipqozn
In case you needed it
@Ave I'm now sitting at -10 on the new one, idk how I spent more on this one than the last one
@Unionhawk also you might need to manually request access to it .Everyone else has. Are you still able to navigate to the room?
@Unionhawk You can't talk, can you?
12:44 PM
What did @Wipqozn do now?
@TimStone Private room struggles
you know, eventually
@Wipqozn is starting a coup
Not if you can't figure out how
I'm sorry @Wipqozn I was a spy and I sold you out to the other mods
No hard feelings, it's just business
@Ronan @TimStone isn't even a real mod. He wasn't elected!
12:47 PM
Yeah but I'm also Tim Post so hmm
@TimStone Wait, are you really?
@GnomeSlice ...yes? You never realized this?
It's his alt account, so don't spread it around. It's mostly just the bridge folk that know.
Sarcasm detected
(he isn't actually, though I think occasionally some users genuinely get confused and ping the wrong one)
@Unionhawk It happens all the time and I love it
@Unionhawk Peak meme
12:58 PM
@Ronan It was a massive betrayal. We were so hurt.
But sort of expected. @Wipqozn is the worst, after all.
1:16 PM
Ooh, secret chat rooms?
Also, I ran a full systems test of my Skylight project last night and it worked perfectly
Yay \o/
Hmmm... when is the earliest I can set up christmas things I wonder
Before the 16th of november iiiis pretty early by dutch standards
But christmas lights and showing them to friends!
@Elva Depends which christmas you're setting up for
... this years?
Got to wait til after Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving isn't a dutch thing!
1:28 PM
Then you're good!
It is after Thanksgiving!
You've got to wait until after St. Andrew's Day
Or possibly Bank Holliday (substitute for St. Andrew's Day)
@Elva Wait until Sinterklaas
1:43 PM
But I don't waaaannnaaaa
or alternatively - be a rebel and decorate your house however and whenever you want. If anyone complains about you decorating, tell them "Christmas? what's Christmas?" and just keep decorating
@Wipqozn huh, i got a room invite that i can't accept now?
@Yuuki What about now?
oh okay
1:57 PM
First Outer Worlds review on my Youtube feed
You're not doing a very good job at making this even kind of secret, turtle
@Unionhawk I blame myself
@Wipqozn If only there was a system that had inbuilt private messaging you could be using
@Ronan I know! It's wild.
2:02 PM
Terraria is awesome but why the hell can’t I pause?
I’m on Switch playing singleplayer...
@Stormblessed There's a setting to pause when you open the inventory on PC
Not sure if it's on Switch
Wha? That looks like a perfectly normal border to me!
> Pyke's passive: 30-81% (levels 1-18) of the damage he takes from enemy champions ⇒ 25-50% (levels 1-18) of the damage he takes from enemy champions
cc @Dragonrage @MageXy oh damn
it's kind of amazing how quickly new questions get answers on The Workplace... posted a question about spammy recruiters 7 minutes ago and already have 2 answers and 2 comments
2:29 PM
@fredley That's basically leftover from the 12th through 14th century. It's a complicated history
It's the kind of shitshow you get when you let people vote on important matters like say, staying in a country.. or union
I'm certain @fredley is well-acquainted with that sort of thing.
@Stormblessed on consoles you can pause ANY single player game, by going to homescreen :P
Yeah, I think this is required tech for any Switch game.
Nintendo won't publish unless you have a way to pause the game.
2:44 PM
@Elva no, it's nothing like that. Essentially, back in the days of separate duchys, lordships and counties, you had the Duke of Brabant, who ruled from what's currently Flemish Brabant, who negotiated with the Lord of Breda to gain direct control over what's currently Baarle-Hertog. Then, when the Seven Provinces separated from Spain, the South Netherlands (what's currently Flanders) stayed with Spain, until after the Napoleontic wars when they were merged as France-Germany buffer state.
@Stormblessed I don't have terraria switch, but the wiki claims that the settings menu is PC only which, I feel like can't be right
if there is a settings menu, you might be able to find "autopause" in there
if there is no settings menu, then this is a bizarre port
okay, got an invoice from the roofing company, insurance discount is back wew
@Yuuki Minecraft...
@Yuuki oh...that’s...nice...?
@fredley oh there was some thing I saw about this
Oh I remember
It’s because of how feudalism ending divided things
No it was in a history class, something about feudalism
Like where it goes over, those were separate little city-states
2:56 PM
@Stormblessed Pretty sure home button should effectively pause the game.
@Yuuki I tried to test that but can’t tell if that’s true
With Minecraft it’s not true
@Stormblessed Walk up to a creeper and hit the home button.
@Stormblessed Jump off a cliff and hit the home button
@Yuuki Minecraft like reloads when you go back into it
You two are bad influences :P
2:59 PM
@Stormblessed I have no clue how but apparently Lucina is the main antagonist in Peppa Pig.
@Yuuki There's a wiki page so it must be true
@Ronan You think someone would do that? Create a wiki and lie?
user image
Wtf Apple
To save an image it’s now “add image to photos”
That’s the stupidest way to phrase that
“Save image” is so much better...if they want to be more specific, “save image to photos” works
and is still recognizable
3:19 PM
Okay, I don't understand this
I have a javascript object that's a dictionary with string keys and Array values
I have no trouble iterating over the dictionary, but I can't seem to access the values in the array
for (item in data[category]) {
              subList.append('<li>' + item[1] + '</li>');
data[category] is the array
@SaintWacko Nope, that's not how javascript for loops work
You lose this round
I tried it with the more standard variation, too
what comes out in the logs?
0, 1, 2, 3
have you tried of not in?
3:22 PM
yeah I think in gives you keys, and of gives you values
or something like that
@SaintWacko data[category][item][1]
@Unionhawk Ohhh, that's really good to know
@MattE.Эллен Neat
But also terrible.
javascript is the best
3:24 PM
python m8
I'm used to python where in will do either one, depending on what it's being used on
Breath of the Wild has so much content holy cow
Okay, now it works
Thanks @MattE.Эллен
oh, yeah, python is fine. predictable most of the time, but javascript is a goose
3:25 PM
I haven't even beaten it yet, but ganons next. And I'm still finding tons of stuff I missed
@SaintWacko you're welcome :D
Oh I didn't realise UGG was out for PC/Mac
Okay, now to learn how to do fancy stuff interfacing with a google sheet from a google app scripts web app
3:27 PM
Q: What file should I move FBI to?

SMG4Fanatic7409So, I downloaded FBI for 3DS. Now I'm confused about where to put it on my SD card. Many people and sources say to place it "at the root of your SD card" and I have no clue what that means. Are there any simple answers to this growing problem?

okay, that’s the last time I use tvtropes on a browser without adblocker.
Damn ad redirected me to a porn site on a busy train.
Lets face it, your first mistake was browsing tvtropes. If anything, the ad saved you.
At least the video didn’t start automatically playing
What’s wrong with tvtropes?
hmm... lunch
3:36 PM
Uh huh
mission: success
I spent so much time yesterday manually testing something because I couldn't be bothered to try and mock it for unit tests, and then I just discovered a set of tests that had already mocked it
4:08 PM
Q: Wall of Flesh Glitch or Bug

Lsootgamer13When I summoned the Wall of Flesh, it came with no eyes, mouth or Hungry, but the Wall still gave the tounge Debuff, how to I get rid of this bug or glitch?

@fredley also, I don’t think you can consider “send the user from a site they wanted to visit to a phishing site pretending to be a porn site, complete with explicit image “ to be anything near saving.
4:27 PM
@Ronan Did the tests also mock you?
Consider the following
Italian sandwich (Capicola, pepperoni, salami, oil and vinegar)
Cheesesteak (steak, cheese, peppers, onions)
Possibly the greatest sandwich I've ever had
Is that a sandwich with nothing but meat in it?
@Wrigglenite And cheese
Well, peppers and onions sound like non-meat.
The "Italian sandwich", I mean
4:39 PM
@Unionhawk gabbagoo?
Yeah, typically an Italian would probably include lettuce tomato onion but that wasn't part of the equation in this case
@Unionhawk gross what the hell
I thought this was going to link reply to my sandwich and I was about to get very mad
but yep, $12.99 per month, or the low price of $99.99 per year
to get whatever premium fallout 76 gets you idk
it probably doesn't get you Fallout New Vegas and The Outer Worlds
@Unionhawk Trying to be a monthly MMO sub, but compete with actual decent MMOs.
$12.99 still feels high, then again WoW is like $15 iirc so idk
4:52 PM
no stop posting articles about the digimon game, i'm trying to save myself for atelier ryza next week
5:09 PM
@Yuuki I don't have enough time to play my current games, so not getting Digimon is fairly simple.
5:28 PM
Q: Trying to make a set of command blocks that tps a person based on speed

JayBirdSo what I’m trying to do is having a command block firing off every second. When it does it stores all players current X,Y, Z positions in a scoreboard. Then one second later it does the same thing but in a different scoreboard. Once those two values are saved it will subtract the first value fro...

5:43 PM
Fire alarm test began like immediately as I sat down for my lunch
Q: Are NPC conversations different if I go to DLC area early?

arghtypeI noticed that in many conversations Aloy shows that she knows about But looks like it's possible to go to DLC area before progressing main story to learn about all these things. In that case will DLC NPCs conversations be different? If so, what are the differences?

6:29 PM
Q: Impossible to create a coop session on Astroneer

BandolerasI can't create a co-op session with a friend on Astroneer using the Xbox app. I obtain the 'Session not found' error. We've tried to solve it with the Microsoft help. We see that the Microsoft Teredo Tunneling is not working. Indeed, without Teredo we're link disconnected from Xbox app. We've t...

6:44 PM
I like how everyone on meta is just conspicuously out of comment upvotes since new comments are mostly +0 lol
Fallout 76 is coming out with a $100/year premium membership
claps softly
and The Outer Wilds too I think
Aka games that are actually good!
Or you could spend a bit more money and play an MMO that's actually fun
6:54 PM
Or you could spend less money and play OSRS even
Fallout 76 is just one hilariously bad decision after another. I love it.
@Unionhawk or you could invest that money into a high yield mutual fund
You could give me $13 per month and get more value than subscribing to fallout 76
@Unionhawk no The
@GnomeSlice Outer Worlds?
I always confuse that with the The Outer Wilds
Other way round lol
Or are you doing that on purpose
7:09 PM
@Wipqozn With Fallout 76, Anthem and the whole Lootbox thing, this year certainly has been entertaining with regards to scandals
Plus e-sports.
This thing going on with Griffin/Still8 is great popcorn material.
@GnomeSlice Oh right
hmm... I wish I had a highlightable copy of this book I'm reading for a study group
I just have a pdf
oh here we go, I found a html version, I wonder if I can make that an .epub for play books
(looks like I can, cool)
7:37 PM
I don't know if GPB will ingest HTML but Calibre will convert it to epub (and epub is just a zip full of HTML, CSS, and XML anyways)
I'll need to do it at home anyway to clean everything up so I don't try and give it the whole webpage
with navs etc
Calibre can do that too! I'm currently using to try to wrangle a dozen short stories (all published on different websites with different formatting) into one coherent epub.
It...could be going better
It's mostly a plan because I'd rather navigate to play.google.com/books than like, ecology.iww.org etc at work lol
@ToxicFrog that sounds like a frustration
@Ash it very is!
Also my e-reader seems to have cached an old version or something? The first story shows up fine in calibre itself but is missing when I open it in the e-reader
It's an author I really like though (Seth Dickinson)
7:47 PM
> Today a student from another classroom came into our room and punched Alex in the face multiple times. The class was evacuated to remain safe, and Alex was sent to the nurse to be checked out. He had ice a lot of the day and was okay. We are now keeping our door closed and locked to prevent this from happening again. Alex did nothing to provoke the situation. Administration has been involved and everything on our end is getting documented and reviewed to keep everyone safe.
My son is in fucking Kindergarten and this happens to him?
And how fucking pissed am I that the school basically won't disclose any additional details? LIFEHACKS LEVEL RAGE, Y'ALL
> everything on our end is getting documented and reviewed to keep everyone safe.
aka. "We're absolving ourselves of any liability"
If your kid can't go to school without going into a totally different classroom and punching the shit out of a random kid he doesn't even know, your kid probably doesn't belong in public school
Sorry, just needed a place to vent. Please resume your video gaming
@Sterno this is the bridge. games are illegal here
I like how there's no mention of any consequences for the punching kid. Also if you close and lock the door, how are tehy going to go to the washroom? Escorted trips?
@Sterno Wait, was it actually your kid that got hurt?
7:54 PM
I'm sorry that this happened, and that the school is just being stupidly blase about it
The Kindergarten rooms each have their own private bathroom inside the classroom
@MageXy Yeah
@Ash I'm betting it's 50% CYA, 50% some dumb law that doesn't let them say stuff about other students
@Sterno Well that's something I guess
@Sterno Yikes. I hope he's doing okay
@Sterno Probably, but it totally reads as "some kid punched your kid with no repercusions"
I hope he's okay, and that the school is taking it more seriously than that message sounds.
7:55 PM
"Oh, that's just Timmy. Timmy does that sometimes."
@Sterno Timmy should be held accountable for his fits of rage.
I have requested additional details. I'm assuming it wasn't too bad given they didn't email me until after the school day was over. My son's currently in afterschool care while I work
I'd be so much less pissed if it was just some kid he got in an argument with
Random violence is scary shit
I really don't want my kid(s) in the same school as this kid once he hits teenager
@Sterno that's fucked
@Sterno Sounds like you need a lifehack to solve your problem. I suggest asking Lifehacks.SE.
Lifehacks have never been a solution to anything.
@Sterno Lifehack to end Lifehacks?
8:03 PM
@Sterno That's because they're life hacks, not life solutions.
@MageXy Well done
@Sterno I'm glad to hear you're son seems to be doing okay though.
In other news, how's that meta drama on StackExchange going?
@Sterno Dramatic. I've mostly been avoiding it, and we've kind of unofficially been keeping it out of the room.
Fair enough.
It's free flags season again
in other words very normal
at least this faq isn't -500
I guess
8:06 PM
I've been having a little fun poking holes in people's illogical arguments
At this rate I'll definitely make marshall on meta
of course, all of my comments kept getting deleted, but it was fun for awhile
8:26 PM
"free flags season"?
@ToxicFrog moderation flags
i.e. so many people are posting offensive content
So not "free" as in "flagging things costs you nothing" but as in "it's really easy to find things that should be flagged"
Q: How can I teleport every entity below Y=0 to Y=255 in Minecraft?

DaedalusMindHow can I teleport every entity below Y=0 to Y=255 in Minecraft? I'm making Skyblock, but I want falling out of the void to teleport you to the height limit.

8:55 PM
I'm actually considering getting Xbox Game pass, since it's 4 EUR a month for a whole bunch of games
Games I might want to play: CrossCode, Dead Cells, Everspace, Fez, Gears 5, Gears 4, Gears of War Ultimate, ReCore, The Outer Worlds, Torment: Tides of Nemenera, Vampyr
Okay, bought it. The Outer worlds is out on Friday, and even if it's the only game I play, it's still dirt cheap for 1 EUR
@Elva which discord account is the right one to dm?
Anyways, I'll type here. I never got a schengen visa before and it's… rather scary to think of being denied, so I'll probably not risk a denial by complicating my trip (moving between countries).
9:13 PM
@Ave either :)
One is for the uuuuuuh non bridge friendly things
And not "at a lan party with friends friendly"
@Elva Oh like 18-wheelers that clearly don't have enough clearance but decide to drive under anyways?
@Ave when you get a schengen visa you get access to the entire schengen area
Or trolls?
Sure, those things!
@Elva yeah, but supposedly germany issues visas with exact dates of your flights
I was considering showing flight to germany, train to nl, flight out of nl
to get a visa with dates from flight to germany to flight out of nl
9:18 PM
And I'm faced with the obscenely slow speed of downloading Windows Store apps again...
if by any chance they issue a longer visa I'll definitely go for it
Like, I'm literally getting 4 MB/s when my connection is rated at 300 Mb/s
@Elva I meant as in "which one is the right one at this time of the day"
Uh, during work time the NSFW one cause that's where I have the most servers ... >.>
9:20 PM
yeah, ik
I was wondering the one for outside of work
@Elva If you use the NSFW one while you're at work why do you even need two?
Hehe :p
Well obviously on phone
But I use the SFW one for at lan parties when people sit next to me and can see my screen
Ah I see
Q: Tracked missions not showing in theHunter: Call of the Wild

Răzvan Flavius PandaCurrently I am in Vurhonga Savanna and I have 2 missions I can do: Praise the Ancestors Welcome to Springbok City No matter which of them I track using the Track mission button the mission locations are not being shown on the map. Also the direction in which the missions are done is not being...

(the NSFW one is also the one where I've never presented as male and is basically a lot of servers where I chat :p)
9:36 PM
Maybe I don't know how discord works but I thought everything was separate between servers anyway
Not profile pic
And again the usecase is more "I can log out off this account when people are sitting next to me"
Well, this is a side of the Bridge I never knew
@Wrigglenite it's like godwin's law, but it's more of "the longer a conversation goes, the more likely it is to turn nsfw"
I'm actually not sure what side you're referring to
9:45 PM
The "mentioning that NSFW things exist" side?
Cause the conversation hasn't actually gone into bridge-after-dark territory!
Yeah that's all I could work out
It's still light out :P
It usually keeps going?
I gotta read some logs sometimes
Oh gosh, we used to be a lot more risque
We've tidied our act quite a lot :P
9:47 PM
RIP spugsley
Oh yeah, old bridge logs are interesting.
I'm sure I had nothing to do with any of that
Q: Will I lose trophies when creating a PSN account?

TrophyHunterso I wanted to create a PSN account to allow me to get online trophies (I'm a huge trophy-collector), but I've already gotten some trophies, and I'm afraid of losing them and having to do them all over again. If I create a PSN account, will those offline trophies be sent to my account? Or would ...

BioWare Plans Exciting Halloween Event for Person Still Playing Anthem thehardtimes.net/harddrive/…
@Ronan Yeah, you just loaned out the paddles. You know, for when we went canoeing.
10:06 PM
that doesn't seem correct
ok I think I found it
10:47 PM
anyone know how to leave a discord server, if the leave server option isn't there?
cc: @Ave maybe @Elva? Idk who else is discord savvy, because I'm not :P
@Elise right clicking on the server icon doesn't work?
@Memor-X there's no option to leave on some of my servers for some reason
@Elise not under the menu when clicking the server title either?
wait, I think I'm the owner of the servers (they're so old now, I don't remember who made them), do I need to pass owner to someone else to leave?
@Elise makes sense
10:51 PM
oh, I see a delete server option, but no option to pass ownership
I mean, I guess this will do 🤔
11:14 PM
@Elise It might live somewhere in "manage user", idk
I only own a private emote server
@Unionhawk ah, well, I already deleted the 3 servers I owned that actually had people in it to test it
11:33 PM
Q: Why Call of duty: Modern Warfare 3 feels so different from MW1 and MW2?

Mg beatzI played MW3 and finish it , for some reason i felt so empty , like i didnt understand what was going on in the game or i can say the game was not what i expected , mw1 and mw2 were very good in maps , Arias , combat , weapons mw3 combat is different in weapons it is worse , just some AK47 thro...

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