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12:03 AM
i was in band from 5th grade on, so i was forced to get used to it. first few times werent great, but i eventually got over it and was able to deal with it. talking or playing an instrument in front of me doesnt really bother me, but singing is a bit more nerve racking. especially if i am singing solo. singing with a group is fine for me though
@Elise I was in choir and my experience was that I just sorta lose myself in how I'm performing.
Unless it's a solo performance.
Then it's nerves all the way.
@Yuuki in a choir you can just hide and blend in :P
@Yuuki this is where it gets serious
@Elise That and you're focused on listening to everyone else for cues and stuff.
I had to be homeschooled for year and half because my social anxiety was that bad when I started puberty
it's not nearly as bad now, so that's good
@Elise i have seen a good many of people struggle with that, and had to go into homeschooling.
12:09 AM
interviews and phonecalls are still nerve-wrecking tho 🤷🏼‍♀️
@TheMattbat999 growing up in Latvia in late 90s, early 2000s, I never heard of anyone with that issue
@Elise it isn't super common, but you aren't alone.
@TheMattbat999 social anxiety definitely seems a lot more common these days, but also, I "diagnosed" myself with it, because the doctors back then (and probably still) are terrible in Latvia
the doctor just gave me anti-depressants and told mom I have depression (which, in hindsight, I did)
my social anxiety only started getting better once I figured out what it was and what caused it
@Elise yeah, but it does seem social life has became very stressful in recent years.
And i don't live in that area, i was just speaking in general.
@TheMattbat999 oh I know, I'm just saying that locally, it was extremely rare
as an adult, I've met many people online who have social anxiety issues, although I don't think I know any that had to be homeschooled
I know two cases of people who are close to me. Both were cracking up under social pressures, so their parents pulled them out of public school.
12:16 AM
school system is also very different in NA and Latvia and NA public schools actually sound quite a lot more stressful
I'm not looking forward for when my daughter is old enough to go to school
One thing, in which still baffles me on why, is that it seems the better you do in school, the more people consider you a social failure (speaking from personal experience)
@TheMattbat999 it is not uncommon for less socially adept kids to do better in school
possibly because the really social kids are easier to get distracted with being social
@Elise true, because, yeah, all the "cool kids" of my school have no intent of doing well in school.
I was very social AND did great at school pre-puberty and post-puberty I was terrible socially and did pretty bad at school, so it can go either way, lmao
anyways, I gotta go to work now. Nice talking to you :) ttyl
I have friends... just not "cool people". Generally those that the majority of people would consider rejects...
Nice to talk!
12:22 AM
I don't have friends irl
k, that sounds really sad without more context, but I really gotta go 🤷🏼‍♀️
Q: Is there a way to get the other currencies without online play?

Memor-XI started playing 100% Orange Juice and in the store i see 3 Currencies along with Stars Oranges Candy (seems to be for Halloween items) Christmas Holly (doesn't show up with Stars, Oranges or Candy, only see it with Christmas Items) with the first one the in-game guide says i got to play onl...

Ouch, that hurts. Just do like i did and find people as weird as you!
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2:04 AM
Q: Adding Magic effects for decor

Zadekiel SephirahWhat category are the magic effects located in the Creation kit? I would like to imbued certain things in my game as though they're imbued with power. I already have Jaxons Positioner and would like to use it to place blood magic, runes, lightning balls, etc. on objects as though they're imbued w...

2:24 AM
Update: the total is now misleading, as it originally when posted said 269 Jeb! which was the joke as I understood and intended it at the time
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3:45 AM
Q: How to replace a helmet slot with a player skull

John KlubertanzSo I'm trying to swap the helmet slot of an armor stand from one player head to another in Minecraft 1.14.4. One head is obtained from minecraft-heads.com, and the other is a real player's head. When I run this command: replaceitem entity @e[name=Intro] armor.head minecraft:player_head{displ...

4:28 AM
Q: Where do I put the CiaoCiao figurine?

AshI have been looking all around the village but I can't seem to find anywhere to put the CiaoCiao figurine I got from the Trendy Game. What do I do with this figurine? Where can I place it?

4:48 AM
@TheMattbat999 in my free time I stay home and I only have a few people I work with. I have work friends, but for the most part our friendship is mainly just within work confines.
Finding friends is hard when you're 28 and don't meet new people
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6:49 AM
Q: My PS4 won't connect to any controllers that I try to connect it, need urgent help

hamo77So, I came home one night to one of my housemates using my controller on their PS4 and when I tried to reconnect to my own PS4 it would not link. I also tried my housemates other controller, did not work. Bought a brand new controller today, did not work. I've tried resetting my controller AND m...

7:07 AM
@TheMattbat999 most cool people I know are "rejects"
8:05 AM
Morning chat
Morning @Elva
Morning @Elva
8:30 AM
@Ave depends on your definition of "cool people" I guess 🤷🏼‍♀️
stereotypically cool people are generally the opposite of rejects
people that you think are cool are probably not the stereotypically cool people :)
I am so incredibly sleepy today
I woke up three times last night because of a mosquito in my room
@Elise correct, my definition of cool means "people who do interesting things, know interesting things and are overall interesting"
@Ave yeah, but generally when people say "cool people", they don't talk about actually cool people :P
I have isolated myself from mainstream circles so much that I don't see those takes, thankfully.
I just don't talk to people 🤷🏼‍♀️
8:46 AM
I sort of do
Does internet chat count?
I don't talk to people irl
I suddenly have a "social" life again
DnD last week, watching dr who with people this week, meeting people and more DnD the week after
Also, I see a lot of people advertising other services after nordvpn hack came out. As always, I recommend self hosting. Here's some tweets about that recommending scripts, VPS providers. and talking about what a VPN actually is: twitter.com/warnvod/status/1186562508917739520
@Elise ah same, outside of work
I do rarely meet with online friends tho
@Ave yeah, I don't even leave the house much when I'm not working
@Ave Don't you still need to trust the hosting provider you rent the VPS from?
8:54 AM
@Nzall yes, but thing is :tm:
It's MUCH harder to log all network communications of all your VPS customers
than it is to do so of your VPN customers
One is a lot more specialized
@Elise I only really go to stores and such.
@Ave same, but only if I can't get wife to pick up groceries on the way home from work
I mean to be fair
I mostly just order online
I do nerdy shit with other people sometime and then head home and sit behind my pc
Am I the most outgoing person here :o
@Ave if I could order groceries online, I would hardly ever leave the house
8:58 AM
When did that happen o.o
I already order cat food on amazon, because I don't wanna carry it to the car. 'tis heavy :x
@Elva when all the outgoing people left 🤷🏼‍♀️
I mean, the bar isn't very high :P
@Elise Only problem for us is uh, we eat some pretty fancy stuff sometimes
and have to go hours of road for just some simple materials
9:01 AM
@Elise I think I actually can order groceries online from a couple local supermarkets
Especially ingredients to make good Italian food are hard to find online
@Nzall I don't think it's that uncommon these days, I just live in a tiny town that's way behind in everything
@Nzall There's ... probably 3 or 4 options for me here
Like, Carrefour, Delhaize, Colruyt and Albert Heyn all deliver to where I live AFAIK
there's way too many options for me
This is just how capitalism is I guess
9:04 AM
Only when it's functional capitalism
If you have one or two options in a capitalistic system you have a problem :p
@Elva What's that? I don't think I've seen any examples of that so far.
also half of these options are owned by the same parent company
user image
user image
@Ave well that's suboptimal
Oh neat
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10:31 AM
Q: How can I continue my Nazjatar main quests?

BandolerasIn the past, I was doing the Nazjatar quests. Yesterday, I re-open WoW but I wasn't able to find the Nazjatar quest. I don't know the quests that I've already realized in the Nazjatar island so I can't find my current quest. In the island, I've just 1 fly and I don't find a PNJ that give quest...

10:41 AM
Another Panos oven-based order, another sausage roll that's still cold on the inside
This is why I don't go to the Panos between 12 and 1, because any time it's even remotely busy and the person before you orders something that needs to be heated as well, they just toss your order that's also to be heated in the same oven and take it out at the same time. so your order was in there for half the time it needs
12:15 PM
@Wrigglenite This is an excellent idea
12:45 PM
Hmm... seems like I'm very much the person that gets set on "Something is broken and it needs to be fixed NOW" issues
You ever see a #region and think "why the fuck is this a #region and not a comment?
in like, a 7 line function
god our codebase sucks
1:07 PM
(in this case actually it should be neither a region or a comment, since it's #region go through this entire list around a pretty simple foreach I know what a foreach does thanks)
1:21 PM
@Elise Okay, that's fantastic
1:33 PM
Q: Do Damage Bonuses Against Grineer work on Ghouls as well?

GnomeSliceI've found a few mods that give you damage bonuses against certain factions like Infested or Grineer. I haven't seen one for Ghouls, but since Ghouls are just undead Grineer (I think?) I'm wondering if mods such as Smite Grineer or Bane of Grineer also give me a damage bonus against Ghouls. The...

2:16 PM
So Archeage is... heavy. I rolled a Warborn because ooo big horns and the introductory quest had me participate in a massacre, followed by "it was a dream" and "also, by the way, you're a slave" then "you also have an inhibitor/mind control collar".
Oh and apparently I'm immortal. But also a slave.
2:33 PM
Ugh, my color sensor is doing weird things
It's supposed to report color values from 0-255, but the green value just climbed to 255 and then started over at 0, so I'm pretty sure somewhere it's actually getting higher values and then just treating it as a one byte number
Also, I somehow completely missed that the sensor can calculate the light temperature on its own, so all my work on that front was probably unnecessary
Although my algorithm might be more accurate
On the other hand, their algorithm was designed with this color sensor in mind, so who knows
2:55 PM
@Yuuki that's a terrible combination
unless you're the slave's owner, then it's great, I suppose
@Wrigglenite This is awesome! I hope there's not too much input lag.
@MageXy I would definitely expect some
Parsec is an existing program that does the same thing and there's very visible input lag, even just between me and a friend one state over.
So apparently Twitch added "Community Prime gifting", which essentially allows Prime users to contribute duplicate gifts to participating channels which can then be distributed to viewers by the streamer
I've seen that, I have no idea how it works
3:30 PM
@Elise neeeeeed
Q: What Is The Purpose of Building the "AFK Platform" So High?

G_Hosa_PhatI'm relatively new to playing Minecraft, but I started a survival world on Xbox One (not the "Xbox One Edition") and began mining a nearby cave. I'm playing on "Peaceful" right now so I can build up resources without being attacked by mobs every two seconds (cheating? maybe...), and I've got a pr...

4:25 PM
Q: Why Ever Turn Off The Redstone Clock In This Mob Farm?

G_Hosa_PhatTL;DR: Is there a technical reason for ever turning off the Redstone "clock" in this mob farm design? In another Arqade question I posted earlier, I explained that I'm a Minecraft n00b trying to build a mob farm for my compound following the instructions I found in the Basic AFK Mob Farm - Min...

A: Do Damage Bonuses Against Grineer work on Ghouls as well?

ToronGhouls do take additional damage from Bane of Grineer (although if you were super min/maxing it's not the most effective mod to use.) Lore wise Ghouls are not undead Grineer but rather less well made clones of the Grineer. All Grineer are clones but the Ghouls are essentially made on the cheap c...

nice answer
If you want to draw attention to a question or reward an answer, that's what bounties are for
4:40 PM
I can't remember if Ghouls have Alloy Armor like the regular Grineer or not.
@Yuuki Love it
@Wrigglenite I don't know what harm it is to mention them in here sometimes?
@Wrigglenite I feel the site could benefit from more upvotes on good but maybe obscure content, especially from new or low-rep users such as this guy
But again, that's what bounties are for
4:43 PM
Not necessarily? Bounties are just a one time reward from one human - yes, it throws them in a separate "oh hey this is a thing" menu, but it's not really a guarantee of more eyes?
It's not like we need to adhere to a strict interpretation of what does and doesn't belong.
I mean heck every post has a share button on it....
It's the Bridge; a loose collection of peeps who enjoy gaming that post random stuff that is sometimes actually related to gaming.
@Frank only sometimes :P
Okay, maybe I should say rarely. :P
I don't see much reason to try to go, "That's supposed to be what a bounty is for". We discuss problematic answers here, no reason we can't discuss good ones.
4:46 PM
Sharing good content is never a problem imo
Yes to bounties but it gets expensive
It can, and sometimes an answer is great but it isn't necessary bounty great or whatever
4:59 PM
@Dragonrage Shhhh.
@Dragonrage People see text box, people wanna put words in text box, people feel sooo smart for putting random things in textbox :P
Deathwing reveal!
5:16 PM
Q: Can shadow pokémon be shiny?

JanAfter defeating a Rocket grunt, you get a chance to catch their left-behind shadow pokémon. Some of these (e.g. polywag, dratini) can be shiny if encountered in the wild, after a raid, by field research or hatching from an egg. Pikachu with special hats can also be shiny. Can shadow pokémon be s...

@goodguy5 I thought they stopped development on HotS?
@MageXy they just reduced resources.
1 message moved to Trash
@MageXy They ended support for HotS esports.
Oh boy, the Korean National Assembly (think House of Representatives or Senate) is getting involved with this Griffin thing.
5:36 PM
Q: Is There Some Added Benefit to Building A Mob Farm Above Ground?

G_Hosa_PhatTL;DR: Why are most of the mob farms I've seen in tutorial videos built as towers above ground? Is it just so we can actually see the whole thing being built, or is there some sort of technical benefit to having it above ground? I have a few questions about the mob farm as described in the Bas...

6:00 PM
> Cloud Drake Soul: Reduce your cooldowns when hitting enemies with attacks or abilities Gain a burst of Movement speed for 3s after using your ultimate.
happy Mordekaiser/Kassadin/Yi noises
sad Quinn noises
And now Kleptomancy is a "RNG, get another keystone rune every 7 seconds" rune.
Klepto sounds like an atrocious rune now
Why would anyone want that
I mean, I might use it on Bard for lols.
Bard works surprisingly well with a lot of keystones.
Most champions work well with only 1-3 runes... very few (if any) can make use of 10 at once
I do like the idea for the air drake, but I hope it's a pretty significant movespeed buff otherwise this seem like a much weaker soul than the others
6:16 PM
@MageXy If it's a significant buff, then some champions with spammable ults (like Kassadin) would be really strong with it.
Maybe some kind of internal cooldown.
so, i can take nimbus cloak and get cloud drake
fiddle becomes super scary
I think Nimbus Cloak already has an internal cooldown, so they'll probably do something similar
@MageXy Lessee, Bard works well with Aery, Comet, Electrocute, Glacial Augment, Predator, Aftershock, Guardian...
i wonder if neeko gets speed boost after first cast, or after it pops
6:18 PM
Not sure how viable Phase Rush is on him, but he can definitely proc it fairly easily with E + autoattack + meep.
Oh hey the outer worlds embargo must be up
I wonder how they'll provide clarity on the keystone changes. If a champ is changing their keystone every 7 seconds, that's gonna be frustrating to track
Hail of Blades could be useful, especially since with this new Klepto, he doesn't have to take the rest of the Domination tree at the expense of something else.
I should get that game. And outer wilds.
Like, I'm going to play differently vs a champ that has Predator than Grasp or Glacial Augment
6:20 PM
kleptomancy needs to have its name changed then
you arent stealing anything
@MageXy Well, it's not every 7 seconds flat. "If he's used a keystone, it goes on 'cooldown' and it refreshes to something else in 7 seconds" is how I interpreted it.
@Dragonrage In the Reddit thread, they confirmed they are changing the name and icon
Another question is whether you'll retain stacking rune effects like Dark Harvest or Grasp of the Undying.
@MageXy unsealed runebook?
@Yuuki Okay sure. But keystones are not that hard to proc usually, so it will change maybe every 20-30 seconds then
@Dragonrage rofl that's the same suggestion on the thread. Great minds think alike I guess
> Channel time to spawn the herald 4s >>> 1s
@MageXy basically we just steal Ryze's rune book and use it to change keystones
Aw... One of my favorite things was interrupting Herald spawning
Gonna be almost impossible with this change.
@MageXy yeah, riot clearly wants tsm to win 2020 spring, amirite?
honestly, they should just rework ryze so he can change summoner spells and runes whenever he wants
6:26 PM
also removing zz'rot, ohmwrecker, and raptor cloak
man i don't remember the last time i built zz'rot and now i miss it
I really liked Zz'rot but I can understand why they'd take it out.
Maybe an active item that grants you a short-duration Baron buff?
And Ohmwrecker has always been a bizarre item. It kinda has to be a bad item, because if it's not, it's overpowered.
Splitpushers that built Zz'rot (like Singed) would still get that and now to use it properly, you actually have to push and stay with the wave, thus risking yourself.
They're looking at Stormrazor, which is nice. I like the idea of an "item set", it's just a shame that Stormrazor is so dependent on having other Energized effects unless you have some kind of weird secondary scaling going on where Stormrazor's mix of stats benefited you just right, Kai'sa.
I think we talked about this before. Stormrazor's problem is that it essentially competes as a fourth item purchase with Bloodrazor or Mercurial Scimitar and the others offer lifesteal sustain while Stormrazor does not (unless you picked up Fleet Footwork), which is incredibly important for an ADC.
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7:57 PM
Q: Why aren't my Villagers breeding?

BreezyI've got two villagers trapped in a one by one block, with another villager constantly farming potatoes to throw to one of the two villagers. For some reason though, whenever the villagers get thrown potatoes (They have been for over twenty-four hours of constant AFKING) I am in Minecraft Java ed...

8:38 PM
Q: Can't connect to a minecraft server

Crims OfieldThere is a Minecraft server which I own but am unable to connect to. It is run on a Raspberry Pi, but my laptop, which is on the same network, can't connect when I type in the IP or localhost. A few friends were able to connect to the server, but I am still unable to. And this is the first time I...

9:18 PM
I bought Celeste for Switch like 2 weeks ago because some YouTube video commended its soundtrack and now I've put 30 hours into it and have collected all the red berries and have done 3 of the C-Sides.
It's pretty good I guess.
> Of all the MCU movies Spielberg would enjoy, I suppose it would have to be the one with a kid, aliens, and parental issues.
9:59 PM
Q: in minecraft java edition do pandas despawn naturally

codingcat3423On a server I play on I went on a journey to get a panda. I breed 2 pandas and left one baby and one adult panda in a boat. I buried this boat in a 2x2x2 area underground. when i returned to get my pandas they had both disappeared and all that was left was a zombie in a boat holding bamboo. how d...

Oh shit, God Eater has a character design screen
RIP the rest of my evening
10:39 PM
@Nzall Dragon Age and Sims 4 would be good to see on Steam, though the latter might not work too well because the DLC Requiring DLC thing
sure they can put a notice on the screen but i'd thing it's be better to actually have a notification in the cart indicating you don't own the base DLC for DLC you're about to buy
11:40 PM
Q: help finding car purchased via cell phone that I can not find in garage or impound

andrewI bought a car off the cell phone and used it once on a mission but it isn't at my garage and impound and it wasn't there. how can I find it?


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