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> Ground targeted abilities (Reaper’s Shadowstep, Mei’s Icewall, Symmetra’s Teleporter, etc) will now more heavily prefer edges over placing as far away as possible.
This should help with the "well that's not where I wanted that wall" issues I've been having.
@TimStone I'm not sure if it is intentional, but those screenshots look like someone literally cut and pasted an image of Gritty into the game
Either the uniform lighting of the rink is playing tricks on my eyes or the rendering is really bad?
11:43 PM
Q: Minecraft Bedrock realm build safe guards

Xristofer BkerTrying to protect builds on a Minecraft server and so far my best solution is to program repeater blocks with the below commands. Would anyone have any solutions to make it better? /gamemode adventure @p[r=6] This will set any player that gets within a 6 block radius of the command block to b...

5% of the way to prestige point 2 on layer 3
28% to point 8 in layer 3, highest floor: 41
nice, i just got back from a meeting a bit ago and noticed i had over 120 prestige points for level 2 so i spent those
I had a nap for a couple hours and came back to over 50k prestige points for level 2 :o
11:50 PM
what's your party setup?
@Elise A productive nap!
6 rangers
@Ash :D
@Dragonrage I recommend at least 1 warrior for overkill
speeds up the first few floors after death by a lot
I got 1 full armor warrior, 1 full damage warrior and 4 rangers
@Elise No cleric?
@Frank I sometimes add it when I'm close to next floor unlock, but generally no
my warrior either takes no damage or dies before cleric can heal it and even if it can survive, it's just wasting time
it's better to die faster so you can keep getting exp
11:53 PM
I've been running a full armor warrior, a full heal cleric, and four rangers.
I'm slooooowly making my way to the second three layer prestige point.
@Frank I did that at very early floors, but I've switched to all damage with one tank a long time ago
tbh full damage might even be better at this point
I find the warrior soaks enough to make him worthwhile, especially if I'm right at the damage limit.
I agree with dying quick to get back in the fight. I'm just hitting P2 tho. I run 1 full armor warrior + 3 max damage ranger
yeah, but if you have to heal to survive, you're probably not killing fast anyway, so you're spending a lot of time for a little exp
@Elise Which, at your wall, is generally more than the floors before it.
11:56 PM
I started this much later than all of you and have been running this setup for a while now
an overkill warrior would speed up the first floors of the reset, but i feel like its not enough to overcome the damage fall of due to multipliers later on when i need to oneshot higher level things before they kill me
that being said, it's running on my pc overnight and Idk how well the offline progress for it is in comparison 🤷‍♀️
changing my first ranger to a warrior with only one point in armor, with same level armor cuts drops its total damage to a single target by about 33% at current multipliers
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