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1:53 AM
@fredley if anyone can make sense out of binary it's my dad. Thank you
@fredley long-ass gif
2:05 AM
Q: Combining Custom Loot Table With Custom Name

SjamOk, iv created a custom loot table for fishing that adds a fish with a Custom-Model-Data tag. However, for some reason, I can't seem to be able to combine the custom name. Here is the data of the item I want in the loot table: /give @p minecraft:tropical_fish{display:{Name:"{\"text\":\"Blu...

Rutger Haur passed away today : theverge.com/2019/7/24/20708804/…
I'll need to do a rewatch again, although I did one recently. He did such a fantastic job.
2:25 AM
Q: How do you jump onto rope ladder in Lego Jurassic World app?

GamerAyceI can't figure out how to get into the rope ladder even with a running start.

2:45 AM
Q: Do achievements work for Netflix?

Robbie(I don't know if this is an off topic question since this isn't about a game but I don't know where to go to ask this) So I've done most of the achievements for Netflix on Xbox but I haven't gotten any. I've watched much more than 10 episodes in a row but I haven't gotten that achievement yet. ...

Q: The Hard difficulty in Minecraft isn't hard enough

Luis Gustavo R. FariasAnd i want the mobs to be tankier ( more health points ) and hit harder ( do more damage ). How do i do that? Thanks for your attention.

Q: Roblox Suddnly Lagging

Hu shSo I know there are simular questions on google, but they had something to do with their nvidia driver, which I don't have or any way to get it(I'm just a kid, I don't have enough knowlage to go through my PC stats and get a nvidia driver or whatnot). I did try the reducing lag methods(Such as go...

Q: My Minecraft Server is Kicking me on Join

5FluxSo long story short, someone on my server had a shulker box with items that had almost every enchantment, when they broke the shulker, it crashed the server gave the popup in the title. The shukler didn't seem to go into anyone's inventory, so I was unable to remove it through NBT tags. Is there ...

2 hours later…
4:27 AM
Q: Permanent glowing effect and i don't know how to get rid of it

user235059iv'e tried milk and iv'e tried the command to clear the effect. it just wont work i don't know why and i'm in MC 1.14.4.

4:47 AM
Q: Minecraft armor attributed modifier

ImAn OrangeI have a custom server with attribute modified armor. They only thing I’m concerned about is that the armor modified never seems to get stronger after it adds up to 25. Can someone explain if there is a cap and how to get rid of it.

5:27 AM
Q: How can I start cruising around in another city, without doing job?

Joyce Lai M.Mus.Pls see the four screenshots under. I don't know why Porsche is originally in Las Vegas. I didn't pick Las Vegas. I just want driving around, not do any jobs. After I clicked "Yes", game automatically loaded the drive. As you can see this last screen-shot, why am I still in Las Vegas ...

6:01 AM
Got a quick question - I made a chat to ask someone about something, and pinged them, but will they get the ping if they've never been in the chat before?
6:55 AM
Morning chat
@Nik3141 they will not. You only get pings if you posted something in that room in the last... wanna say 30 ish days
@Nik3141 like from the comments?
7:36 AM
@Lazers2.0 Wait there are Achievements for Apps on XBox!? That's pretty nice. Are there any more Apps that got this feature?
Is that finally a good question to ask? I feel like it is not since I won't gain any use from it...
Good morning by the way ^o^/
nvm found a list online, still nice feature.
7:51 AM
27.9 C inside the office
It is not yet 10 in the morning...
30c+ here
Though on the other hand, this is not normal weather here =p
1 hour later…
9:10 AM
Q: We’re removing “Hot Meta Posts” from Stack Overflow's sidebar for now; moderators now fully control [featured]

Tim Post tl;dr: We're removing the "Hot Meta Posts" from Stack Overflow's sidebar while we work on looking at how Meta can better meet its goals. To ensure that moderators are able to bring important posts to the community, we'll be giving them exclusive access to the featured tag. "Featured on Meta" w...

Oh no
9:20 AM
Isn't it super late for you Elise?
9:33 AM
just sent an application for an EV cert for lasagna.dev and ave.zone
@Kevin or super early
I had an early work shift, 10pm-6am (usual is 11:45pm-7:45am)
it's 7:13am right now :)
should be sleeping, but I sat down at the PC and my cat claimed my lap...
Well, if there's a cat on your lap then you can't get up. True true
Guess you're stuck here with us!
1 hour later…
10:47 AM
Think I may start playing League again
10:58 AM
@Ave what does that mean?
11:31 AM
Q: What is the purpose of this "red room" in "Stranger Things"?

K Split XIn Stranger Things, we frequently see Jonathan go inside this to "refine" his photos or something. I don't quite understand what happens here. He puts the photo in water, and somehow this makes it more clear? An example is in the first season when he refines Barbara's photo and sees a little bit...

cc @Sterno @TimStone @fredley to MAKE THEM FEEL OOOOLLLDDDDD
inb4 @Ave is all "wtf is a dark room? whooa what, there was a time before digital cameras!?!?"
@GnomeSlice Basically it's those fancy certificates that show company name in URL bar
@Wipqozn I know what a dark room is, silly.
(and sorta know some basic dark room processes)
@Ave Yeah but you're, like 12 or something. Even younger than @Ronan, and he's 16!
@Ave dump in successive baths of chemicals?
11:47 AM
@Kevin yes, but that's a given I guess?
I mean it's about my understanding of the process :p
that's also how you make PCBs
Hmmm, it's one way. Assuming you put some kind of masking on first
Could also just mill it as you know :p
@Wipqozn What genre would you put Stranger Things in? Horror? or is it not that scary?
@Ave lol
11:56 AM
@Nzall Season 1 was like an ambient horror, season 2 was psychological horror, and season 3 was monster horror.
They all felt completely different to me.
@InvaderSkoodge So if I don't really like being scared, I shouldn't watch it?
It's not really scary.
It has horror vibes to it but it's more like an homage to the genre than an actual entry in it.
I'm also not a great judge, though, since horror is my favorite genre of movie generally.
And only one movie ever has legitimately scared me.
It Follows
I should watch that again.
Okay, guess I shouldn't really count your opinion then
Considering I'm scared really easily
Yeah, get some more opinions.
@InvaderSkoodge this is also what I felt
then again I never really ever understood why left 4 dead was considered a scary game soooo
12:02 PM
It was?
I tend to go "wow zombie how scary"
@InvaderSkoodge apparently to some it was
L4D was fun because of how non-threating the zombies were :P
Man that game was so good; I wonder if people still play it.
Shooting off zombies' legs with the sniper rifle is one of my fondest gaming memories.
12:15 PM

Proposed Q&A site for betaflight pilots

Currently in definition.

12:29 PM
Left 4 dead definitely had some scary moments, the first time I saw a witch was pretty bad
L4D was fun, I'd play with you @InvaderSkoodge :o
@InvaderSkoodge fuck that movie was scary
Assuming it still has servers
@GnomeSlice Yeah dude it was crazy.
I know a lot of people who are into horror who said it was shit and not scary but it was scary as fuck
12:30 PM
My wife thought it was stupid and wasn't scared at all.
Scariest movie monster ever imo
I don't care though, that shit haunted me.
I know like five women who also didn't find it scary lol
I am notoriously easily scared in movies but usually just from jump scares
Jump scares are cheap, though.
Yeah I don't like them
12:32 PM
I don't count that as being "scared", just startled really.
Have you ever seen Event Horizon
Old sci Fi horror movie. Has Sam Neil in it
My dad showed it to me long time ago. Creepy. Kind of reminds me of Prometheus a bit but older
I'll add it to my list of movies to watch.
I usually avoid horror
I have like a morbid fascination with the genre but I don't watch a lot
I usually watch em with the volume turned way down too
12:35 PM
There's so much variety just within the horror genre.
I don't like the slashers or monster horror much.
I like the stuff that has atmosphere a lot more.
You should play SOMA
No, actually, I hate horror games.
I like the movies because there's that level of disassociation from the horror.
I'm just a viewer.
I loved the atmosphere in that game. But I found it scary
12:36 PM
Yeah, it's annoying that both the "creeping psychological dread" genre and the "buckets of gore everywhere" genre both get bucketed as "horror"
Huh. I'm the opposite. I greatly enjoy horror games and hate horror movies.
I dislike both
@SaintWacko I tried out the Guns Germs and Steel modpack last night.

I theoretically liked it a lot, but it was running on 1.7!
The only type of horror I somewhat enjoy is the gore horror, and even then it's just watching the gory bits on Youtube, like those Final Destination supercuts that show just the deaths
Because at that point a lot of the things that makes it scary like timing and anticipation is gone, and it's just a nice bloody mess
Although as someone with a heavy phobia of flying, the plane scene from the first movie sucks
12:52 PM
Don't breathe was pretty scary too
I didn't like any of the characters though
Stranger things isn't horror. Watch it @Nzall.
It's basically 80s nostalgia, with lovecraft tossed it
Season 2 > Season 1 >>>>> Season 3
Also, a big problem right now: it's so hot outside and in my bedroom that it's close to or over the recommended highest operating temperature for my phone and my tablet (35° C), leading to them getting quite hot
12:57 PM
@InvaderSkoodge don't agree at all. Complete opposite order for me.
I rewatched season 1 of Dark and am now 3ish episodes into season 2 and it's way better than Stranger Things anyway.
@Wipqozn I'm not sure if 80s Nostalgia appeals to me given I was born in 1990
1:24 PM
Q: Is there a way to log in to the same Pokemon GO account using more than one of the sign in options?

MkalafutI signed up with Pokemon GO back when it first came out using my Gmail account rather than a trainer account. However, I do also have a Pokemon Trainer Club account that shares a username with my Pokemon Go account and also is tied to the same email I used to create my Pokemon GO profile. Whe...

@goodguy5 Oh, yeah, a lot of modpacks are still stuck on that :(
I'm trying not to use any modpacks older than 1.12
It really hampered my enjoyment of it.

Agreed. 1.12 or bust
so, tonight I'll try Dungeons and Dragons and Space Shuttles
I just made an $80 impulse purchase
I shouldn't have done that
@InvaderSkoodge I've only watched season one of stranger things and I loved it. Season 2 is good?? It felt so tied up after ssn one I had no interest in watching more
you need more skull gear. really lean into the skid
because it's a cool watch
Yeah but I shouldn't be spending that kind of money Willy nilly
Being under a great deal of stress isn't a good excuse
1:40 PM
@GnomeSlice I loved season 2. Will's performance was incredible.
That's a good point he was hardly in the first season
Man, Chrome has stopped giving me the little notification dot when there's a new message in chat
That moment when you wonder why your DLLs aren't working and then realize you built the release versions instead of debug.
@MBraedley Oh. Unless the feature you're testing is a debug-only feature, that sounds dangerous
1:53 PM
@Nzall No, I was copying the debug versions of the DLLs to the application output folder, but I hadn't built them so they were just the old versions.
@GnomeSlice They do a fairly good job of making each season finale feel... final.
@Wipqozn @Nzall There are more than a few gore-ish bits though.
There's definitely very few (if any) jump scares though, which is nice.
I'd say it's less horror and more suspense/mystery.
@Yuuki As gory as a guy getting his guts shoved through a chainlink fence with a gas canister? or tripping in the shower and getting strangled by the shower curtain rope? Or hanging on the fence of a collapsed bridge and getting cut in half by a plate of currogated steel?
Mostly blood and weird fleshy monsters.
Nothing quite so visceral.
@Wipqozn The fun part is that the second scene is word-for-word what was in the episode.
2:09 PM
@Yuuki Yeah it's great
@Nzall I mean, almost any sort of hanging is non-gory, by design
@goodguy5 The other part of getting cut in half, not so much.
Also, hello there.
@Yuuki wasn't that one of the episode nelix kept 'improving' whatever-quadrant dishes?
I mean, the Final Destination series is notoriously one of the epitomes of goreporn
@goodguy5 Not hanging as in hanging from a rope. Hanging on for dear life on the pedestrian railing of a bridge during an earthquake when a nearby car hanging over the edge gets shaken so much that a plate of corrugated steel slides off and cuts the hero in half
I'm not gonna link it here, but if you search for it on youtube, you're bound to find it
2:10 PM
@Nzall I recall, but I am referring to the shower chord
I've seen them all except the racetrack one
*shudder* the jaws of life scene is the one that I think gets me the most.
@Nzall Oh, Azshara's model is out?
@Yuuki yeah season one was definitely like a science fiction mystery with some scares
2:35 PM
@Kevin @Memor-X I made a chat room to ask someone a question that was too small for the main site, but I don't know how to get their attention.
@Nzall That was really well done lol
3:04 PM
Q: How to find out the storage consumption of a game on XBox One?

user573215Games occupy more and more memory. XBox One amount of storage is usually limited to 500GB or 1TB. Users must manage their storage wisely or extend the storage hardware. To manage wisely I would like to know how much storage the installed games occupy. How to find out? I tried to use the conte...

3:16 PM
@Nik3141 there is no messaging system on se. You could try commenting at them to get their attention
@Nik3141 What question would be too small to ask?
Q: How do I make it so that a wooden axe can break only oak logs on minecraft pocket-edition?

imnerdSo I play minecraft pocket edition, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to give someone an axe that can only break oak logs. I’ve been using this: /give @p wooden_axe 1 0 {can_destroy:”blocks”:[“minecraft:log”} but it hasn’t been working, what command should i use?

I am hooomeeee
Where it's only 25.5 C
4:02 PM
@Lazers2.0 Why did this guy delete his question?
Q: How do I get an axe that can only break oak logs? (I play minecraft BEDROCK edition)

imnerdLike I said I play minecraft BEDROCK edition, and I can’t figure out how to give a player a wooden axe that can only break oak logs. I’ve watched multiple youtube videos trying to figure it out and I just can’t, none of them work. What command do I use?

@MBraedley So he could repost it apparently
@Lazers2.0 I just had to ask, didn't I?
I'm voting to undelete the previous question, and will vote to close the new question as dupe.
@MBraedley Huh, I didn't realize we could vote to undelete an asker-deleted question
I think only mod-deleted posts can't be voted to undelete
4:17 PM
@MBraedley undeleted and first cv is cast
@goodguy5 Yeah, we might just check out the changes in 1.14. Add Inventory Tweaks and a minimap
5:11 PM
@Yuuki I was asking Mr. Fabian Roling about what Minecraft wiki page had a complete list of NBT tags with their datatypes in a tree format. Turns out it's the chunk format page.
5:23 PM
Q: Is there a level restriction on the Pokémon that can be used to battle Team Rocket?

Syeeda BriddellI have some friends who are able to use Pokémon who are 2000 CP+, but I have only been able to use my “Great League” battle combos.

6:23 PM
Q: Why do city tax value differ between title screen and county screen

user235081First image shows that income tax for city Dioclea is 6.85 while second screen shows value of 6.22 I was able to calculate city tax value using formula provided in wiki and I got value of 6.22 Also values differ for other cities as well but I noticed difference between these two values is small....

6:37 PM
Apparently some nodding from my dad today but no words. He was moved to a totally new facility downtown this morning so he's probably tired. I'm on my way to see him now. I haven't been in like four days..
I've been catching up on stuff and just... Taking time for myself
Which I feel kind of guilty about
@GnomeSlice its hard not to feel guilty about taking time for yourself when others near to you are going through difficult times, but your own mental/physical well being is extremely important.
6:54 PM
Yay. Ran into a fun problem today.
A client had a problem with their machine, and took it into a computer shop.
Said computer shop couldn't find anything wrong, but transferred everything onto a new SSD, and gave it back.
No biggie, right? Well, they imaged it. And Windows 10 still thinks it's the old hard drive.
So now whenever they use it, opening programs, taking off screensaver, whatever, it pins the drive.
Just straight up 100% usage for several seconds. Can't do a thing.
@GnomeSlice that's great news
@GnomeSlice Don't feel guilty. Think if the position was reversed. You wouldn't want your dad just spending all his time with you. You'd still want him ty find time for himself.
7:18 PM
That's true
I feel pretty messed up lately tbh
Hard to pin down solid emotions
@GnomeSlice thats completely normal given what you are going through, therefore you need to make sure you spend enough time working on mental health
I hope we all can help keep your mental health up and offer any encouragement/support you need from us
Q: I have a single player minecraft world on Xbox one, I would like to play it as a realm, does anyone know how to do this?

zorroOn Xbox one, I have a single player world I have put countless hours into, does anyone know how I can turn it into a realm?

Q: Who was the voice actor of the pilot in the Descent Freespace intro cinematic?

broAhmedRecently rewatched the intro cinematic for Descent Freespace (aka Freespace 1): I'm just blown away by the pilot's acting. I Googled around but couldn't find the actor's name. Anyone know?

Great, Node versioning fun (or lack thereof).
@GnomeSlice One thing that I've learned - you are only as good to the people you care about as you are good to yourself. If you don't take care of yourself, you're going to struggle to support the people around you. It's important for you to take care of yourself and take breaks and find peace and relaxation and joy etc. where you can.
7:35 PM
Thank you
Also, how else you gonna get that top-tier TFT icon?
7:50 PM
8:02 PM
8:23 PM
Q: Tellraw command with hoverEvent show_achievement 1.14

RowdyRhino87So, I've been searching the web for a way to get the tellraw command with a hover event of show_achievement. I've tried this command: /tellraw @p {"text":"Hover","hoverEvent":{"action":"show_achievement","value":"achievement.stoneAge"}} I'm confused, am I spelling something wrong? Should it be...

that's a $1100 certificate because. yeah. shitposting.
8:51 PM
I just made 2500 gold in WoW by selling 4 stacks of 100 of an item at 6 gold each (625G per stack) when you can buy that same item from the vendor for 20 copper
@Nzall O.o
and the best thing is, that trick shouldn't even work, because the items say right in the tooltip "sold by engineering vendors"
and if you're in Dazar'Alor as an engineer, your personal AH is literally 3 paces from the vendor
@Nzall rich people are willing to pay extra for the convenience of getting everything from AH
I'd just happily roll in the profits if I were you ;)
Yeah, I know
I'm just gonna keep that flip rolling, it's literally 300,000% profit
1 gold is 100 silver, is 10,000 copper, so 6 gold is about 3000x 20 copper
8:56 PM
That's pretty sweet
Even now, when the price has halved since when I bought them, it's still a sweet deal
Q: How do you disable custom map music?

senpaiOn other people's servers there are commands such as !stopsound and !stopmusic in order to disable custom map music being played, like on kz_ maps or ze_ maps. However, when playing on your own server, I have no access to those commands. stopsound doesn't do its job because it disables all soun...

@Nzall You're flooding the market :P
@SaintWacko Nah, you just need a TON of them for certain crafts
and they make it a lot easier to level Engineering
so while posting 6 stacks of them at once is maybe a bit much, they're really cheap to post
2 hours later…
10:36 PM
Saw my dad this afternoon, at the new hospital. No words but... I definitely saw him nod to a few things
And his right leg is moving a lot now
Q: What is the purpose of "connecting to the internet and playing online"?

NolonarFire Emblem: Three Houses finally released in my region. Upon starting a new game, I'm asked to choose between Normal and Hard difficulty, as well as Casual and Classic mode. And after that, I'm asked if I'd like the "connect to the internet and play online". From what I understand, the newest i...

11:03 PM
Q: In Dead Cells, how does your level in the different colors work with split-color weapons?

ChaosblessedI’m Dead Cells, some items belong to two of the three colors. When you have more levels in one of the two colors an item is, it becomes bigger in the icon for it. Does that mean that the damage for the weapon is only based on the higher level, or is it controlled by your levels in both colors?

Q: How do you throw your drone without going on cams?

RobbieI see a lot of people throw there drone in and then move to a safer place to use it but whenever I throw my drone I'm forced onto cams no matter what I do. What do I press to just throw my drone and not use it?

11:26 PM
@Nzall for one of the MMOs i used to play, i did a similar thing. there was a certain kind of coin required to buy some useful armor which could be farmed by repeatable quests. so I got a group of friends together and we determined a way to farm them really efficientally
we then sold them for a pretty high cost in the market, and would buy any that were sold for less and resell them for our price
kept doing that until we basically set the market and made a huge profit
11:53 PM
@GnomeSlice These are positive signs, I hope that he keeps making good progress!

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