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12:22 AM
Q: I'm an idiot and I can't feed muh horse. Wat do?

HurfDurfSo I managed to get a horse to like me. That's swell. But I can't seem to figure out how to feed horse. The horse likes me but I can't remember how that happened. I understand that I would have had to feed the horse, therefore this question is ironic. No, wait, I just remembered that I right cl...

1:16 AM
I just picked up a sparkly assault rifle in Borderland 2.
2:02 AM
Q: What 2 block tall mob in Minecraft drops the most xp?

user235097I've been wanting to know what 2 block tall mob in Minecraft drops the most XP can someone tell me the answer I'm trying to make a mob spawner XP farm on Minecraft

2:21 AM
Q: Anyone seen the new infinite Spectre glitch on Black Ops 3?

Mo AkashiToday I was playing Black Ops 3 and a dude was invisible, as in infinitely using Spectre’s ability-except there’s no sound. I can still track him with Aim Assist, so he’s not “hacking.” EDIT: This is more of a discussion. I’m new to this app, so I don’t know where to share it. Should I just sha...

3:01 AM
Q: God Of War 2018 | Kratos’ Wings

EliteKnightArmyWhat happened to Kratos’ wings after God Of War 3, i don’t see Kratos use his wings in the 2018 God Of War, so what happened to them??

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4:03 AM
Q: Are 1-Ups any good as rewards in Super Mario Maker 2?

JoshI'm looking to reward the players of levels I make in Super Mario Maker 2 for finding secret areas, getting past difficult sections, etc. In the original Super Mario Brothers series (Super Mario Brothers 3, Super Mario World, etc) the subjectively "best" reward was a 1-Up Mushroom, granting an e...

4:43 AM
Q: Trapped in an ocean Temple in Minecraft?

DanielI've found myself in a horror movie. I was exploring an ocean Temple in Minecraft, and to protect myself from Guardians, I barricaded myself in completely. However, they are still inflicting mining fatigue on me through the blocks, and they're regular enough with it that I can never run out the t...

Q: How to make farmer villagers plant other plants (mine are only planting beetroot)

Icebone1000I had a farm with a lot of variety (around 10 farmers locked on the farm, near beds and composters), but it soon became a beetroot infested farm. I think my villagers have an inventory full of beet seeds..is there a way to manage? Id rather have them planting a bit of everything. But if not poss...

4:59 AM
finally brought the last bits for my computer
anything in there people think i paid too much for? i've been told the Video Card was more than it should have been
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6:35 AM
Good morning chat
falls over and melts
@Kevin you in one of the European Countries in that heat wave
Just got into the office at 830, office still at 29C
Q: Why does this slime block auto-harvester work?

ApproachingDarknessFishI stumbled across this design by accident while trying to build a more complicated one. When the bamboo grows, the sticky piston extends, breaks the crop into drops, and the system resets and waits for the bamboo to grow again. Here are the parts I do understand: The bamboo growth causes the...

7:02 AM
Q: How to increase splash counts besides upgrading angelic radiance?

user4951My angelic radiance requires 5 skill points per upgrade and will only increase my splash count by 2 I have +14 splash count due to angelic radiance. Yet I have 23 splash count. How to improve that further? I got tons of splash skip though but those are useless because the splash skip is highe...

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8:21 AM
Q: /execute if entity but with realive coordinates?

AlessSo, I basically want to use this command: /execute if entity @p[x=-1856.5,y=122.0,z=-133.5,distance=..3.5] run tp @p ~-4 ~1 ~ but using relative coordinates to the command block instead of these specific ones. Is it possible?

2 hours later…
10:40 AM
Q: When adding new music files for levels, what exact files do I need to change and how?

Egor HansI'm working on a NSMB2 mod. Currently I'm trying to include custom music, but without replacing existing music (since I'm keeping all existing level themes while adding a few new ones). However, I have pretty much no idea how to do that. I saw mentions of a "BBID list", and while I saw some .bbid...

Q: Can Rain, Sindel or Baraka be played in MKXL

Luis RicoCan Rain, Sindel or Baraka be played in MKXL using mods? I know they are not unlockable, but they seem to have a complete move-set, so I don't understand the restriction.

11:00 AM
Q: Splash doing damage (Pokemon)

Ya Boi DanthemantisI’ve never talked about this before but, I have had splash in Pokemon actually do damage. I didn’t believe it myself but upon searching it up, as it turns out, there is a 0.5% chance that splash will insta-kill the Pokemon opposing it. I was just saying this because I hope that someone will read ...

Q: I need help with the boss. It's too hard!

Dark_DaylightSo, yesterday i found a Truffle Worm and decided to fight Duke Fishron. I had 80 defense, Leaf Wings(the strongest i have), 500 health, 1536 dps(damage per second, checked at a target dummy), and also the campfire and the heart lantern buffs. Tho, i died in less than 15 seconds, and i dealt only ...

11:37 AM
@Kevin damn, nice
we got on hackaday
everything is on fire lmao
I can't wait until I go home and prepare final stuff for our release
@SaintWacko I tried the Dungeons and Dragons and Space Shuttles modpack; I can't tell if it's hard or I had a rough spawn. The days FELT shorter, but I can't tell if that was reality or perception. It took me about 5 days to get some semblance of a base going.

Then the blood moon happened and dropped two creepers right next to me. RIP.
11:58 AM
github.com/tkashkin/GameHub/issues/289 absolute state of github
why did I read the comments
@ToxicFrog most of them are anti-war/anti-sanction so it's not that bad
Was gitea a fork of gogs?
@Kevin yes
reminds me. I should move gitdab to new server. Also should kill our code modifications bc yeah it's a pain to maintain.
@Ave yeah but there's also stuff like "since no-one has mentioned [thing mentioned two posts ago], what about [thing]?" and "its your own fault for living in a country under US sanctions, have you tried not doing that?"
12:11 PM
@ToxicFrog yeah, those people are horrible.
@ToxicFrog It's like those people saying "have you tried not being depressed?"
Guess who's back into old musical habits
Especially with everything going on. It's comforting
12:39 PM
Q: command block teleport people from [74,178,190] to a 200000 block radius away from it?

user235120I would like to make this on my server, and I cannot figure out how to do it. If you can help me, that'd be greatly appreciated.

@GnomeSlice warning: LOUD
12:59 PM
Q: Why are there no accounts in Uplink International Bank?

user235122There are some accounts in every bank in Uplink. However, there are no accounts in Uplink International Bank. During registration, player's account is created. Why don't all Uplink agents have accounts in this bank?

Q: Are there Pokemon Centers in Pokemon Go?

yoozer8In both Pokemon Go and the main series Pokemon games, I can use Revives and (various types of) Potions to revive and heal my Pokemon while I'm out in the wild. The main series also has Pokemon Centers, where I can heal all of my Pokemon without using items. However, I haven't seen any in Pokemon ...

Q: Why doesn't player have real name?

user235123Every Uplink agent has real name, which can be found in Uplink Internal Services System. But even if fourth Uplink agent data file is added, player's name is Unknown: if ( person == game->GetWorld ()->GetPlayer () ) { UplinkStrncpy ( name, "Unknown", namesize ); } Player's "r...

1:39 PM
Q: What are these red link icons?

David YellI have just updated my game and noticed that when I play some of my character skills have red chain icons with letters. I have highlighted them in the image with a pink circle. What are these icons and what do they mean?

Q: Zelda Link's Awakening: missing key

Redsam121In the angler's dungeon, one room where you need to get a key to open a door in the lower levels, the key chest does not appear. To make the chest appear, you to kill all the enemies in the room, but it never appears.

Q: Multiple enchantments in enchantment tables

posiedon9898 VoI've recently been enchanting my armor and I noticed that when I enchant an item it usually comes with another enchantment. For example, I click on projectile protection II but when I enchant it I also get Unbreaking III. I am playing in Minecraft 1.12.2 with forge and three mods. However, these ...

1:59 PM
Yeah, old people
But it doesn't surprise me that Sterno brings that up, he is the expert on that
I worked in a dark room in high school developing photos. After reading stuff linked off that question, they make it sound like I survived a death trap
In other news, I was excited by the idea of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, having never played the series, but after watching Cohh Carnage play for an hour this morning and do literally nothing except talk to NPCs nonstop while the same annoying music loops incessantly in the background, I'm not sure it's for me
2:14 PM
@Sterno I was for a bit interested in film camera but now I'm not.
Too much work
Definitely, but I wanted to give it a try.
I suppose I'll learn digital post-processing instead.
@Sterno Yeah I'm not sure either. See, I did like Persona, buuuuuuuuuuut I prefer Fire Emblem when it's just "here's the battles."
Not a fan of all the additional stuff they've added to do in between battles.
Luckily I'm just borrowing it from a friend, so I won't be spending money on it.
Go me!
@Sterno Sounds likely
@Sterno Sounds unlikely
You wouldn't download borrow a car.
@Sterno You tried
2:17 PM
Oh wait, yes you would
oh there you go
@Wipqozn As of now, real film is actually cheaper than digital starting out, but it has larger recurring costs than digital.
Digital has a lot of up-front cost, DSLRs are more expensive and post-processing software can get pricey.
@Sterno Tell that to my sister in law.
Someday they can have a movie where some incriminating conspiracy evidence is on an undeveloped film roll, and they need to develop it but can't figure out how to use such ancient technology
@Frank Give me her number and I will.
@Sterno I think that already exists.
But over time, real film will get more expensive because you'll be spending more on recurring costs like film and chemicals.
2:20 PM
@Sterno That's a long distance call if ever there was one.
@Frank He'd still do it though
There's something to be said for taking a picture and being able to immediately look at it , versus hoping it's okay and finding out a week later
Aren't long distance calls a concept that's old like real film, now?
I haven't had to worry about those in ages
I suppose I'll wait a bit more on picking up Three Houses.
2:25 PM
I still need to finish 8path and BotW before I start thinking about fire emblem.
@Sterno Depends on the carrier.
I use Koodo, so I don't have long distance charges so long as I'm calling within Canada
2:37 PM
Wait, I thought long distance charges were for calling other countries
So "I don't have long distance charges so long as I don't call long distance"? :p
Q: Use raw json in Command attribute (/setblock)

RowdyRhino87So, I'm making a machine in a minecraft server that detects if someone is holding a cake named Flying Cake and then make them be able to fly. It was working perfectly, until I realized plugin's commands can't use selectors. This is a problem because the /fly command cannot detect which player to ...

2:56 PM
@Yuuki Just read that lol
shoot me now.
I spent the last 3 days working on a distributed locking mechanism to prevent concurrent calls to a specific endpoint, and writing integration tests for it. then one of my coworkers mentioned in m pr that i shouldnt do it that way because it uses some anti-pattern and that i should do it a different way
VOIP makes paying for long distance calls seem dumb
so i spend 3 hours refactoring it all, and now it doesnt even work
3:04 PM
I want the 19-year old trainer to actually behave like one of those grizzled former players from sports movies.
Hell, just cast some 40 year old dude with a heavy stubble and dub over their voice with some 19 year old.
> An obscure law from 1917 places the moon under the purview of the Diocese of Orlando, Florida.
@Kevin nope they're for calling anything outside certain rate centres (so towns/cities and their associated outlying areas)
Q: Minecraft Ps4 edition newest version as of now

Just QI used eyes of ended to find the stronghold but it’s not there, I’ve seen people not be able to find end portal because it was over written by another structure but there’s nothing but stone till bedrock where the eyes of ended say the stronghold is.

Q: Is there anyway to increase my dedicated VRAM on HP laptop

Ecatrina SmithI am planning to buy 'The Talos Principle' game, the minumum VRAM for this game is 526 MB, my laptop has 4 GB RAM, but the dedicated VRAM is only 128 MB. Is there anyway to increase my dedicated VRAM on HP laptop? I have DirecX12. Is it possible to run the game by connecting to the TV with HDMI c...

3:28 PM
@Kevin yeah but canada is the size like 10 European countries :p
@Wipqozn You don't get charged for for calling anywhere in europe though
Changed extra rather
It's so much worse than that.
Canada is 3.85 million sqmi
all of Europe is 3.93 million sqmi
Basically, if you take out France and Spain, they're the same size.
Yeah but like 80% of Canada is uninhabited.
How many calls are you going to making from Winnipeg to Ellesmere Island?
Probably fewer than Lisbon to Warsaw.
@Yuuki did you see the dev blog about fiddle and voli reworks for next year?
cc rip @badp
@Dragonrage I'm not sure if their intended playstyle for Fiddle is going to work.
If by "ambush", they mean "he can hide in a bush and 100-0 instantly with his ult because he caught you by surprise", that's going to result in a lot of complaints and hard nerfs.
Volibear converting hard CC to self-slows would be interesting.
Although maybe problematic as well.
It would probably also make Swifties core on him.
3:42 PM
@Yuuki i mean, he already does that
the amount of times i have 100-0 adcs by ulting over a wall as fiddle is amazingly high
no one thinks to buy qss to get out of the fear
No one buys QSS period, I've found.
After Nunu, Skarner's probably my go-to jungler.
Follow-up ganks as Nunu work surprisingly well also.
depends on the elo. when i play norms, i tend to be against mid to upper plat. qss is a bit more common there
I've noticed that laners tend to assume that once you gank, you're going to back for jungle mobs and farm before a repeat gank.
I'll roll in with a snowball, force a flash, duck out, path around their wall, and follow-up gank for a kill.
@Dragonrage How early do they get the QSS though?
Because if you see a Skarner on the enemy team, you should definitely be getting a QSS second item.
Which Paragon character is the best for ganking?
Wasn't that game canceled?
Yeah, it's that over-the-shoulder camera MOBA that Epic made, right?
3:54 PM
lol yea. that was the joke
A bit of a shame, I enjoyed playing it while it was out but it had some annoying systems.
yea. shouldn't have used equipment imo
and run speed should have been even faster.
They kept making slow changes to increase the pace of the game, but it was already too little too late
I didn't like the meta-progression card system.
yes. That's what I meant by equipment
Q: how do I get resources in mobile strike

Jim DoddsWhile in the game of Mobile Strike, how do I get resources to build my base? There is an option to buy resources but I don't want to pay.

Q: how do i check if cobblestone is broken with a tool that has a certain lore?

raphaelSo i am making a world where if you use a hammer (a pickaxe with a lore that reads "hammer") on cobblestone it gives you gravel. But i do not know how to detect if a cobblestone block is broken, especially with the specific tool (i don't know much about commands) can i have some help with this? i...

4:04 PM
@Yuuki if a malz or skarner is in the game, they tend to pick one up after they complete their first item
not always, but a decent percentage do
4:18 PM
Q: Keep NBT data of placeable item

ishidex2So I'm making a map in adventure mode, and there's 2 items: Redstone (which can be placed only on specific block) and redstone wrench (which can break redstone), but the problem is when I break redstone with redstone wrench, I get regular redstone (without CanPlaceOn nbt tag) and I can't reuse it...

4:58 PM
Q: Xbox Live / PS Plus: Minimum speed requirements and data usage

John1) Microsoft minimum recommended download speeds for Xbox Live is 3 MB/s (24 mbps). What is a comparable number for PS Plus or PC gaming? 2) How much data is used to play Fortnite, Apex Legends and Black Ops 4? 3) Is my total data usage 1 + 2? or is data use from games included in Microsofts es...

5:42 PM
Rental applications are terrifying omg
But on a more positive note - wrote a new blog post, about finding joy in the small things, which is something I try super hard to do. abortretryflail.blogspot.com/2019/07/…
@Ash yeah. i just went through that. wasnt that fun
@Dragonrage Once my husband has a job it will be infinitely easier but omg just they want to know soooo much
Q: How can I take a certain amount of items from a chest using a hopper in Minecraft?

M PatelI am making a Nether wart farm with Redstone++'s capability to dispense seeds, saplings, nether warts and actually plant them. The farm works and automatically harvests and plants the nether wart. All I need to do now is restock the dispensers when they are empty with 32 nether warts from the che...

Q: How much are bottle caps worth?

yalovWhat would the value of caps be in the Fallout Shelter in-game store if their value was based on other fallout games? For example, in fallout-shelter lunchbox costs 0.99€, so if 100000 Caps is also 0.99€, that means that a lunchbox costs 100000 Caps.

Q: Unable to install Sevtech Ages Minecraft Mod

QuintonnI am trying to install a minecraft mod (SevTech Ages) on my laptop, but I don't seem to be getting it right. I've installed the latest stable version of Minecraft Forge (1.12). I copy the mod zip file (SevTech+Ages-3.0.8.zip) to the Minecraft mods folder. And then I run the Forge instance from...

Q: Is there a way to see what I wrote on the chat?

TheBionycOneI have registered into a Minecraft server, but now I don't remember my password. Knowing that this server uses the /register system, I thought about looking at the chat log in the .minecraft folder, but it only has what I have been shown and not what I wrote. Does the game register what I wrote i...

Q: My friends cant connect to my sky factory 4 server anymore

JordyI made a sky factory 4 server a few weeks ago but all of a suden my friends cant join anymore, i can connect using my ipv4 addres but not localhost or my public ip addres can some one help me. The server works fine with hamachi but not with my without. And how can i send my logs i cant use past b...

6:10 PM
New to meta. Is Lasers 2.0 a bot who only posts new questions? Thanks
Yep, it's just a feed bot
yea, I'm thinking about muting the robo jerk
That's up to you to decide, not sure why you're labelling it a jerk, but you do you.
@PausePause meta is here this is chat
we also have @Sepia Lazers who posts the meta feed
anyone recall why there is a limit on custom close reasons, or know where the link to the discussion about it is?
@Dragonrage I think it's a technical limitation.
6:19 PM
@Frank that seems odd to me. the only technical limitation i could see applying is finding space to list them
Technical as in, SE doesn't to add more beyond a point.
oh, so not technical as in server storage issues, etc
A: Are there grounds for getting an extra custom reason close slot?

Shog9Here's a graph of the off-topic reasons used during the past 20 weeks, by week: It seems pretty clear that a distinct ITG reason is needed. I don't care for the idea of lumping this in with game recommendations though; they're not that similar, and frankly the results of trying to create a rea...

I think that's our latest. SO has five custom close reasons. We could get another, if there's a real need for it.
@Frank I know you saw that bottlecap post that scored a -6. You wrote that
"This seems like an awful broad question. If you were to limit it to Fallout Shelter, there might be an objective comparison that can be made. Attempting to compare a currency in real life against that of a video game is rather outside our wheelhouse."
@Frank ty for the link
6:33 PM
Does this means that currency comparisons are prohibited on the site? I feel like it's a worthwhile question with poor writing
@PausePause Can you provide a value proposition for why it's worthwhile?
Wasn't trying to justify, just curious
There's an argument to be made for microtransaction games; there, at least, there's a line to follow that gives that comparison.
Anyway, I thought it was interesting even if it isn't in the gaming wheelhouse. i don't know any other stackexchange sites that it could be posted to
Just because a thing is interesting and tangentially related to video games, doesn't mean we're a good fit for it
6:35 PM
Fianance.stackexchange? Haha
Without that though...I'm not seeing any value; it's comparing actual currency to what are undoubtedly game mechanic pricing.
I mean, not every question needs a Stack.
@Frank fair enough
Now, the updated question could have a decent answer.
Limiting it to value in the series itself, alright.
But that invalidates your existing answer.
anyone remember where the list of sites by traffic/questions is?
6:38 PM
Interesting thought. Does this mean the edit should be rolled back because it has an accepted answer or does this mean that I need to redo my answer?
never mind. found it
@murgatroid99 What's that "this is why PHP is terrible" blog you love? I found one, but I don't think it's THE one.
@Wipqozn Probably?
@Yuuki Yes! THank you!
7:07 PM
@Wipqozn fyi, there are 310 poor souls with php gold tag badges on SO
also if anyone is interested. i posted a thing
7:24 PM
@PausePause Usually the former. That would make the question pretty unanswerable in our space, though. If you're willing to update the answer, that would solve that issue.
Warframe people, free potatoes today twitter.com/soelloo/status/1154832378742870017
Apparently the TF2 economy is crashing super hard right now.
Serious question, I don't play TF2. What are unusual hats?
@PausePause I think Unusual is a rarity.
So an unusual hat is a particularly rare.
7:39 PM
They might have special effects like flames or jiggling or something.
> Unusual quality is an item quality used on cosmetic items, taunts, and weapons. Unusual items have special attached particle effects, and are considered to be some of the rarest items in Team Fortress 2.
This reminds me of the party hat fiasco from Runescape
7:57 PM
Q: How do I destroy a pirate haven?

XenoxOne of my provinces contains a pirate haven, that regularly spawns pirate fleets. Can I destroy these old seadogs and feed them to the fishes?

8:17 PM
Q: What is the function to add a lore to a custom items in a custom loot table

SjamPart 2: So, I have created a custom fish that comes out of a custom loot table, and it took a while to get it to have a name. It turned out that there is a function called "set_name" and I could name the item. Now I want to add a lore to the item, however, I tried "set_lore" and it broke the loo...

Q: MCPE Game not full but says it is

wolfwoman1stMy grandson downloaded a world called Cobblestone Clicker, and my granddaughter and I both want to play. We have a (possibly unusual?) problem: I can join the world on my Kindle Fire gen 7; he can join on his Kindle Fire kids' 2015 device, and I can join on my Android Pie phone. However, nobo...

8:32 PM
I tried the Prey demo
It seems like the monsters are supposed to be scarier than they really are, is that just me?
They’re just weird starfish
Also why is everything a spiritual successor to System Shock
System Shock 2 isn't a spiritual successor to System Shock.
Q: What does the Drifter use motes for?

David YellWhilst playing Gambit matches the Drifter has various voice lines. "Get me those motes and I'll make you rich, brother! I promise." "Motes go in the bank, got it? And I'll make sure you get paid." What does the Drifter use motes for? How does he convert them into what I presume is Glimmer.

@Yuuki XD
I guess logically System Shock isn’t a spiritual successor to itself
@Stormblessed when you play on legendary difficulty and a mimic pops up you didnt notice, its pretty scary
8:51 PM
@goodguy5 Grux probably, but that game is dead
@Yuuki really is a shame I quite liked that game
For whatever reason I find it a lot easier to be spatially aware and plan engagements from the over the shoulder perspective than top down. Probably why I'm so much more competent at overwatch
I suck at league but I was competent at Paragon
Very competent
Q: How do you qualify for Overwatch?

ThiagoAs of 2019, how does one become eligible to do Overwatch cases in CSGO? I am currently at 142 wins & MG2. What do you need to unlock this function?

@GnomeSlice I think you know about SMITE right?
And with certain characters
Yeah I've never played it though
Maybe I should try it
I stayed playing League again... I suck
@Stormblessed The 2015 Prey? What are your impressions of the game?
Man paragon was actually a lot of fun kinda miss it
9:03 PM
@PausePause alright
Kinda boring
I tried it but I couldn't get into the groove of the game
Dishonored is better
Very nice graphics
Never played Dishonored 2. Is that worthwhile?
9:04 PM
There were quite a few characters I really liked playing
Games did take upwards of an hour though
One took me an hour and a half
League used to be that bad.
These days, the meta's a bit faster and games usually finish in 30-40 minutes.
If not faster because people flame and then turbo int.
@GnomeSlice "Int" is a term short for "intentional feeding".
Oh right
Doesn't "feeding" imply intention?
9:16 PM
Eh, you can just be playing badly.
Maybe overestimate your ability to win fights but still intend to win.
Inting is stuff like running into towers without attacking or casting spells.
I've always just known that as "feeding"
People say you're feeding if you just suck
i.e. "stop feeding" means "stop dying to that Gideon" or whatever I guess vs intentionally just throwing
It's the wheel of euphemisms, I suppose
Like pretty much every gaming terminology, it's lost its original meaning.
9:19 PM
"Doing so badly that I can't tell if you're feeding or not" -> "feeding"
So now it's "intentionally feeding"
Next it's going to be "feeding for real"
Nah, now it's "turbo inting".
This is dumb
my favorite is when you have a bronze mid laner who thinks they can 1v1 the gold/plat opponent that is 3 levels up with an additional full item completed
Or the person who tries to initiate on Illaoi.
@Dragonrage It doesn't even have to be bronze vs. gold/plat.
I was jungling one game that was totally salvageable if the midlaner who was 4 kills down against a Zed would just farm under tower.
I was pushing advantages perfectly fine top and bot lane.
And we had enough defensive CC that Zed wouldn't be able to oneshot the ADC in teamfights.
Dude ended the game 0/13/4 or something and blamed us all for being bad.
I love this conversation because I have no idea what is going on. Like even a little :P
9:29 PM
Yeah, MOBAs tend to have a high knowledge barrier. It can certainly get frustrating.
I'm chill with it, as they're not games I ever plan to play really
@Yuuki i find lower elo players are more likely to over estimate their ability to 1v1 people
I kinda wanna play jungle Poppy again.
Hmm... Do I get the new Fire Emblem game...?
10:01 PM
I heard it's very good
10:25 PM
10:59 PM
@PausePause Great game
11:38 PM
Q: a game where you control a team?

EagleEyedKillerso i remembered an online game i played about 6 years ago, which was online on a game website, on browser not downloadable, i looked through alot of places but couldnt find it, i remember alot about it, in it, you control a squad, dont remember how many people (By that i mean AIs'), it also had h...


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