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8:05 PM
What's with this "Where do I farm X?" obsession? Do any of these questions have good answers? Or is it always, "Either go to the auction house, or kill stuff and hope they drop."?
@bwarner how do i farm reps
I don't understand why this has gotten such a high amount of likes compared to dislikes:
It's just not that good.
today I learned that if I see a black dot on my screen, I'm supposed to immediately disconnect my machine from the network and call IT, because I might have a virus.
I wish I was kidding.
@RavenDreamer Probably furniture or clothes, I think you just check your inventory in Home. Haven't used home for a while
@agent86 .
8:09 PM
also, I'm not supposed to give out my passwords to anyone. So don't tell anyone that my password is qwertyuip. I'm trusting you guys.
guess I have to go home now, and call IT, and in the meantime I will play diablo 3
@agent86 Good idea.
@BenBrocka So does that mean you can @ping someone even if they're not in chat? Neato.
@nickt indeed I do.
@agent86 Not qwertyui*o*p?
@RavenDreamer yeah, if they've been here before, you can, although the autocomplete doesn't work. (at least, that's how I understand it)
8:11 PM
Hey Jane is an early song of the year contender IMO.
@RavenDreamer that's my bank password. how'd you know that?
Shark sense
(I'm a Loan Shark)
@bewarner yeah, they're bad questions by people that don't understand how Diablo works.
@Wipqozn Have you tried turning it off and on again?
@LessPopMoreFizz Spiritualized In Concert May 11, 2012 Spiritualized, led by Jason Pierce (a.k.a. J. Spaceman), has experienced agony, recovery, redemption and two near-death experiences in its 13 years as a band. Watch it explode into space-rock bliss at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C.
8:13 PM
@RavenDreamer NSWF
@bwarner it seems like they've tried to reduce the amount of "specific mob farming" in this game to an extent, from what I understand.
@LessPop_MoreFizz So can we start downvoting them to try to discourage more appearing?
but it's contest time, which means terrible contest-bait questions for everyone! yay!
@Foxtrot Not sure we're friends?
@agent86 when did diablo ever have 'specific mob farming' - other than bosses that is.
8:16 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz beats me, I was never a mouth-frothing diablo player. I think I played the previous games through on normal. once.
I've just read that they changed it in several answers now
More like people have no idea what they're talking about.
anyone an AH tycoon yet?
does stuff sell?
@NickT @bwarner is writing something up for the blog about it, and seemed to think that stuff was going for super cheap
e.g., if I put up a kinda-useless rare for a starting-bid of it's sell price to 10x that does it take?
@NickT from reading what bwarner wrote, it seems like the best way to sell stuff is to undersell the cheapest buyout price currently available
8:22 PM
yeah, but there isn't a direct comparison for most items (especially rares with 4-6x random effects)
I suppose that's true.
I honestly have very little experience with it, just going by what I've read thus far. I'll probably be poking at it more soon, though, given that I hear many bargains are waiting.
@RavenDreamer I was saying to your URL ?
Also, do I have my spells backwards for that recent post?
@Foxtrot I was making fun of your typo.
[ currently at work, so I don't have access to my game ]
@RavenDreamer ah lol
Q: What attack does the Wizard do when attacking with a spell while out of mana?

RachelI've noticed that if my Wizard runs out of mana while I'm spamming an ability that costs mana, I start shooting little white dots at the enemy which do damage. This surprised me because I would have expected it to default to my primary ability when oom, which doesn't cost any mana. What attack ...

Q: Can I abuse the Auction House to "increase" my stash size?

Nick TCan I put everything in my stash up for sale then quick cancel it before it lands on the block to give me more space in my stash? It's not as convenient (though exiting while in-town and logging back in is still fairly quick), but for longer storage it seems like it might be nice. In the "Compl...

8:27 PM
@nickt I've been selling rates for minlvl*100 like candy.
ah I just threw up some for default starting bid then 10x that BO
I don't know if that's an optimal pricing strategy or anything, but it's quick and easy and things move, more or less.
If it has a really desirable stat spread like tons of a primary stat AND magic find AND gold find AND XP, I might use a larger multiplier.
yeah, most of the better combos I'm trying to save for hand-me-downs
10x starting bid puts you in a similar ballpark TBQH.
Per my answer here:
A: What attack does the Wizard do when attacking with a spell while out of Arcane Power?

FoxtrotWhatever the users's spell that is bound to their left click is their generator spell. Such as magic missile, electrocute, etc. If you are out of mana, you do regain mana slowly but if you do not select your generator spell and try to cast a spell outside of your current mana bank - you will cas...

Do I have my spells backwards? If so I will remove my post.
8:31 PM
Well, considering none of those 4 cost arcane power, it'd be hard for that to change when they're out of arcane power.
The OP doesn't specify which bind they're using, and you can rebind everything anyway
If you spam your secondary spell (if not mixed up w/ elective) it just uses wand when OOAP, not a signature spell
Thats what I was assuming :/
@NickT thats in my answer though? (second part)
uh oh...GPU funny....
In other news:
@Lazers I'm surprised that has gotten so many up votes so quickly considering how easy it would be to test in-game.
8:38 PM
@Wipqozn I'm surprised that you're surprised. Not many tortoises are capable of surprise.
@agent86 Not many tortoises wear sunglasses either. tortoise shades
(that image is hilarious if you know who that is a picture of.)
@Wipqozn bump, set, spike
@Foxtrot yeah, the second half of your answer is right but up front it just sounds (is) wrong. If you're trying to use a spell bound to a mousebutton you can't cast due to lack of resources it just does your weapon attack
actually it just sounds like a totally irrelevant fact that confuses the issue
@LessPop_MoreFizz lol Marion Barry just can't catch a break can he?
8:43 PM
@NickT My experience has been that the auction house is totally a buyer's market right now, and you'll be hard pressed to make much of a profit at all.
That doesn't mean you shouldn't try, just don't expect much. I think 10x vendor price will end up being too high.
@NickT in otherwords, my phrasing is herp-derp ?
Anyone get the Staff of Herding yet? I'm about 32K and a Liquid Rainbow away.......
New going quantum podcast released: youtube.com/user/goingquantum if anyone here likes the dub step genre
Why does this question still exist? gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/66128/…
@bwarner 100x ilvl is still very competitive and moves in aforementioned 'buyers market' (cheaper than ingame vendors after all) and is substantially more profitable than the alternatives (scavenge, vendor)
8:52 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yah, that sounds about right. I'm guessing that ends up being lower than 10x vendor price. Of course, its hard to really say what is being successful since we don't have any stats. I'm just basing it on looking at the same types of items over a period of time.
Q: Equipped weapons of Wizards and their Durability

Christian IvicevicFor the very first time I am playing a game of the Diablo series and I started as a wizard. In the beginning I had equipped a normal wand and I found some swords and bows however I do not understand whether and why (or why not) my default magic attacks have increased damage or not based on the ...

Q: Managing multiple specs in World of Warcraft

imaginativeI am currently using Subtlety on my rogue for PvP and combat for most PvE (depending on the fight). My difficulty is I have different key bindings for both specs and constantly rebinding when I'm switching is becoming a real hassle. In addition to that, I have power auras such as Shadowdance whi...

@bwarner that's actually nearly double the 10x min bid that Nickt was talking about
Has anyone had luck with pugs in D3? I have yet to try it out. Perhaps tonight if my buddies aren't online.
@Foxtrot I puged all of act 1 normal and part of act 2, it went good until right before the witch in act 2 where the pug guy went afk and i had to solo the boss with an afk person in game, but didn't matter much since i was stopping after that anyway
9:09 PM
Damn. Finished downloading D3, but when I started installation it crahed. :(
@Blem Could you have kicked that pug?
@Eugene look in your download folder, are any of the files 0 kb in size and have a file named the same with a .part extension
@Blem yes
@Foxtrot I created the game, but since we where only 2 in the game i could not kick the other person
@RavenDreamer You get an inbox notification if they've been in the chat in the last day or something
9:13 PM
@blem hmm interesting. I have yet to do pugs. I don't see it being a problem on normal. I could always leave lol
(getting around the no ability to kick )
@Eugene delete the files that are 0 KB and try running the downloader again, if the .part files are not gone once it is done then delete both the 0KB file and the .part file and redownload them
@LessPop_MoreFizz Wait, what is ilvl? I was thinking it was the minimum level where you could use the item, so for a level 20 item that would be 2000 gold, which sounds like about what I was seeing. I assumed a vendor would give you at least 300 for that type of item.
@bwarner ilvl is the level of the item, it has nothing to do with minimum level, I don't think there is a way to see ilvl in D3
@Blem But then how is @LessPop suggesting to price at ilvl * 100 if you can't determine ilvl?
@bwarner don't know
@bwarner my guess is he ment min level for usag and not ilvl
9:18 PM
@Blem That's what I thought too. I'm familiar with the concept of ilvl in Diablo 2, but hadn't really heard it used in Diablo 3 yet.
I am pretty sure item generetion is much like D2, but ofcorse there is no information out on it yet
Well except TC is diffidently in the game
@Blem okey. Thanks.
Q: Treasure goblins portal

Andersis there a way to use the treasure goblins portal and travel where he is going? There must be more gold where is is comming from. Is it at all possible?

Q: Can I transfer characters from one region to another in Diablo 3?

IainWhen I first installed Diablo 3, it defaulted the region to "The Americas" when I am Europe-based. I didn't notice until I played for a few hours. Is it possible to transfer my characters from one region to another?

Q: Fallout3 ad-ons/mothership zeta

DRTBAGI just got the game of the year for fallout and started "MOTHERSHIP ZETA"w/ "CHARON" as a follower,but he didnt join me.hes caring alot of my stuff & hes good bkup.will I get him back & if so where??

Q: How do fractional numbers of "prizes awarded" work?

Nick T25% of the number of people who reaching various acts will be the number of prizes awarded in each class up to some limit. How will it work if a non-multiple of 4 number of people are in the bin? Rounded down? (conservative, but then if only 3 people reach Act IV, for example, nobody wins) Rou...

anyone else getting "your login information is incorrect" problems on D3? I'm pretty sure my login information is correct
@Sterno If you tell me your login information, I can see if I get the same thing.
9:24 PM
retyped my email address (which had been correct) and now it works. Weird
either that or I somehow typoed my password about 8 times :P
first legendary!
anybody need?
Very nice. But I'm a witch doctor, so no.
Kind of sucks to get your first legendary and have it be a class specific for a different class.
yep...can't even put it on for an achievement :(
9:27 PM
@IanPugsley Sell it for a bajillion gold
@bwarner legendaries also come from drops, right? or are they quest specific?
@IanPugsley what @bwarner said and I play on EU
I'm a L30 barb but I have nothing to trade
i'm considering going for the Staff of Herding
@Blem who isn't?!
9:33 PM
Bleh. Anyone have any tips for checking the auction house for gear? It's very not intuitive.
@Sterno well it is a lot of gold to throw at it this early in the game, I think a lot would rather go with 2nd tab in stash
Can't sort by bid amount, or time left, so that makes it extremely hard to find anything useful.
@fbueckert I looked once and thought screw the AH, i'm gonna level out of it fast anyway
Flawless rubies for <3k
That's a pretty sweet damage upgrade early game
I got one in my helm
9:36 PM
There's people attempting to sell uniques for a half mil. At level 15.
@Blem now part files aren't 0KB, but when I launched installer it still gave me an error. Error: The file InstallerTome2.MPQE could not be opened because an error 108 occured.
And some moron is attempting to sell a magic helmet for 10 billion. Yes, BILLION.
@Eugene the part file is where the downloader temp puts the data, that means it has downloaded something and once it has all the data it will create a file with same name but with out the .part
@fbueckert The player economy of games are always broken at launch.
9:38 PM
@fbueckert puts pinky to his lips
@JuanManuel Yes, they are dropped. Diablo 3 doesn't have set quest rewards like WoW does, at least not that I've encountered.
I played Rift at launch and the price on crafted items were terribly low.
@fbueckert I think some people were just testing to see how big of a number it would take.
Suffered from the problem of everyone just trying to undersell everyone else, and people being afraid to charge too high of a price.
I don't get what @Bwarner is talking about, using the auction house; either you wait to get what you need, and perhaps you've out-levelled it, or it's so overpriced that you can't find what you need among the dross.
9:40 PM
@Eugene what size is InstallerTome2.MPQE?
@Blem yes there are files with same name (without .part) and they are 0KB. Maybe I should try and rename myself?
@fbueckert What problem are you having? MY suggestion is pick something you want to replace, set the rarity to rare, set the level range to your current one minus about 5, and then pick your favorite attribute and put that in. Then sort by buyout and pick the cheap one you like the most.
@Blem 0KB.
@bwarner THAT's what I needed. Let's see what I can find...
@Eugene no, just delete the 0KB files, but it is most likely a problem with corrupted download and then it cant convert and you have to delete the .part file and redownload
9:41 PM
@fbueckert Never bid, just use buyout. If people don't have one, or its too high, ignore it.
@Blem should I remove all .part files or only where error pops? InstallerTome2.MPQE.part?
@Eugene I would only remove the one that gives error, you might have to do it multiple times though to go thou each file
@Blem :( Why is it happening to me... sad
@bwarner Awesome. Picked up a really good helmet. Took the vast majority of my cash, though. Ah, well.
@Eugene same thing happened to me, so you are not alone
9:44 PM
@fbueckert How much?
@Blem :(
@bwarner 3200
@fbueckert what level are you?
@Blem I thought they had beta tests. What the hell then is this?
@Blem Just hit 16.
9:45 PM
@fbueckert Ah, you didn't have much cash. =) Been giving it all to that blacksmith?
@Blem can't be a glitch.
@bwarner Yeah; I may have to stop that.
@Eugene It is corrupted download
@fbueckert The good news is when you upgrade you can sell it back to recover at least some of that.
@fbueckert once you hit level 5 blacksmith it will slow down a bit sicne you need pages
9:49 PM
...Crafting materials are worth ~20 and ~35 gold a piece. Gold received from selling magic items: 85-100. Forget salvaging, I'm selling!
Q: Can you go up into pipes using Propeller Mario's Propeller jump?

zaroseI know this may seem obvious to many, but I have had trouble going up into pipes when I've used the Propeller Jump. Does using that move prevent you from going into a pipe, or am I simply not aiming well enough?

Q: Is there any level limit for using gems?

OakI'm thinking of buying some high-quality gem from the auction house, but before I shell my money, I was wondering if there's any level limit on gems, or whether gems increase the level limits on items they are socketed in (like in Diablo II). If there is such a minimum level or some modification...

10:07 PM
has anyone read the freakin gem article for D3?
"If the current 3>1 upgrading ratio remains unchanged, then it would require 1,594,323 level 1 gems to make a single level 14 gem (3^(14 - 1)). To give you an idea how long this would take, just upgrading the gems that many times would take 664 hours of nonstop clicking, assuming you could complete one upgrade per second."
meanwhile the benefits of a level 14 gem:
"Other: +58 Intelligence
Helm: 31% Better Chance of Finding Magical Items
Weapon: Melee attackers take 1800 damage per hit." for Topaz.
that might be true, but you can find higher level gems than level 1, so it is not a big deal
Q: Dualwielding different speed weapons, why is the slower weapon graphically forced in to the main hand?

redI noticed that when wielding a fast fist-weapon in the mainhand slot, and a slower mace in the offhand slot, the game will graphically swap the mace to be displayed in my monks right hand. Is this the effect of some mechanic so that the skills will hit harder since the damage-range of the slower ...

"Gems can be found at levels 1-5, and with a maximum level of 14, the process of upgrading a gem all the way to the top should be a very long term project."

"The maths isn't quite as daunting if you assume you'll be upgrading level 5 gems; it only requires 19,683 level 5 gems to make one level 14 gem."
"only 19683"
...I think I just heard a death...burp?
@StrixVaria newest BS combo - Mortar Horde :(
10:23 PM
@IanPugsley I just fought a Mortar Jailer.
That was interesting.
ffs, wtf is with these mobs that are hitting me like I'm in melee range but they're so far away
@NickT Late act 2 tongue guys?
fatal animations/graphics mismatch
first there was the arcane guardian in some ruins in act II, now it's some spinning rare mob in more later ruins
@IanPugsley this might interest you.
they spin but I'm across a chasm and they still damage me; wtf?
10:27 PM
@Krazer lol goofy
@IanPugsley My sole goal right now is to get to the secret level and obtain this piece of awesomeness
@Sterno We didn't wanna play with you anyway
@OrigamiRobot Right when I clicked on my wife's name, it disappeared and yours appeared instead!
what the fuck is killing me
I'm hearing what sounds like melee damage but the guys I'm fighting are ranged throwing fireballs at me
10K well spent; two weapons and a belt.
10:44 PM
@NickT Duh, it's magic.
10:55 PM
I think this and this can be merged into one question. They are slightly different, but I see no reason to split the information into two questions.
stackable items (gems, pots) should also auto-loot when you run ovre them
11:13 PM
Q: What conditions can be broken?

Ian PugsleyCertain abilities (e.g. the Wizard's Mirror Image) can break conditions. In testing this, I discovered you can break at least Freeze, Root, and Snare. I assume there are conditions that I can't break, so what conditions is is possible to break?

Q: Which other skills complement Chakram?

spugsleyChakram is a secondary mouse skill used by the Demon Hunter class in Diablo 3. The attack is essentially an onslaught of spinning blades that cover a large area fairly quickly while hitting multiple enemies. While the Chakram attack is spiraling towards my opponents, I can use other skills in bet...

@OrigamiRobot I agree
@OrigamiRobot as do I, Which one do we vote to merge?
HI @CruelC.....WAIT...I'm a different robot now.....
@James The newer into the older? IDK how merging works.
@OrigamiRobot </3
does anyone else have a weird problem where the inside of their ear starts to hurt like a bitch after wearing headphones too long?
11:23 PM
@OrigamiRobot Neither do I but just from the wording it would seem that to be true, the newer one does look like a sub thought of the first one in any case
like ear infection hurt
@spugsley Depends on the headset I am using but yeah
That is why I have around the ear headset instead of on/in the ear
@James Well, it sucks and I can't make it stop
11:24 PM
Woo. Power has returned!
@spugsley Do you have on the ear or over the ear??
@James on the ear
just kidding, over the ear
@spugsley I would say that is the likely culprit then.. I was able to use the sport headsets which kind of just hung on the ear as well, but.. well :P
@spugsley That's normal, you've had pressure on your ears for an extended period of time.
@GnomeSlice Apparently she hasn't :P
11:28 PM
@James How does one even vote to merge?
@OrigamiRobot I think duplicate and then flag to a mod?
(Duplicate usually says answers should be merged blah blah, and I think that is a mod thing they can do or request to have done)
@James Over the ear headsets put pressure on your ears too.
If only there was a mod in this chat room reading this cough cough :P
@GnomeSlice Shouldn't unless improperly fitted, they are meant to rest on the side of your head and just cover your ear, not touch it.
@OrigamiRobot @agent86 this
11:30 PM
Oor @RavenDreamer How do we get a question merged :)
@James It's still not a natural thing for humans to have things stuck on the sides of their heads, it's the same thing with wearing a hat for a very extended period of time, you start to feel uncomfortable after a while.
@James All merging a question does is combine the answers. Niether of pugs questions has answers yet, nay?
@RavenDreamer Also, when is that game releasing?
@GnomeSlice Do not yet know
11:32 PM
@RavenDreamer =[
@RavenDreamer Oh, LOL! Well there is the answer @OrigamiRobot, lets just VTC as Dupe on the new one then? Add in a comment to add the tidbit to the other question?
@James "But they aren't technically dupes!" blahblahblah
...Is one of you 'silver blaze brony' on Newgrounds?
@GnomeSlice I am.
@OrigamiRobot asdasdasdadswhy
11:34 PM
@GnomeSlice Because lying is fun.
@OrigamiRobot Hmmm.. One wants a list of abilities that can not be broken out of and the other a list of abilities that can break you out... Maybe they are just closely related then and can both co-exist?
@GnomeSlice Words of advice, never take advice from someone on the internet.
@James Oh, I definitely think they should be combined into one question. I was just pre-quoting the naysayers.
@James What? Who was talking about advice?
@OrigamiRobot cuz they aren't dupes
@OrigamiRobot @GnomeSlice
11:36 PM
@James ...He wasn't giving me advice.
I'm confused, lol.
@Ullallulloo They aren't dupes, I give it that, but they do look like two parts of a single whole question.
42 mins ago, by OrigamiRobot
I think this and this can be merged into one question. They are slightly different, but I see no reason to split the information into two questions.
I know they aren't dupes.
It's just splitting the info for no reason, IMO.
@OrigamiRobot k, Get ahold of @IanPugsley and ask him to hand merge the questions :)
@James I did that before he even posted and he said "Let the community decide."
@James I disagree that they should be merged (and merging is different that deleting one and combining bits)
also @OrigamiRobot you should be getting food
11:38 PM
So that's what I'm doing.
@OrigamiRobot Yeah, I think nothing is going to end up happening :)
@OrigamiRobot I know. They would be fine together, but there's no real basis to merge them.
Q: Is there any advantage to leveling more than one character of the same class in Diablo 3?

Mr. NovemberI've noticed in the achievements that there's one for each class for leveling 2 Heros of that class to 60. Is there any advantage to doing this is or is it simply for the achievement's sake?

@Ullallulloo I think one answer could easily encompass both and thus be a stronger answer than having them separate.
11:43 PM
@spugsley :O
@spugsley spugsly pls
y u so angry
@GnomeSlice He wants to go to Taco Bell. He was supposed to leave 15 mins ago. HE IS CUTTING IN TO MY DIABLO TIME
@GnomeSlice I am already DONE eating. I am waiting for him O_O ARGGGHHH
@spugsley Leave without him.
I fucked up that edit.
@spugsley I think you are looking for this: ಠ_ಠ :)
@spugsley (✌゚∀゚)☞
11:45 PM
@James you're right :)
@spugsley Happy to help :D
@GnomeSlice And I thought I was cynical. I am sure she has a perfectly well though out back story
@James She certainly has a well thought out back side.

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