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9:02 PM
@FAE I think it can be saved if he puts more detail into his question (which he has done to some degree in the comments).
@RavenDreamer other carries don't have stun/slow/etc. abilities. — ashes999 3 mins ago
Like that.
I think if he provided more detail about what he wants in a hero it would work. It would be similiar to a build question, wouldn't it?
@Wipqozn Not really, it's more like champ-rec
(so what?)
@FAE The question is subjective, but I'd say it's good subjective. Or at least it would be if he added more details.
I really don't see any sizable difference between this and build questions.
I agree that in it's current form it should be closed.
@Wipqozn It's soliciting opinions for champions that people think would match their criteria.
but I feel like there is a good question in there.
9:08 PM
@FAE It's not really *-rec if there's a set list of options, there's only what 30 champions.
@RonanForman 90+
@RonanForman I disagree.
@FAE Wow.
Game-rec would still be game-rec if only 30 games existed.
Aaaand it's closed.
9:09 PM
mhm I noticed
I was going to cast a close vote but raven beat me to it.
I think there is potential for a good question hidden away in there somewhere, but it's currently not a good question.
Oh snap. There must be a bird outside. MY cats got that look in her eyes.
@Wipqozn I disagree. The kernel of the question there is "I like X, what else do you think I'll like?" I don't see a lot of room for "good subjective" in there.
Not in what we accept on the site at least
@FAE I agree, just I don't know. I just got this nagging feeling that there is a way to salvage it.
but oh well
There's not really anything substantial outside of that that you could focus on.
I'm sure the OP will be satisfied with just an answer via chat
So not a big deal
> other carries don't have stun/slow/etc. abilities
It looks like he has specific things he wants, he just needs to include them in his question.
That would still be a little iffy.... but I think with some more work it could be a solid question.
hm, annoying. My logitech mouses USB cord no longer seems to be working.
@Wipqozn That doesn't change it from "tell me what you think I'll like" though, it just makes it more granular, which still isn't a question that we'd accept here. This isn't about builds at all in LoL. It's simply "I like X." You can see in the existing comments why this is a problem.
9:21 PM
@FAE Aren't LoL characters essentially just builds?
@Fluttershy Sounds like you.
I should include a disclaimer I don't play the game.
@Wipqozn No.
@FAE Okay then.
@Wipqozn And I know, and I'm trying to explain how this still wouldn't work in a way that you'll grok it and I seem to be failing.
9:23 PM
okay. I think I know what I'm thinking.
To me, it feels liek the question could be turned into something like: "What character is a good stunner?"
In fact, that's exactly what I'm thinking.
@Wipqozn This would still be a poor question to ask because it'd likely invite "one champ per answer" answers, which would have the inaccurate voting scheme problem.
You'd probably need to include a bit more details to define 'good'.
@FAE I think that would be more a problem with users providing terrible answers than the question being bad.
but I do understand what you mean
I'm certain it would draw such answers.
Q: How many Buildings or Units can be stacked before they reduce their efficiency?

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Q: How can I switch Soldiers after I switched to one not beeing in command?

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but I don't like the idea of shutting down a quesiton on the grounds of "Sorry, but users are going to provide shitty answers to this question. We need to close it."
@Wipqozn This would also be terribly subjective to try to define. What's a "good" stun? 1.5s? Longer? How many stuns does a character need to have to be "good"?
9:27 PM
2 mins ago, by Wipqozn
You'd probably need to include a bit more details to define 'good'.
I'm aware.
I just don't know enough about the game to give good context.
like, uh okay.
Let me try this...
@Wipqozn That's... actually a big part of the reason game-rec was closed, you know, the answer problem. Questions that can't have good answers in our Q&A system cause issues.
@FAE There's a difference between can't and won't though.
game-rec can't get good answers.
one sec though
let me try to form this question in a more concrete form, to see if it better conveys what I'm trying to say.
@Wipqozn It's a poor question, and given that you lack the game context that would make it clearer, I'm not really feeling like I'm getting anywhere trying to explain myself, so I'm just going to stop now.
@FAE I understand what you're saying, and I agree it's a poor question, I just feel like there is a way the OP can salvage his question (with a lot of work).
@Wipqozn I just don't understand your basis for that assertion given your lack of contextual information.
It'd be like me trying to fix a seemingly broken Skyrim question into something workable. I just can't do it, I don't know how, as I don't know the game's limitations.
9:32 PM
@FAE Well, I'm not trying to fix it per say, as much as trying to suggest a way someone could fix it :P I no longer care about the question itself, I doubt the OP would want to put any work into it. I'm just debating for the sake of it now.
@Wipqozn I see. Given that I'm rather frustrated because I was genuinely trying to explain my POV here, not just debating "for the sake of it", which is something I very much do not enjoy, I'm going to discontinue this discussion then.
@FAE emphasis on "anymore"
I was before.
but now I'm just trying to get this point out that I have in my head.
well no not a point
but I have something in my head, and I'm trying to formulate it.
hm, yes. formulation of the head stuff.
I am familiar with this.
I'm just going to make a starcraft 2 analogy for my point. becaause I can't do anything with LoL.
Also, my apologies if I frustrated you @FAE. That was not my intention.
@Wipqozn I don't play SC2, so that wouldn't help me understand where you're coming from, unfortunately. And apology accepted.
9:40 PM
Yo know, the more I think about it, it occurs to me that the question I'm trying to come up with is a completely different question.
@Wipqozn That question was the Starcraft equivalent of "I like marines. What other units can I make that are like marines?"
LoL equivalent.
@Mana Yeah, it is, but I'm just trying to say I feel like there is a way to turn it into a good question. but it occurs to me that doing so would just be a whole new uestion.
"I like MArines because they are cheap, and really effective at defending against most enemy attacks. However, I find they often have a lot of trouble dealing with situations where the enemy attacks with mass Mutalisks. What other units offer cheap and effective protections against enemy attacks, but are also able to defend against Mutalisks?"
I'm not saying any of that is true.
but that's kind of what I'm getting at
....but that's really a whole different question.
You might as well ask at this point "How do I defend against mutalisks when I don't have marines"?
9:44 PM
@Mana yeah, exactly.
which is different from "marines are pretty cool, what else is like them"
Yeah, I agree.
I was just making mental connections in the back of my mind, so it was bugging me.
The main thing to note is that if there's no immediately obvious way to salvage a question, it should be closed prior to discussion of salvaging.
@Mana Oh I agree. hence why I went to close vote it (but raven beat me to it)
> but I don't like the idea of shutting down a quesiton on the grounds of "Sorry, but users are going to provide shitty answers to this question. We need to close it."
That seems to imply you weren't going to close vote it.
9:48 PM
@Mana ??? in which way?
@Mana No, no.
okay, first let me rephrase.
I originally wasn't going to because it seemed fine as it was, after abit of talking with fae I realized it was bad in its current form. I went to close it, but raven already did.
Also, when I made that statement I didn't really mean with regards to that question.I was just addresses FAE's statement in a general sense.
RES sync a pro feature?
Couldn't they make whatdoiknow the dashboard or whatever crappy plugin
I don't think a question should be closed because users will post shitty answers, but because that's the only answers which could be posted (According to our standards)
9:50 PM
rather than, uh, sync
@badp I'll make your face the dashboard.
@Mana you're the face
@badp oh, SHIT.
@Mana you're the shit
Although I think FAE meant the latter, and I just misunderstood her.
9:51 PM
@badp aww thanks.
@Mana no problem maaaaaan.
(INB4: I'm the problem.)
@badp It's not you, it's me.
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@Ullallulloo, @IanPugsley Once you two accept the friend requests, I'll send Orion your way.
10:17 PM
Q: What's the best video game for becoming a better singer?

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@RavenDreamer yes, what about it?
Can't decide if its kosher for our site or not.
It isn't :(
It's still a game-rec
Oak pwned it accordingly
Sorry, looks very very game-reccish to me... just re-read it and still seems so
What makes you think it's borderline?
@Oak I think you could maaaaaaybe make a case for it if the OP were to edit it to compare objective qualities between certain games, like Rock Band vs. Singstar vs. Lips.
But we seem to have cracked down on comparison questions as well, so I dunno
10:23 PM
Q: "come back later" error from Steam when trying to play Skyrim

cAROLLANWhen I try to play Skyrim, I get an error from Steam saying that the game is not available at the moment, and I should try again later. What's going on, and how can I solve this?

@FAE I dunno... still feels like a fancy game-rec. "Which game is designed in a way as to promote real-world singing training" still starts with a "which game" phrase.
What happened to the OpenId log in?
@GnomeSlice should be working
At least, it does for me
@Oak Log out. It's not even an option any more.
@GnomeSlice I don't want to log out if I wouldn't be able to log in again :)
10:27 PM
@Oak You can still log in with other credentials...
What, you mean the MyOpenID login?
@TimStone Yeah.
A: unable to log in using myOpenID.com

Geoff DalgasDue to the many issues we have seen with myopenid.com we no longer can recommend them as your primary login provider. If you currently have a myOpenId account we would highly recommend adding another login method using StackExchange, Google, or Facebook. There are some helpful instructions on o...

@Lazers sometimes it's obvious when people do not even take a glance at the preview area when asking a question.
(it's still there, just click the more options link)
10:29 PM
How do you 'add' one with Stacekxchange? I tried at some point last year and couldn't figure it out.
Click the "my logins" link in your profile, and then the "add more logins" link in the dialog.
Huh, it says I have one.
No idea what it is.
If you're specifically interested in creating a Stack Exchange OpenID account, I have a relevant Meta answer.
@Oak Aye, the "fancy game-rec" issue is why some people brought up the game comparison questions to close.
@TimStone It says I have one already... weird...
10:33 PM
Huh. It should be based on your email address; you can reset your password if necessary by following the link in the dialog.
yawns Ugh, time to drive home.
11:01 PM
oh god
- Added ability to add custom colors in chat messages. Use either:
 - \x07 followed by a hex code in RRGGBB format
 - \x08 followed by a hex code with alpha in RRGGBBAA format
oh god no
@badp I don't understand that. =[
@GnomeSlice \x07FF0000 LOOK MOM I CAN TYPE IN RED
\x07 FFFFFF aaiaia
It... doesn't work?
/x0700FF00 This should be green?
@badp this doesn't do anything...
To clarify: Players cannot use the custom colors. They are for plugin/mod authors.
@GnomeSlice this is TF2
@badp next time, explain when it's a game, please.
11:04 PM
@GnomeSlice eh? have you ever seen a chat changelog?
I haven't
Typically @balpha just whoops in and wows us
So? Just say 'TF2', lol.
Oh. Dino Beatdown has online co-op? interesting.
Although I'm still not sure exactly what it is.
Probably fighting dinosaurs.
Judging from the trailers. Many humans vs few dinosaurs.
By the sounds of the internet the game is buggy, and not really finished.
Doesn't surprise me.
11:11 PM
@GnomeSlice You just got it gifted; you can try it out for yourself.
@fbueckert Eventually. I have to finish downloading it first.
Heh. I've gotten 80 extra rep today, and it all came from bribing @Ianpugsley
@fbueckert ...what?
Hey guys, remember the Space Quest kickstarter I mentioned the other day? We just released a playable prototype: kickstarter.com/projects/spaceventure/…
4 hours ago, by Ian Pugsley
@fbueckert which is? (here's my profile)
@Wipqozn And yes, this game is fairly buggy. Graphics could use a tune-up, but it's not bad.
Sorta like dinosaur survival.
11:22 PM
Q: What does it take to unlock the Deceiver trait?

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Q: How do I minimize Notoriety?

fbreretoI'd like to make sure my disease stays out of the immunization research phase as long as possible. What does it take to make sure Notoriety stays at a minimum?

@fbueckert Awesome, thanks. :)
11:37 PM
@Ullallulloo Gifts away
@fbueckert :) :) :)
@Ullallulloo As @Wipqozn said earlier, it's still pretty buggy; I tried to find a game to join, and it couldn't find any servers at all.
@fbueckert It's also extremely new to Steam.
11:54 PM
Bah! Stupid ISP!
@Fluttershy pokes it with large sharp sticks
Oh hey! Minecraft for XBLA released!
@Fluttershy Raptr offered me a free copy.
I'm not sure how easily I could give it away.
But I don't have an Xbox.
@Ullallulloo They should just give you a code to redeem.
@Fluttershy Wait, you probably got it too, right?
11:58 PM
@Ullallulloo I'll have to check. One moment.
eh, looks like they ran out. =/
I did not get one, then.

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