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7:00 PM
@fbueckert I would very much like it
I also have an extra copy of A Bunch of Heroes if anyone wants.
@IanPugsley It's yours, on one condition.
It's so good being able to download a game at faster than 230 kb/s....
Anyone who enjoys Nethack might be interested in this graphical update mod for the game.
@Wipqozn It's not listing games, it's listing versions of a game.
7:01 PM
Q: How to detect wolfstein 3D secret area?

DrakeIt has been passed many years since the last time I played to Wolfenstein 3D. Is there a visual trick to detect secret area or should I try to press open on all walls?

Q: Longes Journey continuation status

eduardohlDoes anybody has any idea regarding the continuation of Longest Journey? I"ve already researched but on the developers blog and wikipedia it says just that there will be one, but it's been quite a while now...

It's a catalog question, with these criteria:
- Sonic 1
- Unlimited Continues
- Flexible Save System
- Passwords
It's not a different game either, just a mod, apparently.
@Ullallulloo It's the same thing.
Ooh figures.. Messages showing up when I have to go to lunch
7:02 PM
@fbueckert which is? (here's my profile)
A: What is a good strategy for finding and rerolling charms?

fbueckertSimple steps Step 1: If you know what sort of charms you are looking for, you can use the charm affix list. This will give you the item level requirements for your specific charm. If you are looking for both a prefix AND a suffix, take the highest item level. Your character's level must be at...

Accept the damn answer! :P
@fbueckert lol
I've put a crapton of work into that. :P And it's just been languishing there.
@fbueckert sorry about that, I'll make it up to you :P
(I thought about putting the "the answers provided do not give enough detail" as the bounty description, just to mess with you)
7:05 PM
AFK a bit, Leave me an @ if you want one of those games.
Also, now that it's close enough that it's certain there won't be a delay... I've made Diablo 3 next weeks Game On Games
@IanPugsley No worries. I would've gifted it to you regardless.
@IanPugsley Ok, that's going above and beyond. I just wanted an accept, not a bounty!
@fbueckert too bad!
@fbueckert Now you have to find a random answer by @IanPugsley and award him a bounty back...
Ensign-1 looks like it's going to be sweet.
7:16 PM
@GnomeSlice Sounds sorta like the X series
@GnomeSlice I think this would make me dizzy...
@Fluttershy Why?
@GnomeSlice I get dizzy easily...
@Fluttershy What about this
@Fluttershy spins you around
7:17 PM
@AshleyNunn desura.com/games/tagimoto Something you might like.
@GnomeSlice Possibly. Hell.. I get dizzy from the Game of Thrones intro.
@FAE Nooooo!
@GnomeSlice I dont even care that it says for chidlren
it looks awesome
I have no idea what kind of game it is.
But the user reviews are positive.
@Fluttershy Mwahahaha!
7:19 PM
@FAE You are always so mean to me.
@Fluttershy I told her yesterday she was terrible.
@Fluttershy You know you love it.
@FAE I guess that just depends on the circumstances, eh?
@Fluttershy Like there's circumstances you wouldn't enjoy.
7:22 PM
@FAE He does like his clopfic.
@FAE Too bad there's an ocean between us, and we'll never know. =P
@Wipqozn @_<
@Fluttershy You could be like @Raven and try to fly to me!
That will be funny forever. Forever.
@FAE Is that a cyborg?
@FAE pictures @Fluttershy with cardboard wings
7:23 PM
@FAE He has a job. I do not. lol
@Fluttershy You're a Pegasus though, right?
@Ullallulloo That would solve the problem....
@Ullallulloo Yes.
@Fluttershy See, there's no excuse now.
@FAE Why would a shark need to fly across an ocean?
7:26 PM
Q: Can I forcibly change where iTunes keeps my mobile applications?

GnomeSliceFor the past few days I've been trying to move my iTunes library to an external hard drive, so that when I get a new PC in the future (as I'm doing right now), it's not a nightmare to get everything onto the new machine. This, of course, means that it's a nightmare to get it all onto the externa...

Please halp... =[
@Wipqozn To see me, of course.
@FAE That is to say he could just swim.
Oh holy crap Wilton makes a Darth Vader cake pan
I want it
@Wipqozn Maybe he likes the view!
7:28 PM
Okay, what the hell happened to my apps in iTunes...
@FAE He's secretly a bird inside.
@FAE I'm pretty sure the the view under the ocean is more beautiful than clouds.
@FAE I have a wing power of 2.4. I would be fifty by the time I flew there. And I would be tired, and need a good massage.
@Wipqozn I guess it depends on what you find the most beautiful.
maaan, I want to go diving.
but I'm pretty sure I'd die
7:29 PM
@Fluttershy I have strong hands and have been told I give excellent massages.
@Wipqozn I'd love to do that
@Wipqozn I think by 'view' she meant something else.
@FAE I'm from the Show Me state...
@Wipqozn I like the idea of diving....but my brain would, likely, literally pop.
@Fluttershy Is that really Missouri's motto?
I'm pretty sure my ears would burst if I tried to go diving.
7:30 PM
@Fluttershy O.O
I'm really sensitive to pressure.
@FAE It really is.
@GnomeSlice I have plastic tubing in my brain/body - dont think it would do pressure well
Is this your state's anthem?
7:31 PM
@GnomeSlice Oh, this song XD
Okay, there is another way. Instead of moving just the media folder, you should move the entire iTunes directory onto the new harddrive. Here's the trick, quit iTunes and open it up while holding the option key. You will be prompted to Choose an iTunes library select your itunes folder and that should work. — sm11963 1 min ago
@GnomeSlice Are we playing identify-this-state?
Does anyone here know much about iTunes
I really don't want to undo all of the work I've done so far trying what this guy says, even though I'm fairly certain it's what I did initially.
Rah, I can't even downvote his answer...
Why don't people like Dolan :(
7:41 PM
@Mana I've never heard of it
Wow. Restoring from a 'Steam Backup' just redownloads the games. You can't even do it in offline mode. What the fuck was the point of that.
@Mana No.
@Mana ah, okay. I understand why people don't like it now.
@GnomeSlice I've personally used the Steam Backup and have had it install the games from backup
7:43 PM
@Fluttershy You post ponies, I post dolan
it's the way the world works.
@Mana You keep posting Dolan, I will resort to posting clopfic.
Some games don't have a delta update/auto-update so they redownload the entire game
@tiddy Won't let me do it in offline mode. And it's just downloading them.
I know any update to Company of Heroes was a full 11gig download
@Fluttershy that won't end well for either of us. or anyone in this chatroom. so I guess I must.
7:44 PM
or whatever
It actually says 'you can't restore from a backup in offline mode'.
@Fluttershy prepares full strength brain bleach
I'm trying to move my steam games to a new computer.
This clearly isn't the way to do it.
@Mana Ponies: 1 Mana: 0
7:44 PM
@Wipqozn score's higher than that.
@Mana True.
Ponies: 12048235342095834958 Mana: -1
@GnomeSlice Just copy the steam directory
@RonanForman The what?
@Mana what the hell am I reading
7:46 PM
Anyway, I'm also trying to get my fucking iTunes library to move and actually work.
Apropos of nothing, nutella bacon.
@BenBrocka dolan
@GnomeSlice That's I've done it.
When you buy a retail copy of a Steamworks game, the entire content of the disk is just a Steam backup, so that definitely works.
@AshleyNunn :d yum
> STEP 1: Dip bacon in Nutella STEP 2: Enjoy
@Ullallulloo I am not sure if it would be goood or really freaking weird
7:56 PM
I can probably do that!
@AshleyNunn Both.
@Ullallulloo Fair enough
I'm so upset about this right now.
NOTHING is working
Q: N.O.V.A. 3 iPad 1 performance

std''OrgnlDaveI've been a bit frustrated, it seems nobody who owns an original iPad and posts on the internet has gotten N.O.V.A. 3. The multiplayer performance on the iPod 4 is supposed to be bad, so I was wondering if someone here might be able to chime in. How is the performance of N.O.V.A. 3 on the origina...

@Fae ! Woo! I did it! I got the no pollen trophy!
It only took me.... hours!
@AshleyNunn So is the white stuff sprinkled over it the bacon or the nutella?
8:00 PM
@GnomeSlice Try making a new backup?
Hmm.. maybe its the Enjoy part of the steps :)
@Ullallulloo It took it a day before.
It's not an error.
@James I don't know....salt, maybe?
@James yes. That must be it
And unrelated to that, I have just discovered that PS3 controllers are, in fact, wireless.
8:01 PM
It's just Steam. Why would anyone need to actually have the files to reinstall from when they can just redownload 400Gb?
Or however much it is.
I think it's like 40.
@AshleyNunn Haha, I have to get me some sprinkle-able (is that a word!?) enjoyment :D
@RavenDreamer welcome to the exciting, untethered world of 2006
@RavenDreamer :P
8:03 PM
@James It can be a word if you like it to be :)
@GnomeSlice It might be easier to just plugin in the harddrive to the new box, hard copy the files over, and then set steams directory to your new location
Definitely faster
@GnomeSlice Well, if it's redownloading everything, there must have been an error backing it up, copying it, or a new update came out since you backed it up, and the game is inefficient with them.
So my idea is this: connect old drive, hard copy, then -> support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?p_faqid=231
No it's not a specific game.
It says 'You cannot perform a Steam restore in offline mode. Please connect to the internet to continue' or something similar.
@GnomeSlice Do they all try to redownload?
@GnomeSlice You can't.
8:05 PM
@Ullallulloo So far.
Steam's DRM first.
@AshleyNunn It will suffice until I can think of a new one, but chrome didnt underline it to warn me like it normally does :D
@James Tricksy thing.
@RavenDreamer Also of note regarding PS3 controllers: they don't need plugged into the PS3 to charge
Any USB power source works
This avoids sitting a foot away from the tv to play when charging using standard cable
You just blew my mind again.
8:12 PM
@RavenDreamer Congratulations!
I'm surprised you were able to last that long in one go.
@FAE Does he have an issue with stamina? Poor guy.
One more close vote...
Q: Is there any original Sonic the Hedgehog 1 version featuring unlimited continues or save/password system?

sarmackieOriginal Sonic the Hedgehog (the 1991 Mega Drive version) is a fun game, but it does have some significant design problems by modern standards. For me, a person with very mediocre platforming skills, a probably the biggest problem is the complete lack of any kind of save/password systems, while b...

@FAE Well you know how it is. Go at it for a few hours, break to sleep, come back and finish up the next morning.
Also I took a break midway through to have lunch with my grandparents.
@RavenDreamer It's always better in the morning.
@RavenDreamer Sounds like a bit of a mood-killer.
@Wipqozn I was like what the crap why are you hugging me ahhh
then I clicked the link XD
I do what I can. I do not think that is a good question.
@AshleyNunn I admit getting hugged by Wipqozn is not a pleasant experience
8:19 PM
It's not. It's just a catalog question with a very narrow scope.
@badp It is very startling, for sure
@Wipqozn yup
@badp you're just jealous because I haven't given you a hug recently. hugs badp
@FAE And now I go... grocery shopping.
Later y'all
whew... well at least it isn't a brohoof
8:21 PM
@badp brohoof
@badp You had to mention it.
@AshleyNunn it's relatively mild compared to other things
@badp This is true
whew, okay, baby's done got borninated last night
@agent86 Hey, congratulations!
8:26 PM
grats @agent86
unless you meant "burninated"
@agent86 Hurrah! :D
then... uh...
still running around like an idiot doing stuff, but everybody's healthy and reasonably happy
@badp I kinda read it that way..
@agent86 I didn't even know you were pregnant! Congrats!
8:26 PM
with an O people, an O
@agent86 Awesome, glad to hear it.
thanks everybody :)
@Wipqozn why is mario....
@Fluttershy O.O
8:28 PM
@Wipqozn This just reminds me of what @Sterno said earlier...
@Fluttershy Which was?
please, don't remind me.
My first mod-removed comment! <.< Hopefully my last.
@Fluttershy Congrats. gives cookie
@PeterGrace You might want to avoid looking at the starred list then.
8:30 PM
@AshleyNunn Mmm cookies
@AshleyNunn I love cookies!
@FAE gives you a cookie too
@Wipqozn I have no idea what you're talking about. >.>
8:30 PM
damn it. I want cookies now.
@Wipqozn How does this relate to what they were talking about.
@Wipqozn offers cookie
@Wipqozn I have cider today!
I am happy
@AshleyNunn YAY
@FAE That is a cause for happy
@GnomeSlice How doesn't it?
8:31 PM
@AshleyNunn It is!
It's my "celebration!" video.
@FAE Yayyyy for being happy!
@GnomeSlice still having iTunes trouble?
Also, I hope you all realize every time I share that video I watch it. Normally twice.
8:33 PM
@AshleyNunn YES
Same with epic villain laugh. I've actually had that laugh stuck in my head before.
I should listen to that.
@GnomeSlice oh, that's sucky
@Fluttershy I heartily concur.
@FAE Being happy is a good feeling. I'm pretty happy myself, today.
Today is just a good day for happy
8:38 PM
@AshleyNunn Everyday is a good day for happy.
@Wipqozn 9/11/2001 wasn't a good day for happy.
@Fluttershy Happy wrecker
@AshleyNunn =(
@Fluttershy Depends on your perspective, really. I'm pretty confident that some crazy zealots were very happy on that day. :(
@Fluttershy ...must...resist...urge...to make 9/11 joke...
8:39 PM
@AshleyNunn Happy wrecker
@Fluttershy I shall share in your happy.
@RESPAWN oh thank zeus. I was hoping o make a joke like that. Now that you've said ti you've gotten it out of my system.
@FAE Then we shall be happy together!
@Fluttershy No! Not Fluttershy crying! I'm sorry!
8:40 PM
@Fluttershy \o/
@AshleyNunn You are forgiven. =P
rather enjoyable. I've listened to it more than once.
@Fluttershy ohgood
@Wipqozn I'd like to be a tree.
@Fluttershy I bet you would.
8:41 PM
@Wipqozn Well, somebody had to say it.
@Fluttershy so... much... cute...
@FAE I'm pretty cute, what can I say.
@Fluttershy And.....I just died of cute overload.
bursts into flames...............
8:44 PM
@Fluttershy This is true!
@FAE =3
And on that, I leave you. Until tonight, Bridge. Goodnight, and good luck.
@Fluttershy night
Q: Champion Similar to Ashe

ashes999Ashe is a fun champion to play; she has strong offense, mid or weak defense. Her abilities focus primarily on damage, and also status (slow and freeze), which is suitable for a carry or hardcore gank player (especially mid to late game). Are there any other champions similar to Ashe that have th...

Q: Increasing IP from games

ashes999Aside from the first win of the day (+150 IP), generally, the IP gained from a battle is opaque -- you have no idea of if it's due to anything other than victory or defeat. What are the ways to increase IP earned from battles? I've heard that it depends on the game duration (and I've seen a corr...

@Lazers Leaning towards not constructive on this one

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