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4:02 PM
Q: Looking for games that use the Xbox Live camera

CalicoBeardI have the Xbox Live Vision camera, but I just got a Kinect. Since I won't need the camera anymore, I was thinking of mailing it to a friend that lives a state over. The problem is, I don't know of any games that make use of the video chat functionality these camera's provide. Uno, on XBLA does....

Q: Are there any known songs for guitar hero?

IAdapterI got Guitar Hero 5 and I'm in shock. There is like 4 songs that I know: Du Hast Ring of fire (one of the best songs, but that just shows the level of songs) Ex-Girlfriend (I don't like it, but the level of songs is very low) Nirvana's Teen Spirit Other songs are not for me and I don't care a...

How did no one make massive edits to this question to be asking for a song list for each rock bang game?
also, VTC.
@Wipqozn That is an amazing typo
It's a list question would need to update everytime anew piece of DLC is released.
That's it, I give up. Next thing I'm going to do when I wake up is to revert all the changes I changes I made through git and do something else...
4:04 PM
@Wipqozn Your typo. I love it.
@Wipqozn That Q is awful, and the top rated answer is just a sea of links. Very low quality
@AshleyNunn Yeah, I'm a hero.
@FAE ^
@JohnoBoy Indeed.
So, that question needs two more close votes. Please help us kill it.
@Wipqozn you mean 1 more :)
Anyone here own any Sega Genesis/Mega Drive games on PC, steam, SEGA collection or otherwise?
@JohnoBoy Some Sonic and Ecco the Dolphin on XBLA
also a Sonic collection for Gamecube
@JohnoBoy I have a sonic collection for Gamecue
4:12 PM
@AshleyNunn I think I have the same one!
I mostly play Dr Robotniks Mean Bean Machine XD
@FAE Looking for PC specifically. But do any of these version offer real time save?
@FAE Woah. :D
@AshleyNunn I played sooooooooo much of this when I was a kid on Sega Genesis.
@FAE It is so fun!
4:12 PM
@JohnoBoy I saw your question. I... can't remember, I don't think so but I'm not sure.
I know the Ultimate collection for PS3/XBLA does, dunno about PC one though
@FAE It isn't my Q though, just gave an answer AFAIK
@JohnoBoy Ah gotcha.
@FAE Yeah, I don't recall if it does or not
I would check if I wasnt rocking the sick in bed thing today
My Wii's not hooked up at the moment for me to check the gamecube version
@JohnoBoy I get to fight a bear!
I also love the mid-run-assassinations near the end
4:36 PM
@JohnoBoy This makes me wish I played these games.
@AshleyNunn You can get away with playing only 2 and Brotherhood :P
@JohnoBoy They;re too much fine motor for me
Q: Are alternate (more costly) weapons always more effective than base loadout weapons?

ResorathIn Tribes Ascend, each class has a base loadout of a primary and secondary weapon, as well as a "belt item" and other equipment. There is an option to purchase (with in-game experience or real-world currency gold) an alternate gun, belt item or what not. Are these alternate purchasable options ...

4:57 PM
So when is the first Diablo 3 launch (in UTC)?
@bwarner good question...
Looks like there are only 3 regions. Americas, Europe, and Asia. And Asia unlocks at midnight in UTC + 8. So 4 PM UTC, which is when the installer unlocks. Makes sense I guess.
So we're open season for Diablo 3 questions as of the installer unlocking.
Q: PC lags like hell when i alt-tab from starcraft 2

Katiethis hasn't happened before I upgraded the system to service pack 1 and installed lastest graphics driver and sc2 updates. I don't know which of these caused it... anyone else experiences this issue?

And we'll find out tomorrow whether or not we got chosen in the giveaway.
How does that usually work, by the way? Do we get confirmation via email or something?
@fbueckert Yes, you'll get an e-mail, and they might also post a list in the meta thread (at least for the mini-contest).
5:11 PM
@bwarner Thanks. crosses fingers I really hope I get picked. My first grant and all that.
@fbueckert Just to warn you, you might not find out until like early next week. They're not always super prompt in notifying winners
Particularly right before a weekend
@fbueckert In the past you've had pretty good chances, but I suspect that there is a lot of competition for this one. So maybe only 10% chance or so.
@Sterno I can't imagine them missing the release date of Diablo 3. I think they know better than that.
@bwarner Still much better than a big ol' 0% I would've had without the grant.
I'm pretty sure I've gotten notified about grants pretty much immediately.
And I suspect that the deadline this afternoon is to make sure they can get copies order for release date.
Obviously the mini-contest won't be ready for release date, since it ends only 8 hours before the installer unlock.
The mini-contest looks like it's going to have fairly stiff competition for the three copies.
5:15 PM
11:59pm UTC is... When American time? <.<
7PM Central.
@Fluttershy Which American time?
@fbueckert 6 PM Central actually.
@bwarner Central. But @fbueckert already nailed it slightly. =P
@bwarner Daylight savings time. :P
(UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
5:16 PM
@bwarner Is that CST or CDT? =P
@bwarner You're probably right. I'm thinking of contest wins, not grant wins
We're an hour ahead right now. Gogo meaningless time alteration!
@fbueckert Ah, you're correct. I thought Windows adjusted the UTC notation for that, but apparently not.
Though I just looked. ME3's game grant ended March 2
I got the email about it March 5
Which was the following Monday
So that means the installer unlocks one hour before the Asia launch.
5:19 PM
@Fluttershy So no missing the target at all. :P
@Sterno Which is why this grant ends on a Thursday. =)
Excellent! I thought it was tomorrow.
A: Is there any original Sonic the Hedgehog 1 version featuring unlimited continues or save/password system?

ayckosterYou do not need save games. There is a cheat you can use to go to any level you want. I think it was something like: Wait until the start screen (where Sonic shows up in this ring) and input this as fast as possible: up, down, left, right, A + Start (at the same time) Please look it up, as it...

@Sterno Nope, just 6.5 hours left.
@Ullallulloo Yes the comma. It is so useless.
5:29 PM
I...what? Is nothing sacred?! x_x
"Every phone that gets sold, every upgrade that happens to an iPhone, is essentially a vote against staying on the computer "
I'd just like to remind everyone: Clopfic is a thing that exists.
@TimStone not sure inflection of post
@Sterno May you step on a lego brick.
Q: What is the name of a simple machine game from 90'?

REACHUSI remember that in the 90' I was playing this Windows 95, in which a player had to arrange various objects (including simple machines, mouse wheel, etc.) on a board. Elements on this "board" were connected and worked together after starting the game. The game itself was simple but it had nice gr...

Q: What is Hurricane's accuracy in rain?

Kevin YWith no weather active, Hurricane has an accuracy of 70%. In the rain, however, the accuracy of the attack is boosted. Serebii states that its accuracy becomes 100%. This move has different accuracies depending upon the weather. In Rain, it has an accuracy of 100%. – Serebii.net AttackDex V...

5:35 PM
@TimStone Any link to related chat?
@Lazers Bye, ITG question...
@JohnoBoy Based on what I read between the lines, I can only assume it was burned with extreme fire.
@Lazers Close!
@TimStone Appropriate, it is Lag BaOmer en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lag_BaOmer
Hi, could you please identify this game for me before I delete my question (gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/65740/…)?
@Lazers Who starred this?
5:39 PM
@Ullallulloo With bare feet.
@REACHUS I think you're looking for The Incredible Machine
@REACHUS Yeah, I agree with @JohnoBoy - most likely one of the incredible machine games
@Ullallulloo That's the later, cartoony version, he probably refer to the earlier games
Yes! That's definitely this one! Thank you :)
5:40 PM
@AshleyNunn and may the brick be one of those small square ones.
ITG chat is quicker than ITG Q&A. Nice :)
@REACHUS Wait a minute... The Bridge actually helped someone!?
@badp Yes.
@Fluttershy Shock and awe! :D
@Fluttershy Someone should link to a troll/shock site to balance things out, quick!
5:42 PM
@JohnoBoy scroll up one screenful
@badp Should I, though...?
you get the idea
13 hours ago, by Fluttershy
user image
@Fluttershy Oh no, do -not- let @Fluttershy be in charge of that. No.
Your muderface does not scare me
@Fluttershy What?
@OrigamiRobot I don't even know, man. A lot's happened since then.
@Fluttershy I don't know what burn there was to be had?
@OrigamiRobot I believe I misspoke and decided I was too lazy to correct myself.
all 3 company of heroes games less than €2 each on Steam
(I'm skipping)
5:59 PM
@RonanForman Cheater! Spying on my video! :D
@James What? It went into my sub box!
@RonanForman Hehe, I know :)
Time to sip tea and hope I stay awake. Nothing more thrilling then reading MSDN articles on memory management
Okay, now when I sync iTunes, it's removing every single app from my device. When I moved my iTunes library to this external drive... I must have missed those.
A Bunch of Heroes is the Deal of the Day on Steam... I want it, but I'm waiting to see if anyone will take me up on my offer for Dino Beatdown...
If anyone is planning on buying a four-pack of Orion: Dino Beatdown, @Fluttershy and I are interested. :P
@Fluttershy Star that, hah.
6:08 PM
@GnomeSlice Send me your Steam usernames.
@fbueckert Mine's nihilistronin I have a Fluttershy avatar. >.>
@fbueckert Uh... I always get mine wrong...
@GnomeSlice Sorta hard to gift something to someone who I don't know their Steam name. :P
@fbueckert I always forget which name it is, there's the login name, and my player name.
6:10 PM
@RonanForman The fact that someone knows your SteamID better than you do, @GnomeSlice, is very amusing. :P
I looked it up.
He's not online, I am.
@fbueckert Steam doesn't really work all that well for me, with my slow connection. I don't really know how the community works.
@GnomeSlice what is it with you and poor dinosaurs
Also, to whomever is in charge of the GSE Steam group, I think you made an error in the description.
> The Community of Users That Give Gaming Questions Definitive Answer.
6:11 PM
should be either 'a definitive answer' or 'definitive answers'.
@Fluttershy Great! Now you'll just need to wait four hours until I get home. :)
@GnomeSlice That better?
@RonanForman damn you beating it to me
@fbueckert If you actually do get a four pack and send me a copy, all I can offer in return is a $5 steam game, or a $5 paypal transaction.
@Fluttershy Who said anything about repayment?
6:13 PM
Ill trade a ton of games for skyrim :)
haha @fbueckert buy the game as well?
@badp T_T
@James I'm in a generous mood. Consider it part of the grant, or something.
@fbueckert No one. But the offer is there.
6:16 PM
@fbueckert haha, I bought it as well, sent one to Gnome already since I know his steam Id.. I have 1 more left then if you already have one for @Fluttershy :)
@fbueckert Thank you very much! :)
ANd now my chat is all messed again.. ARG
How can you people afford to continually give away games?
I guess you're not students, hah.
@GnomeSlice FAAAAR too much disposable income.
@GnomeSlice I believe they're called jobs.
6:17 PM
@RonanForman j...jobs?
@GnomeSlice What @fbueckert said :D
@James Well, I won't be able to gift it until I get home; if you want to send your extra to @Fluttershy, that frees up two more for me to give away.
@James Oh, the one I got was from you? Haven't checked yet, just saw an email.
@fbueckert I'm trying to get some of that. But... I spent most of my income on League of Legends, Steam gifts for people who needed it, books, and Game of Thrones season 1. x_x
@James Seriously? Booooo
6:18 PM
@fbueckert You can gift through the webbie #@fbueckert :D
@James There's a limit to how much I'll do at work. :)
room topic changed to The Bridge: General Chat Room for Gaming.SE. The main quarters of Gaming's SEI AskQuestion Mothership, wherein we reconfigure our LAZERS array to "evil demons burnination" and our LASERs array to "evil demons blindination." [bacon] [hats] [lazers] [unicorns]
@AshleyNunn Yeah, Its almost a daily thing now. I am not sure if its the connection here at work or something with the browser, but I use chrome at home just fine.. Very annoying
Speaking of free games I ought to play Dungeon defenders again...
@James yeah, no kidding :(
6:20 PM
@Fluttershy I can send my other gift code to you now if you want it to play with and @fbueckert can just keep on giving to others :) I know @PeterGrace was interested in the game, not sure if he has it or not though.
Say what?
@James I leave that up to you.
I have a few indie titles, and the entire Valve Catalog for trade
Ooh, Chat updates :D
@James Would you like a $5 game in return?
6:20 PM
@Fluttershy Nah, I have more than enough games and honestly minecraft is keeping me occupied
@James What game are we talking about?
But just in case this game comes up this weekend for some game time, I thought I would snag a copy :D
@tiddy I'd also need a year or so of extra lifetime to play them
Well, then. Two free keys for Orion: Dino Beatdown available.
@fbueckert Oh! I thought it was from you! @James has already sent me one, but thank you for the offer!
6:21 PM
Will require Steam IDs to gift.
@James Thanks! :D
@James Then I thank you in advance, sir.
@PeterGrace Dino Beatdown :)
@badp, nah portals and HL's go by quickly
Oh boy. It's tempting but I'd decline since my schedule for actually PLAYING games is very much in flux.
6:22 PM
@badp and the L4D's and TF2's are just fun
since it's a mandatory co-op game I'd have issues with that.
@tiddy I'm still midway my Blue Shift
You could probably finish that in a couple hours
I am, however, downloading EVE at this very moment.
@Fluttershy == Nihilist right?? :)
6:22 PM
So I can get pissed off and stop playing a few months from now.
@tiddy is it that short?
damn, it's on the other Windows.
Blue Shift. Yeah it's pretty short
11 mins ago, by Fluttershy
Nihilist Ronin if you're already on my friend list.
@PeterGrace LOL I never make it through the first like, two weeks.. So I say gratz for making it a few months :D
@James most of the time I just mine and do planetary interaction. This time around, I think I'm going to stick to just planetary interactions.
6:24 PM
@Fluttershy What is that name from?
All sent @Fluttershy
@PeterGrace That's the kind of game I'd play and not actually go out in a ship in.
@PeterGrace I loved mining in that game, but its so cut throat I just can't play it any more.
I'd just sit around chatting, mostly.
Yep. My problem is I need to find the right kind of corporation to join
6:25 PM
I don't think I'd be intelligent enough to start a corporation or anything.
@Fluttershy Yeah I Already had you on the list and the avatars seemed to match my memory, I just wanted to confirm, hehe.
Why does youtube suck at captions?
So I probably wouldn't get very far on my own anyway.
@James Thank you! =D
@RonanForman does it?
6:25 PM
I've found that I've been pretty terrible at every single MMO I've ever played.
@RonanForman Are you talking about Rhett and Link's caption fail? Or something else... >.>
@RonanForman It was a clan I fought to salvage in halo 2. When I failed to do so, I kept the name for myself.
@fbueckert It looks awesome. Would you mind if I have one? steamcommunity.com/id/Ullallulloo
The ones that it trys to get from your audio.
@Fluttershy Enjoy :)
@Ullallulloo Sure. Same caveats as before; just gotta wait until I get home.
6:27 PM
@RonanForman Dude I think they are hilarious actually :) Its like watching the translation version of Monty Python's Holy Grail :D
That leaves one more key.
We are on a quest to find the special shiny cup!
Finally, a game I've talked about that everyone is actually interested in. This is the greatest day of my life.
@fbueckert One for you?
@GnomeSlice I'm already reserving two out of the four for myself. :)
6:29 PM
@tiddy You have a steam account?
@GnomeSlice People were interested in Seiklus. O.o
Of course
@fbueckert ...What do you need two for, hah?
@GnomeSlice Roommate.
@fbueckert I did the same, one for me, one for my brother and then the two I gave away.
6:29 PM
@Fluttershy It was free, so they didn't have to try very hard.
@GnomeSlice True.
@tiddy And it would be? :)
Weren't you the one who suggested Hack, Slash, Loot, @GnomeSlice?
@tiddy Your Steam name is fun to say.
@James I'm generous, but I'm not ENTIRELY altruistic.
@tiddy You said you wanted Skyrim
@james Yeah. I have all these games I wanna trade off but everyone already has valve games. Surprise surpise
@Fluttershy I spoke about it long before it came out, but nobody was really interested.
@tiddy Which?
@GnomeSlice All of them
@GnomeSlice And some indies
6:32 PM
@tiddy Such as?
@Sterno This upsets me, as I love Tim Burton movies.
@Fluttershy But it's true!
Oh wait... well I'd love to hear what you have, but I don't actually have anything giftable right now.
@tiddy Wow, Seriously, 4000 hours on TF2?
@James Umm. Some of those might be idle hours
But 3500hours at least are real
6:33 PM
@GnomeSlice This is apparently free for me. :) Otherwise I wouldn't have enough money to buy it.
I've played almost once a Week since orangebox beta release
@Fluttershy Mainly that was in a bundle.
@tiddy You probably have more idle hours than played hours.
Thats half a year of non-stop TF2 :D
@GnomeSlice I promise you I do not
6:34 PM
@James That's nothing compared to people's playtimes on things like WOW
Q: Wolfenstein 3D is now available for free online. But is this version any different than the original?

SamTheBrandTo celebrate the 20th anniversary of the game's release, Bethesda (which bought iD Software) is hosting a free in-browser version of Wolfenstein 3D. But I'm curious if this version is the exact version that was released in 1992. Are there any major gameplay changes? Are the graphics different? Ho...

I helped with a gaming clan a few years ago
TF2 Division
@tiddy Alright, but your gap between idle and playing hours definitely wouldn't be that big.
6:35 PM
So I trained a lot of admins and played a lot, all in game
LOL, the pick axe sounds get picked up as the word 'do'
@RonanForman ...What?
Why not, I idled for the brief period after they introduced "item drops", and then they yelled at people and took away idled items
Oh, in Youtube captioning?
So I stopped
6:35 PM
Hah, that's funny.
@GnomeSlice Yeah.
@tiddy Really? ...Then why do people still idle?
@GnomeSlice Only from third party idlers.
@tiddy That was just for using external programs though. As long as you do it manually and not in a server meant for play, Valve seems to not care.
@GnomeSlice Well technically it was abled the method used to idle
6:36 PM
@Sterno True True, It just greatly exceeded any other game is all..
@tiddy So if you want that game, you will have to accept my friend request :D
@badp You place one foot in front of the other, slightly elevated (if you're going upward), and sort of work your way forward
Let's see if steam mobile works
@RonanForman LOL
@Sterno That's what I'm trying! But I bump into the stairs and get flung to seven kilometers ago
@TimStone Haven't we been requesting something like this for months?
6:38 PM
But yeah, I have 100's of hours in fallout's and borderlands as well
Son... you might have a condition.
Well that's 4 games over almost 7 years
'You may have been disconnected from chat' Yeah no Duh :P
Tf2 has been my only main MP game since it was released
yeah b.lands and now me3, but it's my one and only true MP love
@tiddy I love borderlands
I am looking forward more to BL2 than I am to Diablo 3.
6:43 PM
@James D3 has all sorts of nostalgia attached to it.
I recall having so much fun with D1 and D2.
@Wipqozn I'm not sure. I was mostly just disturbed about what was implied to have happened between the lines.
@fbueckert If you mean "They killed the nostalgia feeling by making it so you couldn't manually allocate attribute points", then I agree.
My indie games I have gifts for are as follows: Killing Floor, Amnesia Dark Decent, AAaaaaaAAAaaaaAAaa
@Fluttershy Someone posted a pretty decent article arguing this point.
6:44 PM
And literally every Valve game ever made
@fbueckert Yeah but its been too long for me in all honesty. I have already sought out alternatives to fill the void of not having a diablo game. Played Guild Wars, Fate 1 and 2, Torchlight. Will likely try out Torchlight 2.. Oh, also played that one that died off pretty quickly ... Umm... Hero Quest?
That aside, all the more reason for me to go break into balpha's computer to implement all the chat features while he's away.
@James I reinstalled D2 a couple weeks ago, after the open beta.
@James Sacred?
And, knowing me, if I don't get a grant for D3, I'll buy it. For me, and both of my roommates. And another video card, so they can actually run it. Most expensive game, ever.
6:47 PM
@fbueckert Haha, I still love D2 :)
@fbueckert o.O You are an extremely generous person.
@Fluttershy Nope, Titan Quest, that was the name! Never tried Sacred.
@Fluttershy Money is a means to an end. It, by itself, does not generate happiness. Using it, on the other hand, most certainly can.
@James Oh. I almost got Titan Quest a while back. Then someone said it was just like Torchlight.
@TimStone Yeah, I'm rather curious what happened. Although I'm assuming it turned into one use verbally assaulting the other. Either way, glad to see we might finally get a better chat tools for moderation. I know gaming has been wanting a better flagging system for awhile.
6:48 PM
@Fluttershy Titan Quest is a very VERY linear adventure game.
@fbueckert I have the CE of it being delivered on Tuesday. But I did sign up for the GG Round 3 :D
@Fluttershy Then again, like I said, I'm not ENTIRELY altruistic. If I do get another video card, roomy gets the hand-me-down.
@Fluttershy Titan Quest is a good game.
@Wipqozn So I've heard.
Why is this still opened?
On a side note... Does anyone want a copy of A Bunch of Heroes?
6:50 PM
Q: Is there any original Sonic the Hedgehog 1 version featuring unlimited continues or save/password system?

sarmackieOriginal Sonic the Hedgehog (the 1991 Mega Drive version) is a fun game, but it does have some significant design problems by modern standards. For me, a person with very mediocre platforming skills, a probably the biggest problem is the complete lack of any kind of save/password systems, while b...

It's clearly a game recommendation question.
or a game catalog.
I have some extra free games if anyone will put them to use.. Left 4 Dead 1 (Dont see the point of this game any more since 2 includes all the maps and is so much better though)
Either way ti shoudl be burned with fire. Not up voted.
I got another roommate less than a month ago. He brought along this really crappy computer. That's been punted aside, and he's using my fileserver computer now. Which is my old gaming machine, so it's a beast in itself.
@James I'm always up for free games. lol
@James Just message me if you want something I have
6:52 PM
Um.. Nuclear Dawn, Metro 2033, Bioshock 2 and a couple of DemiGod.. but... Warning on DemiGod. I have never gotten it to run :D
And really anyone here who wants a valve game
@tiddy I buy what I want man, no worries :)
Yay working chat again!
@James What can I offer you in return for Metro 2033?
And its gone already :(
Metro 2033 is actually a fantastic game
If i had ANY advice, it's to play on Ranger Hardcore mode
Real Bullet damage
6:53 PM
@tiddy That's what I've heard... I've always wanted to play it.
@Fluttershy Just take it off my hands.. I hated the shitty AI in that game to a point of loathing.
@James It was nice while it lasted?
@James Really? O.o I mean... I'll take it if you just wanna get rid of it...
@tiddy Creepy as hell :(
@AnnaLear Yeah that too
6:54 PM
@AshleyNunn Yeah I got 4 messages to show up and 2 messages to send out! Now that is nostalgia :)
I think I'm doing another playthrough to top off my cheevs and also have it in its native russian tongue
I would offer the bajillion GameHouse credits I have but no one else here plays casual Hidden Objects or Match 3 things
@James I feel like you're running Netscape Navigator.
Makes it really creepy because you have no idea what's going on
@James It was a good life XD
6:55 PM
@James You, sir, are a scholar and a gentleman.
@Fluttershy LOL Maybe chrome is in Navigator mode :D
@AshleyNunn Haha. On the other hand this does distract me from work less :D
@James There is that I suppose. Not sure if that is a good thing or no
@Fluttershy a game just sitting there does me no good.
@tiddy I've had that for months now.
Still haven't gotten it downloaded...
@James True. But that's two games you've gifted me today. Thank you.
6:57 PM
These extra copies are generally obtained when they go on sale to a point where for an extra $4 I can get a full copy of a game.. Someone will eventually want it :D
Oh, Gaming, you are full of amazing people. :D
@Wipqozn I disagree, it's about a specific game.
There's still one more key for Orion available, if anybody wants it.
Ok well anyone here who can read this, i have any valve game you want, lfd2, portal 2, HL2, EP1&2, whatever
just take them
@tiddy I may take you up on HL2; not sure if I own it or not.
6:58 PM
@GnomeSlice That doesn't change anything.
@Fluttershy I am just in that kind of a mood :D Overall its only 2 out of 5 games I have gifted out today so :D
@Wipqozn Sure it does.
@GnomeSlice How?
> Catalogues (listing games that fit specific criteria or are like an existing game)
@fbueckert For shame
@Wipqozn He's not asking for game recommendations. He knows what game he's talking about.
6:59 PM
He's just made added more restrictions.
32 secs ago, by Wipqozn
> Catalogues (listing games that fit specific criteria or are like an existing game)

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