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12:00 AM
@Wipqozn Yeah!
Q: How to move past eight sided blocks

hlovdalI have started playing The Legend of Zelda: Mystery of Solarus DX, based on the free GPL Solarus game engine (not sure how this relates to other Zelda versions). I am now stuck with something that assume should be quite basic but I have not figured out; how to move or remove the eight sided bloc...

12:17 AM
@Fluttershy @Chippies Think we can do a Rat King Nightfall tonight?
@Yuuki I haven't started it yet. D: I've been helping FAE get geared up.
@Yuuki @Fluttershy How high should my power level be before these Nightfall things start being something I can do?
@RedRiderX I think you can start doing them at 240 maybe?
@RedRiderX What @Yuuki said! It unlocks at 230, recommended power is 240.
I will describe video games using Eric Andre show screenshots. first: Fallout
12:34 AM
@Unionhawk This is terrific.
I want to find a use for "A GRIZZLY BEAR" outside this lol
Because it's such an excellent screenshot
@Unionhawk lmao habbo hotel
@Unionhawk I'm surprised you even like Eric Andre
@Fluttershy oooooooo
12:49 AM
Hmm... there's a cocktail I want to try but I'm like 80% sure that the bar I go doesn't have cranberry sauce in stock.
@Yuuki I would be surprised if a bar didn't have cranberry... oh, sauce, not juice
You might be able to substitute juice but the flavor is definitely different.
Today was perfect.
woohoo for him!
> 50% of indie game studio @Vlambeer. Creator of presskit(). Public speaker, traveler and supporter of indie initiatives & international game dev communities.
Is there anything else I'm supposed to know him for?
Because I know like literally none of those things.
1:06 AM
never heard of vlambeer?
super crate box, initially
ridiculous fishing
He's a big voice in the indie game communitiy
happy for him
@Yuuki Ever heard of Trainjam?
@cazc_941 Oh, I know Super Crate Box.
1:24 AM
Fine Art

Proposed Q&A site for those interested in classic art of every culture; identifying styles, methods, influences, artists, and periods. Questions about the art typically seen in art museums.

Currently in definition.


Proposed Q&A site for drone enthusiasts, learning to design and program Bicopters, Tricopters, Quadcopters, Pentacopters, Hexacopters, and Octocopters.

Closed before being launched.

Fashion Advice

Proposed Q&A site for fashion experts, stylists, people who are looking to improve their fashion sense

Currently in definition.

Q: my skin appears blank when I up upload it?

Max Cooleymy skin appears blank when I up upload it to MC pocket edition but not MC java edition? please help.

Starting tomorrow, Destiny 2 will be having a free trial, if anyone's interested! :D
1:41 AM
@Fluttershy Ehhh. After Bungie's sketchy behaviour, I'm sorta leery about ever trying it.
1:53 AM
So I think I found Houston's shibboleth.
@Frank sketchy behaviour?
@Ash This whole XP kerfuffle with Destiny 2.
Someone figured out that the game was faking XP rewards if you kept playing the same thing over and over.
I have no idea what you refer to
@Frank ah, that's a little shady
And after they went public with it, Bungie changed it to a flat scaling calculation.
But then doubled the amount of XP required to, "level up", and didn't tell anyone about that, either.
If you're interested at all.
> Any additional updates to this system will be communicated to you via our official channels
Except they weren't, at all. So, yeah... Luke Smith, the director of Destiny 2, is kind of a piece of shit.
2:02 AM
game developer discourages doing the same thing over and over because that was a problem in previous games
> after the playerbase figures it out and forces us to come clean, that is.
Like yeah, tell people this thing, but
@Fluttershy eergh
I mean, I have no issues with a developer trying to discourage unwanted behaviour.
I have large issues with doing it in a manner that deliberately provides false information to hide the fact that it's doing so.
2:22 AM
Well it's also a little weird that the thing this affected was the way you earn lootboxes
Which you can buy
So giving you false information about the rate you earn something you could buy instead is more my issue
2:38 AM
related video
WARNING: Jim Sterling Video
@Frank In the South's defense, we have tools and preparation to deal with it
No use spending the infrastructure money on someythng that happens for 30 sec out of the year
@Ash Very true.
And, honestly, at that point, I'd say, "Screw it, I'm staying home"
@Frank That driver would be thrown in jail here. It's illegal to have any snow on top of your car.
@MBraedley Drivers here would probably get a ticket.
For, "having an unsecured load"
I'm just impressed you managed to get into the vehicle without getting rid of all that snow on the roof.
2:45 AM
Well, here it's a ticket most of the time, but this would be reckless endangerment
Daughter: Why was 6 afraid of 7? Me: (rolling my eyes) because 7 ate 9. Daughter: But why did 7 do that? Me: Huh? Daughter: Because he was supposed to get 3 squared meals a day. Me: OMG HOW HAVE I NEVER HEARD THAT ONE BEFORE
3:04 AM
@Frank I remember watching an anime where the tension revolved around a 1/2 inch of snow falling and all the trains home being cancelled.
It was a nice enough anime but I found that point hard to look past
When I get more than 5 RTs https://t.co/xyXCypLkk7
@Ash And so the student surpasses the master.
3:20 AM
@Ash Lol my sister just told me that the other day
Goodbye Fallout 4
Goodbye Visual Studio 2013
and I think goodbye PyCharm (RIP my jetbrains sub)
@Unionhawk Nooo
@Unionhawk You should be using vim anyway
@Unionhawk Having to make room for Nier Automata?
No I'm just cleaning up C:\ because I had 10GB on that partition
I have 100 free on D:\
3:29 AM
@Unionhawk So... clearing space for Nier Automata, then? :P
It's only 45
But also still no, I've still got wolfenstein to play
3:49 AM
@Ash hue
I just took DayQuil at night before going to bed, I'm such a rebel.
@Yuuki whoa
you just broke all the rules
I mean DayQuil is NyQuil without a sleep aid, but it also apparently has "not able to sleep" as a side effect so
probably better than trying to sleep while dying tbh
4:05 AM
Hm, do I go read my book about the Romanovs and be super horrified at how creatively they murderized peopel and how crazy they were in general
OR do I go read this romance novel I just got entitled What the Librarian Did (and it's a Harlequin Super Romance so you know it's going to be something ridiculous)
(Tag line is "she's got a secret that's long overdue")
@Ash Gah
@SaintWacko I know right? It was 50cents at the thrift store but it's tag was the colour that meant it was 75% off so I got it for 12 cents
I hope there are more library puns
@Ash but is it loooooooooooooong overdue?
"i saw him across the room and forgot my dang dewey decimal system"
@GodEmperorDune Haha
@GodEmperorDune yesss this is what I am wanting
4:12 AM
We should start a Bridge book club
We had a Goodreads group for a while
i am more than happy to contribute puns without doing any of the reading
I am bad at book clubs :/ I like the idea of them but I am bad at the discussing
@Ash Oh, that part's terrible
We'll just do the part where we read a book
And then we'll end up chatting about it in here
I am only really good at going "THIS BOOK IS GOOD SO EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ IT"
4:34 AM
@SaintWacko sorry for the barrage of Steam messages, you just reminded me of a thing
@SaintWacko Eh, the part about book clubs that's terrible is the assigned reading and "everyone finish it by Monday". That's not book club, that's homework.
I like discussion but I don't like assigned reading.
I just like going "READ THIS" and shoving books at people
and then seeing their reactions to them
and then delightfully yelling about the stuff
(seriously, I just don't shove books at you lot much because I never know who might appreciate me going HERE IS A BOOK READ IT WITH YOUR FACE)
(I'm all for people supporting authors but I am also 10000% here for people going ASH SHOVE BOOKS IN MY FACE)
@Ash Ooh, just saw it!
I mean heck, guys, my calibre library has 900 things in it and that's just the stuff I've organized, I know my old drive has a shit load of things on it I've just not found properly yet)
I like books and reading and sharing books and going OMG THAT THING HAPPENED IN THAT BOOK
ahem sorry
zomg @ash @ash @ash
4:41 AM
I think I am hyperfocused
if you have that many books you are already the book wyrm
That's just sorted e-copies on my main drive
that doesn't count anything I own in dead tree
or anything on the old drive
i think 900+ of a thing qualifies as a hoard
YESSSSS I will be Bridge book wyrm
oh I lied
there are 1023 books in my current Calibre libraruy
4:44 AM
okay, just searched the old drive for epubs, let's see what happens when we consolidate it all
oh hot damn there's some good stuff over here I forgot about
@Ash have you uncovered the epic bridge fic by RIP @spugsley of yore?
no but apparently asking Calibre to add 4000 files to it at once....breaks things
(Although part of that might be because I think some of the .epub files might actually be weird metadata lingerings instead of full files)
we shall see what happens!
maybe you should've backed up calibre before loading all that
4:50 AM
nah, it'll be fine, I can rebuild it easily enough
It's now working it's way through things, it's 5% done.
It will helpfully puke out a list of repeats or things that don't work when it's finished thinking
in the meantime, I think it's jammies, chips and more mad crazy Romanovs
> Blockchains are completely automated bug bounty systems
Also, Unsounded vol. 3 is now available for purchase
> Give someone you love a book of rotting corpses and unwashed child feet this Christmas. Comes with metaphysical squid fish and existential criminal angst.
5:15 AM
@PrivatePansy Next thing you know, we'll be using blockchains as blockchain generation systems.
5:34 AM
Q: Can I equip Dead Thralls with better equipment?

Lore FriendlyProblem I am facing is they die too easily, and would like them to equip better gear. Things that I already tried: I killed them Then removed all their equipment Then I replaced it with Deadric Equipment. Then I cast Dead Thrall on them. I then fast traveled to some other location. They are st...

@Yuuki I have a SMART™ CONTRACT™ idea now
5:49 AM
Alright, final book count as of right now is 2263 ebooks.
(there were a lot of duplicates, broken files, and other mess in that pile of 4000 files)
Now that I have determined just how large of a hoard I have (well, digitally at least), this book wyrm is going to try to pretend to sleep
1 hour later…
7:13 AM
So for some reason YouTube is randomly displaying thumbnails using WebP, even on browsers that don't actually support it
Hmmm, my (shot in the dark) guess would be some misbehaving CDN edge serving images in the wrong format.
Which would explain why I get WEBP only half the time
Or an a/b test
That would be stupid - WebP is Chrome only and no vendor has AFAIK even signaled intention to support it
7:44 AM
I confused webp with webm
There's a bugzilla about webp about an attempt to implement it but last activity seems to be months ago
It'd be nice to be able to switch from jpeg/png to webm tbh
Or whatever the next big thing is
Bpg or whatever
8:41 AM
Giovanni's face matches my reaction to that price
8:53 AM
Morning chat
This baby pangolin wants to talk to you about something important
Cc @ash
In the list of entity framework things: we ran into an SQL limit with it. Apparently it creates some crazy IN clause to pick a specific stored procedure or such, and that specific query has a limit of 2100 items in it, any more and SQL throws an error. We apparently ran into that limit... And we need a shitton more stuff...
RIP @Arperum
9:10 AM
It's currently in a status of notmyproblem, someone else is busy figuring out a solution (involving multiple entitymodels)
I'm currently imagining a meatball covered in Nutella and I'm wondering why I'm not gagging
@Nzall y tho
That sounds horrifying
Q: Maximizing Runespan gains?

Weckar E.There is quite some data around on what runes are best to siphon from what islands in the runespan for xp/hour depending on runecrafting level, but I am failing to find to find similar information for maximising runespan points - and I doubt it is the same! Reason is I want to move up the title ...

9:30 AM
@Avery The financial system of this game is really set up to screw over the little guy
Hide the price, only tell you after job complete, debt for life
You know what I want from a casual game? Having to grind away at crushing debt.
@fredley That's what Animal Crossing is
In New Leaf, you go to Tom Nook for your house upgrades. The price increases quadratically.
I really don't get this game
Played it because hype, but is it actually fun?
I'm not feeling it
It simulates the depressing reality of life
Also, just when you thought 2017 couldn't be worse than 2016:
Got some good news and bad news. Bad news is no 2017 Wipe. Was set to do it but ran out of road. Am way behind on scripts / dev elsewhere and contrary to my optimistic delusions it turns out I can’t do 400 things at once. [1/3]
But no, seriously, Pocket Camp is a very watered down Animal Crossing experience
In New Leaf there's a lot more choice and actions. Also the animals that live in your town don't have literal friendship numbers hanging over their head, and they actually feel like people living in a town because they have routines, personalities and stuff
9:37 AM
@fredley exactly
@fredley it's not "fun"
It's more like “haha dan look I got a rare fish fuck you dan"
In Pocket Camp they're vending machines
That said Pocket Camp has potential. It's a good base - now they just have to add more content.
Well jokes aside I don't really enjoy it, it's relaxing and everything though
That said I think that I'm pretty endgame already
I saw all the places and bought all slots and went everywhere caught everything etc
It's hard to tell if the game is ruined by the limitations of mobile games catering to a very limited attention span or having to accommodate microtransactions everywhere
There's just a lot of things that stands out if you've played New Leaf - like everything having numbers on top of them
New Leaf never tells you (in numbers) how much your neighbours like you. Or when things respawn. Or even if you've caught a rare fish - you have to judge for yourself.
Then again New Leaf has more than 10x the variety of fish and bugs
So yeah, like I said, I can't tell if they've added these things to make it palatable as a mobile game, or to make it easier to entice people to buy microtransactions
Game feels incomplete
Also I hate everything having a loading spinner.
I guess I should go back and play New Leaf again
9:49 AM
I was expecting something more like Stardew, I guess, because I'd heard they're similar
But PC is nothing like Stardew at all
Except that friendship via gift-giving is a mechanic
Oh right
Are sales stillon
A pretty large part of Animal Crossing has always been the home customization
Which Pocket Camp actually does a really good job of
Buying stardew~
Oh, and the crippling debt. Can't forget that.
@Avery Stardew is great
9:53 AM
I mean this is a game where you have to play for literal months to pay off your mortgage
@PrivatePansy Just like real life, but a factor of 20 faster!
Animal crossing sounds…
Too real
In Stardew it's completely different, your job is to exploit capital. Debt never comes into it.
You can be cash poor because you've buried all your assets in the ground, but that's about it.
I mean there is no interest, so you're never under any pressure to repay it
You are part of the hereditary rich, you own your farm outright, it was given to you by your grandfather
9:56 AM
What Animal Crossing is really good at is just being really broad
@PrivatePansy You're really broad
@fredley I'm proud of my butt
@PrivatePansy same tbh
Q: Bio Blend Turmeric Reviews

MyenikjestikBio Blend Turmeric: is a product that is found in form of drugs and those capsules comprising the raw shape of turmeric. Bio Blend Turmeric Reviews People can't bear the taste the odor of turmeric and in order that they can't use it with easy water. http://www.healthyminimag.com/bio-blend-turmeric/

10:08 AM
@Lazers2.0 flag as spam pls
10:26 AM
British Lady church hats vs. Black Lady church hats 2018. THIS. WILL. BE. EPIC. #BlackPrincess #RoyalWedding #CrownShowdown
What is it with royalty-adjacency and weird hats
Speaking of hats
Also, djdhdud the students I don't exactly like (see: threatening me, disobeying rules and having no one bat an eye, attacking others verbally) got the exam delayed to 6th class
Now 6th class is right after lunch break so teacher said "don't be a minute late"
And they came to class 21 minutes late. And they weren't allowed to the exam, and were written off as absent. And as they were present on first half on day they can't get a doctor's report to take the exam again
So, they're getting zero.
Remember, only gloat on the internet though =p
Haha yup
Results are in. I got 95 on exam :p
And yes exam is still going on
Best time to bridge
10:49 AM
@Avery you mean other exams?
@Avery congrats
@Avery out of 100 I assume? Nice
Q: Great Genre / Theme combination in Game Studio Tycoon 3

Joshua Dela CruzI would like to know what are the other great combinations in this game (Game Studio Tycoon 3). I already have done these types of game combinations, and listed are the effective ones: MOBA/RPG - ACTION/FIGHTING STEALTH - ACTION RACING - REALISTIC/ACTION These are my combinations that works g...

And now I'm reading exams haha
@Memor-X nope I mean the english exam I got 95 out of
I feel like a TA
@Avery how do you get the score of an exam that's still going?
@Memor-X probably digital computer exam, those can give results instantly
More importantly, are you really using your phone in the same room as an active exam? How is taht allowed?
11:03 AM
@Nzall nope, paper based
The teacher was in class so she just graded it
And I graded some friends and such
Aw teacher ended up taking the students and they won't get zero :/
@Avery yeh not the exam system i was thinking of. my experience has been either sit exam with education department examiners from Melbourne and then wait over a month before you get a result, or sit exam with lecturer and wait a week or 2 before you get the result
to be honest that sounds like a normal in class test
but then again it's english. engish sucks and so do their exams. maybe your teacher is making it suck less
English is… okay
She sucks.
Same with her exams
11:20 AM
Q: How do I play "Splattack!" in Squid beats 2?

sun-solar-arrowBefore I watched playing Splattack in Squid beats 2, but I thought it doesn't exit in Squid beats 2. How do I play it? (I'm a Japanese player, so if the gamemode's name is incorrect, please edit this post)

Fun news for me: my guildies have returned to Azeroth
They've stopped playing a couple of months ago
and now they came back last night
Test new build mechanism
Build mechanism works perfectly
Fails on the print statement telling me it's succeeded because python2/3
@fredley that sounds like something that should be easy to fix
@Nzall Oh it is.
Just that this is by far the hardest part of the transition, it's a year since I used python 2 for anything but still
11:54 AM
I zwear like
Oue class is the worst
We play poker in class
Some vape in class etc too
12:29 PM
Q: Where can I check spell hunger for my spells?

FambidaWhere, in game, can I check how much hunger each of my spells will cost me? I know I can check my morgue file by dumping with # but that's tedious.

Q: Why can't I turn on Norma's Fire Wall?

Memor-XSo I just got Norma Beatty in my party and looking at her Eres I noticed that her Fire Wall was set to off so she wont use it in battle. the problem is that I can't turn it on unlike Grave. Fire Wall costs 12 TP and Norma has 121 TP Max so she should be able to cast it. So why can't I turn it on?

I was expecting Kemono Friends
Dynamic Chord. It's so amazingly bad.
@PrivatePansy is it entirely like that? in someone else's perspective?
1:14 PM
Gah I'm dumb
Walked all the way to mall to buy more stuff then said "y'know what I'll walk back home" and oh god my legs
so I was testing our product the past weeks
including using a copy of production database of one of our customers for performance testing
but I messed up
and accidentally sent out a number of automated emails to all their developers...
@Avery it's good for you. and lets you eat more crap
Q: Xbox one X - surround with stereo headphones is possible

al404ITI have an xbox one x connected to my TV and the amplifier Since I would like to play without disturbing other people, I would like to know if is possible to get a surround effect with stereo headphones, for surround effect I mean something like a 5.1 setup with sound moving from the back to the ...

1:33 PM
@Memor-X i already eat a ton of crap I'll go broke at this pojnt
Taxi is 15 food is 20
Subway is 2.5
@PrivatePansy seems legit
also I like the weight I currently have
@badp I mean I'm pretty sure I've seen roads that do this
@Unionhawk maybe the road signaling is a bit different
The lines should never join up like that. It's not a railway track.
1:43 PM
Saddest pokemon :(
What about Cubone?
@PrivatePansy tbh I wouldn't be surprised if a train did randomly appear in one of the frames at this point
@DanmakuGrazer Science has shown that their description is bullshit, they're born with those skulls on damnit!
1:50 PM
Mimikyu is filled with hate don't be fooled
it dresses up like Pikachu because it hates Pikachu
it killed meowth
(he's ok tho)
god dammit
I'm not fixing that
I lied
@GodEmperorDune I need to find a way to generate adventures from spleen, all my old tactics are out of fashion.

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