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10:02 PM
Q: What is the best gametype/strategy for leveling a sniper rifle?

EBongoHaving played plenty with shorties, ARs, and SMGs, I'd like to give sniper rifles a fair try. It seems to me that the variable zoom scope that you get towards the highest weapon xp levels is essential, but it is so tedious to get there! I'm hoping there is some strategy or gametype that I'm miss...

@Sterno What if you own the console and would need to upgrade to play on PC?
@OrigamiRobot Then upgrade!
Rob a liquor store
@Sterno That's not always an option.
Sell yourself for cash down at the docks
@LessPop_MoreFizz why me? oh. xbox.
10:05 PM
Your options are unlimited!
There are no liquor stores here. Docks either.
I played the first witcher game about halfway through and then just kind of got frustrated with it and quit
Sorry @OrigamiRobot I can't use any of the footage we recorded.
@agent86 Witcher 2 is a lot harder.
@RonanForman :(
10:06 PM
Wow, within the time-frame between Diablo II's last expansion and Diablo III, the entire range of iPods was released, together with 3-4 Windows editions and World of Warcraft.
I'd say it's most similar to Amalur.
Combat is, I mean.
@OrigamiRobot What can't you play on PC? Or whatever shenanigans you're talking about?
It's much harder than Amalur.
@RavenDreamer Better though.
It feels more fluid, even if it's more difficult.
10:07 PM
@Tristan I'm just annoying @Sterno
@OrigamiRobot There's good money to be had in internet porn.
I need more question shares, does anyone have any questions they want the answer for?
@RavenDreamer I think it was the "drink potions you will need prior to starting the fight" thing that really bugged me
@Sterno I am a robot.
@OrigamiRobot Because of his crazy comment saying consoles are lame?
10:08 PM
@OrigamiRobot That's good. Fetishes pay better.
@Tristan I'll take any opportunity.
@RonanForman I need shares, too. Wanna put my user ID on the end of a few? =P
I just never understood the whole PC vs Console thing.
@Tristan I only need 3 more, so sure.
@OrigamiRobot Same here. I love consoles. And I enjoy gaming on a PC.
10:10 PM
@OrigamiRobot People that don't do things that I do are wrong and must be hated
You play Mass Effect 3 on PS3, that's just silly.
@RonanForman I'm 14775. I have no means with which to share them myself. =(
@Tristan You can post them on our facebook and G+, I'm sure some people will see them.
@agent86 Don't think of them as potions.
@Tristan Also if there are any related to the LP you should post them as comments.
10:13 PM
@BenBrocka I serve you an answer.
@RonanForman I'm on my phone. Getting links from the mobile site with my user ID, and then trying to actually post the link somewhere is unbelievably hard for me ... =\
@RavenDreamer yeah, that's sort of what I feared they were getting at :/
@BenBrocka +1 for that question, because that made little sense to me, too...since the described scenario hadn't happened, by the game's direct admission, in the current or previous cycle. >_>
@Tristan Use @agent86's tool to get the share links
it makes things much easier.
it's especially ironic when the game makes it clear...certain Geth related things
10:16 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz What tool?
Anyone up for some ME3 Multiplayer?
@BenBrocka Indeed. Then Javik says that the Protheans basically beat other civilizations into submission to make sure that specific scenario didn't happen.
So, solution in search of a problem.
10:20 PM
also the "new DNA" garbage just pissed me off, that doesn't even make sense.
@TimStone This is why I'm choosing to believe in the... I don't think I can mention it without spoilers, but there's a theory going around about the ending that at least somewhat sort of makes more sense kinda
Q: How much does fuel cost?

RESPAWNI was wondering what the cost per unit of fuel is in Mass Effect 3? I like to spend good money on stuff on the market, but I obviously need to keep a little in reserve for fuel. Knowing how much fuel costs per unit would go a long way to helping me plan my outings.

Q: What were the Synthetics the Child was talking about?

Ben BrockaMass effect 3 ending spoilers here. So...what evidence exists of Synthetics actually being bad, or is this (another) plot hole?

Q: Why does Price say "good" after doing something "evil"?

EBongoSome spoilers, if you haven't yet played MW2. Throughout MW1 and MW2, Price seems to be a good guy. However there is a short part of MW2 where he seems to turn bad. After launching the Russian nuke at America, someone frantically informs him that the missle is launching, and he simply replies "...

Q: Who is the con man that Bailey wants help deporting?

RESPAWNOn one of my frequent trips to the great shopping mall in space, aka the Citadel, I decided to stop by the Spectre office and check the terminal. There's an item in the system where Bailey wishes to have Spectre authorization to deport a con man off the station. While I love that I apparently h...

@FAE Yeah. There was a debate about that after the Final Hours stuff was released, where people decided that the stuff revealed there discredited that idea, but others were unconvinced. I'm still willing to take a wait-and-see approach, personally. It'd certainly make the additional clip you can get from the red ending make more sense.
@TimStone Not that it makes it much less wtf
10:31 PM
Hahah, indeed.
so if I'm renegade and I make all the rep-checks with Illusive man renegade style except the last one, and I choose Paragon, can I still make him do that thing?
Also, another thing that I realised that confused me about the series was the fact that at no point did anyone ever seem to say "You know, those Keepers...I dunno about them."
Not like they could do much about them
Obviously the whole signal business was taken care of, but there's some other stuff in ME2 and ME3 that made me raise a brow.
@TimStone That's not true!
10:38 PM
study them? They implode. Kill them? They repsawn
There was the salarian dude!
Well, true, but his information was only so useful :P
On a side note, I'm thoroughly disappointed that not all salarians talk as fast as Mordin
Apparently I've stopped getting shares.
...does Aria's mob crew ever actually become a war asset?
10:47 PM
@BenBrocka yea, they should all be talking fast, they don't have time to spare
The three factions? Yeah
@BenBrocka for each faction you get, you get a war asset
1 for each
Huh, I thought I got all but didn't notice ever getting a war asset
They're listed as assets under the Terminus Fleet
10:49 PM
Fuck yes, Drell vanguard.
I just made it up. The joke is now on you, human. You will believe anything.
Javik making fun of Vega? Now he's my favorite.
@LessPop_MoreFizz lucky
all I have is the quarian infiltrator, and I don't use her because I don't like the MAntis rifle
@GraceNote: Have you listened to "Zero and the Plight of Iris" from MAverick Rising yet?
Q: Are expletives allowed in SE chat?

Nick TAlong the lines of the discussion (poll) on expletives on SE sites, what is the policy for them in chat? In my mind, there is a very large difference between proper SE site content (posts and comments) and chat. Chat far more fluid than the "fixed content" of the site, and the occasional explet...

@MarkTrapp some mods (Tim Post) seem to think that profanity anywhere on SE is forbidden, so I was simply upholding that policy.
Q: Are expletives allowed on SE sites?

Jeff AtwoodCan I use salty, expletive-laden language on Stack Exchange sites, like Q*Bert? Return to FAQ index

10:58 PM
What was the alleged profanity?
51 vs 48 says No
In LessPop's post that you were saying I was "abusing the system" by flagging it
@NickT You said you were abusing the system to make a point. You can't rewrite history.
I can't do both?
Fine, new case example
10 mins ago, by LessPop_MoreFizz
Fuck yes, Drell vanguard.
11:00 PM
Are you offended by it? Does it pass the Miller test?
flag my quote (and ban me)?
Is profanity allowed?
No, but you're not making a case for flagging profanity. You're trying to come up with examples to demonstrate you abusing the system is okay.
@MarkTrapp No, this time it's your turn to miss the point. He's pointing out examples of cases where the system is easy to abuse.
@NickT I hate the stupid "CHILDREN use this site! Therefore it has to be G-rated!" argument, regardless of SE policy
I'm simply a concerned citizen appalled by this moral decline
hmm, looks like the poll has flipped to 49 v 50 since I linked it
11:03 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Except that's not what he's doing. He's trying to come up with examples that I agree to being profane so he can flag it and 5 minutes later say SEE THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN LOL I FLAGGED IT BECAUSE YOU SAID SO CHECKMATE. That's flagging in bad faith, which is what he's been doing. Flagging in bad faith is abuse of the system, regardless of what I consider to be profane
@BenBrocka The only argument I find worse is the 'foul language is UNPROFESSIONAL. THIS IS A SITE FOR PROFESSIONALS.'
All I do is sit around and play video games all day, and I still have better things to do than flag posts in chat to make some sort of theoretical point.
@MarkTrapp He hasn't flagged anything yet, this time.
@LessPop_MoreFizz no, that has it's place when professionalism is important to the site
@LessPop_MoreFizz dun dun dun
11:04 PM
Children play mass effect. Ergo, Mass Effect should be G-rated?
@BenBrocka The problem is that that argument doesn't fly network wide and hasn't in a long time.
@BenBrocka Children watch porn, should porn be G-rated?
It's a perfectly acceptable argument to make on SO or Programmers or SF or Math.
@LessPop_MoreFizz true, I was speaking of the argument in general though, not when applied to SE
I find it wholly out of place here, or on DIY, or even on Travel or Cooking or Personal Finance.
11:05 PM
@MarkTrapp scrollbar broken?
BTW, Miler test is and always has been a terrible "test"
@BenBrocka Right, but my point, is that the reason I can't stand the argument is that it reflects a view that the rest of the network are second class citizens and should just work with whatever ruleset makes the most sense for SO.
at best it's acceptable for Moderators to use it to trust their instincts. OTher than that the Miller Test is a giant cluster^%$% used to apply personal opinion to mold official policy or even law
@MarkTrapp Right, he's making a point, which is that 1) We know that people do flag things in bad faith. Frequently. 2) Comments flagged in bad faith which include profanity have a disproportionately high chance of being actioned very rapidly.
11:07 PM
Besides, the Miller Test offends me, it should be banned
@LessPop_MoreFizz Which everyone knows. Him, knowing that which we all know, trying to justify flagging in bad faith to call attention to the bad faith flagging we are all aware of is non-sensical and is abuse of the system. If someone knows you're not trying to be helpful because you admitted to it, trying to convince them otherwise is asinine and a waste of everyone's time and energy
@BenBrocka That's not the point though: if he's not offended by it and he has no reason to believe anyone else would be offended by it, he has no business flagging it as offensive especially just to prove a point about how flagging is easily abused.
@MarkTrapp Yes, I'm pretty sure we made that fact clear in the earlier discussion, and I'm not sure why you seem to think it's still relevant as he moves on to attempting to discuss it in a more useful and civil manner.
We're talking past each other here, and I don't have the patience for it, so I'm gonna go see if Storage Wars is on. Because yeaaaaah. Storage Wars.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Except he isn't, and I'm not sure why you think your ridiculous condescension is in any way helpful.
11:16 PM
He's being condescending? You're the one that thinks that I'm always a troll.
@NickT I've never said that.
No, but that's what you're implying by continuing to rant about me flagging to make a point.
I'm not sure how I'm being condescending by saying that we don't seem to see each others points - you're clearly not responding directly to any argument I make, and I'm apparantly not doing a good job of doing the same to you. I don't have the patience for it at the moment, and Storage Wars is... well, if not awesome, certainly kind of wierdly enthralling.
So, Like I said, AFK.
@NickT The matter was completely dropped: you came back two hours later to try to goad me into trying to find things for you to flag as profane. I was explaining to @LessPopMoreFizz why I thought you doing so was a waste of people's time when he claimed I missed the point, but he apparently has no patience for it.
Q: Save Primarch son on Tuchunka

AdrieanKhisbeIs that possible to save Primarch Victus son? I've done the old Turianbomb mission that these cerberus bastard are trying to blow, and the son end up dead.

Q: Cannot Access the Rescue Admiral Korlis Mission

LesleyI have the rescue Admiral Korlis mission on my list but the game won't let e land on Rannoch and I no longer see the target showing where to land on planet. I have defeated the Geth and destroyed the Reaper. I chose to save the Quarian, not the Geth. Any idea where I went wrong?

Q: How to teach an NPC a word of power?

TeachMeHowI want to teach my companion to use a Shout, but when i select him, and write the console command, the shout goes to me. I want he become like the Greybeards. How do i add the shout/word of power to an NPC and not on me?

11:23 PM
@MarkTrapp Look, a) if I want to flag things, I will, I don't feel the need to run it by you, and b) that's not the issue anymore, it's:
Q: Are expletives allowed in SE chat?

Nick TAlong the lines of the discussion (poll) on expletives on SE sites, what is the policy for them in chat? In my mind, there is a very large difference between proper SE site content (posts and comments) and chat. Chat far more fluid than the "fixed content" of the site, and the occasional explet...

@NickT Then don't ping me with your silly attempts to mess with the system. I really don't care, honest.
@MarkTrapp I agree with you in general, I just find allusions to the Miller Test to universally weaken anyone's argument significantly
@NickT To be fair, you don't tend to make any effort to prove the opposite.
11:38 PM
Good LORD you sure can make Shepard ugly in ME2: youtube.com/watch?v=cufMaA085RU&feature=endscreen&NR=1
@BenBrocka To be honest, I wasn't expecting to have to defend or define profanity rules on SE: was just providing a baseline prompt to tease out why we were talking about a specific flagging instance. Should I ever be put into such an unfortunate situation as having to come up with profanity laws, I'd have a more cogent argument.
@BenBrocka Heyyy you guyys!
It wasn't particularly directed at you :) I just see the Miller Test referred to far too much in inapplicable situations. Since it's part of my country's laws I take upon myself to clairfy how terrible it is...
@MarkTrapp I think he's some species of Gorilla
@MarkTrapp I'm just mildly offended that you seem to think I'm always trolling. I only do that 20-50% of the time tops.
Did ggClassic advertise our site reasonably well today?
trying to flip through the VODs to see what they said
@NickT Maybe if that figure were closer to 0 it wouldn't be such a judgement call.
11:44 PM
@BenBrocka What...the....hell
@NickT Someone said they tuned in and the first thing they heard was them plugging our site. Followed immediately by making fun of us giving away a console for the winner of a PC game.
So is Infinity Blade 2 an actually good game?
Tempted to get it for pretty retina graphics, but it's gameplay looks uninspired and weird
@BenBrocka Did you play the first?
It's pretty decent, and certainly as far as showstopper graphics go, it's awesome.
But it's a far cry from the best game on iOS
That title belongs to King of Dragon Pass
11:48 PM
@NickT While I think you're trolling now, I don't think I've ever said anything to the effect that you are always trolling.
Got a pile of iOS games already so I passed on both, tempted to get it just as a showcase of the iPad 3's capabilities
@BenBrocka It's not a showcase: they didn't update the art assets.
@BenBrocka You should get King of Dragon Pass.
It is The Best Game.
@MarkTrapp I'm I'm trolling, go close my MSO post.
@MarkTrapp art assets are still low res?
11:49 PM
@BenBrocka Yeah, and from what I can tell, the textures. The low-res art is definitely noticeable on the new iPad
@LessPop_MoreFizz ehhhh, iphone
@BenBrocka and iPad.
I only have an ipad, so I'm warry of paying for iphone-only apps, especially $10
The 'graphics' are all hand painted still images.
And the text renders at iPad Retina resolutions.
Universal update is coming once they finish rescanning all the original images at higher res supposedly, and rejiggering the UI to use all that extra space.
Arda's post, "I believe the FAQ is pretty clear .... can't put up a definitive answer ... judge it on a case-by-case basis." lol.
11:52 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz interesting, I might check it out when it's a universal app. I still do have 20 other ipad games I haven't beat and some I haven't played...
Q: How is the score on the leaderboard calculated?

James JiaoWhen you go to the leaderboard, most of the columns are straight-forward, like number of kills, gold collected and difficulty. It's the score column I need to know more about. How is it calculated?

@NickT As I commented, profanity is not something you can make a clear rule on. It's all subjective.
@BenBrocka Although the graphics haven't been updated, the one game I've found got the biggest boost in performance from my first-gen iPad to the new iPad was Final Fantasy Tactics. Instant load times and no slow-downs. I'm used to the PSX version from back in the day, so the lack of retina-optimized art isn't noticeable to me
@TylerShads what's the status quo then?
@MarkTrapp Hm, I'll think about that too
don't have the ipad 3 yet though
11:57 PM
@NickT status quo is don't be rude. You curse someone out, you're out of line. If you're complaining about something, then w.e.
probably get it apr 11 for an early birthday present, if appl'e shipping info is right
If profanity is such an issue, why not just implement a user controlled profanity filter?
@TylerShads so that would be a "yes, they are allowed, (keep them to a minimum)"
@BenBrocka Wow, the backlog is up to a month now? Yeesh
@NickT minimum would imply that you can't use them at all unless necesarry
11:58 PM
@MarkTrapp yeah, I wish I had preordered before I got a buyer
which again, comes back to subjectivity.
sold the old one for $400, ipad 2 16GB
@TylerShads "necessary" is subjective. perhaps I should just have said "yes"
@TylerShads This all seems oblivious to something I tried to make explicit in my post that this is about the vocab, not the intent
@BenBrocka BGR reported that some retailers have it in stock, but I have my suspicions they did a small, unrepresentative sample just to be the first with the "new iPad is a dud" story.

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