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8:55 PM
So... what do you think about this new AWESOME site?
9:06 PM
My avatar just floated down from the top
Yes, they do that
When you leave, they float downwards... continuing their journey
So this is what the third place looks like.
Pretty. :D
Yes, it's nice
So... not a HUGE increase in traffic after going public
9:15 PM
I guess not the whole world was expecting it like I thought
Yeah, I also expected a ton of people to sign up.
So, umm, apart from the MSO profile link, what does this do over IRC and a logbot?
@macha: it accepts feeds :)
9:18 PM
People's avatars float down when they enter a chatroom. :)
also, this:
@Sathya: IRC bots exist for that.
@sat, it only works on meta (from the meta chat)
9:20 PM
@Juan Ah
Oh, also the layout gets b0rked on my iPod touch after a few messages. Last (two?) hidden by input box. sigh
it seems I lied
bug, heh. link must be in new line? @Juan
How do you post those?
9:21 PM
just paste the link to the question
So does this store all messages previously posted?
@mew yep
bold is with *
like this
9:21 PM
Gamasutra - Art & Business of gaming <br />
Q: In Team Fortress 2, what is a good strategy to deal with lots of engineers turtling on the other team?

JeffreyNow that the Engineer update has come, there will be lots of Engineers building up everywhere. How should this best be handled?

heh, HTML stripped out
I'm italics I'm bold [I'm a link](
no link :(
9:22 PM
Hmm, seems to work for limited sites ?
[I'm a link](
[I'm a link][1]

Q: How do I delete my Facebook account?

Ivo FlipseI don't trust Facebook's new privacy settings and have decided to delete my account, but I can't find the kill switch. Does anyone know how I can delete my Facebook account?

Kevin Y, Vancouver, BC
3.8k 1 5 17
Cool. :)
9:24 PM
Also, it has refresh seizures on my iPod :(
Yea, I also expected more new users the moment the beta opened
Oh well
anyone has a link to a question in a private beta?
Probably a bug tbh. Gaming is still private?
9:24 PM
BTW there is a sandbox room - where you can test
@Macha went public today
@Oak, not too much attention like web apps got
a blog post and everything
Well, we got around 100 new users
9:25 PM
only because we were second :(
though not a lot of new questions / answers yet
Oh? Since when?
I can definitely feel higher traffic, though
since 2 hours ago
all it got was a tweet from joel
9:26 PM
The Stack Exchange for games is now public
Lower traffic could also be because of web filtering in workplaces
On the surface 100 users in 2 hours is great, but I would have hoped there were more people who wanted to jump in and see the moment it opens
Oh well. At least I was on page 1 for a few days :P
So, what domain is everybody here leaning towards?
9:28 PM
I don't like any of them actually
It's interesting we have more dwarf fortress questions than team fortress 2 or world of warcraft or borderlands on starcraft 2...
I'm really sad about I wanted to propose it myself but didn't because it was taken. But since Joel said it's basically okay, someone else was faster and proposed it :)
QuickSave/QuickLoad. Or my suggestion SaveReload :P. Though I really hope doesn't win.
9:29 PM
I proposed
It is a great name. quickload, too
top tags: xbox-360: 54 PC: 53
Same here, Macha
@Juan @Oak Infinite Lives/ QuickSave/Reload is nice
Yea it's just curious the most popular game-name-tag is dwarf fortress
9:30 PM
@Juan where is the voting for name being held ?
I'd still like something to fit into the whole SO theme
Q: Suggest a domain name for this site

Andrew Possible Duplicate: Write an Elevator Pitch / Tagline Note: We are closing this domain naming thread. It is asking the entirely wrong question. See this blog post for details: Domain Names: Wrong Question We're going to keep the name But we WILL be setting ...

Skiptutorial or something like that
9:30 PM
Actually the person who suggested it or someone els should edit it, so anyone can undo downvoted for takenness.
beat me to it
Thanks @Oak
You prepared the "here:" for me :P
I actually posted it but got an error
Macha: which one?
9:31 PM
There was actually a question for Baldur's gate
Q: Silver Pantaloons

Pieter van NiekerkIn Baldur's Gate 2, I got the item Silver Pantaloons. What is the purpose of this item? Is it useful or can I toss it?

Don't see that anywhere, what's its score?
why is it weird @oak?
what about :-p
9:32 PM
Oh, it's the top one, never mind
@Juan: dunno, I knew it was popular, but definitely not more popular than so called "AAA" titles
A: Suggest a domain name for this site

Juan Taken, but not used; perhaps for sale.

Doesn't have any downvotes by the way
Quicksave/ QuickLoad just got a vote
9:33 PM
Has no downvotes
cool, you can link to answers
Self promotion time: SaveReload begins with an S, is two words, and is something that happens whn stuff goes wrong. /selfpromotion
IIRC Beta StackEx meta don't have downvotes
@Mecha: it's great... but it's not as iconically great as quicksave
Sathya, yeah they do
9:34 PM
or quickload, though I prefer quicksave
There was a meta question on that
pauseforhelp has 11 downvotes
Oops, the downvotes don't count for rep ?
Something of that sort. /meh
@Sat, no rep on meta
No, there's no rep for meta
9:34 PM
yeah I like QuickSave over QuickLoad.
On the new meta sites, the rep is just carried from the parent site.
You can't get rep for waffles jokes and freehand circles.
I know.
Well there's definitely more traffic now, look at the "active" page
9:35 PM
CW doesn't involve rep anyway
461 users reported here:
Post level maps with freehand circles maybe?
it's not real time though
Usually takes an hour for my rep to appear there
9:36 PM
A: Suggest a domain name for this site (available) You didn't sign up to figure out where the 12 chickens are! There are universes to save!

So any word on when moderator voting is gonna happen? Does our community moderator do that?
I thought this was a killer proposal but people like better o.O
Is in't it kinda early for naming moderators?
no idea on moderator voting
Yeah, it is, I'm just curious
Although it could very well be that Gaming may need even more mods than SuperUser
9:38 PM
trolls need some time to understand how the game works though :D
Probably, it attracts a lot less 'super' users
Gaming sites draw trolls.
Any trollcan pick up a game
I think it will be needed the more proposals go to public beta
9:38 PM
So, off-topic or not?
We all know Juan is going to have the/a place anyway.
Q: Is there a market for old consoles and games?

MechkoI have some old consoles (Atari, NES, etc) sitting around in dustjackets at home. I never play them anymore, but I can't get myself to throw them away. Is there a market to sell them? Are they collectors items or would I be selling them for peanuts?

Woot, up-key to edit message just like in Skype. :D
right now the team is handling everything
but I don't know how long they can manage
9:39 PM
Oak, seems a bit 'local' to me?
Like, specific to a certain point in time
We all know Juan is going to have the/a place anyway.
@Mechko I dunno, feels somehow wrong
Items will always drop in value, it might have value now but not in a couple days
Yeah, Juan definitely deserves to be moderator
I don't know if I deserve it, but I do want to :)
9:40 PM
anyway, we'll see...
Well, you're constantly on my tail rep-wise ;-)
I didn't think there was even a question about Juan getting moderator :-p.
@Juan look your unicorn is bouncing
rep isn't important for this I think
Q: Moderator nominations

Ivo Flipse Related: Moderator Pro Tem Announcement Some guidelines: Each nomination should be a separate answer. Link the name to the user's profile so we can see their activity. The nominee should indicate their acceptance by commenting on (or indeed editing) the answer. The top voted nominat...

I should down vote his nomination >:-) look how much he wants the position, it's not a good sign
9:41 PM
a desire to see the site grow and be successful is more important IMO
He's gonna banninate us all, then burninate the site and the countryside
Well, rep isn't a measurement for how much someone deserves moderator
someone could be spamming after all
Rep does show the level of activity you have on a site
9:42 PM
If you want a mod, you want him to check the site frequently
I measure with rep, with meta activity, and with the actual opinions I see the user making on meta
Rep is important, I think
@Arda not necessary that rep would show activity
Especially at this stage, when we're supposed to seed the site!
9:43 PM
Sure it does, and the quality of which
There's something more than just that though. There are some people who just seem to know what they are doing. Juan is one of those. So is Arda, I think.
@arda I don't answer, but I vote, flag for spam/troll/dupes - zero rep but it doesn't mean that I've not been active
Hey, what kind of chat is that? I can edit things I wrote in the past!
Skype chat
@oak yeah, just hit up arrow like this
9:44 PM
@Sathya but a good moderator is a good community member too
@oak: yes, but you can only do it twice in three minutes. After that it's stuck. Okay, so they've changed the two edits only limit. Now it's just time limit.
That involves not just moderation, but involvement too
@Arda True. No doubt about that. Just sayin' that rep need not be the ultimate factor
Well, I'm capable of getting 200 rep in one day on SO if I want to, as I proved last week. But I'm normally not active enough, answering two or three questions in one day tops. So it does measure activity, but quality can subsitute for activity (and so can luck)
9:45 PM
I think I agree with Arda. Grace Note is very active in meta
That's what I said already
Less reputation, though
it isn't a measurement of how much someone deserves the position, it's just one of the factors
I agree, activity is not only measured on rep
FWIW I'd rather not be a Mod.
9:46 PM
@Macha maybe, but between two users active on meta, on having higher rep than the other definitely means something
Anyone here know if it'd be a good idea to publicise this site on Facepunch? (Macha, you perhaps?)
Sorry, behind on the chat. It does t work too well on my iPod, so half the time is spent watching flickering.
Then again, might just not be the kind of publicity we'd want
well... I have to go home (yes, I'm chatting at work)
I might come back later
9:47 PM
btw, since open beta, upvotes started flowing in
see ya!
I'm really impressed. We haven't had a single fanboy yet. Either that or they have been disposed of before I saw them
in the naming thread
@Arda I have one post there, ever.
@Mecko fanboys are the best kind of users ever! period!
I don't care what you have to say!
fanboys > *
9:48 PM
That's not mathematically possible
@badp fanboi schmanboi
You need fanboys >= *
Oh wow, a fanboy fanboy
Otherwise fanboys > fanboys :(
No, fanboys > fanboys, they're THAT awesome!
9:48 PM
@Arda LOL
I've never seen fanboyism towards fanboys, ever
So awesome it does not compute!
@Arda: don't worry ma'am, I come from meta
exactly what I need just before midnight, you broke my brain
OK now it looks like we need a logo for our brand new site,
wait, ma'am? what?
HTML doesn't work here @Oak ;-)
9:50 PM
It's part of the snowclone, @Arda
Who posted HTML, me? Never! You lie.
My reflexes are faster than your delete button
oo oo how'd you put pictures
9:51 PM
Oh wow, it does image embedding too?
@Arda maybe but you have no PROOF
I have.. a transcript. somewhere
maybe I don't.
@Oak: merely link them
Anyway, has anyone written up some kind of promotional material for forums and the like? I don't mind writing my own, I just think other people would do better.
I think we're shooting ourselves in the foot by not allowing even slightly temporal questions. (personal opinion)
9:53 PM
@Mechko: Example?
We need some discussion about that on meta then. I thought we did, though
Q: Questions that ask about the state of X "right now".

MechkoI have noticed a lot of seemingly valid questions are being closed as being too time localized, such as this one or this one. I agree that in its current form "right now" it can be problematic. However, I also think that if the question were stated as "As of July 12 2010" it should be answerabl...

This question / answer embedding is so convenient.
Q: What kind of graphics card is as minimum necessary for good gaming?

txwikingerHow much graphics memory is necessary? What kind of hardware acceleration is required?

anyway, I agree with John there
9:54 PM
The problem here is
Amazing that each message has its own permalink
A: Questions that ask about the state of X "right now".

John Rudy Oh.. there's a moment... coming. There's a moment coming, it's... it's not here yet. It's on the way... It's still in the future. Here... here it is! (a beat) Oh.. it's gone, man. There's no present, man. Everything is the near future and the recent past. -- George Carlin (1937 - 2008) ...

well that doesn't really help. nice quote though
the site concept is supposed to be, "ask once, answer once, read many"
If, by the time you answered, your answer is outdated
the "read many" part breaks
and it's "read many" that has brought to huge success™
but there are other questions that are out of date more than a year later
exactly, the same thing happens on SU I believe
9:56 PM
like the gfx card question
for that one the same thing should go
Yeah, gfx card isn't that time sensitive
So much for Apple stuff being more reliable. iPod just hard crashed :(
@Macha: Apple stuff works fantastic until it doesn't.
Then it's gg :P
9:56 PM
@badp yeah it is, that question should have the same treatment
(Or so I understand. I don't actually own anything Apple.)
Apple products are amazing. :D /fanboy
I think close-votes are just happening less since we don't have an awful lot of people with 500 rep
@arda: I think that if an answer is useful for, say, six months, then it should get to stay
I second badp.
9:57 PM
18 to be precise
You can have plenty of read many in six months
iTunes alone has made sure I will never buy a Mac :P
and I'm not sure much of the SO answers really apply after six months anyway
bugs get fixed
features get added
true, but then the flight simulator question should be allowed too, there's not a lot happening in that genre
new versions
9:58 PM
of FSX? hasn't happened for years
ok I have to go to work
very nice. Websense just filtered gaming.stackex X(
Access to this URL is currently restricted due to a blocking rule.

Rule: Block URLs of type Games
(you can upvote (star) comments btw)
that doesn't make a lot of websense
9:59 PM
Wish the threshold for upvote/downvoted display was lower :(. I'll be there in a few days, but I still miss it. Btw, anyone think this site will end up the biggest SE site? Maybe SO size?
well, the name is a bit of a dead giveaway @sathya
just a teeny little bit.
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