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4:00 PM
And what did the investigations led to?
@Fluttershy greasy food is the best way to go. Or just staying in bed until it's over
We concluded that alcohol was involved.
Hearing peoples hangover woes makes me glad I don't drink
best cure for a hangover is to get really drunk and pass out until it goes away
@Wipqozn I am with you on that one. Though being in a party when you are the only one not drinking can be fun too sometimes.
Well, not always.
4:06 PM
Observing drunk people is just as fun as being drunk
But also babysitting sucks most of the time, so
I would know, because my friends always told me how hard it was to control me
Yeah, that's kinda that.
The first time I ever actually drank, I threw up in a toilet, a bathtub, and a bucket, and tried to eat rotell dip out of a trash can. That was a decade ago. Moderation was a hard lesson to learn. <_<
The first few I get, but how did you end up with the last one? >_>
@Lazers2.0 This is ITG.
It has no artifact from the game, just something from a different game.
@Fluttershy my first college party, I downed ~5 beers in about half an hour. Only after that did I discover how carsick I get while I'm drunk (we went to a 24 hour diner) and I puked all over someone's car
4:16 PM
RIP car.
@Isuka Nah. That can be cleaned.
But its such a bad smell.
@Frank yeah I smelled worse than the car. All I had to puke in was a box
Apparently I cleaned the car really well so that was good
I was giving my brother and his girlfriend a ride home from annusement park. She puked all over my car.
So my brother got to clean it the next day.
The smell lingered for a while, though.
@Vemonus I've been very fortunate in my drinking to have never thrown up in someone's car. I did throw up in someone's hallway once, about two steps from the bathroom because I couldn't move fast enough, but any other time, it's been in a place that was safe to vomit.
@Fluttershy was it carpet flooring in the hallway?
4:20 PM
I'm not a fan of comodo, but they're technically a trustable CA.
@Vemonus Barely. It was paper thin carpet.
@Fluttershy Apartment carpet, then. It seems like they all have that.
@arda Never tried this one. I used to use Kleopatra from Gpg4win for this matter.
@Frank Pretty much!
ONE DAY I'll figure out how the 4 fricking dials on my oven/microwave work
@Fluttershy @Arperum still wins though
@Isuka thunderbird doesn't like self signing
4:55 PM
@KevinvanderVelden I don't know @Arperum's story.
Jan 20 '14 at 23:56, by Arperum
@AshleyNunn You can get the beer, I don't drink since some unfortunate incident when I was 14 and drank myself into a coma.
Jan 21 '14 at 0:01, by Arperum
@rolfl I did more then simply pass out. I heard from the doctor that I was still alive for two reasons: 1) I puked a ton back out. 2)My parents brought me to the hospital immediately. 1 hour later and I would've been dead 10+ years ago...
Q: Detecting exactly 1 player in radius

Julian LachnietI am trying to detect if exactly 1 player is in a radius using testfor. To my understanding, I should be able to use the c argument to count players, but I am having no such luck. /testfor @e[x=0,y=0,z=0,r=100,c=1] The intended output of this command is to return true if exactly 1 players is w...

Q: Do the final decisions of the season 2 have any influence on the story of the season 3?

IsukaAt the end of the season 2 of the Walking Dead game by Telltale, you have to make some important choices: Those choices lead to 5 different endings which are really different from each other, so I was really wondering how they could manage to make another game with a certain character: Does...

@KevinvanderVelden Holy shit. o_o
5:13 PM
Q: Can you guide Solgaleo's nature using Synchronize lead?

Stupid.Fat.CatI've been trying to get a Jolly Solgaleo leading with a synchronize jolly Abra, but it's been my 12th attempt and Solgaleo is anything but Jolly. Did they remove this mechanic in gen7?

5:29 PM
@KevinvanderVelden TIL we almost lost @Arperum and tears would have overflown the bridge
Q: What is the significance of a red exclaimation mark in Xenoblade Chronicles?

user1821961Keep it spoiler free please, just started the game and there's a red arrow on the map but I don't see anything quest related to interact with. It was in some alleyway in the starting town.

Q: Is there any penalty for dying in Xenoblade Chronicles?

user1821961I'm enjoying the game but dying a lot as I explore as there are some high level enemies around the starting town. Do I lose exp or currency or anything for dying?

@Wipqozn that was BB though, Before Bridge
@Fluttershy yeah I was really out of control, but gosh darn was it fun. I need to play that game some more.
Q: How do I get to this alcove on Melemele Island?

zero298How do I get to this alcove on Melemele Island? I have tried surfing around the whole island and looked for ramps on Route 1 and 3 but I can't seem to find a way down. I had hope when I found a hidden cave on the south side of the island, but that only led to an item.

5:46 PM
@Wipqozn omg why are you replying to a two year and eight month old message? lol
@Fluttershy You sir got the year wrong
@Fluttershy Because memories, obviously
because person of the year isn't necessarily a compliment?
Q: Minecraft launcher crashes right after opening

MeowDotEXEI've been trying to open Minecraft for the good part of a day, and whenever I try to open the launcher it just crashes. I am using a macOS 10.12.2 in a VM, trying to get portable Minecraft working. Even when I run the launcher without any special options, it crashes. Can anyone help? Minecraft...

@badp That, although it does kind of contrast with them opening with "While two nominees are groups…they deserved to be lifted up and potentially honored"
apt-get upgrade --dry-run | grep -oP 'Inst [^ ]+' | cut -f2 -d' ' | xargs -n1 apt-get install --upgrade #yoloops
One second @TimStone I'll be right back
He better not be going to get fudge, so help me
hey some packages aren't installing
but others could!
Q: How can you choose a language in Pokémon Red and Blue designed for 3DS?

BlaszardThe original Pokémon Red and Blue are available in 3DS from early 2016. In the original game, you must purchase a title specifically designed for each language. However, in 3DS, you can just purchase a language-agnostic copy and choose whatever language you like on the game. So I wonder how you ...

6:07 PM
I mean sure
Well that didn't work
You failing to successfully inline this makes it worth it
@TimStone There was another image I wanted too
6:11 PM
much fudge
cc @Ash
It's the comma.
Thanks @Yuuki
I didn't want to bother inlining both
But now @TimStone can suffer maximum envy
Anyways, I should go get my ass handed to me in fire emblem for a while
also I've pissed away far too much of this day already. Family stuff in a few hours
Oh hey it's @fredley
I wonder if he likes fudge
i made brownies
so much brownies
@djsmiley2k Make sure to ping @TimStone with pictures
6:26 PM
@badp >root
@Fluttershy am I the only one had a good first experience?
@arda the first time i drank I did shots of 151, so most likely, yeah
i mean i wasn't that messed up from it and i never blacked out or puked, so i guess there's that
'I am root!'
my first drinking was good
smirnoff ice i think
or possibly a bacardi breezer type thing
6:41 PM
Gosh darn critical hits. I blame Christmas.
@arda sudo fish
except I only have root configured on my bash on ubuntu on windows anyway
sudo moosay
@badp sudo urface
that escalted quickly
sudo -c echo '' > /etc/sudoers
Errors were encountered while processing:
6:46 PM
@GodEmperorDune sudo: urface: command not found
@кяαzєя clearly you need to git gud
git: 'gud' is not a git command. See
'git --help'.
@GodEmperorDune -bash: clearly: command not found
sudo hue
something something sudo head > wall
actually you could try sudo wall < head /dev/zero
6:51 PM
@badp what's with the 2 different sizes for downloads o_O
how is 2.88dsf-41ubuntu6.3 < 2.88dsf-59.3~ not true
holy crap this healers a beast
I rarely pay attention to healer stats, but my word
res and luc all over the place
lure in mages, let others kill
@Yuuki it's better with the music...
@arda at least cd or check you're in the right directory first
@djsmiley2k yeah but it does the job. I'll fix it later, to various levels of later.
valve time
@arda and various levels of fix? ;)
@djsmiley2k yes
and youre using preshared key? :/
7:13 PM
@djsmiley2k what
well with openvpn there's normally a private key and a cert too
or multiple certs
It's included in it
You can inline it
ah ok
7:26 PM
I honestly do hate fire emblem sometimes
because it's honestly bullshit
Looks like these two enemies won't actually LOL NOPE JUST JOKING
Honestly annoying when the AI doesn't behave consistently
Not sure if they only attack if they both can aggro or what, but fucking annoying
I just hate when fire emblem has "trial and error" bullshit in it
when your chapters can take 30 minutes, trial and error in the last 2 just isn't fucking acceptable
There's honestly nothing more frustrating
Kills all enjoyment. Pretty much why these games take me so long to get through, but conquest is really fucking bad for it.
Wouldn't be abig deal if it wasn't literally impossible for my units to survive that, but a strong ass melee and strong ass mage just means lol fuck you in conquest, since your units are all frail. Only tough in one thing.
I'll have to use an enfeeble staff or something
7:47 PM
I don't like any of the choices for Test of Time, tbh.
Q: Black Screen Laptop TV

DrewexPlaysSo i have a laptop connected to a TV by HDMI. the problem is , some of the games when i open them it lets me play for 3-4 seconds, than the black screen appears. Like when i play GTA V , Or Sims4 no problem, but when i play idk, old games like Metin2, This War of mine, Black screen appears, it's...

@Yuuki ?
@Yuuki Civ V, you monster. AoE II is also acceptable
oh steam vote thing
I've been completely ignoring that
This twitter exchange amuses the hell out of me.
8:27 PM
@Yuuki Terraria!
The devs are still updating it!
8:58 PM
Q: How can I destroy the dam?

SQBI'd like to destroy the dam In Goat Simulator. Is that possible? If so, how? I've tried licking it, I've tried smacking stuff into it.

Q: How do I not pay out of my wallet?

SQBI've got some money in my wallet, but not enough to pay to for the game I want. I'd rather keep my money in my wallet and pay to entire amount with other funds. However, in the checkout, as soon as I've made the choice that I want the game for me! me! me!, I'm asked to choose how to pay the rem...

9:21 PM
Arabic language (اللغة العربية)

Proposed Q&A site for linguists, teachers and students of the Arabic Language (موقع موجّه للغويي ومعلمي وتلامذة اللغة العربية)

Currently in definition.

Q: Does the fairy respawn?

rivermont - Will B.I bought Magicka 2 before playing Magicka (1), and in Magicka 2 the fairy or whichever pet you choose will respawn after a certain time. I have been playing Magicka for a while now and have noticed that the fairy only seems to come back after dying and spawning at a checkpoint. Is this how the fa...

9:43 PM
Q: How can I speed up the growth of Berries in Pokémon Platinum?

Obinna NwakwueI am preparing for the Elite Four in my Pokémon Platinum game, and I am planting Passho, Charti, Haban, and Leppa berries for use during my Elite Four challenge. The problem is, (I am really impatient and) I want my berries to grow extremely quickly. I have tried planting my berries in Growth Mul...

I haven't been hatting all that well this year. I still have less than a dozen (including dupes).
I think I have 3 hats, and I didn't even realize we were doing hats until I saw the third one.
Q: Score in replay missions

mannyCan I improve my campaign mission score by replaying them? I recieved a gold medal on a replay, but it did not seem to register.

10:46 PM
Q: Winter lootboxes openable only during Winter?

NiteCyperOverwatch players get 5 free winter lootboxes if they log in between today and January 2nd (the end of the winter event). Can these still be opened once the event is over? From this I will extrapolate how other special event lootboxes work.

11:03 PM
urgh why is seeing the girl I went out with so briefly with her new guy still bothering me so much
Q: gmod server dosent go online

user174979I dont know how to solve if the console sais 66.6 fps 0/30 on map gm_construct Console initialized. ConVarRef mat_dxlevel doesn't point to an existing ConVar Game.dll loaded for "Garry's Mod" Initializing Steam libraries for Workshop.. Fetching Workshop Addons.. No -authkey Adding Filesyste...

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