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12:21 AM
@GodEmperorDune I see you on the leaderboard, you excellent sprinkle collecting human.
@Ash wat
lemme check
@GodEmperorDune I think so, Sytras is you, yes?
yeah that's me
Also, I just got a crapload of candy from between the seat cushions in the train station :D
12:26 AM
kol is best when out of context it could be either KoL or real life
@GodEmperorDune although now I ate a jellybean and am having an existential crisis and am apathetic.
your run seems much more fun than mine
also there is an advent calendar in your campground
@GodEmperorDune The train station candy was really the only interesting bit and now I am eating the various candies
ffff I don't have a campground :(
@Ash finish ed this month
if there are things that would help speed it up, let me know and i'll send them
also you should be out of ronin now, so don't forget to get your stuff from hagnk's
@GodEmperorDune It's mostly just trying to get throguh quests and I have been bad at remembering to play
12:34 AM
i can bug you everyday if you want
That wouldn't be bad, actually.
Got my new place set up 👍. No internet for a couple weeks 👎.
I hate Ruby and it's stupid implicit everything. I'm trying to debug a dependency loop in a rake task, and I can't even figure out what kinds of things can affect the shape of the dependency graph (which can differ from run to run)
Neat, Derpibooru now uses randomly generated SVG ponies for anonymous avatars
12:54 AM
@RedRiderX :/
@PrivatePansy pls
@murgatroid99 Ruby is literally a Perl fork so I guess all bets are off
(well okay it was so originally, or so I hear)
Yeah, there's still stuff with the Perl license buried in the Ruby source code
at least it's not php
cc @Wiphpqozn
Yeah, among the two, Ruby is definitely the lesser evil
1:13 AM
Q: Where do I find rock smash in Pokemon Snakewood?

Γερασιμος ΡομπολαςI'm playing Pokemon Snakewood, a ROMhack version of Pokemon. I'm up to the part where they kidnap Gleis, and I need Rock Smash. Where is it? Also, where do I go to save Gleis? I have tried to find it but it's nowhere I can see!

@murgatroid99 Ruby is a lot more dynamic though. PHP borrows Java's class syntax, which has a lot of flaws on its own, but dependencies are at least very explicit
At least if you use an autoloader
Q: My Minecraft is not working. It says my username and password are incorrect!

Sydney CannonI still Can't get into Minecraft! I reset my Password, and I still can't get in! My username is correct and my password, but it still won't let me in! It says wrong Password and Username! Does anyone know what is happening? I just recently logged in 1 day ago but now it wont work! Please answer...

1:34 AM
@GodEmperorDune That sounds terrible
@RedRiderX womp womp
Q: I have a new nintendo 3dsxl and I want to use my Animal Crossing on the new platform

Susan StewartMy old nintendo 3dsxl kept stopping so I bought a refurbished Nintendo 3dsxl. I put in my old game cartridge, but the menu is so confusing I am afraid to answer t he questions the wrong way (when I am on the train) because I don't want to destroy the town I have built up over the last 2 years. I...

@PrivatePansy Ruby at least only has a couple of types of major problems. It doesn't have the variety of pervasive, systematic issues that Fractal of Bad Design describes.
1:51 AM
The most adorbs angry pie! 🍋 #NationalPieDay https://t.co/6gp225B3ql
@Wipqozn Yeah I'm in a wifi desert atm but at least I have hope for fast speeds again.
Also I think this connection dies when you push it too far so if someone posts a gif and I drop out that's why.
But idk it could be that the gif sucked too.
Hard to say
@RedRiderX you...err... tested this with videos on a particular tube site?
@GodEmperorDune lolololol
I bet @RedTuberX regrets that more than I regret posting my socks
@GodEmperorDune I'm not sure what type of video you mean, could you post an example?
@murgatroid99 My main gripes are actually with Rails. The main problem I have with Ruby itself is that it's too dynamic (and "clever") for it's own good, but that's more debatable
It's a red tube
@Wipqozn hue
cc @fredley @Wipqozn @Dragonrage on that pun
@Dragonrage cc @GodEmperorDune
@Dragonrage literal hue
Oh what? Guillermo Del Toro is involved with Death Stranding?
Holy crap. Mads Mikkelsen is in it too. :oooo
@PrivatePansy Yeah, I basically agree with what you said there, except that I don't know anything about Rails
2:29 AM
curious, is there a way to get event pokemon outside events, such as when someone didn't have the game at the time. preferably a way that doesn't require a second person
....poking on Facebook is still a thing people do. The world is a weird place.
@Ash wat
@GodEmperorDune That was my reaction too
@Ash what's the difference between poking someone and liking them? aren't both recorded on a profile
2:49 AM
I've no idea
you can't like people, you can only like posts
I'm pretty sure poking is "Hey, post something"
Except I post like...all the time
poking is just a ping.
it's like typing @Wipqozn but not saying anything to him
It's just a weird thing
2:57 AM
yeh, does seem weird
oh is it time to cc @Wipqozn?
is it ever not?
i think facebook poking was left intentionally vague since the beginning
3:29 AM
I think I'm going to rename my wireless network. Maybe call it "TellMeWifiLoveHer".
The password would be "ItHurtsWhenIP".
cc @Wipqozn @GodEmperorDune
Q: Is DF Everywhere still active?

PhilipThe website DF Everywhere replaced DFTerm3.These are resources that allow remote play and viewing of Dwarf Fortress games. Did DF Everywhere also shut down?

@Yuuki that's an old one
@Yuuki that's a good one
> I tried to make Hawaiian pizza yesterday, but I burned it.
> Should've cooked it at aloha temperature.
Q: What can I do about long queue times?

AshGuests keep complaining that various rides have long queue times. How can I improve this? I've tried making the ride more expensive, but that hasn't deterred people. What can I do to rectify this?

3:44 AM
@Yuuki i don't get it
@Memor-X It's the Queen of puns.
@Yuuki queen.....queen....*shakes sadness of Queen from Type-0 and rage for fal'Cie*....queen
oh wait i get it now
@Sterno yeh that
now that pun's reminded me of Hamsterviel from Stitch

lurianai have installed apk file for Clash Royale from this site: http://choilieng.com/apk-on-pc/com.supercell.clashroyale.apk and my question is: does this version allow me to updates some things new like on Google Play? if not, does it means that i need to find another source of apk for this or apk fi...

4:29 AM
So the 1.4 Animal Crossing update adds a Wii U item with actual minigames in it, so you can play games on your Wii U in your 3DS
Q: right, however it is closer than ever

jigwaijuriaTo claim that virtual reality science has finally arrived would now not quite be right, however it is closer than ever. Let's take a seem at this Astoria VR new and establishing advancement in our lives. Digital truth science has taken our fantasies and is attempting to make them real-or at the l...

@Fluttershy sweet
5:05 AM
Q: How fast are baby zombies?

Jordan RamirezIf the generic movement speed for normal zombies is 0.23, what is for baby zombies?

5:28 AM
Q: NetHack tiles mode on Mac OS X

mdahlmanNetHack 3.6.0 was released in Dec 2015. An official binary is available for Mac OS X, but it's terminal-only. NetHackCocoa, which has brought so much joy to so many, has, alas, not been updated since 2012 as far as I can tell. Is there any way to play NetHack 3.6.0* using a tile set on Mac OS ...

6:03 AM
Q: I downloaded WorldEdit 6.1.3 (for MC 1.9.4) and it won't show up in my Minecraft versions

KompriZeLike title says, I downloaded WorldEdit 6.1.3 (for MC 1.9.4) put it in my mods folder, and it won't show up in "versions" of my minecraft launcher. Did I do something wrong? When I downloaded WorldEdit for 1.8.9, I did the same steps and it showed up fine.

Anyone knows when winterbash is?
A: When will Winter Bash 2016 begin?

DavidThe winter bash starts on December 19, 2016 and runs up to and includes January 8, 2017. Sources: Should we turn Worldbuilding Stack Exchange into a Planet of Hats? Winter Bash 2016! Should we stay opt-in for Winter Bash 2016? an email sent from SE to all moderators.

turns out we have a bit more before hat fun
> kawaii
> verizona
and my fav state, fallout new vegas
Q: Can the speed of a baby zombie be applied to normal zombies?

Jordan RamirezIn a last post I was wondering the speed of a baby zombie. The reason for this was to use the information and applied it to create a normal zombie has the same speed as a baby. Before I thought you multiplied 0.5 to the generic movement speed of 0.23 to get the speed. However I figured there was ...

6:20 AM
@arda One word: Hats.
Augh guys I know I ramble about Hamilton a LOT but the rest of the Hamilton Mixtape tracks dropped and I just
I can't
they're so fucking good
6:49 AM
@Ash oooh, theyre pretty nice
Q: Lurong Living Muscle building wellbeing and Health

karenjashLurong Living For sake of averting argument, Good statements that his Practically a person hundred% productive LOBOS, which can be a hundred% typically since they deliver all Exterior Resistance Electrical electric power in rapid opposition to Main muscle mass mass contractions, are merely more t...

@arda i don't get it? is this like a stroop test?
7:14 AM
Q: Vderma As you grow older, you may be

Mary ShaverVderma As you grow older, you may be tempted by the various color palettes that come and go, but do not feel you should automatically change your color choices. Your hair and skin will be constantly changing. Colors will begin to look nice on you that did not complement you before, but there will...

7:41 AM
Q: Watch dogs 2 for pc

fasiWhen the torrent of watch dogs 2 for pc will be available/uploaded? I am really fan of this game, already played watch dogs 1 now anxiously waiting for watch dogs 2 torrent for pc.

Q: how can I get a available name in pokemon go? and u give me some idea

rajatCan I keep a name like ? Jack, or ash? Can u give me some available name for pokemon go

Q: How are trophies created in Clash of Clans?

ahornI noticed today that whenever I attack or defend in Clash of Clans, the number of trophies won or lost is the same number as the opponent loses or wins respectively. So, no new trophies are created, only exchanged. Do you know how there came to be trophies in the first place? I was wondering if t...

Q: A complete run through Skyrim SE

SmartisIs it possible to get all Steam Achievements for Skyrim Special Edition (inc. all DLCs) in one run (with on character)? If Yes, are there any things to be concerned about, to make it sure? Like Quest which should be handled in the right order. If No, why and which of them need to be re-done for...

Q: http://blogmium.net/http://blogmium.com/lumify-x9-fr/qugenix-rx/

IrvinPruitlumify x9 LED Flashlight is a strategic electric lamp that calls itself the "world's most grounded and brightest strategic spotlight". In the wake of turning on the Lumify X9, it will be "sufficiently brilliant to see everything", as indicated by the producers of the spotlight. Clearly, these ar...

@Lazers2.0 with data
8:06 AM
@Lazers2.0 This spam thing is still alive.
9:05 AM
@Lazers2.0 is... is he asking for the release date of a pirated copy?
Why... why would there be an announced release date for such a thing
An image is up when it's up and a crack is up when its' up and either way we're not helping you
Also morning chat \o/
@KevinvanderVelden yep
@KevinvanderVelden because the asker is stupid?
9:20 AM
@KevinvanderVelden morning
@fredley @anyoneElsePlayingh4ck1t how do you break the kilpatrik one? i tried to brute force and got my ass handed to me
@GodEmperorDune Oh not got that far
it was on the first corp server i attempted
damn things take forever
i think i'll go back down to COM tier
get more nodes in my pool
holy crap, this is weird. I genuinely remember the monopoly guy having a monocle, so does tons of friends, yet we cant find any official pictures of him with one.
Q: how do I fix the 3 red rings if death on Xbox 360?

Jessie5275 ^ Pic | My xbox 360 (first generation of 360) keeps coming up with the 3 red rings of death. Every time I turn it on, it starts up as normal. But after 5 mins of playing it, a red checkerboard comes up on the screen?? When that comes up the console freezes. The power button still has the ...

9:32 AM
@arda maybe this is why
but i do recall that there were cards in the game showing him wearing one but only on those cards
@fredley 2016 strikes again
You thought 2016 was over
But it's not over
It will never be over
@fredley You sound like @badp.
does anyone here say "Burn the Hats?" if so that's another thing they can add to 2016
9:40 AM
@Arperum Surprise, it's me badp. I was badp all along.
@fredley But then who did brexit?
@KevinvanderVelden In a way, we all did brexit
@Memor-X In honour of 2016, we have decided to exclude this site from Hat Bash this year
@Memor-X i never watched ace ventura
@fredley So you also have two different skinsuits? I knew you were not a human all along!
@fredley seriously?
9:44 AM
@Memor-X Serioulsy
You heard it here first: no hats
i very clearly remember him having monocles, on cards and on box art. i cant find cards with him with monicles too
@fredley dammit
......*added "Arqade not having hats for Winterbash" to personal 2016 sucks list*
I'm curious as to when @fredley became a credible source for anything.
@Arperum The secret is to mix real news and fake news
9:47 AM
sets fire to @fredley
@fredley the question remains, why do people think your credible. You're always fake
where can i buy tinfoil hats
@KevinvanderVelden I have said things that are true at least once
@fredley [citation needed]
@arda Don't ask @fredley, he'll sell you fake anti-tinfoil hats.
9:56 AM
@Arperum fake anti-rebecca-black userscripts
I think that has still been my best Bridge moment
@fredley That was hilarious. Especially because I was not affected.
Instead of blocking the mindcontrol rays they'll just convert them to barely audible rebecca black so you constantly wonder if you're going insane
@KevinvanderVelden I have considered making Porkchat play RB very quietly to drive people slowly (more) insane
It's in the backlog
@Arperum also that time he got banned by google and people couldn't access the bridge because of it
@KevinvanderVelden And the reason I got banned from Google was literally Bridge trolling
9:57 AM
@KevinvanderVelden Yes
In unrelated news. I'm probably goingto have to contact steam support tonight. I bought the deluxe edition of the dwarves, with soundtrack and artbook, but neither can be found on my disk.
Yes, I did look at the bloody folder.
10:12 AM
Q: Unexpected aether terrain

AstroRPThis is the first time I have downloaded the Aether II launcher. When I created a new world, and went through the portal, the terrain was different than what I have seen on pictures and videos on the web. Some pictures found on the internet: So beautiful! And this is what I it looks like for...

Q: I need the name of this game

Djangoi have played a game a while ago and i cant find it again by description,so here it is.It'third person game where you can play as a she-elf archer or an human (i think) warrior,both characters are playing at the same time,just that you choose with witch one you want to play at certain checkpoints...

Q: FTB Utilities Path Name format

Gaming LexusI am currently running a FTB Infinity Evolved server with the FTB Utilities mod making automatic backups for me on a two-hourly basis. I want to change the path of where the backup is outputted to. In the config file (\local\ftbu\config.json), the location defaults to "folder": "./backups/". I w...

10:33 AM
Youtube having an easy loop option is awesome :D
Why is dark gray lighter than gray?
@KevinvanderVelden Because 2016
Fairly sure this is older
@2016: please stop making bands quit. First Herfst, then Crucified Barbara and now Bliksem.
10:53 AM
ugh don't you just love it when you randomly get migraine followed by nosebleed in middle of class
11:03 AM
@arda that'll teach you for looking at echii things when you're in class
@Memor-X baka
Q: Metro 2033 Redux crashes on launch

Cthulhu FhatgnI just downloaded Metro 2033 Redux on Steam, and on launch, it let me watch the intro, then crashed. After searching online, I was told to delete the legal.ogv file and replace it with an empty legal.ogv file. I did this, then, on launch, the game shows me the loading screen and crashes. Everytim...

meanwhile in "im dying lmao": no more nosebleed, still lotsa migraine
11:53 AM
@arda the echii must have been burned into your brain then
12:17 PM
> Some 1.7 million speeding tickets were issued in the first half of 2016.
This is for a population of ~11 million people. Including kids and everyone who doesn't drive.
> 1 in 6 speeding drivers are exceeding the speed limit by 30 kilometres per hour or more (almost 20 miles).
Yes, Belgian roads are generally speaking not your friend.
@Arperum do you have to enable it as dlc in game properties?
Q: Does a slime block have custom Attributes?

CaolanMCI was just wondering if slime blocks have their own attributes such as Bounciness ?

@Chippies the DLC is enabled.
or it says it is installed anyway, I don't know if there is some weird extra "enable" option somewhere.
still at work now.
that's odd then
what game is it?
Yea. GOing to verify game cache tonight and see if that helps.
"The Dwarves", released yesterday. Has a soundtrack with a Blind Guardian song.
12:31 PM
on a sidenote - do not go to thedwarves.com at work
@Chippies iirc it's dwarves-game.com or something. not sure.
Yes it is.
(I just checked the description of the upload of the videoclip on youtube by Nuclear Blast)
bwah, trying to google any info on a game with such a generic title is a pain
@Chippies Blame the writer of the book it is based on :p
there's just so many games that are named as "(some variation on) Dwarves"
I can confirm that @fredley is actually telling the truth for once.
The mod team decided we didn't want to do winter bash this year.
cc @Memor-X @Arperum @KevinvanderVelden
12:36 PM
Idk, at a quick glance, I'm not seeing anyone else with your problem, @Arperum. Integrity check might be your best bet before contacting support other people are having same issue as well, it seems
@Wipqozn You know what the problem is with all the trolling you guys do? I'm still not sure if I believe you
@KevinvanderVelden The troll who cried hats
@KevinvanderVelden Yea, having winter bash happen sneakily now would be like another act of 2016.
@Chippies So contacting steam support about it seems to be the thing I need to do.
@Arperum I would try the steam music player to see if that can find the soundtrack, I would assume it should know where the files are located
but yeah, other than that, steam support is probably best bet
@Chippies I had no luck in the list of music in the steam library.
12:40 PM
it's possible that the issue lies at the publisher, and the extras just aren't in the deluxe dlc
it is a very recent release, so they may have fucked up a bit
@Chippies Which would be bad, because that's all there is to the deluxe edition...
@Lazers2.0 Somebody's a little irked at getting downvoted.
@Arperum yeah, but I'm sure they'll fix it, if it's actually an issue on their side
@Chippies They better get to it fast. I bought the game for this one song dammit.
And not having that available is not a thing I like.
@Arperum you can still contact steam support, if it makes you feel better
this is part of the reason why I don't buy anything on launch - too many issues
12:45 PM
Too be fair, he just wanted some mp3 files =p
@Arperum there are less legit ways of acquiring songs on the internet :P
Q: I've done the innocence lost quest and slept, but nothing happened

Elijah OsborneI didn't do anything wrong, and nothing has happened

@KevinvanderVelden What do you think is looping forever over here?
12:53 PM
Well then you already have your fix so you can relax =p
@Chippies Don't stop me from throwing money at them.
@Arperum the money has been thrown at them, so now you can acquire the song from less legit sources with a clean conscience
@KevinvanderVelden Yea. Still want it solved though, bacause otherwise I'll refund on principle.
@Arperum your best bet is probably to verify integrity, contact steam support to make sure it's not an issue on steam's end and if it's a publisher issue - refund until they resolve it
How do you fill a 7 minute song with 16 lines of lyrics? I mean, they managed it but HOW
1:01 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Daft Punk filled a song with only 1 lyric, but it was repeating
This wasn't
@KevinvanderVelden I was kinda hoping some of the lyrics involved dwarves whipping their beards back and forth...
Also, 0 references to cats
1:22 PM
@KevinvanderVelden WHat song are you talking about? because the song linked here is clearly only 5 minutes, and I haven't counted the lines of lyrics.
There is also the reverse thing that sometimes happens. "how on earth did they stuff this much text in that short a timespan?"
@PrivatePansy >Pence will get thank-you notes for each of the donations.
> Planned Parenthood has received more than 260,000 donations since Donald Trump won the presidency
1:38 PM
Gotta say @PrivatePansy, I appreciate the bit of uplifting news this morning
@KevinvanderVelden Yup.
I remember there being some Nile song where I had something like "how do you even pronounce this many words in this short a time? let alone grunt them at the speed of sound?" Nile is very much not your thing though.
Q: What are body parts used for?

AuditoreI just started playing this game and sometimes slain enemies drop body parts. I have 3 kinds of ears and their description says that these can be used as "transmutation material" or exchanged with leaders. So, what is transmutation and what are the benefits of exchanging "ears" with leaders? I'...

Q: Time or distance subway surfers

MatthewDoes subway surfers speed increase with an increase in distance or does it consistently increase over a period of time?

2:05 PM
The local radio station is doing a request-a-thon for Make-a-Wish. CAN YOU GUESS WHAT SONG I REQUESTED?
@Sterno No. I'm rather certain.
@Sterno is it saturday?
@Sterno Please please let us know if they play it
If any of us have to guess, we must immediately delete our accounts.
2:12 PM
If any of us have to guess, our accounts are deleted for us
@fredley I'm sure they will, but I probably won't be listening and it might be days from now depending how many people are calling in
But I sure hope its today
I don't understand why she waits at the bus stop for a car.
Also, those kids aren't wearing their seat belts
Pff, who needs seat belts. That's what you got hard helmets for
@KevinvanderVelden helmets? That's literally what skulls are.
10/10 time for customer support fun
> "Friday" co-writer Patrice Wilson, a worker at Ark Music Factory, explained that he wrote the lyrics "on a Thursday night going into a Friday. I was writing different songs all night and was like, 'Wow, I've been up a long time and it's Friday.' And I was like, wow, it is Friday!"
All this time I thought Rebecca Black wrote it.
2:22 PM
@arda yuss
I am so disappoint.
@Sterno dun dun dunnn
hey maybe Rebecca contributed the "my hand is a dolphin" line
@badp why do you know the lyrics to that thing?
> On May 6, 2012, Patrice Wilson released his sequel to the song "Friday", titled "Happy", focusing on Saturdays.
2:28 PM
Patrice Wilson seems like a songwriter without a muse.
@Sterno the actual fuck is this
You have to skip like 3 min to even get to the song
Raise your hands up because it's Saturday morning! We're H-A-P-P-Y! We're H-A-P-P-Y!
I'm calling it. It's worse than Friday
Oh god, he's still making videos
Mainly because it's a grown-ass man doing it
2:30 PM
Maybe these people want to be Rebecca Black
Watching kids with braces take themselves seriously in a music video is very uncomfortable
I've located a non-autotuned performance of Friday
Normally I want it to be Friday, but not like this. Never like this.
@MBraedley Man I should really send you a singing telegram
If I ever meet @MBraedley in RL I'll make sure it's on a Friday
@Sterno Reference got
2:40 PM
@Sterno It's been mentioned in here before.
god i need this
@Arperum I ignore 87% of chat in The Bridge
> you cant get ip, we'll need to set up your modem
> Its already set up.
> then we'll reset it and then set it up
Turning it off and then on again usually works
it doesnt tho
you know the best part?
2:47 PM
11 hours ago, by Yuuki
The password would be "ItHurtsWhenIP".
i can get ip, but vodafone boots me off whatever its called in about a second
Malaysian Language

Proposed Q&A site for anyone who keen to learn Malaysian Language(Bahasa Malaysia) which is the national language of Malaysia with variety of accents & dialects.

Currently in definition.

Q: Will nighttime always be dangerous?

VemonusI'm not too far in the game yet, so traveling at nighttime is pretty scary, since high level daemons come out and absolutely destroy my party members who don't understand the concept of fleeing (looking at you, Prompto). I'm curious if this will always be the case or not. I noticed that some of t...

@arda There's at least one ISP in the UK that is Shiboleet compliant
Andrews & Arnold Ltd (also known as AAISP) is an Internet service provider based in Bracknell in the United Kingdom founded in 1997 and launched in 1998, primarily serving businesses and "technical" home users. In 2009 the company was judged the best niche provider in the Thinkbroadband Customer Service Awards, based on customer ratings and again in 2010. The company's owner, Adrian Kennard (RevK), stated in a blog post that as of October 2010 the company is "XKCD/806" compliant, referring to XKCD comic number 806. This means that technical support callers who say the code word "shibboleet" will...
I tried restarting the modem and replugging the dsl cable. no dice
2:49 PM
> The company's owner, Adrian Kennard (RevK), stated in a blog post that as of October 2010 the company is "XKCD/806" compliant
@fredley can I move to uk?
@arda Uhh...
@arda Not a good idea at this time.
@Arperum To be fair, even with the new mass surveillance law and impending Brexitageddon, still probably a better idea than living in Turkey.
@Yuuki Definitely true.
2:51 PM
I'd donate to a GoKickMe or whatever they call it to get @arda to the UK.
> do I need to know a password other than router one?
> no, ill generate a new password and spell it out to you when we get to dsl setup
spelling out password on phone... ouch
@arda "B as in 'bonkey'."
thats both inconvenient and insecure as hell
@arda To be fair, if someone's tapping your phone line, it's likely that they also already have access to your router.
@GodEmperorDune @arda
And also
May have posted these a while back

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