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12:00 PM
@badp Sounds like Gunther would've given Rasputin a run for his money
12:39 PM
note to self
before closing a door between you and an enemy
make sure there is a door that can be closed in the first place
oh well. I guess that was my best run yet
I really should try that game.
al;kjfasd just failed synthing an item 2x, costing me 2.5 levels, arrrrrrrrrrrgh
@FallenAngelEyes argh
what were you trying to synth?
an accessory with difficulty level 25
eh... I don't have the full list with me
12:47 PM
Here's my epic failure from last night, learning a spell scroll
Note the Max Combo and my Goal
@FallenAngelEyes wrong link
also, been there done that :(
@FallenAngelEyes I'm trying to note it, but I can't!
Copying likes to fail from Steam a lot, this is the link I meant, can you put that in there instead, @badp?
@badp Haha, yeah, same thing pretty much
12:53 PM
"one more note PLEASE!"
Thank you!
also don't waste xp in half prism's until the end
Like floor 7 type end?
What's with these examples? Why would anyone seriously have this dilema? "She considers the use of a floppy disc drive and a hard disc drive."
Also does this remind you of anyone?
> If you spend all of your time on these web sites you will miss 'real' social contact with friends and real people and this may lead to not knowing how to behave in real society as people can get away with saying something on-line that they would never say face-to-face.
Anyone in here play LotRO?
1:00 PM
@CRoss Tried it for a while post F2P
ugh, I'm gonna stop playing this now, having a bad rhythm day apparently
@FallenAngelEyes F2P?
@CRoss Free to Play
@FallenAngelEyes you'll know it when to use it
@FallenAngelEyes right
@badp gotcha
1:03 PM
If you really want to be spoiled, I suggest asking about it on the site
Nah, I don't really dig spoilers
For everybody else, vg'f n guveq bs na vgrz gung haybpxf gur "gehr svany obff" nsgre gur tnzr vf "bire". Vg'f zragvbarq ng gur raq bs gur svsgrra (!) zvahgr ybat perqvg frdhrapr.
looks at Ronan rot13ingly
Every single organ in my body seems to be opposing my awakeness for some reason. This is unusual.
1:19 PM
@GraceNote Sounds like you need some hot cup of tea, or some more sleep.
A hot shower perhaps?
(man I'm so wise. Who else would've thought of this!)
I'm not sure anybody mentioned
we seem to have hit a new record for visits and pageviews on december 27th
visits hit 159k
1:35 PM
Weird, Binding of Isaac says I unlocked The Bean achievement but it's not showing up on my achievements page
...even though my Library overview says it's my most recent
and that I have 3/52
@FallenAngelEyes the game appears to have known problems with steam achievements, check the site
@badp Yeah, was just heading to download
also I hate it when I forget that the Steam overlay doesn't work in BOI, go to hit shift+tab and set a bomb :(
1:53 PM
@badp It was all the hats
Q: What are the names of all of the monster taxa? I'm planning to convert some into booze

GumbzVegetable, Demon, Undead, Animal, etc. - does anyone know what ALL of the monster taxa are? I'm working on a Chef skill for brewing and frying chunks of live monsters in combat, damaging them and creating consumables. You'd think the taxa would be listed at one of the several Dredmor wikis that ...

@badp I think I had more than enough sleep, if the hour extra I had gotten has anything to say about it
funny, I've slept one extra hour as well tonight. That clearly means... wait, it doesn't mean anything at all.
Jax remastering?
Ah, Dodge stuff
I hope your night wasn't filled with as much oddness as mine. I think sitcoms with low-budget special effects are kinda the limit for me. I also ran into the employed equivalent of the "Late to school, forgot homework, and didn't study for test" dream.
1:59 PM
Nah, I've had my standard issue black screen dream, followed by stuff I can't remember but wasn't altogether unpleasant.
@GraceNote Would that be "late to work, forgot coffee, didn't make boring powerpoint presentation?"
@DaveMcClelland wouldn't hijacking a whiteboard fix that?
@badp Those things are too newfangled
@DaveMcClelland More like "You had some paperwork due for both rchern and Michael Pryor from back when you were first employed". Also, I'm extremely baffled at how I did it, but I managed to be late on a commute to a work-from-home situation. It was not a pretty sight.
@GraceNote Wouldn't that mostly constitute oversleeping?
2:01 PM
@GraceNote the tram to your kitchen broke down? :(
@GraceNote Are there a lot of animals blocking your walk downstairs?
take the blue tube to the front door and then backtrack from there
@FallenAngelEyes I was awake. Just... moving so terribly slowly. Apparently even in my dream, every organ in my body was opposing my intention to be mobile and active.
@GraceNote Eugh.
It also wasn't my actual house (I kinda miss having my actual house in dreams), so that may have figured into some of it.
2:03 PM
@GraceNote oh, that image is actually kinda recurring in my dreams. There's imminent danger and I'm moving slower and slower, and then I switch to the next section of black screen.
Two days ago I had a dream where among other things, I had a lavish basement that had two guest rooms, one of which had a King Size bed. It was superb.
@badp Sluggishness is actually a rarity for me, it's not something I'm used to in dreams.
Though I don't think there'll ever be anything I'll get used to in dreams.
Well I did say "kinda recurring", as in roughly once a month, when I do kinda remember about what I dream which is already rare.
I wish my hair didn't need a shampoo every damn day, in other news.
Isn't that... typical?
2:06 PM
Every non-shampoo attempt to rule them into order has so far been counter-productive
@GraceNote Uh... is it?
I was always under the impression that shampoo in the shower is something one always does.
Yeah, and you're not supposed to shower every single day. It hurts your skin's pH and whatnot.
Kinda like... showering itself. It's like part of the ritual.
...hurts my skin pH? I don't even know what that could possibly mean. Everyone I know says you should shower every day.
(Besides I know people with long enough hair shampoo, like, weekly or something given how long it takes to dry?)
@badp The apostrophe isn't going to help. I don't see how showering would have any significant impact on the acidity of your skin.
@badp Blowdryer. I use one, too.
2:09 PM
@GraceNote Oh, I do shower daily normally, but the shower here is not particularly pleasant given the sensitivity of temperature to controls.
Or just a very nice towel, I have one too that I usually wrap up with my hair for a long while.
@badp Ah, that's always the most frustrating part of being introduced to a new shower - never knowing just how sensitive the temp controls are.
actually I've been using it for five months, so I now know more or less where my local optimum is - ¼ turn cold, full hot.
You have two dials on the shower? That just sounds like a mess.
yes it is.
But maybe that's just the shower equivalent of stick shift - hardcore and more precise.
2:11 PM
except it's a little bit too hot, and reducing hot water doesn't give me enough water, and increasing cold water just a little bit gives me freezing water
what's worse, the outcome is (naturally) delayed by 10 seconds or so.
Wait, the two different dials also individually affect the water volume? That's perturbing.
No wonder your shower is unpleasant enough to make a daily shower unappealing.
@GraceNote uh... it's the "classic" style of control. You have two pipes - one with hot and one with cold water.
Each dial controls how much water flows from each pipe into your shower
the sum controls how much, the ratio (...or some other formula) controls the temperature.
@badp I'm no plumber but I always figured that the final water flow was regulated separately from the two pipes so that you could just focus on the temperature, not the flow as well.
@badp I think you mean shampoo.
@Wipqozn well that's even worse then. My unruly hair require daily shampoo. :(
2:14 PM
@Wipqozn Shampoo is for your hair, not your skin.
@badp oh my
I usually shampoo every two or three days.
@GraceNote Yes, I just thought badp was misinformed. I knew you were not supposed to shampoo every day, never heard anything about showering.
Sure, my favourite brand of shampoo isn't sold in the NL so I've been picking random products really
I've never heard that shampooing every day is a bad thing.
Google offers a few hits about "showering daily is bad" but then again Google offers hits about anything.
I guess it could go on Skeptics.
Far as I know, eating ramen every day is far more detrimental than shampooing every day.
@badp Without a concrete claim that you can cite, it's likely to get shut down, unfortunately.
We had to hunt for something for "Is blood in veins blue?", criminy, even though it's an extremely widespread claim.
2:17 PM
Q: Does knockback make creeper explode?

PureferretTwice I've attacked a creeper with my sword of sharpness and knockback, and twice whilst still far away from me it's exploded. Is this coincidence or does the knock back set the creeper off/not reset the distance from Steve?

This comma is really bothering me, but I'm not sure if it is technically incorrect:
> Since I can't rest, or sleep in a dungeon in ADOM
I don't think it's correct
just make sure we don't get a post on meta asking if it's okay for @Wipqozn to edit the style of posts :P
@badp I lol'd
Seems a little too pedantic. It's not even, obviously wrong, like that.
That's one of those policies that seems obvious one you've been on the site for awhile, but if you haven't, it would seem really strange.
2:27 PM
@YiJiang Actually I think if there was a second comma it'd be more passable, but the way it is now annoys me greatly. I demand it be changed. :P
Hmm, time to check if my dorfs are still dying at an acceptable rate.
The liquor is on fire. That's no good.
> Since I can't rest, or sleep in a dungeon in, ADOM
MY word @ArdaXi, where were you 2 minutes ago!
Being unpedantic.
Ah, the lava has reached the sleeping quarters. Excellent.
2:32 PM
Whenever I post something in chat stating I'm not sure if this is grammatical correct, what I really mean is "Arda, is this sentence grammatical correct?"
I wouldn't put that comma there myself, but I wouldn't go as far as saying it's wrong.
@ArdaXi Yeah, that's my concern. I don't think it's grammatical incorrect, but it is very awkward.
@GraceNote I've never liked using blowdryers, despite the length of my hair. I've always tried to air-dry in a towel.
@Wipqozn I think it looks wrong because it looks like "Since I can't (rest) or (sleep in a dungeon in ADOM)" instead of "Since I can't (rest or sleep) in a dungeon in ADOM"
2:38 PM
Clearly we need a meta post.
@FallenAngelEyes I used to be unimpressed with them, but eventually I learned better utility on it.
@ArdaXi I just can't think "in, Adom" can be correct
@ArdaXi ew, non-ASCII graphics?
@Wipqozn Stonesense.
But yes, I use a tileset. What of it?
Isometric Dorfs? Intriguing.
2:38 PM
@ArdaXi It just makes you less of a person, that's all.
@GraceNote I have one that I mostly only use for emergency "I need to shower and dry my hair quickly before we go out" type things
@GraceNote That's just a representation, you can't actually play it that way.
@ArdaXi oh wow, something that doesn't make you want to fork your eyes out of their sockets?
I hate DF's interface so much.
It's a separate utility that connects to DF, so you can keep both open.
@ArdaXi Ah
2:39 PM
Give orders in DF, watch them play out in Stonesense.
@badp It's okay for the most part, but there are a few places where it can be improved
I would personally love a sort of search and filter function for long list of items
Unfortunately, if I try to ink it I ruin it.
@RonanForman Who is the drawing of?
@Wipqozn Brett white
3:00 PM
Q: Extremely long single-word chat messages wordwrap unnecessarily when starred

Dave McClellandAfter this message appeared in the star list, I noticed that the text word-wrapped off the first line (they usually appear in line with the star count). Normally this makes sense for words that exceed the length of the current line, but since the word was longer than the length of an entire lin...

Does anyone know anything about this game? Why is the s in this title in quotes?
Q: How often should I 's'earch

HenryHeyI've started to play Brogue (never played other roguelikes more than a couple of hours) and I'm a little confused to how often should I search for traps/secret doors. In some points I must do it in order to reach the stairs, but otherwise I may spend 5-10 turns searching in suspicious rooms just...

@DaveMcClelland I am guessing it is like Nethack, where the 's' key is the command for search, so people sometimes write it like that to say that "search" is a command instead of a general game tactic
@murgatroid99 That was my assumption, so I didn't want to change it. I was hoping someone who was around might know more about the game to confirm
3:25 PM
Ugh, I have 0 energy today
@FallenAngelEyes Well that's not good.
As in "super lazy" or "super tired'?
Reversal! :D Finally, a gold badge for something more than logging in every day or voting 600 times!
@John good job
@Wipqozn Thank you.
@John Which site?
3:27 PM
@Wipqozn Combination of both. I did some of the stuff I had to do today, but I just feel ugh now. I don't even have the oomph to game, which is... yeah. Not normal for me.
A: Any chance of StackExchange blacking out Jan 18, along with Reddit, in opposition of SOPA/PIPA?

Bob CratchitI like the spirit behind this, be in reality, what proponent of SOPA is going to care? SOPA Proponent: "Oh well look at that. They're going ahead with SOPA and they took themselves down. Makes our job easier!" There must be more effective ways to protest SOPA then shutting down the plac...

That would be my second highest answer ever. :)
Q: Will Sabre Cat ever respawn for Aela's quest?

kenonoI have been completing Aela's quests having completed the main Companion questline in order to obtain the Totems of Hircine. She gave me the Animal Extermination task of clearing Greenspring Hollow in Whiterun of a Sabre Cat, which I had already done for her earlier. When I arrived the previous...

I'm 2 points from hitting the cap on MSO from that answer alone.
@John OH my
I would up vote your answer, but I already did that yesterday.
yikes, I just looked at my old company's stock price and it's 10% of what it was when I quit
suck it, abusive company!
3:35 PM
@agent86 where do you work now?
@IanPugsley I'd rather not say :)
@agent86 Where did you work then?
@RonanForman that's probably even worse, lol
@agent86 I only ask because I suspected you were some sort of time-having not-working millionaire, based on your activity :p
@RonanForman I don't want to name names, but let's just say that members of my team were routinely asked to work sometimes 18-hour days. they'd go home at 3am and catch a few hours sleep before going back to work at 8am
@agent86 EA?
3:38 PM
one day my boss came to me to get a status update, and about 5 minutes in he had to excuse himself so he could go throw up in the bathroom
@IanPugsley no, I just have downtime from time to time. Some of the things I work on have long cooldowns where I can't get much done.
that and for a few weeks around christmas I was on vacation
I end up working weird hours sometimes too, so some hours during the day I'm not working, and some hours in the evenings I am
well, and in my off time I do a lot of kid babysitting, which means I generally can't get involved in anything gaming-related (unless it's laptop portable and turn based) so I tend to have time for question answering and research instead.
but I'm employed, full time :)
gotcha, so you're just a wizard who has mastered the secrets of time
@IanPugsley That's what it sounds like.
We should probably get @agent86 a Wizard hat.
@Wipqozn a robe and wizard hat?
@IanPugsley If you don't mind shelling out the extra money for the robe, sure.
@Wipqozn I might have one sitting around
the idea that Bloodninja is probably now a grown/older man (or woman) floating around the internet amuses me to no end
3:46 PM
@IanPugsley I wish. If I had mastered the secrets of space and time, I'd be able to get more sleep.
@agent86 Insert Doctor Who joke
Hat Dash lives!
Hello guys :)
@Anto You always look so angry for some reason
3:49 PM
@RonanForman This is why you're one of my favourite people on Stack Exchange @ronan.
@Wipqozn Dawwwwww...
@RonanForman claps that is awesome
@Wipqozn His baking skills are the reason he is one of my favorite people
Those cupcakes were delicious
@RonanForman I'm sad about the missing robe :(
3:51 PM
@IanPugsley There is one, it's just below shot.
@RonanForman oh good
hmm, I guess I'm playing this game's demo then, for the free ME3 gear... kotaku.com/5875094/…
@agent86 nooo I don't want ME3 to come out...I still haven't finished ME2
if nobody talks about it I can pretend like it doesn't exist until I finish ME2
@IanPugsley what's the holdup? ME2 is Commander Shepard's Favorite Game On The Citadel
@agent86 I'd have to start over from scratch (my partially complete ME2 save is lost to the sands of XBox hard drives), and if I'm gonna do that, I'd rather do it on PC
so I've been waiting to get it on sale (and ignoring it when it was on sale)
4:05 PM
@IanPugsley this is a solid plan... FOR FAILING!
I actually started ME1 on PC and then moved to Xbox and had to start over, so I feel your pain
@agent86 I'll also feel like a dumbass if I get it on PC, because I actually own it for the XBox....
@IanPugsley May I recommend this checklist for when you go through? Friend of mine made it and it has pretty much... everything.
Especially if you've already done a good chunk of the game, it'll help you keep track of what you want to get done.
I just noticed that badp and Mana both have the deputy badge. Do mods even have flag weight?
@FallenAngelEyes holy carp that's cool
@John I got mine before I became a mod
4:11 PM
@IanPugsley He used to host it on Scribd for the Bioware boards and apparently some of the BW staff posted and said they used it!
you're right that there's not really much reason for me to flag any more now that I'm a mod
@Mana Figured you probably did, but the question still stands; now that you're a mod, does anything you do still affect your flag weight?
well like I said I don't really flag anything anymore, I just handle them, so I don't actually know
@John to MSO?
I assume yes?
4:13 PM
@FallenAngelEyes tell him he is my hero and a pretty cool guy
but maybe not since it's possible that I could abuse the system by making flags and clearing them myself to game my flag weight
unless there's a check in place for that. shrug
@IanPugsley Mebbe, but I figured one of our mods could just tell me.
@IanPugsley Hahaha, I will
@IanPugsley He says "Whoo!" and he's glad you like it :)
4:17 PM
@John I seem to remember a couple of the mods discussing this at one point, and grace (don't want to ping her) said that mods can gain flag weight, although it's kinda/sorta cheating.
@agent86 I can totally see how approve your own flags would count as cheating.
@John yup
Man, that game generates some awesome scenery.
Mods have a number of ways that we can game/cheat the system. It's our responsibility to make sure that we don't.
@John I think she said that spam or offensive flags were different
4:20 PM
@agent86 People keep saying that....I'm still clear on how exactly.
@FallenAngelEyes Child of Eden has an awesome soundtrack. I've been looping the Stage 4 song all day.
@John This may not be what you're asking, but I believe spam/offensive flags don't work the same as other flags - instead of requiring mod attention, after a certain number of them the system will auto-kill the flagged post.
@Mana I was just playing more of that the other night!
I believe also if one of these flags goes through, the person flagged has a rep hit (-100 I think)
@agent86 And that's why badp tells us to use them instead.
4:21 PM
@John @IanPugsley: @Tristan started tunneling to hell
@agent86 That's correct.
@OrigamiRobot Started? I thought he'd made it there.
@John yes. For things that are obviously in need of deletion, badp would rather it get handled by us instead of waiting for them.
@agent86 Do we have enough high rep users to delete stuff yet?
@John as of 4 hours ago he hadnt
of course, the badp paradox means that if you actually use it (or advocate using it) in this manner, you'll get in trouble.
4:22 PM
@OrigamiRobot He told me he'd made it there yesterday....
but not doing so will also get you into trouble.
@John I think so, but I think it requires a quorum of the high rep users that rarely exists
@John We only STARTED last night after you left
@agent86 Existence will get you into trouble.
@OrigamiRobot Maybe he made it there, but you guys just started on a hellevator?
4:23 PM
I think I managed not to ruin it.
@agent86 I can't imagine we couldn't get a quorum on "Beenz for deetz and deetz for beenz".
@RonanForman Feels like there's too much empty space on the right
@John this is also a true statement :)
@OrigamiRobot So where is it? I was just on and didn't see anything obvious...
2 above 20k don't count, they're mods
4:24 PM
@John Yes. Although I didnt know he had gone there via other routes
other than that, there are only 4 with vote to delete
@agent86 So we have 4. IIRC, it only takes 3. We're set!
@John down below the barrier tunnel
@OrigamiRobot Ok
@John wooo!
4:26 PM
@RonanForman Also the shadow on the neck seems a bit off. If your light source is coming from upper left, seems like you should have some more diagonal shadowing connecting the strips of shadow near his upper jaw and back of his neck
@John it has a lot of messed up platforms at it's entrance
@OrigamiRobot Tried to fight something and not change to a weapon? :P
@John idk it was like that when we started
@OrigamiRobot Hm.
Oh great. We have 100 2 word ITG answers to review.... How am I supposed to tell if it's good or not?
@John probably @Wipqozn :D
4:28 PM
@Wipqozn I found your tombstone. I loled.
@RonanForman The weight of his right shoulder/upper arm (his right, so viewer's left) is way less than the left one.
@John His strategy consists of: Log on -> die 3 times -> Log off :D
@FallenAngelEyes Weight?
Its a 3 minute strategy
@OrigamiRobot And we wonder why we don't see him more....
4:32 PM
@RonanForman It's much skinnier than the other
@FallenAngelEyes Perspective?
@John also the glow farm is FINALLY working
@RonanForman The lines on his shirt don't compensate for that perspective
@OrigamiRobot I noticed. Harvested 11 while I was on. Left the giant one for y'all to see.
@John Yea I like the giant ones. They arent as efficient, but they are pretty
4:35 PM
Can someone make some sense out of this:
A: How can I open the Black Door to the west of Falkreath?

coreyYou have to do "inoccence lost", then you sleep until they contact you. They will give you the awnser. I think you have to have the mace of molag bal. To get it, complete the house of horrors. and you get saviours hide complete I'll let moonlight.

I'm debating flagging as not-an-answer.
@John The first sentence is correct. the rest, not so much
@Mana I thought this may be something you'd find neat
4:53 PM
@John you knew, the moment I died, I thought to myself "John is going to say something about this the moment he sees it"
@Wipqozn I really wish the tombstones kept their text when you moved them
5:22 PM
Q: How do I unlock new characters in Super Crate Box?

Ashley NunnThe new update for Super Crate Box mentioned that there were now more characters to unlock. I have been playing for a while now (even before the update) and never unlocked new characters. What do I have to do to unlock new characters?

Q: How is the duration of effects measured in Skyrim?

Jim HunzikerPotions and certain items grant benefits like enhancing smithing or having increased health generation for a certain duration. How is this time measured? Is this clock time or in-game time? Does time spent in menus count against the given time?

5:41 PM
@OrigamiRobot Here here. Oh well, we can just edit them all to say "@Wipqozn was brutally slaughtered" or variations thereof.
Two months after Skyrim, and we're solidly ahead of Server Fault for visits/day. Closing in on Super User.
@GraceNote Terraria
Tombstones dropped when you die, et cetera.
@bwarner Ah, Terraria
I died. It's funny. et cetera.
5:46 PM
Q: What's the use of the Mzulft Room Key?

fbreretoI managed to pick an Expert-level lock while rummaging through Mzulft and found a Mzulft Room Key. What's it used for? (Note that I'm not talking about the Mzulft Observatory Key, which is part of the quest line for Mzulft.)

I think its amusing that on spawning your tombstone maintains your momentum at the time of your death. This can cause it to go careening off the screen if you're like me and die by falling while zooming along with Hermes boots.
@bwarner To resurrect an extremely old discussion, I believe that means SE owes us one domain. (I'm joking of course)
@Macha I believe that is in the works. At least, David has brought it up on several occasions
Anyone know how 125k views per day compares to other popular gaming sites?
@bwarner Just have to hold out for Diablo and/or Mass Effect 3 now. nods
Is the chat notification symbol still supposed to be a snowman? I thought that was part of Hat Dash.
5:58 PM
No, it was completely unrelated to Hat Dash
Just a winter thing?
hmm, no @AshleyNunn in chat at the moment. If you see this later, I hate my answer and I don't have the time at the moment to fix it, so I have deleted it for the time being.
so I've got some Terraria footage from a bunch of us fighting Skeletron last night
I may make a better attempt later.
there are some things wrong with it; it seems like it recorded a little slow, but that might be correctable, and it's missing an intro
would anyone be interested in editing it and getting it up on the youtuber?
6:04 PM
@IanPugsley I believe @RonanForman @GnomeSlice and @Wipqozn are the people to ping about this.
@RonanForman would be the best person to talk to.
@Wipqozn That's why I named him first.
it is unfortunately titanic in size
@IanPugsley Ronan has handled some fairly large files.... he was complaining about that while uploading the "Race For Wool!" videos.
like 7GB with best winrar compression, so well outside of my Dropbox's limit
@John okay cool, that was one part I was concerned with
6:07 PM
Scale it to 720p first.
@IanPugsley I'm not sure what "normal" is for a video, but that might need splitting up.
@RonanForman when I've got some time at home (I'm at work right now) I'd be glad to (with some guidance on how)
@John it's split into 100MB chunks atm, but it sounds like I'll need to do something to it first anyway
@IanPugsley Well now that Ronan's here, just ignore me. :)
@IanPugsley You don't have to, but I'll scale it to that when you give it me, so if you want to reduce file size.
@RonanForman I haven't even done any video editing before; is there a simple FLOSS editing software?
6:10 PM
@IanPugsley FLOSS?
Free and open-source software (F/OSS, FOSS) or free/libre/open-source software (FLOSS) is software that is liberally licensed to grant users the right to use, copy, study, change, and improve its design through the availability of its source code. This approach has gained both momentum and acceptance as the potential benefits have been increasingly recognized by both individuals and corporations. In the context of free and open-source software, free refers to the freedom to copy and re-use the software, rather than to the price of the software. The Free Software Foundation, an organizati...
Ah, yes, use Virtual dub.
cool, I'll look into it (hopefully I can correct the speed issues myself, maybe record an intro)
If you want I can render the chip-tune intro @gnomeslice made for terriara.
Actually virtual dub may not be open-source, but it's free.
@IanPugsley What should I put in the main text of the intro, because it's not game on!, and I wouldn't call it let's play.
@RonanForman good question...we should probably figure something official out for stuff like this
wasn't there a recent meta question for how we're planning on handling pick-up games?
6:23 PM
@IanPugsley Pick-up games?
@RonanForman just a way to announce any unscheduled gaming like this
@IanPugsley "Hooray for [GAME]"
@IanPugsley I don't remember any meta question, although I don't visit meta that often.
Ooh, I'm 12 rep away from @Macha, can I beat him?
Probably. I don't get any any more. Too inactive
Q: Starting Quake 3 Arena Server Using Config File

AJ.I would like to know how I can accomplish the following: Start 'listen' (non-dedicated) Quake 3 Server using a config file (rather than manually entering settings each time) Setup bots in the config file Setup teams in the config file (e.g. CTF game) Can someone point me to an example of how ...

Q: Why do Grand Master players don't seem to rush at all?

IMBIn the GM games I've watch it's very rare to see a game ending in less than 10 mins. They seem to like going two base first before attacking. Even if one player is Zerg, they still go with the early 2 base and the Zerg doesn't ling rush at all, even if it seems like a logical choice considering ...

6:33 PM
@RonanForman I looked, couldn't find any - maybe we were just talking about it in chat
Well if you (or anyone) can think of a name, tell me and I'll send you the intro.
@RonanForman If we're starting to compare, I'm only 63 rep below @GnomeSlice.
@RonanForman "Hooray for Terraria: Fighting Skeletron"
@RonanForman or "StackGaming presents Terraria: Fighting Skeletron"
@agent86 No worries. I figured from your comment about data being a mess that it was probably something like that. Thanks for trying, though! I really appreciate it.
Why hello @AlexMiller. What brings an SE employee to our humble chatroom?
6:46 PM
@AshleyNunn I'm confident that a) your high score in a given level unlocks characters and b) that the total amount of crates you've collected unlocks weapons. Just not confident enough for it to be the answer of record :P
@John you didn't see me here
@agent86 I remember this as the answer but can't find a reference and haven't played in a while, so - same boat
@agent86 I know that crates unlock weapons (I have had that happen a fair number of times).
@agent86 but I tend to not score very high on a lelve, so that might be why I don't see character unlocks.
@Origami Have you seen the space it needs to fit in?
@AshleyNunn I turned my answer into a comment, since that's probably the safest thing.
6:48 PM
@RonanForman could you post a screenshot?
@RonanForman Oh is there a char limit?
@OrigamiRobot also, I'm more partial to something general that could apply to other similar videos, the way Game On does
@IanPugsley Yes.... "StackGaming presents [GAME/ACTIVITY]"
Check the TF2 video on our channel, it's at the start.
@RonanForman ah right, I should have thought of that (I'm subscribed to the channel, lol)

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