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12:00 AM
Well, I didn't find an EASIER way to play it. :( The available game mechanics just don't really support it. You just need to master it with only the wrench, which takes a lot of time and patience.
Oh, how sweet, someone upvoted me a few times, to get me past my triple 6's!
Q: Why is windowed mode always slower in games?

The Daemons AdvocateWhen I run games in Windows or Linux in Windowed mode, my frame-rates always seem to start chunking. Is this a general problem, the machines I'm using not being awesome enough, or or is it just the way modern game engines are designed?

Q: Can I influence my Steam region?

Felix DombekThere's an Unreal pack available on Steam – but not in my region (Germany) probably due to Germany's laws against graphical violence for minors. I had the idea to ask a friend in the USA to register an account for me, buy the game, then give me the password and I log in from my home. The question...

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Hey @tzenes
hi @badp
What are your plans for Christmas?
vacation with the gf
12:32 AM
Sicily with parents.
nice, I've only ever been once
not as cool :)
Hope you enjoyed it -- although I kinda doubt it.
I was very young and it was in the summer
all I remember is the heat
12:34 AM
heh :)
ignore the guy talking
@LessPop_MoreFizz Wait a second, Canada is a monarchy?
@tzenes Looks like a tower defense game
at least, the first five seconds did
@badp Canada is part of the Commonwealth
Which means that they pay formal lip service to the british monarchy
:For other uses, see Commonwealth (disambiguation). The Commonwealth of Nations, normally referred to as the Commonwealth and previously known as the British Commonwealth, is an intergovernmental organisation of fifty-four independent member states. All but two (Mozambique and Rwanda) of these countries were formerly part of the British Empire. The member states co-operate within a framework of common values and goals as outlined in the Singapore Declaration. These include the promotion of democracy, human rights, good governance, the rule of law, individual liberty, egalitarianism, free...
And more specifically...
A Commonwealth realm is a sovereign state within the Commonwealth of Nations that has Elizabeth II as its monarch and head of state. The sixteen current realms have a combined land area of 18.8 million km² (7.3 million mi², excluding Antarctic claims), and a population of 134 million; all but about two million live in the six most populous states: the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, and Jamaica. Fourteen of the current and all former realms were once British colonies that evolved into independent states, the exceptions being the United Kingdom (UK) itsel...
12:49 AM
So practically Canada and Australia have their own government so long as Queen Elizabet II doesn't step in?
...not even that
1:02 AM
she tried to step in once like 20 years ago and Canada back slapped her
Q: Is there any plans to Migrate Subjective Questions to Programmers SE?

snmcdonaldIs there any plan in the future to migrate subjective questions to Programmers SE or will those questions remain on Stackoverflow as historical questions? In addition, if there will be a plan to migrate questions, will other related questions eventually be migrated? For example Code Golf & ...

1:18 AM
Ooh, Juan won an Area 51 T Shirt
Also, hi @tzenes!
hi @grace
how have you been?
Very good. You?
better, we just got through crunch period
I work on performance analysis and we own availability
Hi guys
Ah, I see
1:20 AM
and during the shopping period its a nightmare
Hi @Joseph!
hi Joseph
Level3 had one of their core routers go down
specifically the one we're plugged into
That... sounds bad
spillover managed to pick up the slack, the biggest fallout is we lost a lot of our metrics for cybermonday
so we currently don't know how many orders we did
a $300 million day and we have no clue how much stuff we sold...
...Cyber Monday? Is this yet another newfangled shopping-before-Christmas day that I'm yet again unaware of?
1:23 AM
monday after black friday
its our busiest day of the year
fun fact: most purchases on amazon.com are done during work hours...
Really? That's interesting
Which reminds me that I do need to make that amazon purchase before it's too late
I think this morning was the last day for prime delivery on the 24th
so tomorrow morning is the latest before xmas for next day
I don't particularly care for delivery date
fair enough
Woah @tzenes, where do you work?
1:26 AM
Oh cool
are you in the bay area?
Bleh, I waited too long. Price jumped by $10 and one of the items went out of stock
Q: Can I turn off blood effects in Goldeneye 007 for Wii?

BrandenCan I turn off blood effects in Goldeneye 007 for Wii? If so, how?

1:28 AM
Oh well. 51% off is still a steal
lightning deals were a pain
everyone wanted to schedule them at the same time
Yah I've gotten like 3 deliveries today from people that bought me stuff on amazon.
I don't even know what a lightning deal is
I mean it's equally a huge week for UPS and FedEx
...this site has a very funny method of telling me things are in-stock by telling me they aren't available.
Great, I already made the order without the item. There's no way to append an item to an order post making of said order, is there?
1:32 AM
a lightning deal is a large discount that is only available for a short period of time. we can't schedule them all at the same time or they'll overload the site
@GraceNote what do you mean by that?
I placed an order on all items in my shopping cart. Now I realized that when you say "It's not available from our seller", that it means only one seller and that it is still, somehow, in-stock. So the item I removed from my cart, is still in stock for a good price
sure it was sold by a different retailer just on our site
So in an ideal scenario, I would love to just kinda tuck that item into the order I just made, rather than make a second order.
ah, so the reality is there is no such thing as an order
its a fiction we create for the buyer
from our end they're all seperate orders
So when I click "Place Order", it's a lie?
1:34 AM
its more like the computer goes through and buys each thing individually from us
Oh, they're basically all individually done, and you'll just package it together if they have the same ship date
Is that correct?
actually we just package them together if they come from the same FC
if they don't then they actually ship seperately
Fried Chicken?
its why sometimes you can't make sure everything arrives at the same time
fullfillment center
That sounds... sciency
1:37 AM
its a big warehouse where we keep stuff
also, where we wrap presents
Do you get to do any wrapping yourself?
any of the devs can "volunteer" to help wrap at an FC around XMas
Hee, that's nicely
where volunteer means: volentold
even Jeff B comes down to wrap presents every Xmas
Founder dude?
1:40 AM
and current CEO
also, worth like $12billion
which is kind of scary every time he's in a room where I have to give a report
...and I just notified myself in my global inbox. Somehow.
So you work in the HQ?
we're moving the HQ right now
to south late union
and I'm still in the old building
but they say our group is moving in Feb
2:17 AM
Well, off to an early bed. G'nite all~
2:47 AM
night @grace
Q: How do I know how many flowers I have?

AndyWhenever I pick up a flower, it tells me how many I have in total, and how many of that color I have. Is there any way to know how many of each flower I have, without finding one to pick up? Sadly the map in the Sanctuary doesn't list the flowers in each zone like it does for keys, so there isn't...

Q: Dead Money DLC Perks

RapidaWhat are the new perks in the Dead Money DLC for Fallout: New Vegas?

3:11 AM
Q: Button spamming as special infected

deft_codeWhile hot seating a friend I noticed that she button spams while grappling a Survivor. It doesn't change the Special Infected animation at all but she swears that it does more damage. In particular she thinks the Jockey is still able to attack while riding. I'm inclined to think that the game ...

3:32 AM
Q: Cannot view Newest or Activity on Stack Exchange

RemouA recent change to Stack Exchange has added a message to the top of the tagged sets asking if I wish to receive email updates. Since this change, I find I cannot switch the view to Newest or Activity, furthermore, the note constantly reappears.

3:44 AM
Q: Xbox Live concern about switching xbox's and having the level of your rank change to the 1st level

Josh BoonI just Bought a new Xbox live card, And i'm going to get a new xbox in February. I am at level 39 in Black Ops and was wondering if i will be on the same level when i get my new xbox.

4:14 AM
Q: StackExchange broken for new user?

SilverbackNetEver since I tried to import my user account into StackExchange (I successfully did it with all of the SE subsites), I've been getting an error every time I visit the StackExchange main page. I went to log in, add OpenID, joined my Google ID, and then got that. I get redirected to http://stackexc...

Q: No Sound after Title Screen in Super Meat Boy

Raven DreamerI bought Super Meat Boy yesterday during the Steam sale and am enjoying it a lot. However, I have a distinct lack of sound in the game itself -- specifically, the title theme will play the first time the application is launched, but after leaving the main menu for the first time, no sound is ever...

4:44 AM
Q: How did Garrosh Hellscream become the new Warchief?

Brian OjedaHow did Garrosh Hellscream become the new Warchief? Was this explain somewhere other than a novel, such as quest with World of Warcraft? This is follow up question to: Is there lore behind the difference between the brown and green orcs of Warcraft?

5:05 AM
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1 site-rec moved to The Relaxation Vault.
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9:49 AM
Q: How do I get past the stealth part in the tutorial?

BoraI have attempted to this many times, but I can barely make it halfway in the stealth course in the Deus-Ex: Game of the Year tutorial. I have even tried throwing stuff around to distract the guards, but they seem to see me as soon as reach the first junction (where you can see alarm buttons on t...

10:01 AM
uses summon-a-mod
11:00 AM
@ArdaXi Your plea went unheard
Q: Old C64 game involving spiders

VVSI have a very vague memory of an old C64 game I played about 20 years ago. It involved jumping through some kind of castle. It was kind of a jump'n'run and you were able to move in all directions. If my memory is correct, it involved some kind of spiders and perhaps bats. The game I'm search...

11:26 AM
@badp Actually, Oak handled it.
@GraceNote I wasn't talking about that plea.
First 3 replies with an image are my avatars for the next 3 days.
Oh, that's Arda?
@charliesome http://a1.twimg.com/profile_images/1007303789/800i_normal.jpg
@badp No, don't do that, @charliesome
Oh, that's not Arda. I see, I see.
One of these days I should probably see what all this newfangled twitter hubbub is all about
11:48 AM
I use it as a lightweight Google Reader.
A lightweight, more social Google Reader that gets unusable if you go too much in the past. Like a couple of days.
Should I add "Google Reader" to the list of "newfangled hubbub" that I'm behind on?
You might as well add "RSS" then
As far as I've concerned myself, Google does: Search, Email, and Wave.
Isn't Wave going down?
Yeah, I've kinda been leery of that orange wave. Sitting there... always there...
Yes, it is going down. It makes me sad because I discovered its awesomeness too late.
11:49 AM
Everybody did. That's the point.
Not the fellow who introduced me to Wave
Well, for common values of "everybody"
I think that in this case what usually is a buzz-making mechanism of extensive private beta with slow invitations really killed it.
True, Welbog is far from a common denominator
When it was hot off the presses nobody had it.
When people could actually tinker with it, they saw nobody online and shrugged it.
And it was wave after wave of users that couldn't get a conversation going on.
I myself have 3 waves in my inbox :|
Aye, we came to the conclusion that there indeed is probably only a small faction of users who actually use it
11:51 AM
...and one was vandalized to the point that the thing crashes when you look at its history.
But because we use it, it should live! The world should bow down to our needs.
Well, apparently "Wave in a box" is WIP
So long as it comes with an usable UI, you can still Wave like crazy on Welbog's server or something.
We'll see
I'm afraid the UI isn't part of the project though, from what I see.
Crepes, it feels like the announcement was recent and the deadline was far off, but if I think about it, December's already here and so is the deadline!
11:54 AM
@GraceNote ...and also pushed off.
> We wanted to let you know that we will keep wave.google.com running past December 31, 2010 until a suitable replacement to host all your waves is available. In the meantime, you can now use the export feature to download a zipped version of up to ten waves at a time. -- Google
Oh, goody
10 waves at a time! I mean!
Still doesn't make up for someone stealing my time.
I think I'll blame... Arda.
Arda should've used it more.
Easy logic: there are only two possible conclusions. Either Arda did it, or Arda did not do it. If I pick the latter conclusion, then I have to find someone else. But if I pick the first conclusion, I'm done! No more sleuthing needed.
11:56 AM
I thought the other choice in this channel was "blame badp", not just "blame somebody else"
I'll blame you when you're at fault, whether or not you actually are at fault or not.
Say, you ever play the Commodore 64?
I've never seen one "in real life."
Nor have I.
The only C64 game I know of is because the music was featured in I Wanna Be The Guy.
Plenty videos demos speedruns and AVGN rants, but that's it. (And then I paid attention to the game, not to the platform.)
Can you find any real footage of the game Monty on the Run?
12:01 PM
If you haven't...
Because I have been... unusually unsuccessful
Every link I follow is a dead end. Every search gives me hamsters instead of the game I seek
I just want to have something more substantial than a title for my comment here
I see what you mean by "real video"
I see you found the hamster run
"A rodent of some kind". Nice.
12:04 PM
Does this count?
Your best bet is finding a ROM I'm afraid
Hum... seeing the actual enemies and such... spiders and bats seem even less likely, and even less likely to be the more memorable point. So I'm very much certain I got the wrong game.
This version does look... more basic than the one reproduced in the video
Ah well. That's what is almost guaranteed to happen when someone asks about a game on a platform you never owned and you only know one game which you never played, anyway.
12:35 PM
Q: In Dwarf Fortress, how do I create a drink-only stockpile and food-only stockpile?

SLCOriginally I had a stockpile for food, and it contained a mixture of food and drink items in barrels. I changed it to stop drink being stored there. It looks like this: Then I created a new stockpile for drink only, which looks like this: However, none of my drink items are being moved or sto...

Q: data.stackexchange broken?

karlphillipI'm trying to run the query How long until I get the generalist badge? without being logged (because I couldn't, there seems to be a glitch on that page). Not only the page looks weird but also when I click Run Query the page send me a file to download named 1 , which has these inside: {"error"...

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2:39 PM
Q: old video games

ebonysoldieri played htis old game when i was younger i remember it being two player robot game were you could equip the fallen robots parts also i think it was for snes or Sega genesis

1 hour later…
3:53 PM
@Feeds How is this not being closed as NARQ?
Hell, Base Wars meets his criteria.
p.s. Base Wars was fucking awesome.
4:06 PM
Q: Tips for "Tower of Goo" level in "World of Goo"

Ivan VučicaHi, I'm having a lot of problems just getting through Tower of Goo level in the first chapter, nevermind getting the OCD (which I won't even try). Even watching videos on YouTube does not help. No matter how closely I attempt to follow what the videos do, the tower keeps falling over. Does anyo...

Q: How do you win the zombies mode in Call of Duty Black ops

ChrisThe zombies game in Black ops (FPS one, not the top one) seems to have one obvious goal at the beginning: Restore the power. I've looked around the net and not seen any explanation of whether this is all you need to win or whether it then gets worse from there or what... Can anybody explain the p...

4:24 PM
Q: StarCraft2: What is a secret on Devil's Playground?

Buddahttp://wiki.teamliquid.net/starcraft2/Campaign/The_Devil's_Playground: Secrets Easter Eggs Diablo Can be found on an Island towards the southeast corner of the map. I've found it, but can do nothing with him. What is a purpose of this secret? What can I do with those Diablo? Thanks

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5:28 PM
Q: Die2Nite External Apps

F OakWhat external tools do you use for Die2Nite? One per an answer and links please!

5:52 PM
@Feeds Burn it with fire!
6:08 PM
Trains are so cool!
@Feeds lol?
6:29 PM
I understand the eason behind that question -- links on the world forums to "unapproved sites" are ruthlessly removed... along with the rest of the post
@badp Right, I don't object to the subject matter.
But one-per-answer is poison.
that question can easily be rephrased to be far more useful and less bad.
Then why not do so?
That's why you have the power to edit questions.
6:49 PM
Q: Gaining the "I Believe I Can Fly" Achievement in Just Cause 2

VxJasonxVI can't find the best place to Base Jump in order to get the "I Believe I Can Fly" Achievement in Just Cause 2. Any of the mountains I scale widen too quickly in order to me to find a clear path that I can reliably control my descent while also achieving the 1 km drop I need in order to get the a...

@Mana Yeah seriously... why close when you can just edit?
7:10 PM
@badp Why did you make Charlie steal my avatar?
Q: What happened to "One 'object' per answer?"

F OakI recently asked this question and I got downvoted and hated and closed into oblivion. I dident even use the 'B' word! I simply asked for people to give one recommendation per answer so people could upvote and talk about each recommendation easier. What gives?

7:28 PM
This question:
Q: Die2Nite External Apps

F OakI recently started playing Die2Nite and I keep on hearing about great apps, but I never find any links. Could anyone provide a list of recommended / popular tools, or link me to any site which maintains such a list? I would especially like to hear your opinions about the various tools.

Has been edited; please reconsider your close vote.
It's a game-rec in all ways except it isn't about games.
App-rec I suppose.
Meh, I voted to reopen. I think a list of die2nite external apps would be useful to have.
@ArdaXi I disagree: part of what makes game-rec bad is that it's more subjective than you can possibly deal with. The external apps question is based on fact ("I am using this and this app") and is in a constrained enough context -- apps for Die2Nite.
I think a list of games featuring a certain mechanic would be useful to have too.
@ArdaXi Was there any other possible answer for that question?
7:32 PM
@JavadocMD Part of
@badp other?
@Mana am going to edit the question and reopen
@ArdaXi And besides the "one thing per answer" suggestion (which has been edited out) I see no other parts which are similar.
It's a list of lists question now. Aka, there is no right answer.
Especially because currently many "apps" aren't really superior to spreadsheets
@ArdaXi Have you voted to close this question then? gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/1551/…
Seems like a lot of people found it useful...
It doesn't list every graphics pack, it lists a few good ones. What's the harm in that?
7:35 PM
@JavadocMD Which of those answers should be accepted?
shrug Fair point, but I would hate to banish every question that doesn't have one specific answer.
Probably none should be accepted, I'm fine with that.
But that is site policy. We want questions that can be answered.
If I ask a question on a finer point of Starcraft strategy, what if two people post different but equally valid suggestions? Which is the one right answer?
Hmm, in the ideal situation the two would be combined.
But if there are multiple suggestions, there are multiple answers.
Just because a question might have multiple answers, is that bad? At that point, either no one should get the acceptance, or it's just a subjective "thumbs-up" to the one the asker liked most.
7:40 PM
Yes, it is bad.
@ArdaXi Well then we disagree. :)
@JavadocMD there is a fundamental and real difference between a question which has multiple solutions, and a question which, by it's very nature, generates a list of results.
The former is just the fact that there are multiple ways to skin a cat. The latter is providing a catalog of skinning knives.
Hrm, Steam is having a pack with Osmos, Braid and World of Goo among others on sale.
A: What are all the ways to regenerate Action Points?

LessPop_MoreFizzSo far, I know of the following: Water. This only works once per day. Food. This only works once per day. (Note, that some food, such as a Meaty Bone can cause an Infection which could get you killed!) Drugs. Most drugs will restore AP to full, however, while under the influence, your forum pos...

If you can't see the difference between those two and why one of the two is substantially less useful, and more importantly, less suited to the SE engine, I just don't know what to say.
7:43 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz Granted, which is why my point is more that as long as the list question isn't too open ended, it's fine.
Thanks for assuming I can't see differences. :( I only have that problem with color.
@badp That answer is the only way the question is passable.
@ArdaXi uh? That answer is exactly the kind of answer you hate to the kind of question you hate.
A list answer to a list of lists question.
No it isn't. The question is. The answer makes it right.
There is a definitive list. There are only 8 ways.
@JavadocMD I think that's a poor metric. The better metric is whether the number of possibilities is identifiably finite. By it's nature, a listing of external tools is not in my opinion.
I hate indefinite lists.
7:46 PM
There are only so many possible kinds of apps.
List one per kind.
Also you can link to the official Google Groups link.
@LessPop_MoreFizz The Dwarf Fortress graphics pack question has 11 upvotes and 3 favorites. People found that info useful. It didn't get out of hand. I really don't see this spiraling out of control like you seem to fear.
Also you can explain how to make your own with Google Spreadsheets.
@JavadocMD I don't see this particular question spiraling out of control. But I find the format to be systematically poisonous, just as much as a really narrow game-rec question that only gets a singular response of 'Portal' is.
@badp When someone asks for a game with a certain mechanic, I can give them an XNA tutorial.
I believe in a world where game-rec is banned and those two questions can live peacefully. :)
7:49 PM
It would be quite a universal(ly useless) answer.
@JavadocMD I dream of a world where I can have my cake and eat it too.
@ArdaXi Sure, that's why they invented treadmills.
doesn't get it
this extended metaphor is quickly going off the rails
@Mana And then it's doomed to fall off the cliff of uncertainty into a chasm of woe.
so many metaphors
7:51 PM
@ArdaXi Poor example.
I feel like this die2nite question is one of those questions where we can justify the question through a good answer
@badp It's not an example. It's reductio ad absurdum
in the sort of format that badp was saying, one app listed per purpose of app, and maybe a mini-list of miscellaneous apps
It's not unreasonable to expect a gamer to make a 12×12 area with large cells and make it world editable for people to edit items in.
You don't have to go crazy with formulas and numbers and charts
That doesn't qualify as an app to be honest.
7:53 PM
So what? How many "apps" out there do the exact same thing?
If you haven't smashed your head on your keyboard at least once, you have not made an application.
Spreadsheets will make you smash your head on your keyboard, no matter how simple.
Wait, what? Why?
Dunno, you made a senseless remark and I vomited it back vastly untouched.
bbl dinner
Those last two messages combined is interesting.
Anyone here have RailWorks 2?
Hrm, I should probably get Recettear
7:59 PM
and now the original person who asked the question edits the question back into a form where I want to close it again.
What a mess.
Well...looks like game-recs are getting killed?
If the poll closes tomorrow as planned.
Yep, they added 'favourite' back in. >.<
Hrm, you know that when you have a dialog box open from Steam, any click on any window turns into that annoying 'error' sound?
I don't use Steam, but sure.
It's doing that for that dialog box now.
8:22 PM
Err, how does Recettear's menu work?
I think it's Z X C keys.
Man I feel like such a liberal next to you all
We should all focus more on answering questions rather than debate them :) and honestly, that question seems extremely useful to me.
@Oak: sigh, I guess you're right
but like...idk, can we at least get community wiki on that question?
8:34 PM
Hmm, that's possible, I suppose. It doesn't really have a single correct answer
Then again, as said before, neither do other questions about strategy or tips
I'm not entirely sure when a question should be CW, really, and meta.so source on that?
This is inherently different from a question about "strategy" or "tips". It is asking for a community member's favorite app.
As opposed to favorite strategy?
I mean, I'm trying to be a little devil's advocate here. Intuitively I feel like there is a difference
I just can't rationalize it to myself.
i see what you mean, and that's what makes this frustrating.
So, is there somewhere explaining when should something become CW?
... maybe I should ask
Like...I feel with a question about a strategy in a video game you can objectively say that one strategy is better than another strategy based on some criteria(the amount of damage you take, speed etc.), and so one strategy is better suited as an answer. When you're asking what a community member's favorite app for a game...what do you judge your accepted app on? The app that is the most favorite?
I just don't get it, I guess.
8:44 PM
@Mana I think it's pretty common that questions come up about strategy where a single solution can't be selected definitively. Either because it would take thousands of carefully executed trials or because there are too many confounding variables. I'm just saying there are exceptions to the "strategy questions always have an answer" idea.
Sometimes a clear winner between strategies cannot be decided... while other times a clear winner between external tools can.
Yeah. Gray area.
9:12 PM
I don't know, I just feel like if anything this isn't progress on the site, this is regressing to the way the site was when it began.
I thought we had some sort of concrete decision somewhere that these "favorite" questions were bad. Was I wrong on that? I guess, maybe?
The problem is that banning everything is too easy.
(Also users expectations need adjusting.)
Q: Is there any keyboard shortcut to the icons above the action bar in WoW?

Chris_45Is there any keyboard shortcut to the icons above the action bar in WoW for example going into the stealth mode for rogue?

9:32 PM
@ArdaXi The first time I played the game, I sat there pressing random keys until I figured out which one let me start the game. Stupid default key mapping.
Yeah, me too
Good thing the game is a lot of fun, so I forgave it.
Is there any way to retract a reopen vote? [†: No, there isn't - Grace]
@bwarner I think you have to wait until it wears off. That's what I'm doing with mine, anyways.
Grace... Why do you have to use Ghost Sound all the time? [†: Because I can't log into chat from here.]
Well, I guess we can just let it get reopened, and then ignore the whole "favorite" thing and just list the apps. Probably should've just done that in the first place, it would've avoided all this confusion, and would've gotten the OP what they really needed.
9:39 PM
@bwarner But like...that's what I told him he really needed and he shot me down.
Well, that was quick.
@Grace And you can do that dagger thing? [†: Yes, I can post these notes without logging in, after all. It's the same way I always read the chat despite not being physically in the room. ♪]
What's annoying about this question is that, in the form of a list of x, it's the sort of the question I want to have on the site but the intentions of the person asking the question to instead get your favorite x are getting in the way.
You can post them without logging in? Erm... isn't that... how..? [†: Kunoichi secret technique. ♪]
I know, but he's just being difficult. It's not like people are actually going to list a bunch of useless apps just because they can.
@Arda Ouch. Make sure you're buying stuff as much as possible until you get close to the payment date. The game is all about profit margins, and they get bigger the more expensive the item is.
This satisfies, no?
9:47 PM
Q: Can I purchase a digital copy of StarCraft 2 as a gift?

Mag RoaderCertainly I could buy a boxed copy. But is it possible to send a digital gift of StarCraft 2?

@MagRoader is an awesome name. Discuss.
disagrees like he's supposed to
@Arda stop complaining
complains more
9:49 PM
You agree, right?
I'm just glad our site's getting in on the festive spirit by asking questions about how to buy gifts for eachother.
10:10 PM
woo, 10k 'pix'
Safe... for now.
@oak here is the problem with your logic. Most "strategy" questions don't have an answer of the nature "use strategy X." Instead the correct answer is: "here are the issues and here are examples of ways people handle them." The examples are largely irrelivent.
Agreed. I would hope people answering with the tools they use will give reasons and uses of these tools, not just a single link
Yay, survived the week
11:09 PM
Q: Name of this game?

LancellOkay this is a hard one. It was a old computer game as far as I know, and it was a simple RTS puzzle game. The main character was a yellow round figure with a nose and very comic acty. There were other characters and as far as I remember they where in other colors, they may also be yellow tough. ...

11:23 PM
I always figured the issue with that logic is that there's a big difference between a question with multiple solutions and a question with multiple answers. Both can be concluded, but the ideal conclusion of the latter is the culmination of all answers, whilst not all solutions are necessary for the conclusion of the former.
This is why a repository is more comparable to, say, a question asking for all the unlock conditions in Lethal Crisis than it is to a question about how to successfully defeat @tzenes in StarCraft 2.
But enough talk! Lobster is delicious and I'd be a fool to delay it any longer for this!
11:46 PM
@Grace Tell us. How do you edit messages without logging in?
Alternatively, what does Kunoichi mean?

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