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2:02 PM
At least, I think I'm on the train back. It said it was heading to the right place.
Well let's start with the basics: Are you on a train?
Is it on tracks and not in space?
Yes, and yes.
According to phone location services, we are headed in the right direction.
@Frank good so probably you won't have invisible/hallucinatory soldiers killing people every half an hour
@KevinvanderVelden Ironically enough, we are just returning from the Doctor Who Experience.
2:07 PM
@Frank Not so ironic if I was aware of that =p
Where I blew almost £200 on a seven season boxset of Doctor Who Blu-Rays.
@Frank gotta love the UK public transport and the ability to take you to completely the wrong place
So where were you
If your'e coming to coventry, let me know :O
@Frank Hmmm doctor who blu-rays
smacks self I have no blu-ray player, nevermind
@Frank Good day?
@KevinvanderVelden I don't rmemeber that ep :/
2:10 PM
@fredley Long. But good.
Could you understand the Welsh people?
@djsmiley2kk we're in London for the next week and change. If you can make it down, we can turn it into a regular Arqade meetup.
oh yes
well, it was the mummy, not soilders lol
@Frank work :(
and it's like £100
Speaking of, we've decided to stay in London for the duration. So we're good until the 16th to do stuff.
2:11 PM
I'll wave from my window as the train shoots past tho :)
yeah, theres plenty of stuff to do there
For some reason, the train is rather warm.
@Frank Our trains are heated
Do they also have AC for the 5 days a year that's needed?
@KevinvanderVelden Yes!
it doesn't work tho :D
2:14 PM
@fredley yay!
Well, some do
And right then, the train manager came by. And told us the next carriage was cooler.
So now we're less warm, which is good.
Still, that's essentially a total of £200 spent for train tickets today.
Which right now roughs out to $500.
yeah getting places is :(
if you preobook tickets far enough it's cheaper
We're doing this trip spur of the moment, though, without any real concrete plans.
Other than the Dr. Who Experience we just saw.
Most of everything else is all London.
2:20 PM
@djsmiley2k the mummy was a soldier in a survival suit that was keeping him alive via the appearing and killing
i've forgotton, was long ago :D
I only reclal not being very impressed by the episode
Q: MMO game suggestions(PS4)

user69492I have been looking for some games to get for my new PS4, but I am having a bit of trouble. See, what i'm looking for is something like destiny. A MMO type game were I can create a character and build it up. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. :)

Q: Minecraft Warp Signs

Creeper Goes BoomI am staff on this server, I building a CTF section of the server. I need to know how to make warp signs that only allow a certain amount of people.

@djsmiley2k that was last season!
2:44 PM
Q: Why did my Minecraft sheep (Ms. Fluffy) come back, on her own after I killed her?

pianolexcatI think it may be a side-effect of a corrupted Minecraft world, but I can't quite be sure. Me and my brother (Let's call him Emonm7) were building a school in one of my minecraft worlds, which had recently corrupted due to it's hugeness (and awesomeness). I had recently summoned some Undead hor...

Q: Is there a way to get both Sneaky Bastard aced and Bulletproof aced?

A Rogue CopI'm having trouble finding the points, especially since I'm not currently infamied enough to have point requirements lowered. Thanks in advance.

@fredley Give me teh chartz
@PrivatePansy You can't handle teh chartz
2:58 PM
@PrivatePansy give urself the chartz
@fredley he only has 7 and a bit-k rep
I checked, I was like "Wait, don't you have a shit-ton of rep?" But it is all SO O.o
@KevinvanderVelden SO rep worst rep
@fredley Bah humbug
Y'all are just jealous :P
3:04 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Yay being bugged by chat flags!
@fredley 9998 rep second worst rep
Yay 10008 rep!
*readies super-downvote*
@Arperum was pretty easy on a monk, even wife did it without dying
also, just got 6th gem to 50 :D
going from 48 to 50 was a pain on the last gem, I failed 5 times at 60% chance
we need more people to play with us on NA :(
Q: How often does the sieged creep spawn?

Judge2020In dota, you have creeps come out in waves that fight against the other team's creeps. Sometimes sieged creeps (sometimes called a catapult) will also be spawned. How often do they spawn with the default wave?

grumbles about how nothing supports NPAPI and how her damn tiny GPS needs it and augh people fix your shit
@AshleyNunn As in people should support NPAPI or your GPS needs to stop using NPAPI?
Q: How to participate in the Early Access for Linux systems?

TrollwutI've read that ARMA 3 has now Early Access option for Linux systems. As I'm keen on playing this simulation FPS, I would like to know how to get access to it. On the Steam stores I only can see the Windows logo for supported systems. Now I don't want to buy it just to get disappointed or find ou...

yay, my clan finished hobopolis and distributed loot!
@Yuuki That reminds me, I should go finish up Pikmin 3. I never beat the final boss, and there were a couple more fruits I needed to get.
I foguht the final boss, died near the end, and was too busy QQing to try again.
4:12 PM
Q: Skyrim Should I or Should i not play it?

Lolface123Idk which to choose Dishonored or Skyrim i'm having trouble choosing of which too get.

4:26 PM
Phew. Got another S-Rank in MGS5. I feel like I made that way harder than it needed to be, but man.
Have to destroy 2 tanks and a dude. I did it totally non-lethal (apparently nobody is actually in the tanks, you see)
Checkpoints for that mission seem... very broken. It would place me in a seemingly random location near to where I was, and sometimes reset tank health (thanks for that)
@AshleyNunn why does your GPS use NPAPI and everything but chrome supports it for the last 20+ year
Oh, not 20+ years, just 20
Q: Can`t make diagonal jump at "I Wanna Kill The Kamilia 2", need assistance

PhotonSo I am playing "I Wanna Kill The Kamilia 2"(I Wanna Be The Guy style fan game) and I am stuck on this room: I am Always hitting either the spike at the top or at the side. So I hope someone can enlighten me how to make diagonal jump.

@GodEmperorDune Whoo, did you get anything?
@Yuuki yeah, (i later realized it was dreadslyvania) got a nosy nose, Thunkula's drinking cap, and HOA eyes
4:44 PM
@yuuki as I'm the gps people need to update the software plugin that let's the geocaching site talk to the gps because it uses NPAPI which means it doesn't work right now
5:10 PM
@GodEmperorDune That's a lot. Usually my clan only passes out one item per person.
How many people were running Dreadsylvania?
Back at the hotel. Damn, that was a long way to go.
@Yuuki not many, i gather
i'm on my alt right now, but it's probably under 10 people across all of the clan dungeons
Q: Which games feature flying spaceships (or craft) on the surfaces of alien planets?

Theodore FoxI am searching for a game which features the ability to fly around and explore the surface of an alien planet. Specifically an open world (or sandbox) with as little restriction as possible.

5:38 PM
Mini Metro really hits a wall at a certain point
"Game Over Now"
Hmm... Lunch
Yay skype! If I extend it to the full width of my portrait mode screen it'll show ads, so if I make it 10 pixels less wide it doesn't have the 200px wide ad :D
@fredley that may be true but where are your extra cars man
@badp All used up!
2 on red line, one on green
Think that's all I got that game
Why does the blue line in the southern half do three circles, one triangle, one circle and one triangle
and on the west side it connects two triangles without going through the overcrowded circle station
that said 1.7k is pretty good
In general I tend to make a line that goes through all of the special stations and squares so people don't have to make too many interchanges
ideally, just one
local lines just connect circles with triangles and everything to the service line
6:00 PM
@badp Yeah, this was for an achievement
Only two lines allowed to have a square on them, although it wasn't too much of a constraint.
The Cairo achievement terrifies me, those carriages only have 4 spaces
The HK one is hard too
lol yeah right
6:23 PM
@GnomeSlice that's actually probably not safe for work :P
Yes it is.
@GnomeSlice i mean, at work you'd probably have rumors spread around that you're thinking of cheating on your wife
It's a parody of the site you're thinking of.
Also: No wife sooo
6:38 PM
Q: Geomentry dash Login failed glitch!

LoganOkay so I changed my Geomentry dash password and I resend the aviation but it says you already atavated this account! So I try logging in on Geomentry dash on the log in page but it says Login failed now I have to start over from the begging for the 3rd time! Please help!!

@KevinvanderVelden it'd start rumors that you're married in your case
@Unionhawk acceptable
Q: See current rotation without playing

Coded MonkeySince there are always only a limited set of maps playable at a time for public online battles, I'd like to know which maps are in the current rotation without booting my Wii U and waiting for Marie and Callie to "announce" it. Is there a way to find out online which maps (and game mode for Rank...

@GnomeSlice not really noticeable unless it's explained or you frequently visit the site that's being parodied to know exactly what it looks like :P
6:56 PM
Q: Is there a simple way to identify the true Lunatic Cultist?

Jonah BishopDuring a battle with the Lunatic Cultist, he will summon duplicates of himself and perform a ritual. Attacking the incorrect cultist causes a Phantasm Dragon to appear. Is there a fairly easy way to determine (short of just guessing) which of the cultists is the true one? I occasionally get the f...

7:12 PM
@fredley if it does that it's because you would've had a Bridge either way
hey fredley, did you enter my office?
@badp But those two points are connected by land
There is no need for a bridge
@fredley says you.
The Bridge is mandatory.
@badp Yes. As a human with eyes I can verify this
@badp :(
Your eyes deceive you.
You should be happy the triangle station doesn't need a second bridge going east
7:14 PM
@badp Status: unhappy
@fredley oh come on I've even gotten to 1e125! I think.
Q: My Minecraft Launcher Only Has a Loading Button

RaitetsuI have played Minecraft for a long time and this has never happened to me before. I recently just built my computer and I am running Windows 7 Home Basic. When I run Minecraft this is the screen I see: Can anyone help me with this problem? I am an avid Minecraft player and would like to see thi...

Whoa, you can pull some really sick openings with micro machine and Seal of Champions in Arena. My opponent just conceded in round 4 after I had like a 7/2 micro machine and a 9/2 knife juggler on the board. And this was at 7 wins, not an early game
8:12 PM
@badp 2595 in St Petersburg
8:24 PM
Q: Metal Gear Solid V TPP freezes PS3

Daniele CI'm trying to play MGS5 on my ps3 but after the initial installation, it creates the savedata and then it freezes while on the loading screen (dualshock doesn't work, I have to shut it down by pressing the power button on the front). Not even the first cut scene is playing. Nothing at all. Is any...

wtb triangles
I know that feeling
All the triangles in one corner
Only made it to 1200
Do you want tunnels or a line? I WANT CARRIAGES
8:47 PM
@fredley emergency lines best lines
The Montreal one is brutal. 1700? That's alot when you don't have any FUCKING TRIANGLES
Q: Spaceplane speeds on Kerbin- beating 1400m/s

DeadMGI'm doing my best to launch an SSTO into orbit. Currently, my primary objective is to replace my LVT-30 with an LV-909 so that I can reap the d/v rewards. Unfortunately that means pushing as high and as fast with the airbreathing engines as possible. I seem to have hit a brick wall at 1400 horiz...

Q: Increase land value for residential building-Simcity

Emerald Ocy EmOciHow do you most effectively increase land value for specifically residential building? I'd like to make an upgrade from Small houses and trailers to apartments and skyscrapers.

9:02 PM
yeah I'm plenty rusty with this game
@GodEmperorDune I think they made Velvet/Gold mining even better. I'm regularly seeing gold pop up on the first row.
yeeeeey free cash.
PSA: Rude != offensive.
Q: Should I save up my mega-bucks?

Luiyaytl;dr: should I spend 10 mega tickets now, or save up 90 and buy the 10 pack? Each MT is worth about 999 times more than the previous one. tl;dr 2: should I wait for an update that lets me spend MT another way? COMMENT your opinion, don't answer the question. No, not giga-sized bucks (animal)....

9:18 PM
@Yuuki nice, silent update maybe?
Quick question: does providing links/details on how to use Cheat-Engine to modify cosmetic player-stats in a game with an on-line component run afoul of the "multiplayer cheats = off-topic" guideline? I'm asking in regards to posting something related to MGS 5 TFP's Demon Snake points.
If that level of detail is off-bounds, is it safe to just mention that my data was inferred from memory analysis and the values can be changed by using such tools?
@Chippies I caused some achievement counter weirdness.
According to the progress tracker I have broken 39 legendaries in the Kanai cube, according to non-season, I got 38. I do have at least three out of season ones.
@Arperum withe the cubist achievement by any chance?
@Lilienthal you're right on the edge here, so as a result I can't really predict for certain how the community is going to react to your post. :(
I got the cubist 50 and 100 achievs at least 3 times each
so did my wife
9:42 PM
whatever's going on with it, it's buggy and glitchy, but I did get both season and non-season eventually, so it's cool
my season one filled before non-season, which is crazy
expect some measure of backslash
I'm still working on it. And my season will fill before non-season too, if both counters correctly count up from now on.
@Arperum my non-season was at ~30 behind season by the time I got season achiev
@Chippies fancy
9:44 PM
I just figured it's the server lag for achievs, as they don't always update immediately
@badp Yeah, agreed. I'm basically thinking of making a self-answered question on how that particular mechanic actually works since there aren't any details online (yet). I'm thinking of adding a line that the values can actually be changed, with the giant prefix that modifying these values might have consequences for the user's account since afaik Konami has yet to respond to this kind of hacking.
filling the cube is fun though :P
The explanation itself would be enough of an answer so if there's a big row over it I could always drop the part about the values being modifiable I suppose.
@Lilienthal Is this information any use to people other than to let them cheat-engine their hats to anything they want?
@Arperum I ran a grift 54 earlier today with wife, a pretty strong wizard and a dead weight that we were powerleveling. We actually finished the run with couple minutes left over and the guy went from paragon 60'ish to paragon 100 in one run :P
9:48 PM
@badp I suppose not, though knowing that you can change it would be very useful to people like myself who have a phobia of body horror and had this "feature" sprung on them without advance warning. :)
wait what.
I don't think I'm fully grasping what's going on here. I thought we were just talking hats.
@Lilienthal are there some really scary hats in MGS5?
Is it something like the damage models of Loadout?
@badp @Chippies It's this thing: img703.imageshack.us/img703/765/mgsvhorn.gif
@Lilienthal the horn thing?
9:50 PM
Long story short: killing people makes you sprout a horn and it gets bigger the more people you kill.
@Lilienthal is that in single or online? or both?
I was thinking instead something like this where depending on where you get hit you get... those effects on you.
(you still walk around like that.)
Complicated answer since there's no "Metal Gear Online" component yet and there might be a separate avatar for that.
well then we just don't know yet. I think the best way to divulge this information is to just crank up the horn to 9,001, post a screenshot on reddit and then explain how you did it.
I think.
Well, I don't know what to tell you about your question/answer situation, but if that's something you have a phobia of, I would suggest never playing SW:KOTOR1/2 as a sith
9:53 PM
A phobia might be putting it a bit strongly but I'm trying to avoid using the word "triggered" :)
in my opinion, the horn should probably keep you from killing people, as MGS is supposed to be mostly a stealth game
It might if they'd tell you in advance I suppose.
but of course, being able to play however you want in single player without having to look at ugly character is also something you should be able to do
@Chippies Nice. I did a grift 35 earlier today with two dead weights. And no help.
That said, killing people is part of some of the missions and the stat also goes up if you destroy manned vehicles.
I suppose you COULD do a complete non-lethal play-through if you have a few weeks to kill.
9:55 PM
@Lilienthal well, you could post a question like "I GOT THIS HUGE HORN ON MY FACE, WHY IS IT THERE?!" and then explain that it's there because you were murdering everyone in sight
or you could go for maximum overhorn
I think that could be a way to go about it
I imagine the developers wanted to shock people straight since they did pretty much the same with another feature in the game.
sounds a bit silly to have such a thing in MGS, as I always imagined it to be kinda realistic'ish and serious
"Why do I have a horn on my head? Can I disable it?"
Agreed, but since I have the stats on which actions make your "Evil Stat" go up by how much and which bring it down I kind of want to post them.
9:56 PM
growing horns isn't exactly what I'd expect from MGS series
Well, they haven't been entirely serious for a while now really.
That sounds like a pretty good question that you could answer fully -- it does seem like you've done your homework -- and mentioning how to use Cheat Engine to that end would be pretty okay then.
And the games have always had those goofy easter eggs in them.
last MGS game I played was MGS1 demo on PSX... good times
Yeah that's basically what I'd be going for.
Hear hear Chippies.
9:57 PM
@Lilienthal I can see easter eggs being goofy, but this seems to be a pretty major part of the game
@Lilienthal Then I think you should be okay. Especially since multiplayer isn't out yet, I understand?
@Chippies Yeah, I was typing the next part, which is that this one is very much in your face, if you'll pardon the pun.
so it literally is a single-player cheat.
You should be fine.
just add a small disclaimer that using the cheat engine to disable the horn in multiplayer might get you banned
I had thought you were going for "how can I give myself a burning flames team captain with cheat engine"
9:59 PM
There's a sort-of multiplayer component in that you invade enemy player's bases and if that guy happens to be online at the time he can deploy to track you down.
I don't actually know if they show a normal avatar or not since it would presumably be pretty fourth-wall breaking if you have two of the same exact guys running around.
Ah nah.
Boldly go ahead, then! Just see how we'll somehow close your question anyway! :P
Haha. And yeah that sounds like the way to go. Now I just need to write it up, though that'll be something for tomorrow I think. :)
Thanks for the input guys.
Although it sounds like they at least tried to make it as non-shitty as possible
Also known as the "Arsehole Tier"?
10:04 PM
> While the power to destroy the world will rest with a single individual controlling a Doomsday Device, obtaining one will take collaboration. Acquiring and processing the resources needed to research and construct it will be enormous work, and due to skill specialization, require multiple parties.
> This could be the result of a group of players working in concert, or from deft use of the existing economy. In either case, it will be in reach for the rest of the playerbase to detect and prevent it before it occurs, the same as the meteor.
> However, player's won't know if a 'Destroyer of Worlds' tier player is on the server, and will never know if there is someone capable of that kind of destruction in their midst. The social effects of this feature within a server will be fascinating to watch, and it's intended that significant political and economical maneuverings will be necessary in order to successfully create the device.
@GnomeSlice sounds like a massive pay2win mode
@Chippies Except you don't win by blowing up the planet
Well maybe the destroyer does
@GnomeSlice either way, it seems like a pretty massive feture only available to certain backers
it's a feature that's cut from everyone else
All this will do will mean most proper players will start requiring people to explain the use for their materials before trading
because in a normal society you don't think there's going to be somebody like that among you, but now that it's announced everybody will know about it
@Chippies yeah, kinda lame
$750 for that tier
10:07 PM
> It will come with other tiers beneath it, including:

**Wolf and hare taming**
Craft a unique banner
Developer Tier access, source code
Developer forum access
4 alpha/beta keys
A unique icon next to the player's name.
Animals have a chance to get a name you specify
huh, why didn't it bold?
either way
is that cosmetic only?
> multiline I think
@Chippies yeah
mkay then
> Wolf Tier - you will have the unique ability to tame a wolf in the game, available only to top backers. Includes previous tier.
unless the wolf is just cosmetic too
I hate it when crowdfunding does this
I'm going to support your game, and buy it, and not get all the features because I didn't want to spend $750
I don't liek when games lock out features because you didn't pay as much as the other guy, even though you paid the full price of the game
Q: Why is a minecraft pe server off but on the websites say it's on


10:10 PM
Bah. random OnehitKO attacks are annoying and just cost me my grift :( stupid coldsnap.
I spawn again: I get killed instantly with full hp.
@Arperum do you have any 2nd life passives?
@Chippies Seems like I need them.
@Arperum I've had one since... well, since I got to 70
makes dying a lot less common
I crafted 13 hellfire amulets today, all crap :(
well, maybe not crap, but useless for my build
@Chippies Damn.
10:22 PM
crafting hellfire amulets is so easy now though, if you can run T10 or close
90% chance of infernal machine drop on T10
so if you have multiple people running with you, that's a lot of machines
and on T10 ubers drop 2-3 materials each
if only we had more people to run with... lol cough switch servers @Arperum cough
@Chippies Why don't you switch servers? I have some other friend that play on EU (who I outleveled though)
@Arperum because we both know more people on NA than on EU
@Chippies But they are not playing :(
OrigamiRobot plays
And I want the season stuff on my EU account.
10:25 PM
I also have a friend that plays
Stupid blizzard for splitting things.
of course everyone's far behind my level
my wife plays on NA as well
if you rolled a monk, we could probably get you up to par with us within couple days
@Arperum does that mean you've been online on NA 8 days ago?
I got full Helltooth on my WD. It's pretty fun, but I still have a ways to go to get this build really up to speed
@twobugs if only WD's didn't lag the crap out of everyone for whatever reason...
@Chippies I haven't played on NA in forever. I might have clicked NA in the launcher when the season started for a second or so.
@Chippies Yea, I noticed the same in multiplayer this evening.
10:30 PM
@Arperum if you look at the top leaderboards for party runs, hardly any have WD's, even though they are pretty much on par with the top of DPS
because whatever Blizz has done with WD's, they're impossible to play with on high difficulties with all the lag they create
we ran a public rift with 2 WD's and it was almost unplayable, my fps would drop below 10 all the time
And lowering your graphics doesn't help. I tried.
@Arperum I run on lowest anyway
I normally run on highest.
lowest and highest doesn't make much difference for me for the most part, but since I play on a laptop with a mobile cpu, some big fights can drop below 30 fps and every little fps helps :)
it honestly doesn't look any worse on lowest anyway
@Chippies I immediately saw a difference, and I didn't like it, especially since it didn't help.
10:42 PM
I geuss I'm just used to it
Q: How do you defeat the walkers?

BlueTrinThere are bipedal walkers, how can you defeat them without killing the pilot ? Should you always sneak from behind and shoot darts ? Are there more efficient ways to deal with them ?

Yea. But if you've always played on high, the suddenly lower settings are visible.
anyway, bedtime.
I mean, I always have textures maxed
but everything else is on lowest
shadows on Low (smooth)
lowering textures would definitely make everything look like crap, which is why I never lower textures
in any game

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