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3:00 PM
Oooh, @badp is doing failing German again?
@FEichinger I wasn't aware that there was a part where I stopped failing German
Also, why NRW? You're in BY.
@fbueckert and @Wipqozn I can't reply on mobile, but if you skim through the backlog you'll see which message of LessPop's I was replying to. =P
@badp So it's the yearly salary for whatever year you're filling this out.
@MartinSojka a.k.a. what I'll actually earn?
3:01 PM
Hint: "Downvoters, please explain."
What you're expecting to earn.
@MartinSojka k
Q: What is a squad leader?

SashleyI see things about the squad leader come up during games and I have heard of it before. What changes when you are it?

Q: How many have I killed today?

XenoxWorld of tanks is currently running a promotion where players get 300000 credits after scoring 30 kills in a day, and a day of premium after accumulating 50000 XP in a single day. Is there an easy way to see the progress too these goals?

Q: Why Tyrael does not die after falling and crashing on Tristram?

givanseTyrael rips his wings off, takes human appearance and falls from heaven. He is the falling star in Act I. Why he does not die with the impact?

Q: Should my Aggressive Assault use a Plasma Rifle or an Alloy Cannon?

bpcooksonI use an aggressive Assault soldier (full right: Aggression, Close and Personal, Rapid Fire, Bring 'Em On, and Killer Instinct) equipped with an Alloy Cannon. She hits hard. Having now read a lot of questions and answers here, I've seen some people advocating the use of a Plasma Rifle with an A...

@Lazers Assaults should advance, trigger enemy, retreat and go into overwatch. That's why you give them a Plasma Rifle.
Game where you play a despised actor starring as a beloved character. Must act out your scenes whilst avoiding attacks by the public.
3:05 PM
@StrixVaria This makes me think of something I'd been thinking about on-and-off about game character design.
@Lazers This is a terrible question but I still hate the idea the idea that the presence or lack of an answer determines on-topicness.
@Lazers Wee! Let's play Poke the Plot Hole!
Shouldn't we just tell this guy to write out a new answer?
@PrivatePansy Yep, we should.
3:07 PM
@Sterno Ban all lore questions!
@Sterno Short of banning all lore questions, I don't know how else we can really determine whether or not to allow a question pertaining to lore.
@fbueckert Practicality.
@OrigamiRobot Please expand your answer to fully answer the question.
3:09 PM
@skovacs1 Note Odin Sphere is also a digital download for PS3 if you would prefer to go that route (might be cheaper depending on the cost of the reprint). Not familiar with rule of rose. Looks Fatal Framey
@BenBrocka Odin Sphere is quite fun.
Even if the story is all over the place, and broken out across multiple characters.
I have it but haven't gotten very far into it. Was on sale on PSN
@fbueckert Practical problems have practical uses for their solutions. If it's not a practical problem, don't allow it.
It's very pretty
@OrigamiRobot In that regard, more or less all lore questions are off-topic.
3:11 PM
@fbueckert Yay!
Which is something I would wholeheartedly support, in fact.
> At this point, the Ouya game that's pulled in the most revenue is TowerFall, developed by Matt Thorson. It sells for $14.99 and Thorson has made about $21,000 to date. Another title Uhrman points to as a success, Hidden in Plain Sight, has sold just 1,900 copies on Ouya, generating $4,381 in sales for developer Adam Spragg. On the low end, other developers were claiming to have made only a few hundred dollars
@fbueckert There could be a practical lore question. I don't have any examples, but for a game like Morrowind where you are left to figure out things mostly on your own, there could be one.
Did we ever get updated numbers from ouya games?
IIRC the 21k for towerfall was like late july or something
@OrigamiRobot Hence why I qualified it with, "more or less". I can't think of any current lore questions that would be practical.
3:12 PM
Or like if a game had lore based riddles. That's a practical lore question.
@OrigamiRobot You basically need to read and piece together the lore in Morrowind if you killed someone important to the main quest line and wish to still finish the prophecy.
So, can someone help me find where we decided that if a lore question doesn't have an answer addressed by canon, it's off-topic? Because that seems to be a decision separate from what was discussed here.
@Sterno That's the summation of @Grace's answer.
> Questions about Game Design and Development are off topic. This includes speculative questions about developer intent, as well as lore questions not addressed directly through in-universe sources.
I could have sworn that said "in-game" sources.
I guess that's not how I read @GraceNote's answer.
3:15 PM
@OrigamiRobot I still say questions that are answered in books shouldn't be on-topic.
It turns the whole wonky, "in-canon" shtick into something very woobly-wobbly.
@fbueckert I say questions that aren't practical shouldn't be on topic. It's a simple metric and I don't often go further than that.
@OrigamiRobot There are a lot of non-game sources for information on certain games, like Halo and Defiance. This rule makes questions about the Defiance TV show on-topic for us. Blech.
@OrigamiRobot Sadly, the community doesn't agree with us, so I'm working to limit the damage.
@StrixVaria If you think that's "a lot", I'd like to present you with Star Wars, Forgotten Realms and Shadowrun.
And look at @badp's answer. It distinguishes between "In game X, Y happens; is there an official reason why?" and "In game X, it seems logical to me Y will be mentioned, but it wasn't; is there an official reason why?"
3:17 PM
@StrixVaria If that information could have a practical use in-game, sure.
The question we're talking about now is clearly the former.
@MartinSojka I knew there were better examples but it's early on a Monday.
Or maybe it's not clearly the former.
@Sterno That can be equated to the whole, "Have the developers said why this was designed this way" discussion about developer intent.
This could have been avoided if @fbueckert had just used the canned close reason :P
3:19 PM
@Sterno That's Oak's
If you add some magic words to your question, it doesn't automatically makes it on-topic.
@badp my bad
@OrigamiRobot We have one for "Not addressed in canon"?
@fbueckert That's not what it's about. One is about "This happens in the game. Please explain it to me" and the other is "Hey, I've thought up some question tangentially related to the game elements..."
Oh. We do.
3:20 PM
The new Shadowrun game is funny in this regard. It throws lots of Shadowrun slang ("so ka", "wiz", ...) at you with zero explanation whatsoever. You either know your lore, or you'll have to figure it out yourself.
6 mins ago, by OrigamiRobot
> Questions about Game Design and Development are off topic. This includes speculative questions about developer intent, as well as lore questions not addressed directly through in-universe sources.
@Sterno It's still essentially, "Hey, why did the plot happen this way?"
And the answer is, "Because it did, okay?"
2 mins ago, by fbueckert
Oh. We do.
Missed that.
@fbueckert But if the answer exists, suddenly the question is fine? I mean, are you sure there's not a book out there or something saying why he didn't die, or what happens to Diablo angels when they lsoe their wings? There are Diablo 3 books, right?
Don't answer, because that's not really the point.
@Sterno Personally, I disagree with that interpretation.
7 mins ago, by fbueckert
@OrigamiRobot I still say questions that are answered in books shouldn't be on-topic.
@fbueckert Which? Something I said, or the "in-universe" vs "in-game" thing
Ah, the latter.
3:23 PM
A: What will be our custom off-topic close reasons?

LessPop_MoreFizzI'll take a crack. Questions that ask which games or other products meet specific criteria are off topic. We primarily deal with questions about playing games, not about which games to play or historical trivia. We make an exception for identifying games based on an audiovisual artifact from th...

@Sterno That's why I contend that it should be answerable within the game itself, else it's off topic. (Or that it should just be categorically off topic, but I really don't feel like arguing in the Bridge any more.)
If the game answers it, sure, whatever, let's allow it.
Aha! @LessPop_MoreFizz's original draft said "in-game"
@OrigamiRobot THAT SNEAK
If we have to read a book to answer it, though, that's outside our scope.
3:24 PM
I need to give this some thought. Because I really don't mind questions like this being closed. I think they're crappy. But I feel pretty strongly that needing to know what the answer is before you can close is a really bad idea.
@Sterno I wholeheartedly agree with you.
Which makes Instance #1 this week.
I think I need to go burn something.
I nominate @Sterno as rules arbiter for Arqade.
I'll go eat some lunch and consider reversing my position.
He makes sense and stuff.
@Sterno Practicality.
3:25 PM
@OrigamiRobot Too subjective and a hammer for you to close every lore question.
14 mins ago, by OrigamiRobot
@fbueckert There could be a practical lore question. I don't have any examples, but for a game like Morrowind where you are left to figure out things mostly on your own, there could be one.
It's the least subjective.
You still need to know the answer before being able to decide if the question is practical.
I guess I need an example of a practical lore question to know what you mean.
19 mins ago, by fbueckert
@Sterno Short of banning all lore questions, I don't know how else we can really determine whether or not to allow a question pertaining to lore.
@MartinSojka No you don't.
3:27 PM
I think this is the only lore question I ever asked: gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/45813/…
14 mins ago, by OrigamiRobot
Or like if a game had lore based riddles. That's a practical lore question.
Not an awesome question, definitely not practical, but also one I think a lot of people playing the game probably had. The plot of Dark Souls is pretty hard to follow.
@Sterno According to the answer, it's even worse than D3's plot.
@fbueckert It might be. I still don't understand it well enough. But that game goes out of its way to hide the plot and background from you in item descriptions, missable NPC conversations, etc.
It's almost a mini-game trying to make sense of the plot.
@MartinSojka All you need to know is how the information could be used. It requires people familiar with the game to decide, and that's ok.
3:29 PM
Also, most of the NPCs lie to you
Anyway, lunch!
@Sterno Isn't it only 10:30 where you are?
@StrixVaria Wow it's already 11:30 here!
@OrigamiRobot "Who is the Queen of Wayrest" is pretty damn important. "Who is the Queen of Glenpoint" isn't (Daggerfall example). You have no chance of knowing unless you know the answer.
@MartinSojka As I said, it requires people familiar with the game to decide.
It is up to the asker to prove the practical use.
... if they know that, they don't need to ask in the first place.
3:35 PM
@MartinSojka Which sorta meets the criteria for non-practical in the first place, no?
@fbueckert The point is, you don't know until you know the answer. Once you know the answer, there is no point asking.
@MartinSojka Sure there is.
Self answering is a thing.
Questions aren't just for the asker, they're for everyone.
Self-answering is a masturbatory practice. I know and accept that it's here, but you won't catch me doing it unless I really have to.
@MartinSojka I think that's sort of strawmanning the action.
@fbueckert No, that's just how I feel about self-answering.
3:39 PM
I think that's silly and I am therefore allowed to ignore all your other opinions regardless of how valid they are.
You're allowed to ignore all my opinions anyway.
They're just opinions.
@MartinSojka Which you're free to feel all you like. If you want to bring it up here and have it be taken seriously, though, at least TRY to back it up.
@MartinSojka This is a valid point that I am ignoring.
@fbueckert It's site policy, not Arqade policy. This is the wrong place.
@MartinSojka Well, then. I'm now going to ignore your opinion when it comes to self-answering, and your opinion in regards to everything else has been given less weight.
3:42 PM
I am expanding my position to "ignore all opinions", even my own.
3:54 PM
Update: girl arrested guy was hugging and shit earlier came back to the lab. I said 'your boyfriend got arrested'. She left.
@GnomeSlice I am having trouble parsing that first sentence
Morning, Bridge
@murgatroid99 I guess a guy got arrested for reasons and his "girlfriend" was told and left the office.
@murgatroid99 Insert "the" between girl and arrested.
@badp It's not really an office, it's an open computer lab at the college.
But yeah, girl who was hugging the guy who got arrested
4:00 PM
> Related to low software sales and conversion rates, you cannot buy games straight from the Ouya storefront.
Oh god I never realized that. That's so nasty
@BenBrocka duh, everything is F2P
so every game has its own monetization scheme
Well there are games that do cost money, but with a free demo
yes, but you can't, say, "buy" a copy of Candy Crush Saga
I figured for those at least, like Towerfall, there would be a buy option
That's what Vita does; you expand an item and the download page has a buy option and a demo option if available (otherwise it goes straight to download for free titles or buy for paid)
doesn't having a standard "Buy" destroy the base assumption that all games are F2P?
or did they say "free to try?"
4:05 PM
@BenBrocka ?????????
They said free to try, stuff like Towerfall is still a single purchase
It destroys the ability to impulse buy though, and I wonder if that costs sales
Not to mention people getting demos and just like "yeah that was cool but maybe I'll just play another demo instead of buying it"
@BenBrocka I guess it gets in the way of shopping sprees rather than impluse buying
@BenBrocka I've done that for years, no OUYA needed.
It was better when more demos appeared on Steam though
Now they're kind of rare
Kinda hard to shopping spree if you have to download and open each and every game just to buy stuff
every barrier to conversion can significantly reduce purchases
yeah, but it doesn't get in the way of impulse buying
Yeah it does, it slows you down, quite a bit
Compare it with two taps to pay money on the iOS app store (and, finally, Android)
4:08 PM
@BenBrocka hm? The flow's supposed to be, try a game, whoa this is loads of fun, it's just $.99, hit buy from a hopefully big honking button on the screen
You don't have to manage a different account and sign up process and checkout flow per app right?
Yeah, but you can't be like "okay, I have an Ouya, let's buy a bunch of games", you have to do it slowly and deliberately, that's not what impulse-buy is about at all
@badp I wouldn't think so, probably the standard in app purchase modal popup
@BenBrocka Wow that's terrible
@BenBrocka so there's at least that
I dunno, I can definitely think of impulse buys I've made after playing the demo. Like Plants vs Zombies
okay, maybe that's just one. But it's harder on Steam because you have to hit up a demo or a free weekend first
normally you just have a paywall and that's it.
4:11 PM
Yeah, I bought Borderlands and Red Faction Guerilla after the demo. But still, sometimes I just want to get in and buy stuff
And not every game shows well in a demo
@StrixVaria 11:30. Indiana is EST
And it's left up to you on how to limit your demo, which can be risky (say your time limit is too shity, you limit too many items, the starting area too boring)
@BenBrocka How would having one uniform demoing system fix that?
I like PS4's idea of 1 hour (I think) of the REAL GAME as the demo, like the PS+ "full game trials" do. Those seem pretty good and (I assume) require almost no work from the dev
like OnLive's "first 30 minutes cutscene skipfests only"
4:13 PM
@badp Yeah, something like the PS3 1 hour trial of the real thing could work. 1 hour is probably too long for "mobile" games like that though
@BenBrocka but how does that make it easier to build a good demo?
I mean, it's technically easier
An hour of Binding of Isaac and you'd either hate it or be hooked. An hour of lots of this other stuff and you'd probably be done (and hell, if the game costs $1 an hour might be plenty)
but now you have to fit the good parts of the game in that kind of experience - and make it work exactly the same for actual players
@badp At that point it's just the real game. So all you need to do is make sure the first hour of your game is engaging (which you should do anyway)
@BenBrocka then devs who want that could, uh, just write that in their own game?
4:15 PM
@Fluttershy Yeah, pretty sure I know who it is then. I'm too lazy to transcript scroll. I'll just look through the suspects comment history and look for drama.
I mean, not even free weekends on Steam end up being the actual game
That's still putting all the work on the devs. And half of what's on Ouya is just ports; any extra amount of work is potentially significant
they usually come with story or MP disabled if possible
@BenBrocka but that half of Ouya's not built against the console anyway
I thought free weekends generally were. I mean they're often MMOs and stuff
so it will have its own monetization scheme
@BenBrocka There are exceptions, like "Multiplayer only" or "Just the first half only"
You only notice if you actually hit the wall
4:17 PM
Huh. I never actually bother playing them
I download them then forget to ever open them before they're downloaded
Java Java Java
@KevinvanderVelden Nope nope nope
I like java
Then it's to late :(
I'm using NetBeans for the first time
all the GUI work I've done before has been handwritten
4:28 PM
Javas ok
This is a lot easier
Javascript can be a pain in the ass to debug though
Oh, Javascript I'm not a big fan of
It's annoying
Java is nice though
@SaintWacko Javascript Javascript Javascript :D
I know they're not really related... but I like excuses to rage about javascript
4:29 PM
They have nothing in common except marketing
@KevinvanderVelden this
Q: What was the reason to change the character names in the English version of Xenoblade Chronicles compared with the Japanese version?

bitmaskAs can be seen from the track listing of the original soundtrack (just serving as a nice overview) a lot of names are different in the Japanese and English version. For example, Aegir/Egil, Xanthe/Zanza, Fiorung/Fiora but also Shuruku/Shulk (massive spoilers). While I still get it with Fiorung (w...

@Sconibulus Javascript is only a pain in the ass to debug if you've written terrible javascript.
Chrome has an excellent set of debugging tools
@DarthAndroid I actually love debugging Javascript in Chrome
Used to think JS was some hacky language to make web pages glitter and snow until I got to my current gig
It's... actually a competent complete language just as you would consider Java or C++ or Python.
4:34 PM
@DarthAndroid Seriously? I just spewed some coffee.
Yeah, seriously.
It doesn't have a massive library behind it (like the .Net or JRE runtimes), but the language itself is solid.
@DarthAndroid and there are some pretty cool compile to javascript languages like coffeescript that remove some of javascripts warts
I can't take any weakly typed language seriously. They are demonstrably less robust than strongly typed languages.
hmm... I could maybe try Chrome's debugger... both IE's debugger and Firebug are terrible at telling me what's actually happening
@Sconibulus Chrome will tell you exactly what's happening and where. You can break on exceptions, view full call stacks, jump between stack frames, watch variables, errors on the console have hyperlinks to where they were thrown, etc.
4:38 PM
@JasonBerkan that is true, but sometimes ease of programming is more important (my preferred language is C++)
Errors are fine and dandy, can I get breakpoints that actually work? Or the ability to see where a button click will actually send me?
@KevinvanderVelden Every language has its places. Though I personally wouldn't touch C++ if you paid me to. Is the standard library, standard yet?
@JasonBerkan Javascript is as strong or as weakly typed as you want.
@DarthAndroid This is Google trying to make the language suck less. This is not an inherent part of JS.
(I'm debugging someone else's code)
4:40 PM
@JasonBerkan its... pretty standard
If you want strongly typed JS, grab yourself the google closure compiler
It does type checking
@KevinvanderVelden Back when I used C++, every project had 4 different string classes.
yeah, but really, who's manipulating strings :)
@Lazers Developer intent! Close close close!
@Sconibulus you can click on an element in the Elements view of developer tools and scrolld own to see the event listeners
4:41 PM
@JasonBerkan Oh god. Don't get me started. I just finished dealing with COM objects from NSIS.
@JasonBerkan uuh lets see, std::string (what my code is using), Ogre::String (graphics library, implicitly convertible) and Rocket::String (GUI library, explicitly convertible)
@KevinvanderVelden Yeah, but there's no reason why a language can't standardize something as basic as a string.
@KevinvanderVelden Yup. Give me .NET any day.
@JasonBerkan Eh, .Net's not much better.
it's just a bunch of wrappers around C++
Jeah that's pretty bad, also technically python also has it's own string implementation but that's because it's a bloody language of its own =p
4:46 PM
@DarthAndroid Wrappers that standardize your code and make it simpler to read and write. That's a win in my book.
@DarthAndroid .NET is not a bunch of wrappers around C++ =/ Its a full language
@DarthAndroid That's a gross oversimplification.
It's basically what java wanted to be except it actually works (excepting the bit of no official support for non microsoft platforms)
@DarthAndroid more like a bastard child of C++ and Java
Eh, fair enough, I supposed just coming from Java I'm frustrated by how ununified the .Net APIs are. MS had a solid chance to break away from all the terrible hodgepodge that was WinAPI and other things, and I feel they missed that entirely.
4:50 PM
Afk dinner :)
Food sounds like a wonderful idea. AFk.
Behind the scenes questions about video games? Huh. I didn't know that. — fbueckert 4 mins ago
SciFi, taking crappy questions since 2011!
@Sterno If they want 'em, they can have 'em.
I am soaked to the skin and left my wallet at home but luckily a bus driver took pity on my resemblance to a drowned rat and let me ride the bus to my counselling appointment anyhow. Today is a strange day.
5:10 PM
Q: Why do people destroy helpful edits to answers?

leetfanAnswer in question: How do you defeat the Sectopod on Commander Difficulty? I have made an extensive edit to the answer, explaining more mechanics on how to destroy a Sectopod and someone just rejected the edit with the comment I should post it as my answer. But I clearly don't want to do this....

@SepiaLazers Fight, ho!
I found it kind of funny how he edited the answer as his own, adding much more information to it
Nope. I'm not engaging any more. Anything we say will just be construed as an attack against him, so I'm done.
5:27 PM
@BenBrocka Are you getting Divekick?
After thinking a bit about it on the way home, I found a game where lore knowledge is very practical, though it's also a bit of a special case: DwarfFortress.
@MartinSojka ...Lore's like the most unimportant thing I can think of in Dwarf Fortress.
There are a few constants in the lore of this game, so you can ask questions about them, but it's mostly procedurally generated, so "special case".
It helps nothing at all to know it, and indeed, it's utterly random every single game.
@fbueckert It's mostly important for adventure mode - where to find lairs and special megabeasts and so on - but also helps you identify vampire dwarves in your fort.
And no, it's not "utterly random".
5:30 PM
@OrigamiRobot Oh... oh no... oh no no...
@3ventic And I gave a comment explaining the reject, didn't I?
@FEichinger I think you did. It should have been rejected and it was.
@3ventic Yeh, I rejected it, waited for the second Reject vote and then posted a comment saying "You should add a new answer."
Adding that to the meta as well now, btw.
@FEichinger Eh. I'd say it's not worth it.
5:36 PM
@FEichinger I read "Adding that to the meat"
He's essentially wanting us to change our processes to accommodate him, rather than learning how we work.
@fbueckert Yeh, I'm just trying to provide that slightly different "I was involved, here's my reasoning." POV in an actual answer there, rather than that comment discussion and the tangential answers (which are also valid, but not so much about this specific situation, I'm afraid).
@GraceNote Divekick is fun!
@OrigamiRobot Oh, I certainly agree on that.
And I usually hate fighting games.
5:39 PM
huh, this edit of his looks reasonable gaming.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/46671
@Sconibulus sigh Guilo.
Guilo basically seems to just look at the amount of green and red, as far as I can tell.
@Sconibulus I thought so too. I'm a little surprised it was rejected, but I didn't want to muddy the waters in my answer.
@GraceNote So what is the disagreementing part?
Paralytic seems to have clicked reject, then done basically the same thing...
That wasn't disagreealing.
5:41 PM
@Sconibulus That looks ok to me, yeah.
@Sconibulus Well, if you click Reject, you see what other people have voted. Guilo was first, so it might just have been "Oh, someone else thought so." Or it was the same reasoning of "too much colours" ... Who knows.
Well, negativiting?
And then Paralytic editing almost exactly the same thing a few minutes later isn't nice.
Clearly we need the ability to upvote and downvote people's actions on suggested edits.
@fbueckert Wait what? Seriously?
5:45 PM
@FEichinger Yeah, check the current edit on the question.
Oh for heaven's sake.
This is what makes me want to slap people.
@FEichinger Some people are into that.
@OrigamiRobot Yes, I know, talking sexual preferences is the go-to deal of the Bridge.
Is it?
Well, apparently it's either that or food. Even if the food is human.
5:49 PM
@OrigamiRobot Think of it like, jumping into a time machine, just to go back to a point in time where everyone is jumping and divekicking you in the head.
Ah, yes, or crazy people talking, I forgot. Hi @GraceNote! :D
@OrigamiRobot no
It's not a negative thing, it's a divekick thing.
@BenBrocka :(
@GraceNote It's the only fighting game I can kinda be sorta ok at sometimes.
I'm hungry.
5:54 PM
5 mins ago, by FEichinger
Well, apparently it's either that or food. Even if the food is human.
@OrigamiRobot ∎
Q: Should a question be modified to include multiple subjects?

avestar101Recently, I asked a question about the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which is part of a series of video games called Counter-Strike. Another user pointed out that there was a similar question. However, this question was about the video game Counter-Strike: 1.6, a game in the Counter-Str...

@OrigamiRobot That comment doesn't fill my tummy.
@SepiaLazers I was wondering when this would happen.
@FEichinger's Law of Gravitation says that every topic on The Bridge, must, inevitably, eventually return to sex, food, or insanity.
5:56 PM
@OrigamiRobot Indeed.
@OrigamiRobot I thought it was TF2.
@OrigamiRobot Or, as an extension of that, to the law itself.
@spugsley Yes.
@OrigamiRobot [s]or[/s] and
@OrigamiRobot This syphilitic insanity sure is making me hungry
5:57 PM
@FEichinger Which is of the topic of all three.
@JasonBerkan That's @Wipqozn's
@OrigamiRobot Yep. At that point, we're caught in a loop.
@OrigamiRobot I miss the old law of gravitation.
@OrigamiRobot Divekick looks dumb. Convince me otherwise.
@FEichinger Some people may be into that.
@Fluttershy I can't because it is dumb and that's the point.
5:59 PM
@OrigamiRobot I would assume so. They must be crazy, though.
@FEichinger Crazy from hunger.
@OrigamiRobot Which is the result of exhaustion from their ... loop activities.

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