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1:12 AM
> #KingdomHearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 ReMIX, HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue and Kingdom Hearts III + Re Mind (DLC) launch on June 13th 👑
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2:26 AM
man Ubisoft has terrible pricing
i really shouldnt be surprised. its not like they are a good company
not sure which is worse, EA or Ubisoft
a very good question
was about to point out that between the 2, while EA screw over customers and Ubisoft does have some fun game which aren't as screwy, EA doesn't have workplace allegations unlike Ubisoft........and then i went to double check that
> two high level position workers at EA committed sexual assault, there is hard video and text evidence, they even make joking references to it in work channels.

EA investigates internally:

since it was outside of work channels there is nothing EA can do legally, supposedly

The two people investigated are claiming that the victims "wanted it".
Ubisoft also removed The Crew from people's libraries and feels like people should get used to not owning games
then iirc the EA CEO said bullets should be paid DLCs or w/e
@Dragonrage oh yeh that was Ubisoft aswell
well, The Last Leg's Dick of the Year award does come with 2 balls. we could give one to each company and call it a tie
2:39 AM
can we just get rid of all the AAA publishers and get some new better ones? not sure any AAA publishers are great or consumer friendly in the slightest
3 hours later…
5:58 AM
Q: How to know if you've caught a pokemon in the catching screen in Pokemon Go

PianoCat98How do I know if I've caught the Pokemon I just tapped on in the catching screen? Is it the little icon above the CP that says the Type?

2 hours later…
7:47 AM
@Dragonrage pretty sure Disney did the same with some old games older releases (Ducktales, Cold Shadow etc) only to then sell them again as "enhanced remakes"
And Sony did the same shows that users bought (something about Discovery channel licensing if my memory serves).
It is not just games. Movies too.
I guess the "Physical Storage Dinosaurs" that kept warning the young ones of the risks of the digital age and how those company didn't want to reduce CO2 by cutting disks but only to have a way to scam you over were right...
1 hour later…
8:53 AM
Q: Since when did Arqade require registration to post questions and answers?

galacticninjaWhile browsing through a Meta Stack Exchange post about unregistered users not being allowed to post questions on some SE sites, I noticed that Arqade wasn't listed among those requiring registration. However, upon testing in a private browser window, I confirmed that Arqade does, in fact, requir...

9:04 AM
Rant of the day: how long we will have to wait till the cursed Apple Arcade releases the hostage Sonic game?
and while we are at it...
@SPArcheon yes
Was it really necessary to stagger the Shantae game to release on GBA-that-no-one-longer-own-working first (yes, we are still in 204, don't worry, you weren't caught in a time vortex) and delay the console version (even the digital one) to "long from now in a far away galaxy"?
(and remember, Limited Run closing orders for the GBA version in April with an expect delivery date of October basically means that if you are lucky you will get the game for Christmas.)
4 hours later…
12:52 PM
Q: Xbox Controller Connected But Not Detected in Linux

Michael FultonMy Xbox controller with fully updated firmware is connected via Bluetooth as confirmed by a solid white light on the controller, and the system shows as connected: Further more, xpadneo is installed as described at https://github.com/atar-axis/xpadneo But, when I try to use the controller or tes...

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2:58 PM
never saw this before so I wanted to share the suffering with you folks.
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5:12 PM
I'll just leave this here...
Q: All tag labels suddenly appear in bold font

Dan MašekOn all the sites, the tag names started appearing bold in the last 15 or so minutes. Looks rather garish. Is this some new un-announced feature release? For example: One of the worst affected pieces of UI is the "Watched Tags" box, which can easily end up with ten or more lines of bold text. He...

5:49 PM
@SPArcheon i mean, cant remember who of the Nintendo staff said it but WW was basically how they envisionned the art style of the zelda series. If the N64 could have handled it, OoT would have probably looked like that
And frankly, it doesnt feel very much out of place
@Fredy31 Malon is adorable.
I feel like it fits better than the overcorrection that they did with TP in terms of art style
And I dont think TP with a WW artstyle would work this well too
dont get me wrong, TP is a great zelda but fuck can you see that they went WW super cartoonish, and then 'fans' flipped their shit, so they went ULTRA DARK
@Fredy31 TP wasn't dark.
TP was anthro.
See: Midna.
Sure Link was a wolf, but the whole game was no anthro
Dark might not be the right word. Maybe more realistic, adult, mature
...its a kids game
that adults do enjoy
@Fredy31 said "Anthro", not "furry"
5:59 PM
@SPArcheon I know i was fucking around :p
@Fredy31 Also, I would suggest you to stay away from the (licensed) Twilight Princess manga.
3 hours later…
8:32 PM
Q: How to change this Bedrock command to a Java command?

Dung MehI have this Bedrock edition command: /execute @e[type=item,name=Lightning] ~ ~ ~ execute @p[name=BrownCoat67] ^ ^ ^ summon lightning_bolt ^ ^1 ^7 How can I convert it to work with Java edition 1.20.4?


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