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1:51 AM
Q: I'm trying to remember a game about collecting a lot of gold and defeating bosses

David Lui I remember very little about this game. All I remember is that you defeat enemies to collect gold (I know, very generic). There are bosses as well and you can upgrade stuff. I think the big skull on the left is a boss, and the little skulls are enemies, and the building-shaped things are shops o...

7 hours later…
8:22 AM
Stumbled on this on a gaming site.
I guess its is... blue?
Would also work as a Mega Man or Sonic burger...
@SPArcheon stettar blade?
.... I guess I prefer the Pikachu one.
did a graphic designer look at that? or did some exec decide that was ok
like the white on light is not great
@Dragonrage oddly that is the same font used on the game box.
the more i look at that S, the more it looks like a g
8:32 AM
@Dragonrage I guess it was choose by the same guy that made the "intended" changes to the outfits... extending a dress by texturing the character skin with a color close enough but not quite the actual dress.
@Dragonrage That is because they will soon announce a collaboration with Go Nagai
"Getter Blade"
Gletter or Gtetter?
@Dragonrage nitpicking..... :P
@Dragonrage could also be a collaboration with Sanrio
"Glitter Blade"
Adding a new Hello Kitty outfit.
3 hours later…
11:48 AM
only 6 days left to the "Great Paper Mario Vivian Mess"
start looking for a nice seat to enjoy the inevitable dumpster fire.
@Fredy31 new Windtrace moved from GMOD Prop Hunt to Dead By Daylight...
3 hours later…
3:22 PM
Q: How to do Bendak's Bounty Quest in KotOR 1?

PianoCat98I've tried several HUNDRED times to kill him: I run to the side and try and attack and I've tried the running back and forth tactic thing: DOESN'T WORK! I'm on NSwitch. Any Specific stuff to use and strategies?

3 hours later…
5:58 PM
now... this is weird - source: x.com/Nintendeal/status/1791203916384022894
Nintendo forcing Amazon and other shops to cancel Paper Mario preorders?
I had some hope they fixed the translation.
But apparently the whole quote is:
> Beldam: "Sisters" doesn't evoke any sense of mystery... and it instills less fear as well! How many times do I have to tell you?!
Vivian: I'm sorry. Beldam... It's just... it makes me so happy when you refer to me as "sister"
Beldam: The might of the three shadow -- RELATIONSHIP WITHHELD --
2 hours later…
3 hours later…
11:51 PM
@SPArcheon and without further context "The might of the three shadow -- RELATIONSHIP WITHHELD --" feels like it ends abruptly

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