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7:50 AM
@Memor-X you should probably look at the chat panel on that video...
8:23 AM
Serious question for the room. An let me add as a premise that I don't know the source material at all.
With all the rants about the main character ethnicity in the new Assassin Creed game and gaming press sites jumping like flea to rotten meat for the chance to play virtuoso with titles like "The racist outrage towards Shadows protagonist Yasuke has nothing to do with history"...
I wonder, did player rant also about the protagonist of AC Origin?
As I said, I don't follow those games, but I don't remember any "scandal" back then.
@SPArcheon I mean, AC Origins had an Egyptian protagonist, in an Egyptian game
But people are claiming they want an AC game in Africa, and then conveniently forget that Egypt is in Africa
And then when you ask them "will you play an AC game in subSaharan Africa?" they say "oh fuck no, that's boring"
@Nzall True. But while I totally expect racism is involved in the hate against the new game, I was also wondering if some of the players that didn't protest against Origin (because they found the character was fitting the expectations of the setting) now are simply angry because for them Japan = wuxia = Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hero, Forest of the Flying Knives, Seven Swords etc etc etc.
6 hours later…
2:31 PM
I mean neckbeards will neckbeards
saw some journals say that Ubi would be adding a male japanese protagonist to stop all the bs but I dont think theyll do
Dont think ubi cares. And at the end of the day the outrage is free advertisement
Kinda like why some artists put some definitely satanic imagery in their clips/shows. Lil Nas X showed that by triggering the stupid religious, they will show your clip to everybody they can, thus, free marketing
Talk about me in good terms, talk about me in bad terms, but you still talked about me.
2:44 PM
@Fredy31 At best a skin
@Fredy31 well, doesn't see it made them much good so far to be honest. Every trailer has more dislike than Ring of Power Season 2
3:00 PM
Would hazard a guess it wont do much of a dent in the sales
Dislikes on youtube are a stupid metric
Lots of people that never fucking played assassins creed will go and dislike because OUTRAGE
And its that for lots of things
@SPArcheon from discord
> That's funny because one of Ubisoft's big charges during the abuse case was that one manager who demanded their protagonists be white and men as often as possible
I think it was Odyssey they wanted only a female protag but he demanded the dude be added. So they have forced diversity but in the other direction
IIRC Aya was supposed to be the protag of Origins but same guy shot that down because he didn't want a female lead
Like EAs holding the World record in most negative voted comment on Reddit, about skinner box/gacha mechanics. Guess what, they continued until governments jumped into that
but ofcause that's less about players ranting and more one manager complaining during development
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and I warned you folks yesterday too....
3:03 PM
@Fredy31 if it's Kern he's full of shit
saw him mentioning like last week that he had a Ubisoft inside source tell him that Shadow's original protag was going to be a white japanese male but "woke DEI" got it changed
but again, Kern is full of shit. doing everything he can to not work on the game he's gotten funded
@Memor-X At least in this one it seems like they stopped doing the full protag replacement whatever you decide. Its more a GTA kinda thing, where you switch perspectives often and the non used character is still present
@Memor-X I mean I could believe that early on, when they decided to go to japan it was a japanese dude
And then when digging into history to figure out what they could hit on, they found the black dude and figured there was an interesting story to tell here
Worthy to note that if I remember right, its the first time the protag is someone that actually is in the history books
and it does fit in the AC storyline
Probably gonna be something like hes an assassin that brings the credo to japan, and is doing so under the guise of being that 'living zoo' comparison I've seen
That basically that black dude was an attraction, the family that had him kept him around just for the weirdness of having a dude, but his skin is black
(people needed a lot less to be entertained back then)
@Fredy31 i was more thinking that it would be Naoe which beings him in after say the assassination of Nobunaga
Could also be that
easy enough to spin that was the Templar's doing
I mean I dont know what the story of Mirage is (fuck that game just came and went lol) but I think it would be great if for once the story was not a dude discovering the assassins
and joining the cause
I'm ready to play a story like the 2 last parts of AC2 where you play someone who's been an assassin for a while, and is now bringing the credo around
3:36 PM
that was starting in Brotherhood
AC2 Ezio totally just discovered the Assassins and joined the cause
thinking on it. the only where its dude discovering the assassins and joining the cause was just

- Conner
- Edward
- Arno
- Alexios/Kassandra
not sure about Valhalla because hadn't played it
but as for the rest, Altair, Cormac, the Frye Twins and Bayek and Aya. they are all already Assassins but only Ezio really built up the Brotherhood
3:57 PM
@Fredy31 right now, it is a mess. You have some ex developer claiming that they had a different pitch, some claims that new game is "LGBT+ approved" and something about hiring an activist, then you have the ones that apparently noticed differences in the Japanese VS West translation of the game presentation pages (west mentioning "Japanese oppressors" VS something about "political plotting" in the Japanese text) etc etc etc.
Starting to become pretty confusing
time to look elsewhere.
@SPArcheon I do not believe there are board meetings about being LGBT approved.
As long as the game dont get them cancelled they dont care
There is no such thing as the LGBT approval comitee, its just stupid rage baiting
@Fredy31 See this one - thatparkplace.com/…
I mean that article is really formatted to ragebait
and the Twitter account that is quoted is a shitshow
@Fredy31 to be fair, that seems all most "gaming" press site are able to do recently
Like saying the PM remake now pushes trans ideology, when the only thing they did was putting something that was between the lines now said
So yeah your source is to take with a HEAVY grain of salt
4:05 PM
@Fredy31 Wait a sec, who said I consider that a "source"?
Well, thats what you gave me
Anyways, I personally dont care. If they give a good story, i dont fucking care
@Fredy31 take that in context to the previous message
> right now, it is a mess.
That was to point out that we are at the usual "say everything and the opposite" trash storm
Right now its neckbeards that found whatever new thing they would have never bought in the first place they will rage about
at this point, they are simply rambling on both side if you ask me.
4:50 PM
> Ubisoft previously employed radical woke consultant Sweet Baby Inc.
trash article
they honestly can't help outing their bias
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7:50 PM
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