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5:04 AM
oh, tweet embeds are still broken? 😶
4 hours later…
9:04 AM
Hi guys. Do you know/use any website like IMDb for games? I mean once I play a game I forget whether I played it or not after few months/years. I usually rate any movie I watch on IMDb so it does help.

So anything like that for games?
@Vikas You want something you can rate the games you played on? Metacritic would fit
But if you want to track your game collection, there are probably better things for that
@Nzall Metacritic good and trusted? I just created an account and now I can't even upload a profile picture on it. It also gave errors. Don't know why
@Vikas Metacritic is a fairly known site for game review aggregations. For example, Steam has an option to sort your library by their critics score
I clicked over image icon but it isn't giving any response
it has a fair share of problems, but for your purposes it should work
I can't help you with that, I don't use Metacritic myself
9:11 AM
@Nzall Yeah rating but most importantly I can "mark" them that I had played it in past. On IMDb, if I have to check if I had watched maybe Batman movie or not, I would simply browse it and see my ratings. If I had given it ratings, I know I had watched it.
@Nzall Okay. Maybe temporary issues. But it looked less professional than IMDb so I doubted
ggapp.io might also work
I'll go with Metacritic for now :D Thanks
Like, if you google "game collection tracker", you can find a bunch of apps
2 hours later…
11:30 AM
@Nzall "won't be available after release" - so, basically every collector edition in existence because they know that too.
@SPArcheon yep, pretty much
Unless it's a new game in an unproven franchise
but you shouldn't preorder in that case anyway
.... WHAT????????????
> Should I ask for a refund now? Because there is another dlc at the eshop now, but still can't play with the one I already bought months ago.
the "fix" is a separate item??????????
will check later.
11:45 AM
in Sugarcube Corner, 23 secs ago, by SPArcheon
Can't check personally right now but this screen shows a separate download with a separate price.
By now, they deserve a class action.
(and in the meantime, the web store page still shows only one version with no disclaimer about the "digital only" issue)
> Doesn't work. The cart version still doesn't recognize the DLC if you had already bought it. Looks like people need to buy it again for it to work with the cart.
not the right game but...
12:03 PM
ᵖᶜ ᵍᵃᵐⁱⁿᵍ
12:22 PM
@badp And that would solve what exactly? Probably pc was fortunate enough that the Steam EU version of Afterbirth was still Nicalis, but this is not a "console thing". It is a game getting published by two publishers in the same region
Nicalis released DLC, HeadsUp distributed the base game. The two versions were incompatible.
Now, three months later, they are failing again at solving the issue
two versions one the Switch shop.
still only one on the web version of the shop
it is the original, not working one. Bearing no warning that it works only on the digital version of the base game.
So, now, people will see the "FIX IS OUT" twitter post, go on the Nintendo web store, buy the dlc and get the wrong version again.
Some will realize and ask refund, most will buy the correct version too and blame themselves.
So... got people to buy the thing twice? Working as intended?
12:40 PM
> Now we have 2 versions... how about people who purchased the game a month ago?
@Elise For a few years now, yes haha
1:25 PM
Wordle 215 3/6

Oh hey copy text works
@Fredy31was right
@SPArcheon all I'm saying is the Steam version in this particular case is obviously the "blessed" reference one and didn't have any of this garbage 🤷
although there are some oddities around gifting
the fact you can even get into this state seems like a deficiency in the Nintendo store??
@badp yep, got that, I just meant that in this case the blessing was pure luck and nothing that relates to the fact it is PC vs Console.
it's not pure luck, the game wouldn't have been released on Steam in this state at all
@badp Nintendo store on one side, same game by two publisher on the other
@badp I think all it would take is to have the same situation. Base game published by Headups, Expansion DLC published by Nicalis.
which is quite improbable on PC because usually there is no region lock in the first place
1:41 PM
that sounds like a reason for making this mess hard to fix, not like a reason why the mess is there in the first place
@MattE.Эллен I'm trying to play the reverse game where I'm working out what your guess #2 was
good luck! there's probably enough information to go on if you know the answer?
Yeah that's what I'm thinking
Aha I've got a word that could be it. I can't confirm it without spoilers though
Haha yeah
1:57 PM
@badp it is. In their view at least. They made the DLC so that it worked only on the version of the game they released - the digital one. That way, if you bought the physical version from another company you had to buy it again from them to play the DLC.
After multiple rage post on twitter, they announced a fix.
Now, the fix is a separate item to buy (so those who bought the original still have to try a refund ). Nintendo is helping on the mess by having the web shop not updated with the info published on the console version.
So if you buy from the web version it is still unclear what version you get because there is only one and without any warning (it is the wrong one btw)
2:24 PM
@MattE.Эллен Is it just me or is there no way to distinguish between the wrong position and correct position letters?
(I mean here in chat, works fine when posted to Twitter)
@MBraedley The top middle is yellow for me, maybe it's your font?
@MBraedley I see a difference with my colour blind eyes, but it's very faint. That's why I use colour blind mode.
@MBraedley yellow is wrong position, green is correct position
@MBraedley Oh that looks like a missing character, which just happens to be a square
2:27 PM
@MBraedley I have a similar problem on my phone, I think the fonts need updating, which I don't know how to do
I just tried Edge and it doesn't work either, which isn't surprising.
and I don't have Firefox installed on my work laptop
but my phone does work
@MBraedley What OS are you using?N
Because Windows 7 and 8.1 are known to have issues with emojis
fully updated?
probably not, it's my work laptop
2:31 PM
If you run winver, what does it say?
Assuming it actually shows the version
and not a "this application has been blocked"
1809, so no, not at all up to date
God I'm bad at this.
Wordle 215 X/6

@Unionhawk Oh hell, runescape?
A tip I've seen is to always start with "AROSE" and "UNITY". Gets you all of the vowels and 4 common consonants.
And if "Y" is present, it's almost always at the end.
@Fredy31 I got lucky with my second guess. I am strongly leaning towards writing a greasemonkey script to think for me (that's why we invented computers, right?)
I usually start by AEGIS
thanks age of empires
looks at 3 vowels
2:44 PM
@Fredy31 Yes, but "G" is uncommon, "T", "N", and "R" are all better choices
Sometimes you just get unlucky too, yesterday I was off by one letter for 3 guesses
Or maybe that was a couple of days ago...
@Ronan Yeah, I had the same problem on one of the archived puzzles
@MBraedley until they use yeeet!
@MBraedley yep that is a problem. Arose is better in that regard
Because S you get all words that are 4 letter words but plural
and R is pretty comon
3:01 PM
BTW, since we're talking Wordle
Have you heard of Absurdle?
It's essentially hardmode Wordle
@Ronan well, I suppose that's more likely
Where Wordle chooses a word in advance that you need to guess, Absurdle doesn't choose the word (or potential words) until AFTER you made your guess
and it always choose a word that least fits the hints you have
ow, that's very unfair :D
Yeah, it uses the same concept, but you get infinite guesses
This is what it looks like
3:22 PM
Absurdle 9/∞

I wonder if the same start word gets the same end word...
Yeah, they said it's deterministic in the blog
@MBraedley I started with the "rstlne" from Wheel of Fortune
And selected a word that was all letters from that
@MattE.Эллен Not quite. The same series of guesses will always produce the same end word. Each word narrows the list of possibilities, but doesn't necessarily select the final word.
@MBraedley thatmakes sense
1 hour later…
5:00 PM
today was very much a "do you know how little that narrows it down" kind of day
Wordle 215 5/6

Absurdle 7/∞

🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩 (freak)
got it in 6 my first try though
5:20 PM
@MBraedley Kinda wonder how it works. How can it give you the result if the word is not decided?
like the first few words does it randomly give you correct and misplaced letters, and then it continues as long as it gives you a result that would still have a solution?
@Fredy31 Eventually the list is whittled down to a single word.
Just go read the blog about how it's done
oh that is interestig
it basically plays against you and try to make the game take as much guesses as possible
so your first guess will probably always be 100% wrongà
but those 5 letters are out of the pool, so it has to work with that
Basically after each guess, all the words in the dictionary can be sorted into one of 243 (3^5) bins, and it selects the largest bin to be the dictionary for the next guess.
there is probably no way to have a thing on the first guess, but I wonder what combination would give the most guesses before getting even a yellow
(and without repeating words)
@Fredy31 The game is literally designed to not do that
5:29 PM
some person on reddit probably already did the math :p
Like, there isn't even a word when you start the game
yeah, i know
in the blog they say its impossible to get less than 3 guesses
But what I'm talking about is abusing the game to get most guesses without triggering even a yellow
meaning that you try words that have letters that will never land into a pool where even a single letter is correct
If you can find the words to do so, it would mean that you remove slowly letters, but every guess should bar more letters via the function 5+number of tries
basically you would need to find a combination where all the letters you used would find a 5 letter word that would not hit any other letters, and then clear all other letters off the board one by one with words that fit
It's more complicated than that
yeah i'm spitballing lol
5:35 PM
Because it doesn't take the outcome with the least information
it takes the outcome with the most possible words
true that
@Yuuki Beautiful
i understood it wrong as 'the outcome where there would be the least hints'
which it is not
@Wipqozn the best part is that someone plinks it with an arrow right after and that makes it ready for capture
@Yuuki Think thats MH? Really, got World and couldn't get into it
and its supposed to be a good one
5:47 PM
@Fredy31 Yeah, although this one would be Rise.
MH can be hit-or-miss
6:18 PM
ya. But I mostly guessed that its just not my wheelhouse
7:02 PM
Absurdle 10/∞

so frustrting!
annoyingly I thought of gatch before hatch or catch
catch being the answer
I didn't think gatch was a word
7:20 PM
that was quite a satisfying absurdle
@MattE.Эллен Apparently it's a form of plaster
@MattE.Эллен 8 guesses for my first attempt. Word was "Puppy".
@Nzall oh. ok. weird, thanks
3 of one character is brutal
@Wipqozn that would stump me, for sure
7:40 PM
@MattE.Эллен The turn I guessed I had "_ U _ P Y"... and I mostly had letters like Q, Z, X left... so I was scratching my head hard until I realized "What if there's just an absurd amount of one letter"
@Wipqozn my last one was sissy, that I got, thanks to you!
@MattE.Эллен I'm hoping my suffering has made your suffering lesser.
how on earth did it take me that long to figure out what goes in RO_OT
@Yuuki robot?
7:42 PM
rip origami
Yeah I got a robot in the normal wordle archive
and god that threw me for a loop
@Yuuki it looks too much like a face with strange ear. very distracting
@Nzall I love you rubbing the salt in the wound. Thank you.
8:02 PM
my go to strategy has just been to cover as many letters as i can with my first three guesses just to narrow down which letters are valid
so i try not to use words that repeat letters in my first three guesses
that felt nice
Absurdles algorithm is really interesting qntm.org/wordle
8:37 PM
@Yuuki There's a hard mode you can turn on that doesn't let you do that
It forces you to use any green or yellow letters
user image
well that's just rude
1 hour later…
10:12 PM
twitter.com/XboxP3/status/1484273335139651585 Phil Spencer confirms CoD will stay available on Playstation
1 hour later…
11:14 PM
@Nzall Broken link?
11:25 PM
working now
> Had good calls this week with leaders at Sony. I confirmed our intent to honor all existing agreements upon acquisition of Activision Blizzard and our desire to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation. Sony is an important part of our industry, and we value our relationship.
Worth noting this isn't confirmation of anything aside from "We'll honour existing contracts".
Desire to keep COD on playstation could just mean "If we can work out the right deal".
Which I mean would make sense. If they can make a deal that makes them more money then making CoD XBOX exclusive, then why wouldn't they.

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