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12:52 PM
So apparently, Belgium won 2 gold medals today
@Nzall That's pretty rad
I'm hoping canada wins gold in soccer tomorrow
Yeah. We won the Men's Hockey team from Australia, and Nafi Thiam extended her title from 2016 on the heptathlon. we actually almost won bronze on the heptathlon as well after a surprisingly strong performance from Noor Vidts
@GnomeSlice Started it last night. Made it to the gates of Helheim for the first time. Um, it's interesting so far, and I thoroughly mean that. Watch out if you have high anxiety though, very likely to press nerves if you do.
Oh, and you don't get instructions on how to play either. Not sure if there's a controls menu (didn't check), but, I'd try to familiarize yourself with those before starting. Had to learn to fight the hard way (which, I'm sure is the intent of the design team).
Also, continued Haven a bit, the dialog inside the nest is a bit repetitive so far, and outside of the nest I've been mostly aimlessly wandering, collecting rust and petting lizards.
1:09 PM
@Tacoタコス My biggest problem with Hellblade is that I really do not like to play games with headphones on, and since the entire audio design of Hellblade is designed from the ground up with headphones in mind, it's tricky to enjoy
@Nzall I'm not playing with headphones on, but with my surround sound on, it uhhh messes with me lol
Voices every where lol
I got 2 speakers
Yeah, that's the intent
The game heavily plays with concepts of mental illness and the like
Oh, I can tell lol
Good game so far though
Better than this:
The community might see this screenshot again soon lol
@Tacoタコス This one seems to me like a narrative experience meant to be played with a significant other
Depends on if Google has the answers I'm looking for or not lol
@GnomeSlice It is, and I can honestly say, it's a bit rigged too. During my first play through I cut my playtime short after making a decision, and it ended annoyingly. However, it didn't save, so when I came back the second time, I chose the other one, and it ended the same way.
1:19 PM
Yeah I think it's got a relatively linear narrative, I think it just changes some of the interactions between the two
It's strange for sure lol
I'm trying to give it a chance though
@Nzall Okay this I did not know about this.
I don't usually play games like Haven
@Tacoタコス I'm interested in weird indie games in general but I might end up waiting til I have someone to share the experience with
From what I've read it's not as... good as I was hoping it would be during development though
@GnomeSlice I would concur with that so far lol
I like indie games myself, but this one is just not sitting well yet. Hoping it picks up pace soon lol
1:21 PM
Sadge. Nice art at least
@GnomeSlice Yeah, the developers of Hellblade wanted to feature multiple aspects of mental illness, like hearing voices, hallucinations, psychosis, a feeling of dread and being about to die,...
Okay this might bump it up to next played
@Nzall You can tell they put effort in when playing it
Like, one of the first things the game does is add a black mark over the player character's arm, kill the player character and then tell you that the mark grows when you die and if the mark reaches Senua's head, "all progress will be lost"
I recently began playing Pathologic 2
I was enthralled by the concept and execution of how you fit in the world. Similarly grim. I haven't gone back to it in a few weeks as I have no time but a more linear experience like this might be right up my alley
@Nzall crazy
1:24 PM
@Nzall Ohhhhhh that annoyed me lol interesting concept, but it'll suck if I die very late in the game 😂
@Tacoタコス Sweet
@GnomeSlice thing is, that message is worded VERY specifically
Because the rot will actually never reach her head no matter how many times you die
Ah. So like that probably happens at a set time or
so it feels like permadeath but it's actually not
@Nzall That should be in a spoiler lol
1:25 PM
That's a deliberate choice to instill a sense of fear and dread in the player
Right okay I figured. In Pathologic 2 every time you die you can return with a permanent crippling which makes the game much more difficult
@Tacoタコス chat doesn't have spoilers unfortunately
@Nzall Didn't hurt my feelings lol it's okay :D
And it actually does. That game is depressing. It's functionally impossible to save everyone and it may not be possible to survive to the end without breaking some morals either. I need to go back to it
We got a discord server where we can use spoilers, but it's tricky to move such conversations over
1:26 PM
Wait, we have a Discord server?!
I am on discord much more often than here these days. The GSE server is dead though
Ah, that sucks lol
We can revitalise it
@Tacoタコス we have a discord server, yes
but we use it so rarely
1:28 PM
Does using the star pin the message for me to come back to later?
Meh, I can just scroll lol
I don't have Discord on this laptop, so I have to visit that link later
It pins it for everyone
You can click to see all starred messages forever too
Well to the stars list, until it's pushed off
but yeah, weird that we have a discord AND the bridge
I use discord on my phone throughout the day
1:30 PM
its something that I had in mind: maybe pluggin a discord instead of an unknown chat room would bring more people to chat?
@Tacoタコス Try it on mobile. One of us one of us
Lol Discord mobile or SE chat mobile?
At this point I think a discord might do better yeah. Chat.se has been an amazing platform but... I dunno think things are shifting away from it.
I have Discord mobile lol
@Tacoタコス discord mobile. Best app
1:32 PM
If only SE would link chat directly to Discord lol
Maybe we should have made a community advert for the discord
Don't think it would make much difference. Anybody have any like traffic data for arqade these days?
@Tacoタコスget a chance to check out any of the wavemob label stuff?
Bring back jukebox :rip:
527 days inactive. Sheesh. I vanished
I mean I have been active in that time but I guess I forgot about that room
Or got tired of performing CPR on it
Ugh, took me an hour, but I finally figured out that the lizards in Haven actually serve a purpose...
Q&A time, because that was annoying. Almost nothing available on them.
Yeah, Haven likely has a very limited following. Information on it is hard to come by.
@GnomeSlice Yeah, I actually still have the playlist up today lol currently listening to this one: open.spotify.com/track/…
2:00 PM
I mean when I started with the SE Community there was no good way to actually have an open chat room. There was IRC but it was a hassle to setup and maintain, needed a server just to run that. So SE having its own chatroom service was not much of a difference

But times have changed and now you got Discord that is stupidly easy to use and setup
@Tacoタコス nice. Sorsari and ofdream are the two producers who led me there
That playlist has had soooooooo much playtime from me in the last year.
It's up to about 3 hours for me today lol
@Wipqozn or @Wrigglenite is there a way to sort the question list by oldest first?
Questions? Sort by newest and go to the end?
Lol thought that might be the case
Was hoping not lol
@Tacoタコス Should follow each other on spotify, find me on discord some time and send if you're interested. I love to see what people are listening to
Most recent published playlist of mine: open.spotify.com/playlist/…
2:13 PM

- one president is gone
- investors are suing
- torture lady deleted her twitter
pretty happy with it, could use a little bit more but trying to cut back on some of the less memorable ones
they aren't putting out the "this is fine" fire anytime soon despite their name
@Memor-X I was execting blizzard to not have a great week but holyfuck
at the same time, the allegations seem pretty fucking solid and they are B A D.
Like what was your HR dept doing god damn? Was it neutered to fuck and there was untouchables?
Like the guy who is said to have distributed naked pictures of another employee at the christmas party... he knew there would be no repercussions. And in any normal company distributing porno of not even an employee at a company event, you would probably be fired or in serious fucking trouble
Just another game company that's rotten all the way to its core
@Fredy31 Also, that story about the Cosby Suite. Do they really expect us to believe they named the suite after him because the carpet looked like his sweater, even though there's a giant picture of him on the wall? Why not name it the Rogers Suite?
2:27 PM
@Fredy31 Who do you think the HR department work for?
@Fredy31 you'd hope that's the case. but this is the third company in the games industry and while Take Two's CEO says they will not “tolerate harassment or discrimination”, Clownfish TV has pointed out a pattern of companies who signal boost their diversity and stance against harassment/discrimination tend to have alot of skeletons in their closet
@Ronan and that is a problem that should be fixed. Because if the big boss is the problem, what can you do then.
@Fredy31 uh. yikes.
that is bad
@Memor-X I think Activision has also big skeletons in their closet. Their COO tweeted an article against whisleblowers like 3 days ago... yeah that is not someone that probably has shit he needs his whisle blown on
and that sounded weirdly sexual fuck
@Fredy31 i think that was the torture lady i mentioned
i say "torture lady" because apparently she worked in the Bush Admin advocating torture
@Fredy31 yep, that's her
@Memor-X Must be reassuring when your new boss is someone that worked pretty high in the government ladder advocating torture
ok, she was a "torture apologist", whatever difference that made
but yeh, she's deleted her twitter account most likely because of the backlash she got posting that whistle blower article and blocking other employees
Ahh, the US. A country that is part of the developped countries, but always seem to flirt with things all other developped countries dropped years ago because its fucking barbaric
@Fredy31 but hey, reusable skills in the games industry's Crunch
2:42 PM
@Memor-X I don't know how she could have seen that shit go over any other way.... I mean she posts this a random monday most people would have not given a fuck, but in the middle of a huge lawsuit on your sister company, that is built on whisleblowers and that is a pretty solid lawsuit... how could you not see that tweet blow up in your face immediately
@Nzall yeh i wouldn't believe it either. i saw some people comment suggesting that what Cosby had done was only rumours at the time but given the messages surrounding what they were doing (or planning to do) in that suite it's really hard to think that they didn't believe them even if they were rumors
@Memor-X Look, if I had a 'Cosby shrine' in my office, you could be sure I would have taken that down the moment the lawsuits dropped against him. Sounds like it stayed up or even was made after it. And thats in shit taste.
@Fredy31 probably just tone deaf. remember that last week they also got the same firm that helped crush the Amazon Employees from unionizing at the time people have been talking about those who work in the games industry should unionize
they got a huge spotlight on them now, it is really not a good look there
Yeah there needs to be a union of the Video Game Workers or something like that. They need to make all those bros bend the fucking knee.

Riot a few years back, I'm pretty sure Ubi last year, now Blizz
and thats the ones that were exposed.
How much of them are not
But yeah, COVID has really stripped down the number of fucks people have to give, and we are seeing it with the amazon employees sliding towards a union, karens being more and more put in their place and now this
They are like forming a union right now from what I read
2:53 PM
@Fredy31 that's the thing, it might be more wide spread and the other places just havn't had anything publicly revealed. the workplace lawsuit if i recall was a couple of years in the making.
the funny thing is that with the investors suing Blizzard for lying to them Bobby Kotick might get hurt by this. his last pay rise from what i remember barely got approved by the investors and if the workplace lawsuit doesn't get to them the lying will
Q: Community VP Questions: What's the best of Stack?

PhilippeContinuing with my series of questions to you - I've got one that's a bit lighter this week. We spent last week firing up our magic wand and changing things. This time, let's celebrate what exists. I want to know about your favorite contributions (questions, answers, or comments!). These can be...

But really I think Blizz days in the sun are truly over. Wow is slowly dying, Warcraft was a disaster, SC2 is pretty much dead, HOTS was killed by blizz themselves.

Only thing they got is OW now, and that seems on thin ice too with the Non-hype OW2 seems to have.
@Fredy31 i had to double take HOTS thinking Heart of the Swarm and was thinking "wait, i thought that was release" but then i realized it could also be Heroes of the Storm
so would this be a good place to ask for game suggestions?
@CiurkitboyN kind of, its a general chat about everything gaming
And... well, anything
3:02 PM
Does anyone know any good free browser games?
@Fredy31 Did Hearthstone die?
Last I heard of HS it was that a lot of players were dropping out because so much of it is based on RNG and there are better options like LoR, Magic, or TFT
@CiurkitboyN i know a couple of idle clickers if you're into those
@CiurkitboyN i don't know of a lot of still going games you play straight in the browser, most games now make you download a client. Like the only thing I can propose is Runescape, and that is OLD SCHOOL
@Memor-X I love idle games like cookie clicker and idle breakout
@Fredy31 I play some "old school"
but when I play old games its like tetris and simple stuff like that
not into real complicated games
I like deip.io style games though
I would call it a shooter but I don't think that's right
3:05 PM
I know Kongregate is still up, if you want a site devoted to browser games
too bad all the bloons td games ran on flash
here's 3

any tower defense games that didn't die with flash?
oh and there's also an Idle Breakout game - kodiqi.itch.io/idle-breakout
@CiurkitboyN Tried Tetris Effect yet?
3:09 PM
@CiurkitboyN Some of the flash stuff might still work via Ruffle or other flash emulators, or via internet archive type projects
@Tacoタコス not yet
or I suppose a .swf file and the actual adobe flash application
@Unionhawk ninja kiwi has already changed their site
@Memor-X these look quite complicated
@CiurkitboyN if it was on Newgrounds you might be able to find them again as i think they got their own emulator on the site for the works that didnd't get upgraded
I never used newgrounds
3:13 PM
they were one of the sites where you could expect to find flash games and animations. they are still kicking around even after flash died though personally i don't play games on there - newgrounds.com/games
funny a lot of the games are egg or bird puns
any games like copter.io or deip.io?
other than .io games
I have not seen very many of that kind of game
My favorite idle/incremental game: ivark.github.io
@CiurkitboyN It's a pretty decent experience, I like it so far.
3:19 PM
looks like it costs money
I'm a big fan of incrementals like candy box
I dont llike that kind of idle game
I liked Crusaders of the lost idols for a while some years back codenameentertainment.com/?page=idle
but IDK if you need to get a client now... that game is even on steam lol
yall should play copter.io
Oh dear god, I just landed on Kris Kross lol
Okay, time for a restart with Tequila Sunrise radio; hello Cypress Hill, been quite some time :D
So, came across Xzibit; turns out he put more music out this year:
Well, he's technically featured lol but still
How to name a lofi video... Step 1, think of something that is supposed to be calming. Step 2, think of something related to something human beings need to survive. Step 3, combine them in a nonsensical action sentence. For example, clouds, ocean (water); Riding clouds in the ocean.
4:22 PM
As has been the case the past couple of days, I'm watching the sport climbing again (send help!) and I'm thinking the first problem in the bouldering for the men's final is probably a little too easy. All but one of the men topped out.
@Tacoタコス at least he followed a long history of rappers reheating music right up until their deaths
@CiurkitboyN check out Yorg.io. I have it on steam, not sure about a browser based one
I can recommend you a shit ton of tower defense games as well.
@GnomeSlice I mean I just forgot he existed outside of his early 2000s music, gridiron gang, and pimp my ride lol
Man. Pimp my ride was the shit
'we got your paint chips we can take that over to csi and find out who you are and what you had for breakfast'
One of my fav hip hop tracks of the year, great producer too
4:38 PM
@GnomeSlice Finally got around to following you and that playlist lol
My most recent playlist: open.spotify.com/playlist/…
I'm still building things out though
Also, some of my playlists are in the 20+ hour range lol
Nice. One of mine is like 140 but it's really poorly defined
I'll follow. I have quite a few published ones now, most of them are like themed or generally pretty specific though
Sorry no that's tracks it's like 25 hours
@GnomeSlice 396 tracks, ~26 hours: open.spotify.com/playlist/…
Nice. Droppin plates at number one lol
Good stuff
Can't see how many are in my monster pop one on mobile but close to 400 I think
Everything from Disturbed on the light end to Fall of Troy in the middle, alllll the way to Whitechapel in there
It's not great, there are a lot of great tracks but the vibe is all over, gonna be dividing that one up at some point
4:44 PM
I'm trying to build a kyoto lo-fi playlist, just because it's great to mellow out with when writing redundant code
Something like this:
Ah yeah this stuff. Cool. Go for it
Problem with lo-fi is that you're really just playlist surfing to find the tracks unless you're a die hard fan.
Which, I'm not lol
So it takes forever
I was pretty into like chillout electronica for a while
Put together this one for a friend who was falling on hard times recently, pretty happy with it actually. open.spotify.com/playlist/…
Also my first one not meant to be shuffled, I ordered it with great care. Like 1:45:00 if you're interested in something chill
@Tacoタコス lol I definitely had to fill out a few playlists this way, especially if tracks I was looking for weren't on Spotify
Man that was good
Took leftover mac and cheese, mixed in leftover pulled pork and put bbq sauce on it
@SaintWacko That sounds fantastic lol
Eggs, bacon and steak fries for lunch over here (didn't have hashbrowns or grits lol)
@GnomeSlice I'll check it out :D
5:00 PM
Aww, lack of hashbrowns is the worst
Do you put ketchup on your hashbrowns?
@SaintWacko Stop it lol
No haha
Ah, that's how I eat them lol
It takes a very precise amount, though
@SaintWacko I made a western omelet once, for some reason, didn't check to see if I had any cheese; made it all the way to the end to realize I was about to eat a western folded egg instead lol
Just enough to tinge the hashbrowns with the sweet acidity of ketchup
I think I was more upset then to be honest haha
5:02 PM
@SaintWacko Chili on top is pretty good lol
Also did diced jalapeños in grits once, that was pretty good too lol
But back to your acidity statement, not a fan of the ketchup, but the chili is similar, so I get it lol
5:24 PM
Salsa with eggs is great too
I recently rediscovered We Lost the Sea, and I'm really enjoying them. Post-rock, though, not lofi.
1 hour later…
6:43 PM
Okay their oldest album is complete garbage.
Drastically different compared to the newer albums
Not uncommon haha
7:14 PM
Is flagging a 2 year old question as off-topic useless?
Yeah there is a lot of artists that their first album (not the first they got known with) can be pretty, weird and not their style
FoB has a weird album before Under the cork tree
@Tacoタコス any flag is a flag that needs to be checked. I would check it the same as if the question was minutes old
only thing would be if it spent 2 years without getting flagged for it being off topic, then the flag might be not great
@Tacoタコス No. It can help when people go to meta and compare their closed question to old ones that are still open
Only thing is our rules might have changed over time, and what was not off topic now is
but its not a reason to ignore a flag
7:19 PM
@Fredy31 It's still covered as "asking for software", but I think we might be stricter than we were two years ago? Not sure, flagged it anyways to be safe since both second opinions reflected my mindset on it.
asking for software or identifying a game has been in and out of off topic for years
usually if you ask with very precise points/screenshots its good, if you ask with very loose or very common things (like I remember a game where you shoot thingies, anybody can help?) then its off topic
but that line has moved ALOT
like for a few months just using the [game-identification] tag was called off topic
yea, lore tag tends to get a lot of hate as well
I was honestly just trying to find some old questions I could potentially answer and stumbled across it lol Fabian and Joachim both commented on it, but it was never closed. However, I think it fits as off-topic just as they did, which means there's a consensus trending towards off-topic.
Finally got my first review task in!
@GnomeSlice I play that already
@GnomeSlice I'd love to see em'
You know what would be cool?
a tower defense idle game
where if you don't complete the stage without the enemy escaping it just does it again
and you get currency for each enemy killed
There are a few of those out there
7:29 PM
I even made this basic one back when I was making incremental games
I should go back and finish the CCG one I was working on
I wish I could code lol
Anyone can. There's even some browser-based games to help tech it
By "can" I mean "know how"
@CiurkitboyN anyone can know how lol
7:37 PM
same as learning anything else
oh nevermind
It's like anything else really, just gotta learn the tools available to you, then use the right tool for the job lol
If you're looking for something to do, give it a shot sometime. Just ask or search for a game that could teach you if you want
Im bored right now ill look into it
@CiurkitboyN Perfect Tower 2
On steam, again not sure if browser based
@CiurkitboyN hit me up later, I'm at work but I have played a ton of tower def games on PC and mobile
7:42 PM
lol I need to get steam
Terrorhedron I recommend on steam though, it's like $1 these days. Worth.
Speaking of TD and Steam, Dungeon Defenders Awakened had it's update. I should play that tonight
too bad now I have to pay for bloons td
There's an Adventure Time themed bloons that is free on Steam
I heard about that
never watched adventure time though
7:47 PM
Doesn't really matter. It's bloons with not-monkeys
I think Bloons is really overrated
@Batophobia how is that one, a lot of people said it was just worse than DD1
Which I played hundreds of hours of
@Batophobia I personally hate that the lore questions never do very well (except for some huge exceptions) There is so much interesting that can be missed in lore and you need someone to give you the bigger context
@GnomeSlice It's had a rocky development, but it's pretty solid now. Very close to being a DD1 remake
My proudest answer is about lore and it still sits at... 0 votes. gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/315135/…
@Fredy31 Yea, I tend to like the lore questions.
8:00 PM
Isn't lore subjective though?
Its my proudest post because it mixes my pro and casual life... Progamming and gaming. And it also took me years to just realise that and it was such a AH HA moment... and then, crickets.
Lore can be subjective, but can also have definitive answers
Yeah it can be more subjective than how to pass a puzzle or how to do something in the gameplay, but Lore can have some pretty defenitive answers
Sometimes those answers aren't in the actual games, though. So it becomes an issue of looking at other media for the franchise
8:02 PM
ah ok
I get it
@Batophobia i would find it weird to post a lore question about a game on like 'scifi and fantasy' especially if the franchise is games and only games (or mostly games)
There's also the cases where lore is answered in sequels, like the infamous Mass Effect question
what exactly does "shooter" mean? does it just mean it's about shooting things or is there a more definitive definition?
@Batophobia or places where that lore is answered in a sidequest that is very much out of the way and can easily be missed
@Fredy31 Or in a book hidden somewhere in Skyrim
8:05 PM
@Batophobia Or, and this could be more subjective, but you could have questions about dark souls lore... that is only answered by combining the lore of 6 items and figuring out the result
when did Minecraft become the best-selling game?
@CiurkitboyN Pretty much. It's generally combined with other categories like "on-rails shooter" or "top-down shooter"
I regret opening all those incrementals -_-
@CiurkitboyN depends on when you put become. When it became widely known or when it sold more copies than tetris?

Minecraft is about the definition of a rolling stone. It started small, then got more users, and more users, and more users, until it became freakishly huge.
@Fredy31 I think a lot of games are going more along this "hide the lore" route
Maybe someday they'll bring back game manuals and those random lore questions
But yeah to close the 'Lore' point: Its easy to point with movies and books that the person slept on the movie or half read the book if you missed something that feels obvious. In games its different. Contrary to static media, where everybody saw the same movie/read the same book, in games you might straight miss the part where x character reveals in detail why he backstabbed you, like if its hidden in a sidequest
8:13 PM
But there's definitely bad examples, like the worst question here
@Batophobia That is amazing
@Batophobia actual 2head asker lol
@Batophobia only redeeming part about such questions is that sometimes, they turn into reputation farms
Because questions with such an obvious answer get answered fast and the answer gets upvoted often
It does serve as an excellent example of something that is a terrible question but technically on-topic
Holy... how is that not closed?
8:27 PM
Being too underresearched is not a criteria for closing - it doesn't make the question unanswerable
I thought there was a close reason for low quality/unsalvageable posts?
It's not necessarily low quality, it's no research
as in, you can clearly tell what the question is asking
I suppose I'm just shocked to see such a poorly received question lol
I suppose I shouldn't be surprised though:
Q: Javascript performance, conditional statement vs assignment operator

ChewOnThis_TridentIs there any difference in performance between the conditional operator === and the assignment operator =? I am writing some pre-save hook middleware in mongoose and I am wondering if there is much of a speed difference between: UserSchema.pre('save', function (next) { if (!this.isModified(...

I wonder what the lowest post score on SE is?
My apologies, this is the lowest on SO:
Q: How to send 100,000 emails weekly?

xRobotHow can one send an email to 100,000 users on a weekly basis in PHP? This includes mail to subscribers using the following providers: AOL G-Mail Hotmail Yahoo It is important that all e-mail actually be delivered, to the extent that it is possible. Obviously, just sending the mail conventiona...

Wonder if there's something lower somewhere else lol
Jeez that thing's been deleted and undeleted multiple times O_O
8:50 PM
Lmao what
@Tacoタコス I wish my former employer realized this instead of trying to force me to send out 10,000 emails by hand every 3 weeks from one of our cheapskate clients
My most popular question is one about lore and most people would consider it 'who the fuck cares'
Q: Has Mario and Luigi being plumbers had any effect on the plot of any game?

Fredy31It is a known fact that Mario and Luigi are plumbers. But when was that defined, and did it ever have any effect on the plot of a game?

9:10 PM
@Nzall I would've already written an application to do it for me lol
Okay, why is the "on memory" flag missing?
Q: Meteor in minecraft no mods?

Aaron HendersonSo, a pretty long time ago I and my friend were building a giant basketball court, and out of nowhere a big explosion happened and there was then a big crater in the ground. We had absolutely no mods at all and no one could have done it because we were not playing online (we were playing split-sc...

This question seems to be going off of memory (no supporting evidence)
I thought there was a flag for that?
I can always use "needs details or clarity", but I'd rather be as specific as possible.
Community specific reason
But wait
It's not technically game identification.
@Fredy31 They had a tv show where them being plumbers was important but...
Does game feature identification fall into this flag as well?
@CiurkitboyN Good thing I read the other post first lol
@Fredy31 in the game you use pipes to get around
@Tacoタコス ?
@CiurkitboyN Military life prolly scribbled that as a plumber innuendo there lol not sure, just took a left turn when I read it somehow and laughed lol
I'm confused
9:21 PM
Prolly just me to be honest lol
Ignore me, I need sleep lol
I need to learn to stop talking so much near bedtime
Just gonna use the "details or clarity" flag reason to be safe.
9:39 PM
@CiurkitboyN If you want to learn, code golf SE is a great place to get simple ideas to learn with! codegolf.stackexchange.com/questions
Forgot to mention that earlier but remembered because I was just on there lol
9:49 PM
Missed that @CiurkitboyN wanted to learn code
what type?
10:22 PM
Q: How long does it take plants to grow?

StevoisiakAfter completing the Shopping List quest, I unlocked the ability to plant seeds in my backyard. The first time I tried growing crops, I waited a few days only to return and find that my plants had all died. How long does it take for crops to grow? Is the growth time affected by the type of seed o...

11:18 PM
Okay, I'm out for the night, have a great evening everyone!

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