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1:20 AM
But yeah idk who was talking about that earlier, but the climbing even in the olympics is good
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3:25 AM
Q: Do copper blocks oxidize indoors?

c1uq92Does Minecraft 1.17.1 do any check to see if a copper block is sheltered before oxidizing it? If so, what are the requirements for the shelter? Does it have to be enclosed, or just have a roof?

3:55 AM
@Tacoタコス Is that Rocket Girl by Lemaitre I see in your about? Nice pick.
A recommendation: open.spotify.com/track/…
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7:06 AM
i got tweeted
is that something usual
or is it rare
as in a question or in general?
my question with 3 votes and like no one cares abt it
they just look at it and then leave
i didn't know you could find out if questions were shared on twitter
enter edit history
and it will say
but srsly why is it bumping my barren question on twitter no one will see it anyways
8:07 AM
Q: What constitutes "modded Minecraft"?

JoachimI realize this probably sounds pedantic, but please bear with me. A recent question prompted this matter once again1: a user wants to start modding their Minecraft but runs into a problem, but the question is closed as "technical support for modded Minecraft". I had a micro-discussion with user d...

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12:45 PM
@Z9. Weird. Which question?
1:11 PM
@GnomeSlice My latest one
Q: How do I find a resource pack which helps make retextured spiders less scary in 1.12.2?

Z9.(For context, I am arachnophobic. Horribly arachnophobic) Recently, I've been playing a lot of Wynncraft (a mc java server). However, some areas in the server have lots of retextured spiders (and because of my condition I am blocked off from a lot of the game, like Qira Hive or Temple of Legends)...

like im the only person on arqade which plays wynncraft
@Z9. That is managed by a bot, not a human.
The Forgotten City was good
@Z9. Weird. I don't know much about how the automated tweet bot thing works unfortunately
36 views lol
1:31 PM
I'm going to be honest
I don't think anyone knows how the tweet bot works
like it's supposed to not post metas I'm pretty sure but it does
must be a bot someone at SO programmed years ago and it runs quietly in a computer deep in a closet
I think we asked one time how effective the twitter is at increasing traffic and got told essentially "not effective"
Wasn't the twitter bot part of a huge issue a couple years ago?
I don't remember
Like, one of the SE site like IPS or something has a question promoted and is made people upset
1:37 PM
Oh maybe
That sounds like a thing
@Batophobia Wasn't that the HNQ?
IPS is an interesting website
@dly That might have been it. I think it was people complained to the SE twitter account and they seemed to care more about the twitter complaints than the SE user's discussions
I'll be honest it's been 45 years since 2019 so I don't remember
1:55 PM
for increasing traffic: I'm surprised StackExchange, which root is developpers of all languages, doesn't have an official Android/iOS app.
Like maybe devs continue to use desktops but the web traffic is more and more mobile based... and god damn is the SE experience on mobile... not great
2:08 PM
there used to be an official Android app, but it is no longer supported. I still have it installed. It basically works. I think the idea is that the websites are better than an app could be
I'm with you on that: you dont absolutely need an andoid app. If your mobile site is good. And the Arqade site on mobile is stripped down af
has no personality whatsover
Like put the Arqade logo on top instead of the generic Stackexchange, and make the color sheme the scheme of Arqade and not SE at large and it would already be better
idk if its just me but the mobile experience on arqade irks me
maybe its because i'm a webdev and i'm like 'it works but it could be SO MUCH BETTER'
Yeah, the websites in mobile view don't have the same look and feel. It's quite disappointing
Its probably because I applied for mod yesterday but I've been giving a good tought on how to make SE grow. and I think thats one of the good points.
because in SEO usually, Arqade is at the top with Gamefaqs and other sites like those
The Android app still works well enough, especially for notifications, and is useful for finding answers when you can't get at the full website.
@Fredy31 They are deprecating the mobile site btw, in favor of an improved responsive design
2:22 PM
isnt it already responsive? Its not redirecting me to something like m.gaming.stackexchange
i guess they might be using some weird black magic to load different code in mobile than in desktop
yep there is a responsive site for gaming.stackexchange. Just for some reason when loading from a mobile device it loads diffrent code
I tried a few times to do this (check the user agent) and usually its a shitshow
but yeah it sucks that a site that has its roots in a community of developpers seem to be so far from bein on the edge of new tech
god knows responsive development has been a thing and supported by all major browsers for pretty much a decade
you did useragent stuff when IE7 would completely screw up on responsive instructions
I have a tablet with a screen about the size of my laptop screen and the mobile view still gets used. It looks weird.
yeah that is now the problem with most checkups of the user agent. Tablets are huge. But they still register as 'Android' or 'iOS'
I guess there is easy ways to see if the device is an iphone or an ipad, but if that code is old it might not do the difference
and for android its a shitshow because well, trying to look at the model name you will always need to be updating a dictionnary of different possible models
and well thats why responsive became the dominant thing in webdev. Its a philosophy that you always run the same code, but it should not look broken any way your screen is sized
but yeah that is a kinda bitchy tought i had yesterday. Stack exchange has employees, that work on the site 40h per week. I don't know what they are doing but it does feel like they don't do a ton
they try new features every once in a while, but the Stackexchange network doesn't seem to have got a huge rework in the 9 years i've been here. Small redesigns here and there but nothing that is that big
Maybe its just that the change is slow, but there. Like with Facebook, you can't say it drasically changed, but when you see screenshots of the interface even 5 years ago, its different in a lot of major ways
2:37 PM
@Fredy31 I mean, have you seen the FB beta redesign? it's definitely different
I'd share a screenshot, but considering the nature of FB it's nearly impossible to anonymize without covering your entire screen
@Nzall Good point. My example was not great. But I think the better example would be google. Google has changed AF in the last 20 years, but as long as I don't go get a screenshot from 10 years ago, you can't really tell it changed that much
@Fredy31 that's because there really isn't much to change about Google's frontpage. Google has been optimizing the fuck out of their core experience for nearly 30 years, at this point they've done pretty much every improvement on their search page that's possible.
@Nzall thats what I'm trying to bring: the fact that yes, their main page has not seemed to change much in the last 20 years, but its a lot of small increments and backend optimisations
As I said at the beginning of my argument also, I know that the point is grumpy to start with. No company that is afloat pays someone to play solitaire all day. They do work, and its probably just that the results are not the most visible.
3:31 PM
@GnomeSlice Oooooo I liked that one :D thanks! Do you listen to INZO? open.spotify.com/track/…
@Z9. I actually started look for an answer to that the other day, haven't found one yet lol still looking
Swapping tabs to the Minecraft chat for a bit; @ me if you need me. :D
@Tacoタコス I personnally just switched from Spotify Premium to Youtube Music... and I'm not looking back
Spotify premium family 12$ a month, the same is 17$ a month on YT Music... but no ads on youtube is fucking the life
@Fredy31 I swapped from Apple music to Spotify earlier this year, haven't looked back lol
No more looking at the same Raid Shadow Legends ad for the 63rd time or an ad for something that is clearly an MLM
@Tacoタコス been out of the Apple echosystem for a good 8 years... I looked at Apple Music once and it looked to basically be spotify, but apple
@Fredy31 Hah noice lol it's always something related to work for me since I listen to future bass and trap mixes on YT every day 😂
I say that I'm out of the Apple echosystem... while coding on a Mac. Yep, makes sense fredy.
@Tacoタコス Yeah the big advantage with YTMusic is that pretty much anything on YT is on YTMusic
3:45 PM
@Fredy31 I wish I was coding on a Mac sometimes, then I remember, nah, I don't really mean that lol
Like my SO was sad that the first Jujutsu Kaisen ending was not on spotify, its on YT
@Tacoタコス For webdevs just not having to always update Node is a fucking godsend
@Fredy31 I don't think I've encountered one yet, but I have friends in Canada that can't listen to some of the songs I send their way, so that sucks.
@Fredy31 Oh for sure lol but thankfully I'm a framework developer now 😂
Yeah the Metal Gear Revengeance OST was grayed out for years in spotify
No more UI meetings 🤮 lol
and sometimes I need my RULES OF NATURE youtube.com/watch?v=N3472Q6kvg0
@Tacoタコス What I find most annoying in Spotify Canada, and its the same for YT in Canada is that I guess the pool of ads in the US is not put in Canada, at least not Quebec. So You always got the same about 6 ads for mobile games or an 1h ad about a way to make easy money that is NOT A SCAM
Or on Spotify Canada 90% of the time the ad you get is 'Wow, look how Spotify premium would be great right now'
3:52 PM
Sometimes, it's just that way lol like right now, total mood: youtube.com/watch?v=08PszRp2cBg
By the way, what genre did that technically classify as lol it started all dark synth and went cross over quick lmao I liked it haha
@Fredy31 I mean, I pay for premium, so no ads is bliss lol
@Tacoタコス idk why it really reminds me of some classic punk.
Like put me straight back on 'Dear Maria, count me in' is an anime opening, change my mind. youtube.com/watch?v=jNYJrefrfRE
Your Metal Gear one?
Oh I tought the video you gave
Nah MGR is Power/Orchestral Metal
But yeah the Tiktok of Dear Maria count me in being an anime opening is much better tiktok.com/@jaephillips1/video/6952548735696030982
@Fredy31 Oh, I concur lol Bad Habits is another good one for an anime opener haha youtube.com/watch?v=YNno8gePLX0
@Tacoタコス yep, that got the good structure lol
4:03 PM
@Fredy31 Your metal gear one reminded me of The Drop remix of Our Little World by Celldweller: youtube.com/watch?v=Divh3l9wUEY
idk why that reminds me of the DMC5 soundtrack youtube.com/watch?v=Jrg9KxGNeJY
Thats is a GOOD soundtrack if you need to feel epic doing something
Like that could even make emptying the dishwasher epic
Bury the light just has one hell of a long intro tho
I love the DMC5 soundtrack lol
Give it at least 60 seconds lol
@Fredy31 I want to know how much the opening needed to be edited to fit with that, it's timed too well to be not at all
@Ronan It's not :) feel free to give it a shot :D
I only know because I did it myself lol
@Ronan AFAIK its not edited, at all. Maybe small edits for timing, but they didn't obviously skip a scene or something
4:14 PM
I guess the tempo just needs to be correct for the character cards at the start, and then assuming the original doesn't change half way through a bar anywhere all the other timings would just work out
Also whats up @Ronan! Was just talking about you this morning in the Mod candidates chat... You think you have the access to the old Youtube channel we made for Arqade?
I don't, I think @Wip has the backup email for password resets
If you want to use them for anything feel free but delist all the bad videos (all of them)
lol. We were talking this morning about old stuff that was made with the Arqade community and it jogged my memory about the time we tried to be minecraft youtubers
To a... not success
4:17 PM
I think saying that we tried is generous
We did one series and then were like meh not for us
Well then, how a grimace is received is news to me...

MEANING: He's being cheeky. The Cheesy Grin Emoji is both cheeky and sweet. Usually, guys use it after a joke, or as a sign of mischief. Here's the hidden message of this emoji: He is becoming comfortable with you. He is not afraid to show you his cheesy and embarrassing side.

Uhhhhh what? Since when? lol Why are there so many meanings for everything?
Google is so educational sometimes lol
Literally just wanted to grab a grimace emoji... Why do people search for hidden meanings in things?
Just blows my mind lol
That's... not what grimace means
Need a facepalm emoji haha
Although the emoji 😬also isn't a grimace
4:20 PM
But I'm sure that'll have a hidden mean to lol
I kinda read it as the yikes emoji
Why do people search for hidden meanings in things? Well IDK but MatPat built a great youtube empire on people looking too deeply into things
@Ronan That's pretty much the same way I use it
@Tacoタコス Yes, big fan of that producer
@Tacoタコス I tought when you said Grimace you were talking about the McDonaldsLand character... But yeah the deeper meaning of the base emojis... Do I have to make you remember that there IS a movie exclusively about emojis? I did not want to remember it but you made me do it, so suffer with me
4:24 PM
Have a few of their tracks on regular rotation
Overthinker is one of them 👍
You listen to celldwellwer too. Sweet
I made the jump to Spotify last year finally after years of just buying and downloading everything
Still have like 14k mp3s on my phone I'm pretty sure. Definitely saving money with Spotify... Haha
@Fredy31 I monitor miniature humans, so I'm no stranger to movies about emotes :D
@Tacoタコス Think that is what I could not handle about working at a daycare. OH FUCK NO WE ARE NOT WATCHING WHATEVER WAS THE LAST MINION MOVIE FOR THE 89TH TIME TODAY
@GnomeSlice 110% lol and yeah, I listen to a lot, lately my head is in chill trap and future bass with the occasional stop to japanese lo-fi
Throwback Thursday is dedicated strictly to metalcore and punk rock though lol
@Fredy31 I think I've seen every Disney movie ever made, at least twice.
Many at least 5 lol
Even Song of the south, or whatever that very racist movie from the 50s was called?
But yeah I would not have guessed Cinderella and Aladin be still popular even now 25years after their release. I guess at least it makes variety
And prevents an employee from punching the TV, which I would guess be a very real danger if there is 10 movies in a row featuring minions
@GnomeSlice Speaking of which, in total Arqade fashion, I present Hyper Potions: youtube.com/watch?v=n8BKw_r2FCI
Absolutely in love with their music lol
4:35 PM
Sorry, I have a pretty deep hate for the minions. And its not because of the movies. Its because every aunt in the world post whatever small sentence they want with a picture of a minion
@Tacoタコス All the big retro remixers on YT are fucking great. Like DJ Cutman and Gamechops too
Zelda and Chill is just... chefs kiss youtube.com/watch?v=icwbu-9douY
@Tacoタコス I know them well, I had Monstercat gold for a few years
@Fredy31 Poke and Chill too :D
Have not followed the label as closely in recent years but one of the best companies out there imo
@GnomeSlice I agree lol
@Fredy31 love gamechops. Very nice. Don't know many people who follow them
4:39 PM
Back in a bit :D gotta write some unit tests -.-
@Tacoタコス ever heard of wavemob?
@GnomeSlice Nope, but I will have by time I come back lol
I'm still around, just @ me if you need me :D
Label playlist @Tacoタコス
Like top tier stuff
Really forward thinking trap, great dudes to watch going forward, although haven't seen much new during covid
4:46 PM
@GnomeSlice always fucking sad when a creator you love just dissapears and stops posting without knowing why
SmoothMcGroove just came back after taking basically 2020 off for his health. But for a while it was 'well, i guess we saw everything he had'
5:28 PM
lol we were talking about game music and I totally forgot to mention rainwave.cc/all... I often put that in the background and its so nice, just a radio that is all VGM
@Ronan Do I? Oh no. Probably my wipqozn email if true.
We'd probably need to make a "GamingCommunitySE" one anywya
There's nothing worth keeping anyway
Yeah, even then, Idk what we would do with it
THose videos being 9 years old makes me feel REALLY old
Q: Why was my reputation not restored after my edit was restored?

Taco タコスI recently made an edit to this question, which was subsequently reverted by the post owner. However, it was later rolled back again by a moderator to my edit: When I made the edit, I was awarded a simple 2 reputation points: And, when the post was rolled back by the owner, I lost those 2 reput...

Please no
remember the mass effect 3 lets play, where we had a 15 second delay between your stream and my responses?
We were just ahead of our time
I think it was worse than 15 seconds considering what twitch was like back then
yeah it might've been a full minute
It was a disaster
Hence deleting everything if you have access
5:35 PM
I've been on Arqade for over 10 years now
I've wasted your lives.
Speak for yourself, I'm still 16
good ol' classic bridge memes
The best feeling is watching a climber top out on the bouldering portion. Yes, I'm watching the sport climbing again (women's qualifying), send help.
@MBraedley F
@MBraedley climbing is the best sport in the olympics. sue me
@Wipqozn 9 years here. What have we done.
5:51 PM
I do hope they not only have the combined but also the individual events in Paris. Even if it's just combined and speed.
@MBraedley idk if the subject will be on the table, but olympics often move slow
But it would make sense to have separate events and the combinde
like the running that has what, 16 medals
but yeah I think its gonna be discussed if in paris there is more medals for climbing, and also probably other events for the skate, like the halfpipe we see at the xgames
@Ronan And I'm definitely not turning 30 in 10 days
6:12 PM
@Fredy31 You've been here forever and I see you were around for Hat Dash (and asked meta questions about it) - I'm curious, do you know anything about where the idea came from?
(sorry if this question derails any current conversation)
@Catija the idea for what? Hat dash?
Think Hat dash was basically a jest on the fact the TF2 was starting to monetize themselves via lootboxes and what was the biggest item category was hat
there was basically every type of hat imaginable for every character in that game, it was a gaming meme for a few months in 2010
blog.gaming.stackexchange.com/2011/12/… This is apparently still around.
idea: titanfall 2 should add hats
Team Fortress 2
Another game by valve that seems to have forgotten that the number 3 exists
omg i totally forgot Arqade had a blog for a while
Trying out Haven on XBOX One, not sure how I feel about a choice driven game yet lol
That one horror one was okay (don't remember the title, I'll have to look it up), but this is completely different.
Not sure how I feel about it yet.
6:20 PM
Yeah, that looked like a VERY experimental game
Like if I remember right about the small part I've seen, its like an RPG, but where there is only 2 protagonists and their strength is relative to the strength of their relationship or something?
@Fredy31 Seems that way so far, but, I haven't made it very far lol
@Unionhawk Idea: Titanfall 2 should be a working game god damn
Currently on Fortnight haha
So, there's an iPhone game I'm playing - been playing it for a couple of months - but there aren't any questions about it here... AFK Arena - I was chatting about it with the mods a bit but I'm curious about what y'all think... do you feel like fewer new games end up having much content here? There are so many games out there that have subreddits or Discords I worry that y'all may struggle to build that completeness of content. Is that something you worry about?
Freaking funny how EA left that game to die so much its community hacked into Apex to send a message to SAVE TITANFALL
6:25 PM
Okay, nothing interesting in the item shop, and the street fighter stuff isn't available until this weekend, so done with that for the day lmao
because of what I heard, TF and TF2 are unplayable on PC because hackers just fill the lobbies. It is impossible to even join a lobby in a multiplayer based game (and in TF1 case, multiplayer only game)
sucks because Titanfall was the god damn bomb.
Hope TF3 is in the works, but pretty sure respawn must be 100% into Apex and not much else
At least, it seems that Respawn is willing to put more and more of TF in Apex, like with Ash that came back
6:52 PM
@Tacoタコス is this the co op couple focused one? Let me know how it is
Not that I have anyone to play it with right now
@Fredy31 Titanfall 2 is very playable. I play it regularly even now have not noticed hackers but I suppose it's possible
Titanfall 2 is one of the best shooters of the last decade imo. Just a great game
@GnomeSlice maybe I misremembered and it might just be TF1. But I'm pretty sure I saw people say TF2 on PC was unplayable, but since I only got it on PS4 (and dont have PS+, just did the excellent single player) I can't check myself.
Don't think so, I mean I think I saw maybe two cheaters I guess in the past few months
A few obscure outlets have published news about Titanfall 3 reportedly being in dev but I'm not sure how reputable that info is. A little while back but not long
@GnomeSlice Yeah, I'll be playing it more this afternoon, so I'll let you know :D
@GnomeSlice I would imagine that Apex must be taking all of Respawn's time. Titanfall is sadly niche in the shooter genre, and a big part of why that is is that both games were released at times where they got cannibalized by bigger games
Like TF2 releasing a week before Battlefield5
Really looking forward to starting Hellblade, and I still have to finish Carto lol 😂
By the way, if anyone here likes puzzle games but hasn't tried Carto, you should. It's pretty fantastic lol
Quite the unique experience.
7:04 PM
woah battlefield 5 released in 2007?
@Unionhawk was completely wrong. It was released 1 week after BF1 and 1 week before COD: Infinite Warfare. It was a cocky release to think they could upstage even one of them (even if its 10x better than both of them)
And TF1 was released nowhere in march. Just after the week off in school that I cant remember the name of
Available on Switch, PS4 and XBOX One
7:21 PM
@Fredy31 I miss the old spring break, before the world went to trash lol
@Tacoタコス I miss having 2 weeks at christmas, a week in march, and 3 months for summer
Here in quebec its even better in college. a month at christmas, and then you end in may, start back in august
Q: How do I change the size of the minimap in Farming Sim 2019 on ps4?

ZachTalonGamesYTI have accidentally hidden my minimap, and have no idea how I did it and cant find anything explaining how to turn it back on.

and have week off in the fall and spring semester
because its setup to be 15 weeks semesters, 3 semesters a year (but summer is there only if you fail courses)
and all those semesters go 7 weeks, a week off (called study week, even if all exams happen before), then 8 weeks counting the exams at the end
@Fredy31 so you miss being a child like most normal adults? lol
My SO is looking at a job of librarian at a college, and if she gets it, ill be jealous, because she will work that rythm, with a month at christmas and 3-4 in summer
and its a government backed job so it pays well for a job that doesn't need a diploma and its basically untouchable, like the position can't really be cut
7:36 PM
@Tacoタコス Carto is quite charming. I played through it a few months ago.
@Wipqozn I'm on chapter 4 currently, loving it lol
Just added some verbatim-ish excerpts from Wikipedia to give our Minecraft Dungeons tag some identity. It's in the queue since I don't have enough rep to create them on my own yet :( lol
8:26 PM
I just discovered a group that plays soccer casually in my town. God knows I need to run after a ball because I haven't left the house in the last year, but damn my body is not ready
If I dissapear tonight, its that I died somewhere on a soccer field
So I'm curious how others feel about partial answers to give initial feedback to users while detailed answers are written?
9:10 PM
@Tacoタコス What kind of partial answer are you talking about? Like only answering part of the question, or more like a barebones answer to the whole question?
@murgatroid99 Barebones; simply saying: yup, details from source incoming and leaving a note that you're editing the answer to make it more detailed.
I think it's fine as long as what you post at first fully answers the question on its own. In my opinion you don't even really need the note. You might get some pushback because doing that is gaming the system a little: you're trying to get the benefit of having the first answer without the downsides of a hastily written answer.
@murgatroid99 I mean a little for sure. I think it stems from my history in customer service. I was always about getting a quick initial contact and following up with details to support that contact.
I do it with a lot of my answers though, I know that much. I just get a few notes down with a direct answer and follow up with details, summaries, quotes, etc.
@murgatroid99 Yeah, it feels really similar to squatting on a question
@Tacoタコス A good thing to do there might be to leave a comment on the question saying "Hey, I've got a great answer, writing it up now"
@SaintWacko I think I'd concur entirely with your statement on squatting if it sat around for 15-20 minutes with no updates. I usually have good details in before the first edit timeline is locked on it. However, I also agree with your second point. That might come across a bit better to be honest. I think I'll begin trying to do that, though it's habitual for me so it's gonna take some work lol
9:23 PM
@SaintWacko The reason I think it's OK is that in the end, an answer is an answer. If it addresses the question, it doesn't really matter that it's not up to your own personal standards for answer quality. And if you spend a few minutes after posting adding in the missing references and details, then when you're done, it's a good answer.
@murgatroid99 Yeah, I do think you're right, so long as the original answer does answer the question
Rather than just an answer saying "I'm writing an answer!"
I do most of my posting on BCG, and a lot of my answers there are explanations backed up by rulebook excerpts. Sometimes, I'll just write up the explanation and post it, and then go look for the corresponding rules.
@SaintWacko I mean a good combination of the two though would be something like "Some concise answer in a sentence or less. Writing an answer now."
Yeah, I agree
@murgatroid99 I agree.
2 hours later…
11:44 PM
Writing a short, crappy answer as a placeholder while you edit it into a much better answer is a great way to get a poor score on a good answer. Don't expect initial downvoters to come back and reevaluate
@Tacoタコス I have this (Hellblade) sitting in my library unplayed too.
@GnomeSlice I dunno if I'm gonna start it tonight or wait until Friday evening. It's getting started this week sometime though lol
Hmmmmm. Let me know how that is too
I'm heading out for the night though, prolly gonna keep testing the water with Haven.
See ya tomorrow! :D
I'm spending a lot less time gaming lately, and when I am I'm playing silly comp games when I should be enjoying some solo experiences
@Fredy31 it's an entire label too which is strange, many of the artists are still making new stuff just gotta check them out individually

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