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1:08 AM
lol, i love how the idea to make something like Animal Crossing, a game where you befriend animals and style up houses, in one way or another ended up becoming Monster Hunter, a game where you kill "animals" and style yourself up with their skin
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2:18 AM
@Yuuki They should be relatively easy to detect, right? Given how they work depends entirely on another device being within range
@PrivatePansy it does ping nearby apple devices for location finding, but i don't think that apple device is prompted
Right, but that's not because it's not possible, just that Apple has not created the UI for it
so... they're still bad (i.e. abusable) then
Oh yeah. It's kind of shocking how measly the anti-abuse features in the tag are
There's no technical reason for them to be so bad
yeah, i know there are some streamers who've closed their PO boxes, citing that these things could easily be used for doxxing
like their big anti-abuse feature is that your apple device can detect if it's been traveling with an airtag for awhile and prompt you
buuut what if you don't have an apple device?
2:27 AM
It's suppose to start beeping. In 3 days lol. It's so bad
2 hours later…
3:58 AM
Q: Expanding maps in Minecraft

JUNAY FISHERI made a locator map as well as 4 copies of said map for my friends now I want to expand the map but I need to know if I expand a locator map does the copies of the map I made prior to the expansion also update or will my friends need to expand theirs manually?

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9:09 AM
damn character limit in the nomination posts... so much to tell and not enough space :D
2 hours later…
11:09 AM
@dly It was easier when the question weren't expected to be part of the nominations. They were previously just used for a chat Q&A
12:06 PM
@Wipqozn yeah, and it makes running as a joke/protest candidate pretty implausible
12:21 PM
BREAKING: Blizzard president J. Allen Brack is leaving the company, Activision Blizzard just told staff. Jen Oneal and Mike Ybarra will take over as "co-leaders of Blizzard."

Filed to Bloomberg Terminal, story will be live shortly
12:43 PM
@Wipqozn news.blizzard.com/en-us/blizzard/23706475/… official press release from the company
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1:59 PM
I started practicing ukulele again last night, and my left index finger is still sore at the tip
@Yuuki Actually, I've read that it is. Apparently if there's a nearby Tag that's not yours, it'll tell you
@SaintWacko I think that's only after it's been following your movements for some specified time.
@Yuuki Ah, that might be
Even then, there might be a minimum range involved. Some dude shipped an airtag and it allegedly got pinged mid-flight possibly because one of the pilots turned on their phone.
So in order to protect against Apple devices, you just need to get an Apple device. Solid business model
@Batophobia Whaaaat? Apple would never do something like that!
2:09 PM
I mean there's nothing that says Google or Microsoft couldn't do it as well. Then everyone will need a phone from each major brand.
I hope ronnie comes back and runs for mod
ooh, 7 years later my feature-request came to be! gaming.meta.stackexchange.com/q/8293/3062
2:26 PM
Q: Are "this worked for me" answers, actually answers when they're concise?

Taco タコスI recently came across a rather concise answer to an interesting question that was simply two short sentences: For me, the render distance was doing it. I dropped the render distance to normal and now the blocks disappear like normal. While the answer appears to have merit to me, I believe it's...

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4:37 PM
@Unionhawk Update: we did not do it but that is a PB (previous record: rejected immediately)
4:54 PM
Q: How do we handle unethical questions?

Taco タコスI recently commented on a question that I believe to be, unethical. To summarize, the OP is asking what they can do to get around a ban placed on their account in a game they're playing. Subsequently, my current course of action has been to downvote the question, leave my comment, and then come h...

5:09 PM
A wild Taco appeared in the chat.
Hope everyone's having a great day!
Is there no election chat room?
5:36 PM
@NikeDattani I don't think they do those anymore. They've made a lot of changes to elections.
Or it might be they wait to make them until week 2
I'll check
@NikeDattani yes
5:50 PM
@Wipqozn Seems I was a bit early!
6:18 PM
Guess the server was asleep
Yes hello, it is me, the guy that pops in every year or so lol
when its REALLY slow at work :p
6:39 PM
Help, I started watching the replay of the Olympic sport climbing qualifiers and I can't stop
room topic changed to The Bridge: General Arqade chat, wherein there is currently a moderator election gaming.stackexchange.com/election/7 [--gaming] [jin-fanclub] [lazers] [murder] [-politics] [-stars]
@MBraedley currently watching the soccer semis, thats next on my list
3x3 Basketball was GREAT
@Fredy31 mens or womens?
Skate... meh
maybe too slow
Watch Womens yesterday... advantages of working at home lol
@Fredy31 women's skate park final was pretty good IMHO
I haven't watched any of the other skate events yet though.
6:43 PM
think the fact that its 45s action, then 1 minute setup is killing my ADHD
watched some of the surfing late last week
surfing idk, even trying to scrum through i had a hard time finding where was the action
because its hard to have a great wave the event is like 4 hours for 6-7 rides
Yeah, that would really benefit from having an edited down version with the best 3 or 4 waves for each competitor
I dont have high hopes of seeing that event again except if they can make always the same wave artificially
But yeah Canada at these olympics is not doing great
Can't do static waves, and getting good open artificial waves is really expensive. You're talking wave pools that are an order of magnitude larger than water park wave pools.
6:48 PM
Yeah I once heard that a surfer riding a wave may ride for like 500m
@Fredy31 I mean, it's only slightly below average right now from past games.
so you would need a like 700m wide pool
Yeah Canada is never good at the summer games. But god it feels like we are always like 4th or 5th
like barely not in the medals
@Fredy31 They actually have an ingenious solution to this, 1 sec :D
Well, Kelly Slater does lol
but what I find the funniest is that there IS hockey at the summer games... and Canada is nowhere to be found. Think we are like barely in the mens tournament and not in the summer tournament
@Tacoタコス that is nice but I guess it must be pretty expensive for 1 event lol
Yeah, each wave costs about $450 on average :D
The "surf ranch experience" is about $10k
6:53 PM
Also not reusable for something else... like most things built in todays olympics they at least try and give the impression it will be used for something else later, like the gymnasiums for volleyball become generic gymnasiums, and stuff
or you do like montreal and use the cyclodrome to make a zoo
@Tacoタコス Good for training, but not for competition. Would also need to change the format of the competition.
The Montreal Biodome (French: Biodôme de Montréal) is a facility located at Olympic Park in the Mercier–Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighbourhood of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, that allows visitors to walk through replicas of four ecosystems found in the Americas. The building was originally constructed for the 1976 Olympic Games as a velodrome. It hosted both track cycling and judo events. Renovations on the building began in 1989 and in 1992 the indoor nature exhibit was opened. The Montreal Biodome is one of four facilities that make part of the largest natural science museum complex in Canada, Space...
And by cyclodrome i mean velodrome
damn french and english words feeling alike
French: Vélo - English: Bicycle. French: Cyclodrome - English: Velodrome
I recently asked a question on meta about my desire to create well written Q&A for common Minecraft command translations. Currently there is only one answer, which supports the idea. However, I don't believe it has been a long enough time frame to consider that the community consensus, but I'm eager to get started.

While I'm aware that self answering questions isn't frowned upon, so long as they follow site guidelines, I'd like to give the community some time to respond before I get started. With that in mind though, I'm having trouble determining how long of a window I should give before
@Tacoタコス Do you have a link to the meta?
Q: Should we have well explained Q&A(s) for basic Minecraft command translations?

Taco タコスThere is a huge list of commands available in both minecraft-bedrock-edition and minecraft-java-edition that have the ability to be translated between the two versions. Recently, I had the pleasure of answering a poorly received question related to the translation of an execute command, where the...

7:07 PM
@Dragonrage Thank you :D
I think the usual expectation is to wait a week or two, but that's generally for bigger changes/discussions. For this, if there's no opposition after 3-4 days I wouldn't see an issue with moving forward on it.
If you're eager to start on it, you can spend some time researching and writing up what you plan to post.
@Batophobia That's what I'm currently doing, and plan to start having discussions in the Minecraft chat soon on it to get some community feedback there. Thanks for the feedback on the wait time!
went and threw my 2 cents
really putting the equivalent to a wiki on Arqade might be a good way to attract traffic and grow the sid
7:26 PM
@Fredy31 We might have actually had some really good use for the Stack Exchange Documentation system that was scrapped a couple years ago
That Stackexchange Teams thing? Thought it was still alive (tho not much alive)
@Fredy31 no, something else
Q: Sunsetting Documentation

Jon Ericson We will stop accepting contributions to Documentation on August 8 2017 On behalf of everyone who worked on Documentation, I want to thank all 15,451 users who contributed. We particularly want to acknowledge the 294 people who tested the private beta and the 2,361 who pounded on the public bet...

@Fredy31 I saw that, thank you for the feedback!
4 years ago Stack Overflow had a specific documentation section with the intent to provide an alternative for often lacking documentation for many products. It got sunset because it wasn't used enough and the SO team was misguided about how broken most documentation actually was
7:46 PM
@Nzall being a webdev its so true it hurts. I've seen a lot of libraries where I try to do something, can't seem to find the attribute or variable to do so in the doc. Dig around, and find a forum post somewhere else that mentions the attribute I need. I test it, it fucking works. And well if the creators of the library are not into it enough to document all their parameters and hooks correctly, who will?
And I guess they saw that a lot of them now use the README on Github, which is literally baked in with the libraries so having the doc here on SE would never be the most used one
8:16 PM
Q: How do I craft command blocks?

SizzleI went to my friends house, and he was playing Minecraft on the PC. He showed me a command block, but when I went home and opened Minecraft pocket edition, I went to the crafting table but I could not find any command blocks to craft. What are command blocks and how do I craft them?

I just came across this question
It has some pretty useful information in it
But, the answer by "Command block expert" appears to be a near replica of the answer by "ARADPLAUG".
My concern is with the comment on that answer however.
It seems a tad aggressive, but the comment is over 5 years old, so there's really nothing to be done about it in terms of the user that wrote it at this point (I think).
Should the comment be flagged for removal at this point? Or the answer and the comment? Just the answer?
I would normally create a meta post to ask the community, but I feel as though I've been spamming some questions there lately lol
I'm wondering how others would approach this situation
angussidney is definitely pushing, but hes not attacking the person. He is, even if its dry and direct, saying things that are in the guidelines. (Dont just post a link, write in the information that is valuable in case the site goes down or the asker doesn't want to read through the 5 paragraphs that are unrelated.)
I'm ok with it being direct and dry. As someone that doesn't have english as a first language, tone is something that is often lost in translation and you can pass as dry and direct when you don't mean it.
Where I would dock him some points would be to unilaterally change the answer to just remove the link, and not just bring the answer closer to guidelines by clicking the link and then copypasting the information that is important. If the answer was fresh I would go undo the edit and let the original answerer correct his answer himself, but for an old post like this we should just go to the edit history, find the link, and add the paragraph to the answer
@Fredy31 Stack Exchange NEEDS us to be direct and dry. The network is actively hostile against anything approaching kindness and politeness in answers
8:32 PM
@Nzall and thats something I have issue with. If the first contact with a community is being slammed for being not in the bounds, even if you were well intended, you will not stay. And I should go look at the stats but I'm pretty sure the number of users that create an account, ask 1 or 2 questions and then are never seen again is bad
@Fredy31 Retaining new users is a well-known struggle on the SE network
And the problem is we NEED new users, because we seem to be losing them faster than we gain them
@Nzall and I think this is exactly why. If your first contact with a community is a slap to the face, you wont come back.
Imagine: You go to a bar for the first time and the first thing the barman does when you first ask for a drink is punch you in the face and say YOU ORDERED THE DRINK WRONG! Will you come back to the bar?
I mean, Dark Souls is popular....
I know we try to deal in absolutes here in SE. We want not opinion, but facts. But there is a way to bring the user to ask better questions else than downvoting and closing his question to oblivion
@Batophobia Well, some people are sadists. There are people who kept coming back even after getting the treatment I just talked about.
Arqade: The Dark souls of gaming communities.
Sounds like that bar in I've Been Killing Slimes
8:38 PM
It is true that we need to accept our actions in context of the greater internet. While in SE sites closing a question is not necessarily a negative thing, the rest of the internet typically would suggest close=bad
Just as a reminder we do have a mod election room that might be more well suited to this sort of conversation
not that it can't happen here just that we do have a space specifically for it :)
9:16 PM
There's currently a question related to rocket league that is unanswered, on how to paste into the chat:
Q: How do i paste chat into Rocket league

MillardI was playing with someone who doesn't speak much english. I was using google translate and manually typing it in, which was incredibly slow, as it's hard to remember foreign words. I tried copying the text and Ctr + V pasting it, but it didn't work. How do i paste the text in. Alternatively,...

I've been looking for a few days now and still can't find anything explicitly stating that it is or is not supported.
However, as a developer, I know how to replicate this functionality, and if the OP (or future readers) are determined enough, it would work.
Unfortunately, I don't believe it's a proper answer to the question as it's truly a work around, and takes additional effort to accomplish on the individual level.
I don't mind writing an answer that explains how to do it, and in simple enough terms, but I don't believe it would be well received.
Does any one have a second opinion on my mentality there?
9:32 PM
I think if you have a procedure that a non-programmer could reasonably use to accomplish what they want to do, it's fine to post it as an answer.
@murgatroid99 Thank you for the feedback!
9:49 PM
Oh dang, I'm only 30 reputation away from getting my Mortarboard badge today 😂
Q: I lost access to the review queues?

Taco タコスI've been trying to check the review queues more often lately, and this last time I checked, I received a message stating I have no review queues available: What would've caused this? How do I fix it?

10:22 PM
I feel like Marble League Jousting should have been done as a 2 run combined score.
It felt like the track was a little one-sided
The marble race guy is now doing marble jousting?
damn his channel got a lot of traction because everyone was bored af last year
10:42 PM
@MBraedley i feel like there should've been a loser's bracket
@Yuuki That would have worked as well
i'm kinda disappointed in the orangers' performance this year
all I'm saying is I much prefer 10 players 2 impostors confirms off among us to 15 players 3 impostors confirms on among us
11:03 PM
@badp i think a 10/2 no confirm is the perfect among us balance.
havent tried since they put in 15 player lobbies
but if 10 can already be chaotic, 15 off
Related to my previous question about replicating paste functionality; would it be appropriate to create a custom, open source, application, and explain how to use it, and how it works as an answer to a question?
I'm really annoyed that Rocket League doesn't support paste in chat lol
11:20 PM
You would basically need a macro that types whatever is the keybind to open chat, writemanually what is within the bin, and then enter
and idk that program
@Fredy31 Oh, I'm saying I actually built one (made it open source), and would like to share it as an answer to the question.
11:36 PM
As long as it doesn't break Rocket League's TOS its completely fine
@Tacoタコス I wish all competitive games did not support paste in chat
Remember, low hanging fruit
@Fredy31 annnnnnnd, it violates TOS to use such an application :( lol it's a fair stance though, because they can be used to spam chats, which is not exactly acceptable behavior anywhere.
> Interfere with, exploit, or abuse Rocket League service
Wonder if that counts
@GnomeSlice that's fair; I remember the PS2 online days where there were mods that could flood chat windows. Highly annoying.
@GnomeSlice For sure, and I added an answer to demonstrate that.
Giant ascii middle fingers for everyone
Wow, lots of people around I haven't seen in a long time. Are we having an election?
Hah, yes
11:46 PM
and i had a slow day at work so i pop in the bridge
Off to build an auto-sorter on Minecraft :D should be fun lol
Have a great night everyone!
@Tacoタコス The good old days
currently farming the LoL event with this and the olympics in screen #2

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