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12:07 AM
I want to ask a question, but I'm worried it may be seen as "opinion based". Basically, I would like to know what a new player in Tarkov should focus on (money, gathering specific items, finishing specific quests, upping player level, etc...). I'm worried I am essentially "wasting my time" and would like to know if there is a "consensus" among the player base about what a new player should focus on
Would that be on-topic or primarily opinion-based?
12:23 AM
Q: What should a new player focus on?

MechMK1Escape from Tarkov is a complex game, with many ways to "progress". As a new player, I feel like I am "running in circles", and not really moving forward. As such, I would like to know what is recommended for a new player to focus on. Examples include: Player level (Lv. 10 unlocks the Flea Marke...

12:39 AM
@MechMK1 The idea behind the question is fine, but you might want to add a bit more detail about what you're trying to achieve.
Are you just trying to improve your skill level? Improve your success rate? Just trying to make your character stronger?
I don't know enough about the game to give better examples, unfortunately.
Q: Which trainers in Match Call are always unavailable for battle?

forestIn Pokemon Emerald, a PokeNav feature called Match Call was added that allows you to keep track of certain NPC trainers and see whether or not they're available for a rematch. The trainers who are available for rematch at the moment have a tiny Pokeball icon next to their name: Battling with the...

1:13 AM
Q: How do I do /execute and filter it by name?

HarrierPotterSo I want to have a command block that has “/execute if entity” that will only execute on entities with a custom name, but I can’t figure out how to do it

Q: How can I achieve a high decoration rating with Paddleboats?

WipqoznMy understanding is that the decoration rating of a ride can increase its excitement rating, and a higher excitement rating allows you to charge more for a ride. So for low excitement rides like the paddleboat, decorations seem to be really important. However, I'm having trouble getting the decor...

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2:27 AM
Q: What exactly will be missed by prematurely starting the expansion of The Division 2?

Robert SiemerThe Division 2 has one expansion to date: Warlords of New York. Starting it might fast forward your character progression and lock you out of specific content/gameplay. The game itself warns about some non-replayable side missions and trophies which might turn unreachable. Some players talked abo...

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4:56 AM
Q: Creating custom villages

JRBrosI want to create some custom villages like jungle and swamp. I'm going to use structure files. But how can I implement them in an addon? Also, I need the villagers in the nether to grow nether warts.

5:20 AM
Q: Failed to connect to the server (io.netty)

Joseph LoefflerI recently started hosting a Minecraft server on my PC (Windows 10). I port forwarded and everything was working fine; I played with friends for a few days. However, today my router got unplugged while the server was running. No one was on it at the time but I'm fairly certain it was actively run...

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6:34 AM
Q: My minecraft jave crashes every time i open it

llewxam1233Hi I was playing Minecraft Java edition and it was fine but today when I started it up it got just to the end of the loading screen and stopped it then crashes and gave me a message Open jdk Platform Binary not responding how do I fix this please and thank you.

6:59 AM
Q: I want a command that makes all my dogs in the server stand at one point, I have a command for sit and not stand, please reply quickly

VoidI want the command which makes all the loaded dogs stand, I have tried many things but it wont work plz help I want it for my pvp and I have them all tamed

7:15 AM
@Wipqozn i really need to finish the ones i have
but yay proper RPG Harvest Moon
Stardew Valley had some RPG Mechanics in it but it's really only good for the mines. Rune Factory isn't limited to just mines
and i do like some farming in my RPGs, especially if they are used as supplies such as fixing up health potions or needing to plan ahead for hunger and thirst like in Fallout New Vegas (though farming in that was limited to mods and even that was very limited)
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9:52 AM
Q: How do i make an item, that can break certain block, and is named with command blocks in minecraft 1.16?

NikkehI am doing an prison escape map and i want to make an crowbar to destroy only iron trapdoors and is named crowbar. How???

10:17 AM
Q: Emulation station makes the analogue button stay on

AdrienI bought new off brand ps3 controllers for an emulation station but the problem is when I plug it in, the red analoge button can't b turned off?

Q: Does miner moss "dirtiness" have any relation to the amount of gold that can be expected?

GipsyDBit of a long question, but let me clear up the fuzz as best I can. In Gold Rush : the Game, as part of the larger wash-plants, miner's moss is fitted to sluice-boxes towards the end of the recovery process. As the plant washes the pay-dirt, the gold collects in the miner's moss, amongst other pl...

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11:41 AM
@Memor-X I've never played a Rune Factory game. 5 might be a good place to start.
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1:09 PM
Q: Does anyone know how to save in Seraphic Blue?

Max LiI already lost two hours of progress, I NEED to save!

1:59 PM
Q: is there a way to get to the splintered world in hyrule warriors (spoilers)

anime and kpop girlwhen im playing Hyrule warriors age of calamity the game talks about a splintered world the little robot made when traveling to the past to help stop the calamity. Is there a way to access that world or is it just a fake thing?

2:31 PM
@Wipqozn But if you don't start at the beginning you won't understand the story!
2:48 PM
Q: how do i remove a net from a dodo without killing it in ark

ZachTalonGamesYTSo, I was attempting to capture a player from an enemy tribe who was raiding my tribe's base in Ark. I fired a net projectile from my harpoon gun, but missed and hit one of our dodos. You have to use a sharp weapon to remove a net from a captured creature, but even the stone hatchet, the weakest ...

Q: testing for Enchanted items

SoupMoth _So basically I’m working on a sword and when you hold the sword something happens. The sword is enchanted, but it seems my code isn’t working, is there a specific thing I need to add if the sword is enchanted?

3:11 PM
@Memor-X Rune Factory isn't just Harvest Moon combat RPG either, most entries having a taming mechanic where you can domesticate enemies to aid on your farm.
hmm it would be just my luck that switch pro rumors are spiking after i get the mhrise edition switch
They've been spiking on and off for months
Switch Pro: for the professional casual gamer
3:38 PM
Q: Why my piglin steels gold

JRBrosI coded an addon that allows curing zombie pigmen. I thought he would revert to zombie since he is in the overworld, but he survived as a piglin. But when I try to barter, he just takes the gold and drops nothing. Please help me. Here's the code: { "format_version": "1.16.0", "minecraft:e...

Q: My minecraft world disappeared (1.17)

Bob HiltonI made a world in 1.16 and decided to open it on 1.17 (without making a backup because i'm dumb) Then the game crashed and when i opened the game again, the world was gone. I checked my "saves" folder and it wasn't in there.

I'm about to propose something which will be pure blasphemy
Mustard and Watermelon is not blasphemy, it's a crime against humanity
The mod team has been considering turning off @Lazers. The reasoning for this is that The Bridge activity has dropped significantly in the past year, to the point that the the ratio of Lazers to non Lazers messages has gotten really out of whack (aka Lazers is drowning out the rest of chat). Obviously we could just go ahead and do this all YOLO style, but we'd prefer to get feedback from all of you first.
I didn't actually realize that because I put lazers on ignore, um, four years ago or so
3:43 PM
Does that include Sepia Lazers?
I'd keep Sepia Lazers. Question: would it be possible to repurpose Lazers to only trigger when a question hits Hot Questions?
It'd probably cut back significantly on question load
@Wipqozn Alternately, we could turn Lazers into a drop-down feed.
I get that this mainly affects chat, but perhaps this should be made into a meta post at some point?
One thing that I do enjoy about the current Lazers implementation is the ability to reply to Lazers posts.
@Yuuki Don't forget the random stars for Lazers
3:48 PM
@Batophobia I was thinking we'd keep sepia, but was curious to see if someone else brought it up without me mentioning it.
@Memor-X you know what sounds like a crime against food but actually is surprisingly good? avocado, raw salmon (sushi grade obviously), pomelo and mustard dressing
I'd recommend keeping Sepia. It's generally the only way I get notified of new meta posts
@Batophobia nah. It's just a chat thing. It only impacts people in this room. It's also not like some super official thing. I think @badp just set lazers up BACK IN THE DAY since it was cool.
I'd keep Sepia as well
aka not all sites have a question feed in their main chat
3:49 PM
@Wipqozn Opinion on my suggestion to repurpose Lazers to just a HNQ bot?
@Wipqozn I know RPG has theirs as a ticker feed instead of a chatbot
@Yuuki that's annoying af
it would drastically cut back on the Minecraft question spam
@Nzall not even sure if that's possible
I'd put LAZERS in place because I wanted to make sure the Q&A would still have eyes on it
3:50 PM
It's a good idea, though.
@badp i mean, it's not my favorite implementation, but i'm just throwing that out there
but if it's killing the chat then it's not helping keep eyes on the Q&A
@Wipqozn i think it is
@badp Yes, and honestly the users in this room only make up a small fraction of the sites userbase anyway. We are the 1%.
has the userbase of the site declined with the userbase of the chatroom or..?
I guess the Gamers™ have never been less starved for ways to throw words at each other
3:52 PM
so this site does custom RSS filters, including HNQ, for SE sites: lackadaisical-appeal.glitch.me
@badp yeah site activity has dropped as well, but this chatroom seemed to have declined more. All us youngsters grew up. Got families and jobs. Everyone except @Ronan. He's still 16.
@Wipqozn don't at me
Not to deter the Lazers discussion, but Nintendo's E3 direct is in about 5 minutes: youtube.com/watch?v=IQz_ECTGGyA
@badp ticker works in EL&U room
3:56 PM
never talk to me or my steam library again
@badp Wait a minute, shouldn't your face be yellow now?
idk why it isn't yet, I tried to change and it didn't stick
I prefer the blue anyway
First time I saw the yellow avatar I cried.
post-it glue isn't long lasting enough for chat avatars
3:58 PM
@MattE.Эллен I'll check that out
but what is power good for if you don't use it to delete accounts
*reached you*... hope the end is near.
Review so far:
- the start is what gives the name to the game, is the most annoying part in the game too. After you manage to outdone the crank, the game changes for the better.
- soon after you get out of the initial crank mud, the upgrade system is enough to keep you interested for a while. But it is exhausted quite soon, leaving you to just collect codes and perform repetitive tasks. Some of the upgrades seems also locked behind odd requirements (like Hunting, based on redding most don't even see that because of the next issue)
Q: How do Scav spawns work?

MechMK1I've played several games of Escape from Tarkov, some online, some offline, and noticed that Scavs don't seem to "already be there" when the PMCs first spawn. My Obsersvations When enabling "Scav War" in the offline options, Scavs shoot each other, so that alerts you to their presence. I noticed ...

smash reveal to start, I think
ooo tekken
4:16 PM
Metroid Dread releasing October
okay, this speed golf looks hilarious
battle... golf?
I love that Nintendo took over the crazy sports games like NHL Hitz
4:32 PM
holy hell it's avance wars
@Yuuki I really don't like those, and would prefer no feed to a dropdown
one thing i don't like about hyrule warriors is how link gets so many weapon sets whereas most of the other characters only get one
yeah, there's definitely something going on with link's arm
@Yuuki Yea, I found myself getting bored with it pretty often.
Kinda disappointing given how much the first one kept me invested
@Batophobia i actually do enjoy age of calamity
@Batophobia i mean, the first one had the same problem with link
granted, most characters had one more weapon type
I really want to like it, and some of the character unlocks were unexpected and exciting
4:42 PM
but link had like 6 or 7 by the end in the first hyrule warriors
It might just be that I don't really enjoy most of the other characters in Age of Clamity
I tended to just stick with Link, Revali, and Impa
i haven't really played revali much. and impa's powerful if you get all the symbols but the marking system has been kinda finicky imo
i play mipha and urbosa more often
Mipha felt really weak, but I might have just failed at leveling her up and giving her a good weapon
mipha's really strong in no healing missions, especially with special charge up seals
@Yuuki is that what you meant by a dropdown feed?
4:47 PM
@Wipqozn yeah. i don't like it myself, but i wanted to make sure all the options were on the table
@Yuuki yeah I don't like it much either, but it is an option
Does that have a timer or does it just stay until you manually dismiss it?
I think you need to manually dismiss it
which is part of why i don't like it
Yea, I'd rather not have that
4:51 PM
mipha's moveset also behaves rather similarly to link's spear set
well that's enough people saying they hate it for it to be ruled out
Especially since I'm one of them
You also can't ignore that either
there's always the HNQ feed
I like the idea of converting lazers to just HNQ Feed as a first step.
As a user that likes Lazers, I'd be fine with it changing to a HNQ feed
Same HNQ is always interesting
5:20 PM
Maybe it should start showing new posts from Lifehacks.SE
funny you mention Lifehacks, since my bagel question just got upvoted again today.
1 hour later…
6:30 PM
Q: Where to get Oxygen in No Man's Sky

MillardJust got No Man's Sky and enjoying it, but I have traveled to my first planet and am working on building a base as my instructions tell me. A lot of stuff I need to craft need oxygen, and I have only found ONE plant that gives it. (a bulb type plant that spews acid). This plant is kind of rare,...

Q: in the korok forest why do the koroks run away from me when i get in thier sight?

anime and kpop girlin the korok forest by the Great Deku tree, there are looks you can interact with but then there are some that disappear why does that happen?

6:48 PM
@Wipqozn HNQ seems to be at least as rapid as Lazers. Would that actually fix the issue here?
7:03 PM
I don't think we changed it
@SaintWacko there are significantly fewer HNQ questions than there are regular questions
@Nzall Okay, cool
Also, the advantage with still showing HNQ questions is that in case a problematic question reaches HNQ, it's more noticeable
7:25 PM
@Unionhawk @SaintWacko We did not. I was going to leave the pin up for 24 hours before doing anything
Although then again, converting to HNQ isn't a big deal
plus let's us trial it
Wipqozn has made a change to the feeds posted into this room
also I can ensure it actually works
The downside to switching to HNQ instead of killing Lazers is that if we killed lazers, I planned to do it on a friday and then post a link to friday.
@Unionhawk Oh, no, just thinking about when I look at a question and see the HNQ list
Oh wait, are we talking about Arqade HNQ or network HNQ?
Oh Arqade HQN
Probably just Arqade, that makes more sense. NEVERMIND
7:28 PM
Network HNQ would be wild party time
Yeah, that was why I was concerned lol
actually that's given me an even better idea
Oh no
let's just make a feed for ALL questions across ALL SE sites.
HNQ, but all the links just go to Rebecca Black's Friday
@Wipqozn ...would it actually let you do that?
7:29 PM
@SaintWacko Even betterer
@SaintWacko oh 100%. not going to test it, but I doubt they setup any kind of limiting for it.
@Wipqozn Yikes
SE no doubt foolishly assumed the only people with power to do so in major rooms would be responsible!
@Wipqozn Ha! They clearly never met the Bridge
@Wipqozn NGL, I'm curious what that would do
How often does the feed post?
7:30 PM
but not in this room
@Nzall Break chat probably
@SaintWacko My gut says every 15 minutes, but I'm honestly not sure
I wonder how many network questions are posted in 15 minutes...
A crapton
SO is nuts
22 questions in the past 15 minutes
7:34 PM
Just from SO?
7:56 PM
@SaintWacko yes
@Wipqozn Dang
8:22 PM
My only issue with HNQ is that I actually have to look at main in order to see questions that obviously need closing.
8:35 PM
@MBraedley True, but I suspect questions will continue to be closed just fine without that.
Most close votes come from people outside this room.
9:10 PM
Q: Another way to deal with ID questions

GnemlockI have a particular unpopular opinion, when it comes to this site. I love game ID questions, and I don't think we should restrict them to requiring media artefacts. I know this has been well discussed, and my ship has passed; I respect the decision of the community. But.. we have other sites that...

@Wipqozn Would it be possible to make a quick post on Meta so there's a central point where we can provide feedback on the Lazers change in a way that's easier to track?
Just something saying "hey, we noticed that due to reduced activity in chat, the automated Lazers bot was being one of the most active users, and instead of just turning it off, we're going to try only having it share hot network questions. Please leave your feedback below"
9:59 PM
Q: Proposed Community Event: Wheres Gnemlock?

Gnemlockbefore I start, let me say. Long time lurker. I've gotten back into 'guide writing', of late, and its pushed me to start taking a more active role on here. I've been writing guides for games for as long as I've played games. I am really good at it; simply because I've had a lot of practice. I wor...

@MBraedley That is a good point
1 hour later…
11:26 PM
@Nzall We can, but it would make sense to just consult this room first.
And also I made the HNQ change for testing purposes, so it would also make sense to let this run for a few days and see the difference.

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