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12:28 AM
@SaintWacko Did something at E3 trigger this?
12:58 AM
Oct 28
I'd love to have a new a new PC in time for this, but I can't bring myself to pay the outrageous GPU prices
1:12 AM
Q: Mr DRILLER DrillLand - How to hurt Druaga in the Hole of Druaga?

WeebleIn the Hole of Druaga attraction in Mr DRILLER DrillLand, how do you fight Druaga, the boss? When you have fetched the key and unlocked the door, you enter a room where Tiara (Eguri), dressed as Druaga, confronts you. She hangs from strings and moves back and forth outside of your reach. I have m...

> The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series sees the first six incredible adventures get a pixel-perfect makeover.

Each #FinalFantasy title will release individually, and will be coming soon to Steam and mobile platforms.
This looks fantastic. Heroes of Might and Magic 3 was easily one of my most played games BACK IN THE DAY. This looks like a proper successor to it.
notice how IV, V and VI are there. Square is finally admitting that the Mobile Ports were a failure
@Memor-X I'm really disappointed this showed so little footage.
1:18 AM
@Wipqozn i've only seen this, if that's pixel perfect then might skip I, II and III. I and II looked better in Dawn of Souls and i liked how III gave some backstory to the characters rather than going back to the first game with 4 generic characters
but who knows, maybe there'll be a switch for I and II to get Dawn of Souls graphic which would be good for PC player who i don't think ever had a chance to play the first 2 without using emulators
just from the trailer it does look like it's just limited to the Chaos Shrine and the Warrior's of Light already know of Chaos though it seems they don't know the link between Garland and Chaos
but then again it could just be a small bit of it. the bootstrap paradox Garland created could lead into a separate timeline if the original 4 heroes were killed in Chaos's time period
i enjoyed the first one. since it looks like it's on a boat i can predict i'll not put down the anchor, pull the ship behind me as i go to get an item, pick it up and the boat drifts away
if this tweet is any bit correct i'm looking forward to what Falcom might announce
there's 3 Trails games coming out in japan but still hope to get a Ys V: Lost Kefin, Kingdom of Sand remake given how well i heard Ys IX: Monstrum Nox did
like a remake of Ys V would give them a good opportunity to fix up the plot of it which was detached from the rest of the games and did try to introduce Time Travel which has never been touched on again in any of the other games from what i hear
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2:55 AM
@Wipqozn The Sea of Thieves thing
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4:06 AM
Q: Minecraft "Unable to connect to world" on Wifi

codingCatI'm on vacation and part of the fun was supposed to be play minecraft with my son on our server. But whenever we attempt to connect we get the dreaded "Unable to connect to server message". We are playing Bedrock using ipads. Both iOs and mincraft are up to date. I have local network enabled in t...

Q: How exactly do I get pc games on ps5?

Big_ChungusI've heard something about deleting the kernel or something on the ps5 in order to be able to get pc games on ps5. The only pc game I want, the one in question, is Minecraft Java Edition because I see it far superior to Bedrock Edition. My manager was talking about how he did that to his Xbox in ...

4:40 AM
I've just signed up for Quora. I have a sneaking suspicion that some of our questions are getting carbon copied there
For example, there's no way that this question had the same wording by chance
5:20 AM
Q: I'm seeing gyms in Pokémon Go with pokémon that have Ridiculous CP numbers and I have no clue what they are

redstar1o1I'm a relatively new player to Pokemon Go but I do know the basics. That being said, I was out for a drive earlier today when I stumbled across a Gym at a church with a Pokemon that had a CP of over 48,000! Later I found another gym with another 48,000 CP pokemon in it and that's when I started w...

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6:35 AM
Q: Can recipe files be grouped?

JRBrosI'm creating add-ons. It has so many recipe files, so it is so tough to keep track of these. Can these recipe files be grouped in folders? or is there any other way?

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7:49 AM
Q: On a Nintendo Switch, why don't parental controls kill the game when the time limit is up?

hawkeyeNintendo Switch has a Parental Control system and corresponding app. You can also get daily reports: When playing Minecraft Online or Stardew Valley - the parental control Play Limit (set to 1 hour per day) doesn't kill the game at the end of the 1 hour. My question is: On a Nintendo Switch, why...

8:14 AM
Q: Flickering shadows in games

Daniel CanariaHello I would like to ask if there is a way to fix this flickering shadow. It appears in almost game that I'm playing. It's very weird. My Rig: Ryzen 3 3100 GT 1030 GDDR5 B450m mortar 8GB DDR4 RAM 720p Monitor Here's what it looks like in game. It's on the max set...

9:04 AM
Q: Golden Apple Archipelago, are you under the same sky?

SPArcheon In Teyvat, the stars in the sky will always have a place for you Since the game was released last year, Travelers have been looking at the sky. Soon, someone noticed something floating up there, a constant presence that will accompany you everywhere, every time. An island floating in the sky. ...

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11:08 AM
Q: New Vegas Steam Achievements Bethesda.Net

A.bakkerFallout New Vegas Ultimate edition is currently 50% off on the Bethesda.net launcher. If I buy it there can I just add it to my steam account and earn the (steam) achievements for FO:NV? Or do the achievements only work if I got a steam key for the game?

@Memor-X Yay!!! another project to work on! Split forces, FF7 remake part two will come on PS6 :P
11:33 AM
Q: Intelligence & Skill points in Fallout: New Vegas

A.bakkerIntelligence increase the rate you get spendable skill points per level, but what i am wondering is this retroactive? The calculation = 10 + (0.5 * Intelligence ) per level. So a level 10 character with 1 Intelligence would have 15 skill points And a level 10 character with 2 Intelligence would...

12:24 PM
Q: How do I get a block with data to place myself?

cherryblossomAre you looking for how to use /setblock with blocks with data? See this post. How do I get a block with data in my inventory so I can place it myself? In Java Edition, these commands work: give @s chest{BlockEntityTag:{Items:[{id:"diamond",count:10b}]}} give @s sign{BlockEntityTag:{Text1:"{\"text\

yeah seems suspect
There's a meta about this, one minute...
Q: Is Quora stealing questions / answers from Stack Exchange sites?

kojow7A while back I posted this question on Server Fault. I now see that it appears on Quora with both the question and answer copied from my question. Why is my question appearing there? Is Quora stealing from Stack Exchange? If so, for what purpose?

There's this... but not what I was looking for.
In anycase, you can report the stolen content to the stack exchange team via this form: gaming.stackexchange.com/contact
There's a dropdown option for "Stack Exchange content is being reproduced without attribution". I'd select that, then link to the Quora question, in addition to the one on our site.
12:47 PM
this one maybe?
Q: A site (or scraper) is copying content from Stack Exchange. What should I do?

PopsSince day one of Stack Overflow, all content posted on Stack Exchange sites by their users (i.e. you wonderful people) has been provided to the whole universe under the CC BY-SA license. For my fellow non-lawyers, that license basically means: Anyone can use any Stack Exchange posts at any time...

@SPArcheon maybe not. they got Team Ninja and Koei Techmo working on it. Square probably just licensed the IP to them and will publish
there may be some big named Square Staff involved but probably i would assume no one that would slow down Final Fantasy VII's development like last time
@Memor-X AH. So, another Final Fantasy 0?
@SPArcheon no that was still developed by Square
@Memor-X Yes I know, but Team Ninja + Koei I expect to go on the extreme action side.
Like: you expected FF, you got Metal Gear Rising.
@SPArcheon well going by the trailer it's going to be more real time action, sorta like NieR
12:58 PM
But... to be fair.... who cares?? Ps5 still can't be bought anywhere, so even if FF7 part two is delayed to past the universe thermal death date....
well don't know if Final Fantasy Origin is going to be a Playstation Exclusive or even a PS5 one
wait, never mind we know it wont
just checked the very end, PS4, PS5, XBOne, XBSeX and PC
PS4 looks kinda sus.....
so even if you can't get next gen, you have PC....assuming they don't shove DRM on it
probably end up like Mordor on ps3 (2 frames per second) or Cyberpunk on ps4 (even more unplayable)
PC.... I stopped playing on pc many years ago. Don't want to start again, too much work to make things work.
And when you get one thing working, the fix broke the rest.
maybe not. you can get some decent looking games still on the PS4. some people (mainly those who bitched bout God of War Rangarok being PS4/5) just want more PS5 focus to validate paying Scalpers for their PS5s
1:04 PM
@SPArcheon Exactly what I was looking for, thanks!
1:17 PM
@SPArcheon maybe not. i don't think Sony had any strict requirements for PS4 development and Cyberpunk had other issues. granted i don't have any examples to turn to since all i have in my head is either PS5 Exclusive or unreleased
@Memor-X Squaresoft... can be kinda horrible when they want to push some sales on a platform but couldn't care less about selling something actually playable.
See Nier Automata on PC.
So, that PS4 release could very probably be a downgrade that is pushed just for additional income, with no real interest in making it good.
I am kinda suspicious, but... we will see, there is time.
2:07 PM
Surviving Mars is free on Humble Bundle
@Batophobia Already got my copy
@Batophobia Very cool game
2:23 PM
@SPArcheon How long ago is "many years ago"? I haven't had a modern game be problematic in a LONG while, unless you count that one time a Ubisoft game I bought on the EGS wouldn't start properly after install and I had to redownload it from the Ubisoft store
or that one time AC:Valhalla would crash shortly after starting because of Razer Cortex
@Nzall probably Oblivion era.
but again, kinda lazy, it is a sum of multiple things.
@SPArcheon so, like 2006? That's 15 years. Since then, PC gaming has come a long way, and games these days are automatically downloaded, installed and patched and they're thoroughly tested on various setups.
Keep the pc updated, pc market having moved basically to full digital, stupid launchers/stores/DRM (Steam can go to Mars and stay there if you ask me, and don't get me started with the [redacted] of the EA store) etc etc etc....
The fact that I work on Microsoft all day may also contribute
The less I have to see Windows in my free time, the better....
@SPArcheon And you think those things don't happen on Console? You need to update your PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and what you regularly as well, games get updated regularly as well, and console manufacturers are pushing digital distribution more and more. And there are loads of games these days that require a 3rd party account to play on console
3:16 PM
Q: Does Gym defending pokemons automatically get kicked out for a specific condition without getting invaded?

Subha Jeet SikdarI live in a small town where exists 6 Gyms and 18 Pokestops. Since a week I have been noticing that 2 of those 6 gyms are malfunctioning, or maybe I am wrong... Now let's come to the main point... So story of 5 days ago, I captured all of the 6 gyms. So today 4 of the 6 Pokemons got kicked out. O...

Okay, who's got my E3 weekend rundown? Or should I just wait until Wednesday morning?
There's going to be a Pirates of the Caribbean expansion type thing for Sea of Thieves
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5:31 PM
cc @Yuuki probably
6:10 PM
Q: How do you gain treasure from fishing?

Banana97286I know that you can gain treasure from fishing, (Saddles, enchanted books, enchanted bows etc.) but what is the criteria for collecting treasure? Does fishing in a specific biome count? Also, what are the chances of catching treasure (And how much it multiplies with the Luck of the Sea enchantmen...

6:35 PM
Q: Specified effect data

SoupMoth _I’m making something that effects a person with the amplifier accordingly to what amount the score is. (So if the score is 5 you get poison 5) Is it possible to contain all of this in one command block without the use of redstone/comparators or functions

7:49 PM
Q: Why are my seeds disappearing?

KorogueI was playing Minecraft when I planted and bonemealed some seeds, then broke them, only to see that my seed drop disappeared and I was left with only a piece of wheat. I searched my whole entire inventory, but there were no seeds, and I had no hoppers or hopper minecarts nearby that could have po...

Q: minecraft servers not loading mods

SoftMcDonaldsi created a miecraft server but when i get in and put a modded block it gets deleted from my inventory and i it disepears i tried soo many thigs that i saw on youtube but nothing works and when i lunch the forge universal folder yk it do like a loading thing and for every mod they told me that it...

8:17 PM
@Wipqozn ooo
8:46 PM
I'm hoping Sony responds with a PS5 panini press
8:58 PM
> Yes, this is really happening.
Q: Minecraft not loading

Banana97286Just now, I decided to play Minecraft, so, I got my Nintendo Switch, turned it on, and went into the game. Before that, I was playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, so I had to close that and then go into the game. When I went into the game, it showed me the regular screen (By "Regular Screen" I mean the s...

Capcom showcase in 30ish minutes
9:24 PM
oh wait nmow 40ish
IGN just does a silly pre show
9:39 PM
@Wipqozn please click the accept button thank
@Unionhawk right I knew there was soemthing I needed to do today
I even plan to submit a screenshot this weeka nd everything
2 hours later…
11:34 PM
Q: How do I stop spore blossoms from creating particles everywhere?

Dind1nI want to either stop spore blossoms from creating particles, or reduce the distance from the spore blossom that the particles can spawn.


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