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12:46 AM
Q: Why is Story mode not available on MK11

Harry IguanaI am trying to unlock the character Frost, but when I go to story mode on Mk11 it is blurred out in red. My question, 1. If I uninstall the game and redownload all the packages will it work? 2. If I do uninstall the game and get it back will I retain my gold, skins and such?

1:12 AM
Q: Minecraft Datapack tags not working (Traveler's Backpack mod, adding items to the accepted_tools tag)

Morgan BNever made a datapack before, bear with me. 1.16.5, trying to add items to a tag list for Traveler's Backpacks. When I issue /datapack enabled list, it shows me my file, but then my items don't behave as if they have the tag. The file's setup is as follows: datapacks\tb_toolsplus\data\toolsplus\t...

I just flew to the UK so I could play RE Village a few hours early.
Definitely not using a VPN or anything. That'd be wrong.
(in-game photography, Assassin's Creed Valhalla)
I decided to peek at Netflix while VPN'd to the UK at Nicolas Cage's "Ghost Rider" is in the top 10 list on Netflix in that region.
@Sterno Damn it @fredley
@Sterno I'm playing that after it finish with Pokémon Snap, which will probably be next week.
Looks like quite a bit of fun. Seems to take heavy inspiration from RE4.
@bwDraco As in, it's got a screenshot feature built into the game?
The game has a photo mode.
1:22 AM
Those seem to be becoming increasingly common.
The native image is 5120x2880 (1440p at 2x resolution scale).
It's excessively compressed IMO.
@Sterno Okay but how much of that is other Americans using a VPN to watch UK Netflix?
I approach the photo mode from my real-world background as a photographer who used to shoot collegiate sports semi-professionally...
2:06 AM
@Sterno i mean, it's cheesy but it's all right. like campy '90s action good
and sam elliott's always great, though criminally wasted in that movie
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3:46 AM
Q: How do I dodge the curving attacks?

Shadow Z.In Everhood, I can never seem to grasp how to dodge the attacks that curve from side to side as they move forward. It feels like they do not make sense in their movement patterns. How should I go about dodging them?

4:12 AM
Q: How do I counter headwinds in the flying minigame?

StevoisiakAfter Chibiteratsu recovers Kurow's wings, you fly towards a city in the clouds with a minigame that involves countering gusts of wind. I can counter left and right winds by drawing loops in the opposite direction, but how do I counter headwinds that blow me backwards?

4:24 AM
uhhh... professor, i'm like 80% sure that's not a friendly game of tag
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5:55 AM
Q: Why does Jedi: Fallen Order runs so smooth?

Mauro Gilibertidisclaimer: I'm new to PC gaming and this question may be dumb, but I couldn't find anything online Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order isn't a game known for its optimization. My friend, playing with a GTX1050Ti, warned me of this, saying he could push it to 45 fps on medium. I decided to give it a try...

6:21 AM
Q: 300: March to Glory - How to kill Wicker Grunts?

TravelerVihaanHow to kill Wicker Grunts in 300: March to Glory (PSP)? The game gave me tip, that I should stun them or make damage by counterattacks, but I have no idea how to stun them. I also cannot execute counterattacks. How to do that?

Q: How do I search photos by player ID?

StevoisiakOnline profile pages in New Pokémon Snap list a unique ID under the player’s name. Can I search for a player’s photos if I know their player ID?

Q: How do I make a redstone lamp flash with a 50% duty cycle?

ExpertCoder14Story I am using a two-hopper redstone clock to make a redstone lamp blink on and off as an indicator. The hopper clock looks like this: The lamp is supposed to blink on and off at a constant rate to indicate to the user that the item that the lamp represents requires important attention. Proble...

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10:13 AM
Q: Leveling armor with the Aethereal Crown

EJSIn this question I don't care about perks, enchantments or armor value. I only care about how fast the skills level up. We assume that the following buffs are in play: Lover's Comfort Relevant Guardian Stone Wearing more heavy armor pieces increases the speed at which the skill levels, However ...

Q: How to get race icon in Starcraft Remastered?

alexd84Some players have a nice icon like T/P/Z in ladder (see attached image). But i cant find it among available portraits to equip. Could you please advice how to get this nice icon?

10:51 AM
Some will get it I guess.
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11:56 AM
Q: Can enemies see the current keystone of Omnistone

EugeneWhen you use Prototype: Omnistone rune, can the enemy see the current keystone?

2 hours later…
1:39 PM
Q: What kind of tarot is used in Persona 5?

Fredy31I'm currently replaying P5 with my SO and she likes all that tarot stuff. And as you know, tarot cards are an element within the game. But my SO was telling me that some cards seem right, but others seem completely created for the game or at least modified. I know there are load of different vari...

2:05 PM
Q: Geometry dash question about daily level

Sci-FiWhen I go to the daily level, it sometimes says Unknown and when I go into it, It'll show the actual name of the song, Why?

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3:48 PM
@Ronan This game has more courses than I realized. I stopped at the Volcano, and focused on leveling up research. I've got 7 maxed, so decided to revisit the Volcano...and oh boy. There's a whole other Island I wasn't expecting.
I continue to be blown away by the amount of content. There's so much more compared to the original.
The annoying thing I found about that is that some of the courses are drastically different on different research levels, but it's not obvious which ones get you specific behaviours
@Ronan Yeah, you can only get 4-star Arbok on Level 1 Jungle, I think.
I was trying to do requests yesterday and I kept running into situations where I couldn't get a photo because I needed to swap levels
I'm sure there's other examples as well.
Also some of the requests seem needlessly specific to me, like I have an example of the thing they're talking about but not the right thing apparently
4:02 PM
The requests really just seem to be the games idea of a hint system.
I mostly just ignore them unless I'm really scratching my head trying to fill out research.
Yeah but the completionist in me want to get them
i'm kinda disappointed they stayed with the on-rails pod system though
I think the on rails stuff is fine, I'd just like to be able to stop moving
yeah, but i was hoping for more of a nature photographer vibe
4:18 PM
Every other photography game I've seen you get a weird everything is ignoring you situation, which I guess you don't get if you're physically separated in a pod and can't get right up in there
Pokemon snap but you can walk anywhere but the pokemon will knock you out if you get too close
@Ronan I'll try to 100% them at some point, but not until I've maxed out research and have filled out my Photodex. Again, barring me needing some help. Essentially since they act like hints, I try to ignore them until they the hint part doens't matter.
@Yuuki I'm really glad they kept it. It's part of the charm for me.
Being able to come to a complete stop would be nice though.
Although again, I suppose that factors into the difficulty. Need to be fast. Sonic fast.
5:05 PM
Q: How should I beat Empress of Light in Terraria?

FieryPhoenixI am having so much trouble with Empress of light. How should I go about beating her? I can't beat Moon Lord,so his gear is out of question, I have beetle armor, a Celestial Shell, Mothron wings, and a comic car key. My friend has the same stuff as me, with Vampire Knifes. How can I improve my bu...

5:57 PM
Q: How far away can I be from tamed pets before they stop teleporting to me?

PausePauseI've established a small base on an island where wolves and cats do not spawn. If I want to tame a wolf I'll need to take a boat on a long journey to a forest and wait one to spawn. I could load my soon-to-be-tamed-wolf in a boat, but that would mean I'd have to make another long trip if I wanted...

@Unionhawk I'm not sure I understand what's going on here
@Nzall boaty is psyching himself up for an inferno attempt and a man with rune armor and a rune longsword just jumped into the pit
the inferno is the hardest pvm challenge in the game
@Unionhawk And rune equipment is low level I assume?
Relatively speaking yes, you normally want like, ranged equipment
especially since the final boss is across a lava moat
6:09 PM
So that's like, literally bringing a knife to a gunfight
To be fair he might be going for the music track unlock for music cape
or to be in a funny clip
in either case that mission is accomplished
6:22 PM
Q: Confusing Data Center Effect

Nicki ZubalyOn the Wiki page, The Data Center lists scienceMaxCompendia with a value of 1000 as an effect. What does this mean?

7:04 PM
Speaking of OSRS, this made it onto my popular feed:
Q: Will water flowing directly downwards hydrate my farm?

PausePauseI'm living on an island and trying to play with all the constraints that entails - foremost being a lack of space to build things. I want to create a farm so I don't need to rely on mob spawns for my food but the lack of island space means I'll need to build my farm upwards rather than outwards. ...

1 hour later…
8:36 PM
Oh nice, I got a Foil Steam Trading card that's worth almost 2.5 EUR
9:23 PM
Q: Why is Ethan winters the protagonist in RE 7

user15493He’s new and unrelated to S. T. A. R. S. or umbrella isn’t he? So why bring a random person as the main character?

10:14 PM
Q: Does this character die in Resident Evil 7?

user15493I finished the main storyline and he didn’t die or get infected to my recollection, but something I've learned recently is that

Q: Tatiana fight keeps looping the same phase

StevoisiakI keep getting stuck in a loop on the Tatiana fight after she jumps up to a platform and shouts about “rapid expansion of the city”. Tatiana will jump down from her platform, I hit her until she’s vulnerable and throw a key at her. She then teleports back to her platform, repeats her rant about e...


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