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1:04 AM
Been playing FF14 lately with my spouse and gosh, its really fun
I love that I can play with a controller, I love how many little accessibility tweaks I can make for myself, plus it is just....good
@Ash FF14 is fun. What class you playing as?
2:06 AM
Q: Is there any way to play Unity games that were released as only a .exe and have not been updated to include a UnityPlayer.dll in the download?

Sanskar JainI don't know if this is the right place for this question, though if it isn't, I'd kindly ask you to redirect me to where I can ask it. I need to play an obscure small-scale indie game called Offbeat for a school project. It's at https://gameheads.itch.io/offbeat. But when I downloaded the files ...

2:56 AM
Q: What are these files for in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky?

Memor-XI was downloading EVO Upgrade mods for The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky The 3rd from https://mikutsubasa.wixsite.com/shinelikechestelle/downloads-tc after having used the SC ones. while downloading the Third Chapter Movies and BGM files i saw that the number of batch files didn't match to ...

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5:57 AM
68 messages moved to Sandbox
ROs can do that too, btw. Though IDK if any of them are active at this moment ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@hyper-neutrino Thank you.
4 hours later…
10:10 AM
Q: Wayfarer Accepted pokestop is not live

Subha Jeet SikdarI submitted 2 pokestops on 1 may 2021 and all 2 pokestops got approval in my niantic account, after 24 hours when I checked whether they are live in game or not, I have noticed that the 2nd pokestop nomination is live but the first pokestop nomination, even after being accepted, is missing in the...

10:36 AM
Q: What does it mean for a game to be a skinner box?

aphidI've recently seen the term skinner box thrown around more often as a derogatory term by reviewers for free-to-play games that use predatory practices to encourage players to spend more money than they actually intend to. The term seems to originate from the research of a well-known biologist, B....

10:59 AM
Mind if I upload some pictures of the damage of my bed?
You can't force a meme
Motor, still attached to bed
left end of motor casing, currently not attached to the rest of the motor.
11:52 AM
Q: Trying to guess a helicopter shooting game I played as a child

d4rk4ng31This was one of my favourite games which I played as a child. In the game, you had to select a helicopter at the beginning, which you had to use to complete the level. The Ammo was infinite and there were different kinds of weaponry available which could be interchanged by collecting the particul...

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1:57 PM
ok first of all
Q: Where did the term "proct" originate from, and what does it mean?

jitterI've wondered this for a while. From what I've seen, when you "proct" something in a video game, it means to make something RNG based occur consistently. So if something "procts" every time, you're making something RNG based happen forcefully (usually through a glitch, or similar). I want to know...

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3:12 PM
@TimPost That actually gives me a fantastic idea!
room topic changed to The Bridge: General Arqade chat, wherein local man forgot where clause in update statement. [--gaming] [jin-fanclub] [lazers] [murder] [-politics] [-stars] [-where]
@Batophobia Sounds like you can only share games with friends via codes. As in, no online sharing portal like Mario Maker. Lame. Looks nifty though. STill hoping for a Zelda Maker myself...
@Wipqozn There's a lite version of Zelda Maker in the Link Awakening remake
@PrivatePansy I know, but you can't actually share anything. Basicaly that just felt like a trial run for a full blown maker.
Plus all you can do is place pre-made rooms.
Full blown would allow customization and what not.
AND what not?
I don't think I could handle what not
What not is the best part though
tasty tasty what not
3:22 PM
Just got a mail from my day center. I need to be at the vaccination center at 1 PM on the 19th of May
3:54 PM
@Wipqozn Hmmm, well making fun Zelda dungeons are hard. Then again the same applies to Mario level so maybe?
All of you are banned
Q: Lag on old PC games until a gamepad is connected

Joseph BraunsteinSome older Windows XP games are running very slow on my Windows 10 PC. However, if a gamepad is connected before the game boots, it runs at full speed. It doesn't matter whether the game even uses gamepad input, mostly with GameMaker games. Example game to try Video showing the problem In the abo...

4:10 PM
@Unionhawk That's what happens when you forget to use a WHERE statement when deciding who to ban
4:46 PM
Q: Where am I this Week? Challenge #3

Joshua BizleyWelcome to the third challenge thread in the "Where am I?" series. A "Where am I?" challenge involves posting a screenshot from a game and having other users guess in the comments what game it is and where in the game you are. If the game supports turning off the HUD, you are welcome to do that t...

4:59 PM
Moderators trying to ban themselves is a lot like Hermione Granger trying to take herself out with magic. Sparks and sparkles everywhere, a little screaming and maybe your clothes get a little wrinkled but other than that nothing really happens.
I think the preferred option here to defeat yourself as mod is to put the room in lockdown for 99999 minutes, and only then notice that there isn't an actual option to remove the lockdown in the menu.
Q: Format of "Where am I this Week?"

Joshua BizleyThis thread exists to help us agree on the precise format of the "Where am I this Week" series going forward, and to provide justification for edits made when the format isn't followed. Anyone can propose an alternate format or suggest changes to one. The community should use the highest-voted an...

5:26 PM
@Ronan no this was using WHERE 1=1
5:39 PM
But you never even considered that two is just a REALLY HIGH value of one, did ya? Nope.
5:52 PM
Q: Why doesnt this work?

Sci-FiIm trying to make this command thingand it doesnt work? It has /enchant @p sharpness 1 and execute @p ^ ^ ^ particle minecraft:endrod ^ ^1.6 ^3, why wont it work?

6:26 PM
@TimPost 1 = 2 if you dont mind dividing by 0
7:10 PM
Q: Give a custom item_frame item a special ID I can later use to target with /data

ch4rl1e97G'Afternoon, So I'm trying to /minecraft:give myself an item_frame item that has some sort of special id/name that I can later use /data (or /execute then data) on in order to switch specifically those item frames to being invisible (or visible). That is to say, I should later on be able to run a...

Q: How do I set up two different groups of dimensions on Minecraft?

SimonI'm trying to make a Minecraft server on Minehut that has two groups of dimensions (overworld, nether, end). One group will be for survival only, while the other group will allow all game modes. In addition, I want it set up so that ender chests can't sync between those two groups, and your inven...

1 hour later…
8:27 PM
Q: How do I leave a clan

ryan leonardHow do I leave a clan in StarCraft 2? I have tried / chat commands and right click profiles, maybe I just cant find the right button or the right word to use when leaving.

1 hour later…
9:42 PM
@Wipqozn I'm a Marauder
@Ash I'm so happy you're a tank. You're always the tank in my Etrian Odyessy parties.
@Wipqozn yaaaay
I should play FFXIV again
10:03 PM
@SaintWacko Just get Sushi instead
@Wipqozn Man, there's a place near me that serves sushi and Pho
@SaintWacko Both? That's a bit odd, they come from completely different countries
The Amazon results for REsident Evil Village are, uh, interesting!
@SaintWacko Do it
@PrivatePansy I've got a Vietnam Chinese combo place near me as well.
Pretty sure the owners are Vietnamese, and just went the combo root since Chinese is more popular.
I mean, "chinese" lol
Most chinese food you find in North America isn't really chinese food
10:58 PM
six points
six points from getting a research level
@Ash i definitely enjoy that they made it very accessible (at least as far as MMORPGs go) for controllers
11:29 PM
@PrivatePansy Right?
I love it though. I can get a tray of sushi and a bowl of surprisingly good pho in one stop
@Wipqozn Chinese and Vietnamese food are at least close enough that you can see some similarities, but Japan and Vietnam are a bit more further removed ha
11:53 PM
Q: No multiplayer on total war?

Turk HillI downloaded a total war game on steam today to play multiplayer but on the main menu is only allows for a single-player mode. Any way to fix this to allow local, online multiplayer? Thanks.

Q: How do I make arrows despawn faster?

alt xHere is some context: I've made some command block code to make lightning arrows. However, I want the arrows to instantaneously despawn after an arrow is shot. How do I do this? Here is the command block code if you need it. execute at @e[type=minecraft:arrow] run summon minecraft:lightning_bolt


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