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12:15 AM
@Ash Yeah it's great
12:38 AM
Jan 5 '20 at 10:29, by Memor-X
i just spent an hour and a half on one world in Creeper World 3 which because of "Unstable Subspace Slip Emitters" and the centre fortress, it ended up looking like that scene from Starship Troopers when they are defending the fort, minus Creeper piling up against the walls to then overwhelm the guns
i had better be able to do that in it
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2:45 AM
Q: On the new game released by DVloper (the twins) I want info on where they spawn, Anyone know?

user272005I need to know where the twins(bob and buck)and granny and grandpa spawn, I’ve already checked on the wiki and read some of the comments and watched a few YouTube videos but can’t find specific locations, if anyone could provide info that would be very helpful, also if anyone would take the time ...

3:10 AM
Q: Where are the most convenient places to farm for wood?

sayuBy "convenient" I mean, relatively close to a nearby teleporter. Looking for advice on good locations that have a good cluster of a specific type of tree or perhaps a few different types of trees close to each other. If anything, what are some great spots to farm trees at?

3:58 AM
best tip is to measure the bowl over your head first. if you can wear the bowl as a hat you can wear the Tortilla Chip Hat
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5:12 AM
Q: Do patrols despawn?

DarkPhoenixI have a doubt whether patrols despawn, and if yes, after how much time do they despawn. I am asking this because one patrol has been following me forever. They do not seem to despawn. My version is Java edition 1.16.5. I have googled it and never found an answer.

5:23 AM
Hooray, the ice age is finally over! Now to just wait for the volcanic winter to end...
5:36 AM
Q: GTX 970 stopped working, but GT 710 works

Speedracer1702I tried connecting my computer to a projector and my GTX 970 stopped working. It doesn't work on boot, WIndows or Ubuntu. But when I put GT 710 (same and the only PCI slot), that works. My setup is as follows- Motherboard: zebronics zeb h61 (I know, not conventional) Power Supply: EVGA 500 W Note...

6:01 AM
Q: use JsonReader.set(true) in minecraft snapshot 21w18a?

Hibees234I am having trouble using command: bossbar add 53 (Ender Dragon id number) Ender Dragon and it shows Use JsonReader.set(true). Please help I think its because its on a snapshot, You cannot join servers on snapshots.

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7:38 AM
Q: Which mobile game featuring a blue car is this?

DAF These screenshots of a mobile game I have found recently which looks cool. What is the name of this game? And for which platform is this game available, Android or IOS?

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10:04 AM
Q: How does Genshin Impact integrate with the PSN (co-op, friends list, etc)?

SPArcheonThis is a question that came to mind while chatting in one of the network chatrooms about a recent event in the game that will force players to play random co-op to be able to participate Apparently this caused a lot of mixed felling from the player base, with angry posts on various topics (secur...

10:36 AM
possible "leak" of Fort Condor Mini Game for Part 2?
like i'm not aware of any of the new Final Fantasy VII side projects that this would fit into
sorta seems like......whatever the genre is that Clash Royal is
11:17 AM
Q: What is the fastest SUV in GTA online?

DAFWhich one is the fastest SUV in GTA online till Cayo Perico Heist update (release date December 15th, 2020)?

Q: Where do the plastic boxes for screw containers come from?

Mason WheelerScrews are one of the earliest things you gain the ability to produce in Satisfactory, and boy do you ever need to produce them! They're likely to be one of your main bottlenecks for quite some times as you climb the tech tree, and you'll quickly become more familiar than you ever wanted to be w...

12:06 PM
Q: How can teleport(tp) to launched firework rocket?

JEO indeveloping Plugins. (using Eclipse) I just want to make villager to teleport to launched firework Rocket. [Algorithm] when PLAYER left-clicked Villager, then, firework Rocket is launched at Villager's location, and the villager teleport to the rocket repeatedly until finish that firework. [My ...

1:05 PM
Q: Showing +20 near my reputation even though it isn't added

DarkPhoenix I have a +20 symbol near my reputation of 85. But it isn't added to my reputation. Please clarify what it is. Thank you!

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2:31 PM
Q: How do I disable fireworks on the main menu in 1.15.0?

StevoisiakBeat Saber's 3rd anniversary update (1.15.0) added fireworks to the game's main menu that go off every time you start the game. Is there any way to disable these firework sound effects?

3:31 PM
Q: Close-reopen war on "Where do the plastic boxes for screw containers come from?"

SF.Where do the plastic boxes for screw containers come from? This is a game lore question - asking if devs mentioned explanation for the presence of plastic bags for screws, long before plastic is developed by the player. Wrigglenite first closed it a couple hours ago as a question belonging to Gam...

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4:48 PM
@Nzall honestly, my gut reaction was "is this loss?"
Q: How can one play War Thunder without STEAM?

BenI've installed War Thunder using STEAM, but I'm running into issues with the Steam platform and wish to continue playing the same installation of War Thunder anyway. I'm on a Windows 10 machine. I see some WT and Gaijin directories, but it's not clear how to execute the program. Ideas?

5:23 PM
@Yuuki When you say "was", does that mean you think it's loss? Or do you not know what it is
Because I can tell you, it's not loss
@Nzall no, i get it. who do you think i am?
@Yuuki our resident pun-dit
5:46 PM
Q: Transferring add ons

Katy EvansMy daughter has a ps4 that was my partners. She has her own network added now as it was only his before! She has sims on his network with many add ons and expansion packages. Is there any way for her to transfer the game and add ons from his network to hers, as he still plays on his network on a ...

6:10 PM
Q: Where can I see how many Key Codes I have created?

David YellSeason 14 I can spend Ether on the Splicer Gauntlet to create Key Codes to open the chests in Override. However I have not found anywhere which tells me how many of these I have. With last seasons Hammer, it was slotted so you knew if you should do the seasonal activity or not. This season I can...

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7:47 PM
Q: Which crosspath is better overall for a 4-0-0 alch

Parkerdaboss216So, a bit of backstory: I've been using 4-2-0 alchs for buffing because when you get perishing potions, it buffs brews and stims, but every YouTuber I've seen uses 4-0-2 alchs for buffing because it throws them out more often. so I've been wondering if one is better. 4-2-0 is quality over quantit...

8:36 PM
Q: unable to play newest version of minecraft

cyanSo, i have an Mac OS X Yosemite computer, ive been wanting to play the newest version of minecraft for AGES. Any time i go above the version of 1.12.2 it gives me the exit code 0. I have little to no technology knowledge. I have the newest version of java. Even if i try to play 1.13 it gives me e...

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9:41 PM
Just beat the final boss in Returnal, the bosses were all not that hard, but getting to them was
Q: Minecraft Forge 1.8 Installer won't launch

Jason L I am very experienced with downloading forge and modpacks for quite some time now however recently I have been getting an issue when I try to install specifically Forge Version 1.8 and 1.7.10. It downloads perfectly fine however when I open the java file, the java installer crashes and I get...

10:13 PM
Q: Somethings wrong with my undertale game copy

AceOfSpadesSO I FINISHED THE SANS BOSS FIGHT LIKE A BAD ASS i know i know im amazing. Although when i got to where flowey was he just started laughing making the asriel flowey face thing then the dark twisted face you see omega flowey make, the game crashed then i rebooted my save and sans wasnt there to fi...

@MadScientist How was the game overall?
The combat is very good, a bit too randomly hard at times but that is almost part of the genre. The story is a bit too cryptic for my taste, but from what I read there is a second ending I haven't reached yet.
The save situation is seriously annoying if it affects you, for me it doesn't matter, but it's a big limitation
@MadScientist I'll be able to leverage rest mode, but by the time I get to it I'm hoping they'll have addressed it. June or July, probably.
The game opens up significantly in the later parts in terms of weapons and weapon traits, it's a bit too limited in the first biome where I got stuck at first
It does get a bit crazy random in how powerful some weapon traits are, but that's again not unusual for roguelikes
They almost killed my save with one patch, but I got lucky
The permanent progression elements are stronger than I thought at first, mostly because they only really come into play if you get ahead quite a bit into the game. But at its core its more of a roguelike than a rogue-lite
10:38 PM
apparently the power rangers fighting game is doing a street fighter crossover?
11:02 PM
Q: How to remove the blurry effect around the player in Minecraft RTX?

VincentWhenever I play on Minecraft (Bedrock edition) for Windows 10 with Ray Tracing turned on, I have a weird blurry effect that appears starting from 4-5 blocks away from me. Here's a screenshot: As I said, this feels odd and doesn't look good at all. When playing with RTX turned off, this effect di...

11:26 PM
Q: My Custom Skin pack wont import or showup

toomanynotificationsI have been trying to create a custom skinpack for about 2 days now but every time I go to import it it always does "Failed to import 'Dream Smp Skin Pack' duplicate pack detected. My skins.json code is { "geometry": "skinpacks/skins.json", "skins": [ { "localization_name": "BBH", ...


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