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12:11 AM
Q: I was attempting to run a minecraft server on 1.8.9 on my raspberry pi. I followed a tutorial and when I attempted to run it is gave this message

baconmanDoes anyone have any idea what is causing this and how to fix it? I am not familiar with Linux and would like some help/

12:32 AM
@Memor-X also Koei Tecmo is having a sale on Steam so you can pick up the other Atelier games cheaper (you can't get the original Mysterious Trilogy from anymore, Humble still has them but at the normal price)
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7:18 AM
Q: Minecraft Server crashing overnight (using too many threads?)

Lauri ToikkaOkay, i can't seem to find any articles related to my problem, so i'm asking here. So, i have a google cloud VM, which has one core and one thread (checked with lscpu | egrep 'Model name|Socket|Thread|NUMA|CPU\(s\)' and 3.6Gi of RAM) So usually the server works fine, aside from some of the plugin...

7:33 AM
@Wrigglenite You can ignore stealth for most of the game if you want to. That does require a better understanding of the game mechanics though, I relied quite a bit on stealth in my first playthrough, and almost never used it when I replayed.
I can see that being the case
Some mechanics around the weapns and machine weaknesses aren't explained very well inside the game, those make quite a difference and allow you to play much more aggressive
I've been playing on Ultra Hard so that probably has something to do with it as well
Ultra hard is also tuned for NG+, not really for a first playthrough
The DLC weapons and mod can also change the difficulty quite a bit (though the enemies in the DLC are strong enough to negate that again)
I assume those are the boxes I got for free?
Haven't opened those yet
7:38 AM
The weapons you buy with bluegleam
and then there are some non-random mods in side and main quests of the DLC that are very strong
Yeah, mods really seem to make a huge difference
I haven't found anything to do with bluegleam yet, I assume that's in the Cut
I've been slowly making my way through the main game first
I did get the... Lodge Blast Sling, I think it's called
Yeah, I've not done much stealth in HZD
Understanding fire and freeze mechanics helps quite a lot
7:40 AM
I often cheesed enemies by standing at range
I didn't understand those at first
@Nzall I try not to do this but I found a corrupted zone with two Rockbreakers and it's like... what else am I supposed to do?
and I didn't use triple shot in my first playthrough, it's really good though (and greatly amplified by the DLC weapons)
That are some of the most difficult enemies outside the DLC
Though I have to say I just rushed through the main questlines. I didn't do any sidequests or special zones once I got the quest to go to Meridian, and I didn't face many issues
Ended up just sniping the fuel tanks, worked well since corrupted machines are weak to fire
But it didn't feel very satisfying
7:43 AM
I have so many games that trying to 100% them all would be insanity
So generally I just focus on the main questline
I didn't find rockbreakers really fun, but they're also very rare and optional enemies
Thunderjaws are much more fun
And if I'm too low level for that quest, I'm doing some sidequests
@MadScientist My first encounter with one involved being oneshot repeatedly
that's why the first thing you do is to shoot off the disc launchers ;-)
I had to tear off every single piece before I had a fighting chance
Launchers, machine guns, even the tail
7:46 AM
I really recommend freeze for most big machines
Back when I played, I feel like my biggest accomplishment was defeating 2 of those massive underground machines at the same time in close proximity. I think those are rockbreakers? not sure
It doesn't look like the disc launcher can crit when hitting the heart though?
@MadScientist Honestly I mostly don't try triggering statuses unless a machine is weak to it, it takes a lot of hits in Ultra Hard
Ultra hard on first playthrough is really a different game
I'm also not entirely sure how the canister explosions affect the machine
Some machines are inflicted with the status immediately, some are not
The Thunderjaw is supposed to resist shock, but hitting the power cells stuns it immediately
While I can't freeze a Stormbird by exploding the freeze canisters
It's not too clear
I assume there's a certain threshold you need to hit, and it's not the same for every machine, and canister explosions simply deal a certain amount of status damage
I'm a weird gamer. I play all my games on the lowest difficulty it offers, ostensibly because I just want to experience the storyline, but then I skip most optional story elements like side quests, lore objects and dialog options, and I play my games in 30 minute bursts per day and often skip several days between play sessions, leading to me forgetting what happened last time I played
7:59 AM
That sounds like a busy gamer
Not really. I do a regular 9-5. I think I was just conditioned to play like this because when I was in boarding school in high school, we were only allowed to play 30 minutes at a time. I've found that either I play for 30 minutes or I end up playing for hours at a time
8:13 AM
@SaintWacko true, but thing like flight are programmed to not work so either jumping was purposely left as an option or they didn't realized it could be used in this case.
That room has special code to simulate gravity.
8:25 AM
@SPArcheon I think it was simply because at the time the OP accepted the answer, my answer was -1, while the other was 0, so it was the first one the OP saw, I guess.
8:42 AM
@Ben yes, probably - the thing that throw me off was the original claim that your answer didn't contain the info that the other answer reposted
8:54 AM
Q: How to have multiple gamemodes from the same server

andyI am looking to build a large server. So the requirements are that I will have spawn server that will then have ways to teleport you to other servers for there 9wn spawns like sky block smp factions etc now my research says bungee cord for this. But each of them server will run more servers for t...

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1:59 PM
@SPArcheon Oh, true
Q: I'm new to coding, can I code a command block into a .json datapack?

NuggetzillaSo, I started coding very recently and I'm trying to create a few custom things for me and my friends. But one of the things I want to do requires me to run a command from Minecraft, [To be exact the command "/time add 5"] But how would I code it in so that Minecraft will run that command..?

Q: Connection lost on joining server

Banned for existingYes yes i try to join aterno server with some fabric mods. I join but then after a few seconds it just... Dont. Its gets the "Connection Lost" Error. Its the only server im having this problem. HELP.

2:58 PM
Q: How do I transfer a minecraft server backup to another server?

Lucas McLartySo a few friends and I made a server and my birthday is coming up where I will get a paid server instead of a free one from freemcserver.net. How do I transfer the world to the new server? The server isn't made yet but when it does get made I want to know how

3:22 PM
so i was looking through my wishlist and saw something was majorly discounted, went to the store page, and then it turns out recent reviews are trending mostly negative
looks like the devs recently introduced required third-party authorization (linking your Steam account with their own website)
for a singleplayer game
3:42 PM
not the first time i've seen a single player game require third party authentication
still don't like it
also not the first time i heard of a game getting a retrospective update which added it as i heard Evoland's recent update got a new launcher which acts as DRM so i stopped all updates for it and isolated the game files i have on "backup"
probably a benefit of how Valve had pushed updates for games on Steam, you can find out if an upcoming update is shit and stop it before it starts and gets to the point where they game wont play until you finish the update
4:10 PM
Q: How does Armamentarium interact with Surplus?

William Walker IIIThe Surplus perk gives increased handling, stability, and reload speed for each of your three cooldown abilities (grenade, melee, class) that are fully charged. Armamentarium is an Exotic Titan Chestplate that gives you an extra grenade charge. I see three possible scenarios, but have no idea whi...

4:59 PM
Q: How can I make some blocks unbreakable in Minecraft but some aren't?

CiurkitboyNSo I want to build a map where the blocks in spawn can't be broken but if you place a block you can break that block but you still can't break the default blocks kind of like BedWars on Hypixel. I thought this was a duplicate of the existing ones but it seems like those would make it so that you ...

Q: Dualshock4 working only on cable

user270947Couldn't find solution to my problem so making a new thread. My controller can't work unless plugged in ps/pc It works perfectly fine on cable but as soon as I unplug it it just turns off. Also can't be turned on without being plugged. I tried resetting it Then check the battery with multimeter- ...

Q: How can I negotiate with this "angry" user?

Wabbit.There was a user who's answer I unaccepted (I don't know if it's good to include the display name), and randomly downvoted one of my answers, I know that they did because: I can see the change to their rep One of the most-remembered users Said 2 reasonable comments to unaccept their answer, th...

I recommend this comic
Poetic and insightful stuff
5:45 PM
Q: PS4 Gamertag ID Changing

SpeedySomeone has the name on playstation that I want. They haven’t played in over 2 years and I was wondering could I get their/the name that I want. I know that on Twitch if you’re affiliated and someone doesn’t stream in a certain amount of time - you can just take their user name. Simple Form: Is t...

6:07 PM
Q: Get things out of trunk in Shakedown: Hawaii?

user45623There is no tag for Shakedown:Hawaii. In Shakedown: Hawaii, one of the (least efficient) ways to make money is to steal valuables from houses and run them to a pawn shop. The tutorial that introduces this feature tells you how to store the valuables in the trunk of a car. Once you finish the tuto...

7:01 PM
why does my computer do this sometimes lol
sometimes remote desktop changes from "full screen" to one of the fixed resolutions until I restart the session
7:15 PM
Q: Why does my Minecraft Nintendo switch instantly crash when getting back into the game?

KirbychuI turn on my Nintendo Switch, open Minecraft, and I see my Hotbar items have lost their textures and are pink and black checkered, or the blocks around me are pink and black checkered and then my game crashes instantly. My game also randomly stops, so I go to the HOME menu and try to re-enter the...

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9:15 PM
Q: Lowering Ticks Per Second Without Mods

ScythePhantomI've been looking into Minecraft speedrunning categories and discovered TASing. While looking into how they make these speedruns I learned that they use mods to make the tick speed slower to allow for more precise inputs. The only problem is that the mod that was recommended was for 1.12.1. I was...

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10:53 PM
Q: How to make mobs change textures based on their custom name

anomanousI have been trying for the past day to figure out how to make it so that when a vindicator is named "Enchanter", it switches its textures. None of the tutorials I have watched work. I've done everything I can think of and I am out of options now, I even searched to see if this question has been a...


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