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12:19 AM
Q: Minecraft Anvil Enchanted Item adding

OoooofIn minecraft I have a sharpness 5 Netherite Axe is it possible for me to put it in an anvil, add a Smite 5 Netherite Axe and get a Sharpness 5 Smite 5 Netherite Axe, and then put it in anvil again put a BoA 5 Netherite Axe and then get a Sharpness 5, Smite 5, BoA 5 Netherite Axe?

2 hours later…
1:56 AM
*sigh* they are really milking it now
and that's before mentioning the chapter-structured single player experience with macro-transactions on mobile that covers the whole of the FFVII timeline aswell
2 hours later…
3:36 AM
Q: Why is the community bot closing questions?

Penguin Why? I couldn't find anything, I'm just wondering? Does the bot deem that the wording is too similar or something?

4:06 AM
> Glad they sealed away the band kids for our safety
> This is a high school band practice in Wenatchee,WA t.co/q2prCJemX0
4:49 AM
Q: Should we deliver the final blow of the Bedrock NBT question split?

ExpertCoder14It's been a while, but I'd like to revisit the movement we made of splitting the MCBE NBT question into multiple questions for each possible workaround. We made a plan for retargeting duplicates, followed it, and now the question directory is much more organized. The thing I want to bring up is t...

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9:09 AM
Seriously, this is the 5th time in 2 days I've been called by the same woman with an unknown caller ID when she's connected to the wrong person
You'd think that after the second time I say my name and she goes "oh, wrong number" and then hooks up the phone, she'd stop calling
9:39 AM
Q: Test For A Specific Item In Head Slot & Then Activate Something Else

DEANHi All, I’m trying to create an addon in MCPE 1.16.2 but I’m struggling to do one thing. I want to be able to detect a player with an item on his head and then follow on with another command like giving him effects or a specific item. And when they take it off of their head, the effects/item disa...

10:07 AM
The FF7 Remake PS5 version will include a new chapter featuring Yuffie.
from the questions posted on Gematsu [here ](gematsu.com/2021/02/…)
> Do I need to own Final Fantasy VII Remake for PlayStation 4 in order to play Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade on PlayStation 5?

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade for PlayStation 5 is an independent game, so prior purchase of the Final Fantasy VII Remake PlayStation 4 is not required.

Do I need to buy Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade if I already own Final Fantasy VII Remake?

If you already own Final Fantasy VII Remake for the PlayStation 4 (physical or digital version) and own a PlayStation 5, you can download the free Final Fantasy VII Remake PlayStation 5 enhancement update.
They forgot the most important one:
> Do I need to sell my soul to the devil to be able to afford a PS5 from the @%&£ shylocks that due to obvious insider info still manage to scalp every new stock in the first 5 minutes?
(also known as "once upon a time I wanted to steal @PrivatePansy's Twilight plush. Now I own that same plush, so I want to steal @Nzall's PS5 instead" :P )
@Derpy I don't have a PS5
and I have no idea why you think I have one
Believe me, I want one, but they're just as hard to get here in Belgium as well
@Nzall mostly this
Feb 22 at 10:56, by Nzall
@Derpy I don't see any recent reports of overheating, and it appears that most of the older reports of overheating stem from poor storage while in use
and probably confusing you with someone else, maybe Wrigglenite ?
@Nzall I clearly remember someone talking about getting a PS5, and my poor memory made the jump to you since you replied to my question. Sorry, my mistake
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11:18 AM
Q: Who is the actor that played Drift in the Fortnite Season 5 trailer?

DemonIn the Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 5 Trailer there's a small section of the video that's live action where we see Drift in the real world before he's brought into game world by a Rift. Since it's live action they obviously had to have somebody play the part of Drift, but who? Who is the actor that ...

11:43 AM
Q: How to update my Minecraft Launcher

Kiley SMy minecraft launcher won't update whatever I do. I HAVE downloaded the new launcher file, still same version. I HAVE deleted my .minecraft folder and downloaded the launcher again. I need urgent help.

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1:32 PM
Shiny Toxtricity event ... free codes for Shiny Toxtricity..... and again done on gameshop sites via registration.
hate this. Another trash email address to create
and can't even use 10 minute ones since the codes are sent with a delay...
so lame....
1 hour later…
2:35 PM
Q: My friends minecraft world reset me

Thaleia Stanier-FilipAt first it wouldn’t let me onto my friends world but when I did it resetted me as if I had never been on the world, I lost all my netherite.

Q: How can you make illegal minecraft items using commands?

KorogueWhen I tried to enchant an item with sharpness 6 using commands, it wouldn't work and gave me an error. Is there a way to toggle safe enchants? Also, is there a way to get stacked armor pieces and stacked tools using commands? I'm on an aternos server, so it might be hard to find wherever that fi...

Q: How do you add icons into the names of minecraft items?

snarlI noticed that Xisumavoid (a minecraft youtuber) has icons in the names of his tools. Like normal minecraft text, these icons are pixelated and the different pixels cannot be different colours. How do I add icons like these to my tools? Xisumavoid's hermitcraft se...

3:54 PM
@Unionhawk oh hey that thing we knew was going to happen finally happened
FF7 remake for free! But the free Yuffie dlc can't be played on the free game
That said, the dlc can't be played on a ps4 in the first place and since youcantbuyaps5forlessthanakidney ...
I'm not sure if I'm the only pokemon fan who only plays the spinoffs, but I'm glad they're making games just for me
@Wipqozn ooo pokemon breath of the wild
Q: How can I get "primed TNT" in my inventory?

PenguinIs there a way I can make it so when I place an item it places primed TNT (flashing TNT that is about to explode)?

Q: My candy box 2 game doesn't save, and it has an error message in the 'save menu.'

mincraftmadnessWhen I closed out candy box 2, the game didn't save, and when I went to the save slot websites, they were all empty, and nothing I did worked. In the save menu, it says "Your browser does not seem to support HTML5. (local storage and application cache) You should update your browser in order to u...

Wait.... errata.......
> Players, who purchased Final Fantasy VII Remake on PlayStation 4 and upgrade to PlayStation 5 can purchase the new episode featuring Yuffie as a standalone download from the PlayStation Store. Owners of the disc version of Final Fantasy VII Remake on PlayStation 4 will require a PlayStation 5 console with disc drive in order to take advantage of this digital upgrade.
If you own FF7 remake on the ps4 and you upgrade to the ps5 version the Yuffie chapter is not included
5:08 PM
Q: command availability for Minecraft 1.5.2

thatmanI was wondering what the command availability for Minecraft 1.5.2 I've tried to use numerus commands but they just don't seem to be working

5:34 PM
Q: How to limit the craftable items?

Mark GiraffeI'm now able to make a special game called CraftWars and the purpose of the game is the following: Get resources from different platforms (already achieved) Craft weapons, armor, trade with villagers and barter with piglins Get the most kills for the given timer Now what I'm trying to deal with...

6:00 PM
Q: How do I make stacks of unstackable items?

ppperyOriginally asked as the second question of Why is the /enchant command giving me an error when I go outside the normal level bounds?: Also, is there a way to get stacked armor pieces and stacked tools using commands? I'm on an aternos server, so it might be hard to find wherever that file is to ...

Q: Can't join Multiplayer Minecraft Ps4 on Minecraft Bedrock PC

Cece828829I play on Minecraft Bedrock PC Edition and it keeps saying "Your friends are not playing right now." when I know my brother is online on Ps4. We friended each other, and he set his world to "Friends of Friends" and invited me, but I can't see it or join him.

6:25 PM
Q: What are the common categories for speedruns?

PausePauseWhile answering this question I discussed the meaning of any% in the speedrunning community, which simply refers to completing the game as quickly as possible while being permitted to ignore side-content. Similarly, there is a 100% speedrun category where the player must complete all content avai...

7:16 PM
Q: Minecraft 1.17 cave generation

Gilbert JiangMinecraft 1.17 is the caves and cliffs update. There are cave generation changes. At Minecraft Live, when they are talking about the telescope, there is a stone slab with a chicken inside. Slabs and stairs should be part of cave generation. Normal deepslate has no slab and stair variants. There s...

Q: Do Kraken resurface in the same place?

LessPop_MoreFizzI've only found a Kraken twice in my current world; each time, after mining it a bit, it sank beneath the waves. Will the Kraken eventually resurface in the spots where I originally found it? If so, what's the timer? Or am I doomed to just sail around the world in hopes of finding a new random sp...

1 hour later…
8:33 PM
Q: Can mods work with the GOG version of Fallout 3, and if so, how?

GogFalloutModderI just performed a clean install of Fallout 3 GOTY edition (version on Win10. I want to use mods with it, but can't get a single one to work. It might be important to know that I got it from GOG, not Steam. I have tried to follow numerous online guides, but none of them helped. I never s...

Q: Where can I find the Torchlight 2 save folder under Linux?

AlpakaJoeI'm playing Torchlight 2 and want backup my save but I don't know where to find the savegame folder. Under Windows it was something like C:\Documents\MyGames\ etc. I found this one: https://savelocation.net/torchlight2 but it doesnt help me cause i use GOG and not Steam :(

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9:50 PM
Q: Minecraft Java Laptop

telantixI am looking at buying one of these two laptops to play Minecraft Java on. I am not sure which is better, though. Does anybody have a suggestion for which one to buy? #1: https://store.hp.com/us/en/pdp/hp-laptop-15z-gw000-touch-optional-1p5e1av-1 #2: https://store.hp.com/us/en/pdp/hp-laptop-15z-e...

@TimStone You'll be pleased to know that I just closed off a 5 hour downtime support chain with the following:
> okay it took another while, but things have settled down. For a detailed description of the issue, please see here: shouldiblamecaching.com
@Wipqozn at my office, i used a barcode creator to make one that if scanned would take you to that site
10:15 PM
Q: Wither skeleton spawning

user267705Can I make a wither skeleton farm in the over world? Or does it have to be in a nether fortress. Just wondering because I’m trying to get a stack of nether stars

Q: Can I get help playing minecraft on a Virtual Machine (Win 10)

ConnorI am using a VM (VMware) to play minecraft (please do not ask why, that is not important) and I am getting an error. This error is GLFW error 65542. Is there any way to fix this?

Q: Why are there robots in the 3D game Brawl Stars?

gamer214I have been playing Brawl Stars for a long time, and it is fun, if you'd ask me. I want to ask a question about why robot brawlers are in the game. Robot Brawlers: RicoNaniBarleyDarryl What if they are there for: Boss Fights (Rico has the same voice lines as a boss robot) What if they are ther...

10:41 PM
Q: Slimes not spawning

SquizI have made a huge area between chunks and slimes are still not spawning. I'm on version 1.16.4 and at y level 12 https://gyazo.com/4c353bc305a75bd3d71708da3b78fcf8

11:07 PM
Q: How do I take advantage of other players in Fortnite?

gamer214I play Fortnite using a Nintendo Switch. I find it hard to aim at other players if they are pros. I build higher than them, because that is a tip I used from my friend. I do the following as much as possible to take advantage of aim: Aim Assist (Setting) Updating Aim Sensitivity (Setting) Build...

This week is the Baha'i celebration of Ayyam-i-Ha and my neighbours (a tiny old Baha'i couple that I adore very much) brought over a silver tray of rice and chicken and salad and vegetable fritters for my spouse and I for dinner because Ayyam-i-Ha is about sharing and about charity and about giving and gosh I am just so touched.
11:58 PM
Q: Get NCAA to work in the UK

MatthewI bought a copy of NCAA14 when I was in the US last year. Now I'm back home in the UK and can't get it to work because of the region code on my Xbox 360 at home, is there any way to solve this?


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