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12:23 AM
@Wipqozn Hahah nice
I approve
12:49 AM
Q: MythicMobs: How to set a custom name for a disguised entity

Alex_CommandHi, i've got stuck on my SCP Project, i'm just making projects with MythicMobs but i got stuck with this: Mob_131-1: Type: rabbit Display: '1311' Health: 75 Damage: 1 Options: Despawn: false MovementSpeed: 0.3 Silent: true Disguise: Type: BABY_ZOMBIE Play...

1:34 AM
@TimStone I figured you would
3 hours later…
4:13 AM
I do not like Sea of Thieves today
4:24 AM
@SaintWacko Oh?
@Wipqozn Finished a vault, hit grade 4, headed into the devil's roar to get to grade 5 and sell stuff. Ran into a skelly sloop on the way in, hopped over with a keg to bomb it, it went off early and killed me, somehow my ship sunk before I respawned.
By the time I made it back all my loot was gone
Started another vault, got to grade 4, started another, got to grade 5, but before I could get back to turn it in I died swimming back to my ship during a volcanic eruption, by the time I respawned my ship had been hit and was burning and sinking. I put out the fire and started turning it and raising the mast again, and it sank
Couldn't find the loot
It was stupid
5:03 AM
Q: how to Prevent minecraft griefing bukkit

minecraft_old_playerI know it's there somewhere, but i cannot find it. A couple years ago I was playing on an MC server where there was a good solution to prevent griefing. The method worked in the way that if a player place a block the other players cannot destroy that block and give a red message saying that they ...

2 hours later…
6:44 AM
Q: Lost Connection to the Network as soon as game loads

BenI have just started playing Bloodborne today, and for some reason, as soon as I load my game, I get an error message: Lost connection to the network. Returning to title menu. I was playing this same game last week with no problems, I currently have not internet connectivity issues, but for some...

7:35 AM
Q: Is it possible for an end portal to not generate in the legacy console (xbox 360) edition of minecraft

Quinten GraffI recently loaded up a new world in the xbox 360 edition of minecraft in survival, and then once again in creative to find the stronghold. I couldnt find the end portal in creative, but since that happens almost every time I go in creative and look for a portal, i thought, "ok, i'll just go to th...

8:26 AM
Q: How to group air void air and cave air

lopknexecute unless air ~ ~ ~ doesn't work when you're in the void or in a cave. Is there something like #air that joins all air blocks together, like #wool?

3 hours later…
11:51 AM
Q: How to self-answer when the question is closed?

Mark GiraffeMy lowest scored question (as of now) is recently solved by me and I wanted to self-answer it, but thanks to the given fact of game piracy, it was closed off-topic. How can I self-answer my question if it is closed?

2 hours later…
1:32 PM
Q: Can you create a server on Xbox without realms

FriendI want to make a server with my friends (Bedrock SMP), I was wondering if there was a way to make a server on Xbox without realms?

2 hours later…
3:13 PM
Q: Block ratio in Minecraft

user34870Giving an altitude y, what is (or how can I find) the block ration in Minecraft (or in a given world, possibly not the entire world, but also in function of the already generated world)? By block I also mean fluids, although I can be happy with an answer excluding fluids.

3:41 PM
Q: Edit to include additional information only found in comments reverted by moderator

David MulderSE - stop firing the good guys edited this post with important highly upvoted useful information from the comments that did not change the meaning of the post (it clarified that 'side content' referred to 'any content that's not necessary for completion'). This post went through the normal approv...

4:04 PM
Q: Skill level changes in multiplayer

SeanyBoi5So I am playing multiplayer four corners farm and I want to know 2 things. 1, the mini rock quarry will become better based on your mining level. In multiplayer, who’s mining level affects it? Same question for monsters on the farm, as they scale with combat level.

Q: [FACTORIO]Why am I suddenly seeing this instead of normal inventory?

MayurI'm running Factorio Demo on Ubuntu,everytime I start the game for quite some time I'm able to run it normally and I'm able to open the inventory tab but after some time I'm getting this protoype screen everytime I open the inventory tab

2 hours later…
6:11 PM
Q: Witcher 3 - Mutagen Transmutor

Jack JohnsonI recently started NEW GAME + on Witcher 3 . Do you not keep the Mutagen Transmutator from your first play through, if so is there much point to it? Or is this only allowed at end game? Have I done something wrong? Thanks!

1 hour later…
7:53 PM
Q: How to get "Destroy a car" achievement in #DRIVE?

Dmitry GrigoryevIn the game called #DRIVE on Nintendo Switch, you are required to earn certain "achievements" to unlock new cars. On level 7, one of such achievements is "Destroy a car": How do I do that? Simply making an accident ends the game without earning "Destroy a car".

8:10 PM
@Unionhawk Oh bots
Good ol' bots
It's really absurd that ti's gotten to the point you can't ewven buy graphics cards anymore because of bitcoiners
8:34 PM
Yeah unless you can get to a physical retailer day of it was hopeless
9:34 PM
Q: How do I play Minecraft Manhunt in ps4

Krismy cousin wants to play minecraft manhunt, but we play on ps4. I was wondering if there was a command we could use on command blocks that points a compass arrow at a certain player.

2 hours later…
11:16 PM
Q: How do i get a Snow fox in minecraft ps4. i have tried commands and they don't work

Luca MoaI have tried several commands but none work. Please help, it's for ps4 in a realm I have googled it and watched vids but nothing i have found works, please help me


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