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12:00 AM
Q: How do I claim robux when someone buys my gamepass!

Annabel KingMy brother bought my game pass twice and wasted 11 robux, now I cant even claim it! Pls help!

o7 peppers
12:47 AM
lmao at this ATIS read youtu.be/QfB83anbNJ0
> "use caution numerous birds on and around the airport" "CA KAW"
Q: How to add a scoreboard to another?

ElijahI am making a game "jumping simulator" and i have 2 scoreboards Cash and CashAmount I want whenever the player jumps it adds CashAmount to Cash without changing the score of cash Amount.

1:40 AM
Q: Deleted User Rep

PottertonToday, I answered a question in which pushed me to 200 Rep on the site (in turn auto pushed to 300 for the Association bonus). This user sometime later was deleted from the site, and I got some Rep removed (normal and I'm good with that. It was only 10). My question is will the Rep I gained from ...

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3:16 AM
Q: My armor stands disappeared

SuperluckyI made like a armor vault where I would keep all my sets of armor and today when I loaded up my game for some reason my stands that did not have armor on them just disappeared. I am playing on Minecraft Java in a Single Player world. The stands did not just turn invisible since when I hit where t...

Well, that Sea of Thieves session sucked
I was doing gold hoarder vaults, got up to grade 4 emissary, then accidentally sunk myself and lost the flag, managed to recover the cargo, went to pick the cat boxes and take the trash out, and came back to find that I had been disconnected for afk
3:28 AM
@SaintWacko Whomp whomp
Your cats probably planned that all along. Cats are tricksters.
4:08 AM
4:29 AM
Q: I can't jump while sprinting

ConfusedGamerI can't hold shift+w and then press space. This isn't a game problem as I've tried on several games. if the game's third person i have to jump sideways or backwards, but if it's first person the game becomes unplayable. Is there a way to change this or is it a permenant keyboard problem.

5:09 AM
@Unionhawk is that actual size? or visual trickery and it's just super close to the camera but far away from that door frame
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8:32 AM
Q: when I break a block nothings dropping

chloe carterI'm playing Minecraft Edu in a world in the library. in my Minecraft world I have set /wb on and can destroy blocks but when I destroy them in survival there not dropping anything how do I get rid of whatever's stopping me

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10:18 AM
out today
anyone got it yet?
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12:35 PM
Q: Title of this RTS game?

laureapresaWhen I was a kid I used to play on my dad's computer a RTS videogame set in the Middle Ages. Can you help me identify this videogame? It was not Age of Empires The building part worked with providing resources (water, food, faith, etc. to the villagers; if houses had sufficient resources they co...

Q: What are the chances to spawn 4 baby horses in a row in Minecraft?

Anthonyso this is just something I was wondering. I was trying out my texture pack, and when I was trying to spawn in horses, I spawned in 4 baby horses in a row. What are the chances of this? Here is what I searched, and found no results.

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1:48 PM
Q: Unable to change arrow item texture and model

JameMhmSo I've only ever seen people wondering how to change the entity, but I was able to do that easily. My problem is the actual item. I copied arrow.json into my texture pack and opened Blockbench to create a new model. In this case, specifically, I changed it into a bullet with a gold block texture...

2:43 PM
Oh huh
With osrs on steam you can buy bonds with steam wallet money now
2:59 PM
@Unionhawk which means?
3:12 PM
@Nzall You can pay for membership with steam wallet if you wanted to
Or buy gold I guess
At a current rate of... $7 = 5m gp
3:25 PM
Q: Why do we get negative effects instead of better discounts with this setup?

FedericoIn my world I have the following setup for villager zombiefication/healing: (click for larger version) It is a sequence of 5 of this: (click for larger version) Basically the minecarts drag the villager in a "pit" where they get zombieifed, then I push a button and the cart moves to another pi...

3:54 PM
Oh apparently it's just that you can buy membership but not bonds
4:14 PM
Q: How to start launcher Minecraft in offline mode in a mac

Dallen BryceI want to play on a local server with online mode false, but when I turn off wifi, instead of showing the play offline button, it shows the login screen. How do I get around this?

Q: Is there a way to detect every of a single entity and make another entity ride it at all times?

KorogueI want to make an execute command so that, for example, a command that detects all snowballs and summons one falling sand riding all snowballs that are currently in the air (you know, an entity). I always was confused by the Riding entity nbt tag and I never knew if it meant that it summons a new...

anyone play minecraft here
I haven't played Minecraft for like, 10 years.
hi "fredely
10 YEArS??? that's when like 1.2 came out. Right now It's soon tobe 1.17
Yeah I got it first in Alpha I think
4:22 PM
I think Alpha v1.0.2 was my first game
wow. You should play it now
I mean, soon
You've missed outon so many cool features!
The new caves expansion looks cool
@Korogue lol bye
4:38 PM
Q: Do my PC specs meet the requirements to make Minecraft playable?

Eris the guestI recently bought MC java, and so far it was fun. However, my PC being a potato, it lagged a LOT. And I mean a LOT. DO you think my current specs are enough to play MC? GPU: Nvidia GEFORCE 9200 Ram: 2 GB (1.75 usable) Processor: Unknown? ( can't find it in anything ) Do these specs meet the requi...

Q: Speed limit for traffic

user14999956I recently started playing Euro truck simulator 2. It was very good with graphics, functionality etc. But 1 point is disturbing me since the start. How can cars overtake my truck when there is a speed limit and I'm driving at the max speed of the limit? I checked so many times. I'm getting fined ...

5:05 PM
> NEWS: Today, CD Projekt said it was delaying Cyberpunk's next big patch. What the company didn't say is that due to the hack, employees working remotely (a lot of them) haven't actually been able to work for the past two weeks. t.co/xqZ7ztvfIU
5:34 PM
@Wipqozn CD Projrekt
why are Dues Ex: Mankind Divided's credits 25 minutes long and unskippable?
They're... really proud of their work?
you get an achievement for watching them, which is also dumb
Is it called "I left the game running for 25 minutes and read a book"
they did hide a "plot twist" video like 5 minutes in, but honestly if you pay attention at all during the game, the "plot twist" is completely expected
the game itself was decent. but like a lot of games in that genre, the abilities you get arent entirely balanced, so they limit you by having an energy bar that has a very minimal amount of energy that will regen naturally, anything else you have to use stims that you find or buy to use your abilities
5:50 PM
Most of the time watching credits really makes you feel accomplished and got your money's worth. For me, anyway.
Q: I cant change the prefix of my minecraft teams!

JerGamesI wanna change the prefix of my Minecraft team but i get the error: Invalid json: Use JsonReader.setLenient(true) to accept malformed JSON at line 1 column 3. how am i supposed to deal with this?

@Harith interesting take. for me I don't get the same feeling. id just rather start a new game. whether a different play-through of the same game, or just a different game
6:10 PM
Not the whole thing! But to know that the people showing up are people who crafted this experience, who tuned this software and gave you an emotional attachment to a character who you solely develop, and accompany during highs and lows, and take down the villain, just feels like great and you kind of feel like you owe them. I'm talking about RPG-ish games. Maybe Solitaire wouldn't have the same almost-tearshedding moments.
Even though you paid for the thing
@Korogue I haven't really in a while
Though my runescape clan chat has a realm now which was fun
There is also a modded server hosted by Tim Post in this room: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/28/minecraft-talk
6:40 PM
Q: My ps4 thinks I'm moving the joystick up when I don't touch it at all. How do I fix it?

someonePlease help. My ps4 thinks I'm moving the joystick up when I don't touch it at all. Whenever I'm playing a game, the screen starts moving by itself and I don't know why. The joystick doesn't move but the screen moves without me touching it. I don't know if anyone has the same problem and Idk how ...

Q: What is an any % speed run in Diablo 2?

Simon SuhI know what speed runs are, but what does 'any %' mean when speedrunning Diablo 2?

6:57 PM
debating whether i want to sub $70/year for CuriosityStream 4K
that's less than $6/month, which seems like pretty good value
@Harith And what, pray tell, would (or even should?) I owe to the developers of the games I play? Serious question, because I have no idea
I mean, it's a bit like saying you owe the barista at Starbucks for making you a decent pumpkin spice latte. I mean, I guess you could, but it's literally his job.
also, you already paid them which is literally what you owe them
Like, pretty much the only thing I might owe the developers of a good game beyond payment for the game is leaving a positive review and maybe telling my friends about the game
Well, that's just dandy
My Steam Discovery Queue just broke
Instead of "view next game", it says "view your queue" on the arrow and now I can't go to the next game
7:23 PM
@Nzali I didn't say you SHOULD owe them anything. What I meant was the euphoria that you get from finishing an RPG (or I get most of the time) then when you see the credits you can attribute some of the fun due to these guys. I didn't say worship them, I know you paid, I know it's their job, but ultimately they decided what the game would have and you're playing their vision of a good game. Don't go out and erect statues in their name, I meant I internally start hoping for more from the studio
Sorry if I sound like I'm saying you have any obligation to give them anything, you don't besides the price of the game, it was poor wording.
@Unionhawk Oooh
8:17 PM
Q: Why cant I sign into Technic

Untitled NagashadeSO when I tried signing into technic it said invalid username or password and the username and password I put in worked logging into Minecraft so what am I supposed to do?

8:28 PM
Oops, I got your name wrong, I meant to type @Nzall
@Nzall do they actually make a decent pumpkin spice latte? ive never had one, but in my experience the drinks are passable at best
one of the reasons i rarely go there. i can make better coffee at home for cheaper
@Dragonrage I don't know, I've never had one, but I heard it's really popular in the season
btw, if anyone doesnt have dues ex that i was mentioning earlier. its like 85% off on humble store
i would say its worth the 7$ it costs to buy it
I have it, I finished it even though it wasn't the kind of RPG I enjoy
I don't like it when games allow me to unlock whatever passive skills or upgrades to attacks I want, but then force me to make tough choices on how many of them I can actually use
had the same issue with Witcher 3, and I know that's a REALLY unpopular opinion
i dont mind having to pick skills to put points into an unlocking stuff as i go, but some games do it much better than others
8:42 PM
@Dragonrage No, what I meant was the whole "you can unlock whatever augments you want, but we're going to arbitrarily cap the number of augments you can have active at once, even going so far as forcing you to disable those you don't want PERMANENTLY"
please don't pull that sort of thing with me
my main issue with it is how they limit your abilities to use your abilities. the fact you have to constantly use biocells to use your abilities sort of ruins the feeling of playing it
@Nzall that was somewhat annoying too. its possible to get around through a certain mission, but you arent able to do it until much later in the game where it doesnt help much
Like, I can understand if you say "you can only have X implants that go into a specific body part", like Shadowrun does it in their games and similar to how WoW talents work where you have 7 rows of "pick 1 out of 3", but please, do not have a system where you put an effective cap on the amount of XP my build can use at a time
In my opinion that goes completely against the concept of an RPG
@Dragonrage the dumbest shit was that I actually did that mission, but then I could never figure out how to turn it in
if you were to replay the game with new game + it would stay unlocked, but it feels odd to have to do that
@Nzall if you go get the part, eventually your doctor friend will call you and say they are available to install it, then you have to go over there and get it installed, but its about 2/3 through the game when that happens
apparently if you go get the part before getting repaired, you can get it installed immediately, but that would require knowing you need it and going and getting it before going to get fixed
my main problem is that apparently I rushed through the game so badly that I missed most sidequests
I think I pretty much just did the main quests, to the point that I was getting alerts partway through that one base that one of my other missions failed because I took too long to do it
actually, I think I got that alert in the bank as well
there are a few paths that you have to choose one way or the other on, but yeah for the side quests, you basically have to ignore the main quest in order to do
if you keep progressing the main quest, you cant do the side quests.
not all of them are easy to find either. i think i missed a few on my playthrough
8:56 PM
Yeah, I noticed that. Problem I had was that I had the game in my backlog for like a year before I started playing it, and I really wanted to at least work my way through the main questline
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11:31 PM
Q: How can I read chat on a minecraft server using RCON?

acornI've got a python script that can execute commands through RCON like /say or /list. But I want to be able to read what my friends are saying in my sever, how can I do that?


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