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12:40 AM
@SaintWacko wait what, you're younger than I am? :O
I turn 30 in 2 days 👀
1:07 AM
@Elise i think ExpertCoder14's review was an Improve Edit as both chnages were made at the same time
@Memor-X the review only makes sense in the context of the community edit
which, imho, was kinda redundant
not that I really care, I was just surprised to see someone fixing "my" spelling mistakes on an answer that's been there for years
@Elise yeh, that's what i assumed happened. my guess is that there was an anonymous edit that was in the approval queue
theoretically (as i never tried this), those of us who can made edits without review and have access to the edit suggestions queues don't need to wait for 2 votes to approve an edit, we just need to improve the pending one
@Memor-X fair enough. Just seems odd that the community edit even got approved even with the spelling corrections, considering it adds nothing new and just explains what mutually exclusive means 😂
1:29 AM
@Elise oooollllldddd
@Wipqozn 🦕Hai, it me
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3:18 AM
3:38 AM
It would be weirder to have a cooked egg in your pocket
3:48 AM
Perhaps you really are that fond of raw seaweed
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4:59 AM
Q: I'm trying to install Homebrew on my new Nintendo 3DS XL- Problems!

RyanI'm trying to install Homebrew on my N3DS and followed all the steps on the online 3ds hacks guide. I have had a problem, I'm working with 1.13.0-45 you see. So that requires going to zoogies GitHub /web/nbhax to launch it. However, when I click the "launch hacks" button, instead of launching Hom...

5:27 AM
Mira Furlan died
3 hours later…
7:58 AM
Q: Animal Crossing New Leaf Boat is gone

rjthecookiei have a problem. I mean its not a big deal, but maybe it's just a bug. Or my fault. So, i loaded custom firmware on my 3ds and used it to rebuild my ACNL city exactly like my old one. Everything works fine, but the Boat is gone. Is there a way to get it back or can i just never again visit the I...

8:50 AM

Tibor PrimcHello! I try to make a song in creative in 1.16.4 and I set notes and every time I click it it change a note. If I left click it brakes a block. So how can I lock note and play it without breaking note block. Thanks for answer :)

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10:07 AM
Q: I'm stuck before the merrywheter heist. GTA V

anonymous gamer07So I switched to Michael, then Franklin and then Trevor and there is no missions for anyone apart from a blue B. I went there as Michael and I couldn't activate the mission can someone please tell me what I'm meant to do?

Q: How do I instal a mod pack on my server?

user265278I want to instal my custom mod pack that I made on Curse Forge on my own server. (I host the server on my own PC, I gave the server 10 GB.) It's a forge server, and it's setup correctly I think. But when I try and export the mod pack from curse forge it becomes a Zip-file. I tried just putting th...

10:58 AM
Q: I want to display scoreboard on a sign in minecraft 1.13 or above

Kornel ŁabaI'm using this command to get a sign: /give @p minecraft:oak_sign{BlockEntityTag:{ Text1:'{"text":"","clickEvent":{"action":"run_command","value":"setblock 43 17 13 minecraft:redstone_block"}}', Text2:'{"text":"Buy Chicken","bold":true}', Text3:'["0000000000",{"text":"\u2588"},{"text":"\u2588","c...

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1:07 PM
Q: Help! A zombie is wearing my Op Netherite Armour and holding my OP sword and can do 16 damage!

AbrahamI am on a world where I am constantly changing gamemode. I would like some tips on how to beat a zombie with netherite armour (full set) and a netherite sword. I want to avoid going into creative mode unless I am building. P. S. Can you please explain zombies that spawn holding bones.

1:33 PM
Q: How can I change my username to scrambled letters? Is it even possible?

Galaxy boiSooooooo lately I have wanted to change my username BUT, I wanted to make it scrambled letters, but neither do I know how to change my username nor how to make it the constant changing letters.

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2:51 PM
Q: baritone minecraft biome finder

jacksonI have baritone, the mod that auto walks, mines, and farms. But can it walk to a biome that i want to,like a mushroom biome, I need mooshroms. Mind the spelling please.

Q: A found a stronghold in minecraft bedrock edition that was not under a village

AbrahamCan you please explain this. I found a stronghold in minecraft bedrock edition that was not under a village. The seed was “poop” and the coordinates were 21198, 45, -2060 (approximate). I know strongholds in minecraft bedrock edition always generate under villages. Here is the seed map: https://w...

Q: How to enable the abilities wheel for Might, Finesse and Sorcery abilities?

AlanI'm playing Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-reckoning on the PS4. While I've leveled up and selected some of the special abilities, e.g. Might: Quake, Finesse: Shadow Flare, Sorcery: Storm Bolt, I've been unable to actually use them. When I enter combat, the ability wheel appears in the lower right corne...

3:42 PM
Sheriff is my 69th badge
Q: Valorant Install Size

Iwan PlaysHow many GB does Valorant need for installation? Google claims 7.3GB but that appears to be the download size, not the install size. On https://playvalorant.com/en-us/specs/ install size is not stated.

4:34 PM
Q: I need help with a command for minecraft

Sweet Lemon manBasically I want to make a slot machine type spinner where it randomises items. the thing is I want them to appear in an item frame without having them in a chest beforehand just purely commands,this is PlayStation 4 bedrock edition. I know it works since I've seen it before.

5:26 PM
Q: Microsoft Code Connect with Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

BulletCatcherA few weeks ago, I installed Code Connection on my Win 10 laptop, connected to Minecraft, and played around with the tutorials for a while. Now, when I try to use Code Connection, Minecraft just says "can't connect to server". My network has not changed -- and in any case, I'm connecting to local...

@Unionhawk noice
@Unionhawk I was about to ask how you have only 69 badges, but that's probably 69 unique badges, and I only have 63
5:52 PM
Q: How to identify skill books in Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning?

AlanAs I'm rummaging through shelves, is there a way to identify books as skill-raising? I've been looting wildly, reading everything I come across, and haven't encountered anything that has raised a skill (AFAIK). I assume there would be some kind of popup message telling you that you've read a bo...

6:45 PM
TL;DR: Microsoft is bumping prices on all Xbox Live Gold memberships: 11 USD for 1 month, 30 USD for 3 months and 60 EUR for 6 months
And apparently they're also getting rid of the 12 months membership formula
7:07 PM
@Elise Oh wow, our birthdays are close lol
Q: What plants have random drops as of version 2.031 in cookie clicker?

Parkerdaboss216I don't know what plants to farm for the drops, i already got the wheat thins from baker's wheat, but what are the others and what do they drop?

7:35 PM
Q: harming two arrows in minecraft

Blue_gluewhat is the most effective way to get harming two arrows in Minecraft bedrock edition, (this is a discussion not a question, the discussion's purpose is to help people make more efficient methods of getting harming two arrows.)

8:26 PM
Q: How would I setblock multiple command blocks in a row that have commands in them?

user265317Okay I hope this makes sense. I want to have a command block that uses the setblock command (or any command that will work, but I'm new to command blocks and setblock is what I know) to place another command block that will also setblock a command block with a command that will yet again setbloc...

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9:49 PM
> Weird! Vicarious Visions has actually been working on Blizzard projects for a few months now, but this restructuring is yet another example of Activision eroding Blizzard's autonomy.
criminally underrated, underviewed
nothing else like these guys out there right now
10:23 PM
Yesss, got my 3070 installed
It did me a heckin concern at first because my computer wouldn't boot with it installeddddddddddddddddddd
wtf ieyboard doing
@SaintWacko That would be quite unfortunate if it turns out that you need a new keyboard because of your new 500 Dollar GPU
@Nzall lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
@SaintWacko That doesn't sound promising
Oh no your graphics card is cursed
You need to send it to me
Okay, let's try this again
It's not the graphics card, it's this damned Amazon Basics dock
I have it set up with a USB switch to make an impromptu KVM
So that I can use both my desktop and my work laptop with my whole desk setup
But sometimes it has issues
Aw yeah
Path of Exile running at 100fps, 3440x1440
1 hour later…
11:52 PM
Q: Death Stranding Doesn't Open

Piotr ZurekI have just bought and installed Death Stranding on Epic Games Launcher. Unfortunately cannot play it. When I launch it, it changes its status to "Playing" for a few seconds, but nothing else happens. That's it. I made sure my Windows 10 is up-to-date. My GPU drivers are too. I have the latest re...


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